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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru]

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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:31 pm

Asura Nightshade

It was yet, another day in Magnolia with the sun brightly lighting up the city, the birds chirping, ever ethereal and the voices of the citizens booming across the streets. Though, of course, even for Asura, it was just another day; another day as a Rune Knight where she had yet, another job to do. This time, the client of the job was someone she had previously met once before while in Magnolia; Captain Devon. He was a nice enough man and the blonde wondered what he had in store for her this time around. Though, she was well aware that she wasn't doing this quest alone. Today, there would be two more people assisting her though, whom they were, she wasn't sure. She supposed that was the fault with the Knights, not even informing her of whom she was going on this with even. A light sigh left her lips as she continued on her way to meet the Captain.

Asura arrived at the meeting point, spotting Captain Devon in the distance from the corner of her eye. She was decked up rather casual clothes today, which was usual from her regular navy blue attire, with her sword on her, just in case it was needed. The blonde approached the Captain, saluting him as he smiled back at her, recognition flashing across his face, slightly. "I'm assuming you're here for the request I sent out." He said to which Asura merely nodded. "Okay, we'll just wait for the other two to arrive and I'll brief you all together on what you need to do today." The blonde smiled tightly at him as she nodded yet again, wondering who were going to come with her.

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Akira Shimada
'Eh! Wake up!' she said chucking a pillow at the healer sleeping on the couch. 'We have another job request.' she added with a soft disgruntled tone. As she set out to make two cups of coffee. The girl had barely slept, the night before, since despite her dislike for the town, she still needed her night stroll. Maybe she and Tsuru needed to switch, she could take the couch... the room had a large east facing the window, early morning sun always disturbed her sleep.

Nonetheless, as she prepared the dark brew, she was reminded of that kid from that school... and suddenly she was hoping to run into that lazy loafer... Shikamaru... He was probably among the very few people who didn't annoy her as much, in Magnolia. But with the way the Rune Knights were slave driving the duo, she doubted such an occasion would present itself. Sighing, she offered the coffee which spurred the duo to get ready.

Once ready, they set off into the streets. 'Supposed to meet some Devon...' she mentioned as she steered them towards the designated location. As they neared the location, Akira was quick in spotting their teammate. A wide smile stretched across her face as she abandoned Tsuru and sprinted towards the Nightshade. 'Asuraaaa.' she yelled, with abandon. 'Hi! What are you doing here?' she said her eyes darting from the captain to her and her glee rising with every moment. 'You don't mea-' before she could complete her sentence, the captain offered an explanation. 'We thought it'd be best to have a coordinated group, so we requested for members from a squad if possible... I guess our request was granted?' he asked quizzically as he scanned the area for the third person. Aki turned towards Tsuru... beaming at him too, like she'd found some treasure, then back at Asura. 'I suppose at least we'll have some fun!' she exclaimed in a manner that was pretty perky. 'Got so much to catch up on since Crocus.' Aki went on, childishly as the Captain cleared his throat to get her to hopefully curb her excitement and at least act a little professional.


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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru] Empty on Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:11 pm

Haru was tired. He didn’t realize, but his body was not used to the over-exertion he was putting it through and it was taking a toll on him. He was hurried along to Magnolia with barely any sleep after he fought the rabid wolf at Era, and the first thing he did after reaching the quarters was find the couch and flop on it. Unlike usual, he didn’t wake up until a pillow was chucked at him, and it was obvious that he wasn’t well-rested the moment he got up. As he stretched his hands out, his entire body ached thanks to all the soreness of his muscles.

The healer dragged himself to the bathroom, got ready, thanked his partner for the coffee and followed her, almost like a zombie. He did not have his usual charm and energy that morning, and didn’t even bother to ask what the mission was. When they finally reached the rendezvous point, he noticed his other team mate there. “Oh! Asura… Wonderful to see you,” he said, his voice betraying his weakness. For a change, it was Akira who was hyper that day; a side of her that Haru had never seen before. It made him wonder if she was moody only around her.

Captain Devon seemed extremely glad he got his request honoured, but wasn’t exactly impressed when he saw the slouching Haru. “Alright… Let’s begin! We got intel that there might be a cult forming here in Magnolia. And we need you guys to confirm if that is true,” he began, taking out some papers out of his coat that had a map and some targets who might have information regarding the cult.

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Asura Nightshade
Needless to say, when she heard the booming yell of a voice that she had come to know well, the blonde was slightly surprised when her sapphire hues focused on a raven that was coming towards her. It was Akira, with a groggy and seemingly, tired Haru following behind her. "Hey Akira, hey Haru." She greeted the duo as Haru approached and even before she could begin to answer the younger's question, it seemed as though Akira had realized what was going on and with Devon's further explanation of wanting a team to do this mission, it made sense considering that the trio plus Sage were combined into a group after Akira's incident with her magic. When Akira exclaimed of catching up, the blonde smiled at her lightly before nodding, enthusiastically.

The Caption relayed to them the synopsis of the situation and took out some papers and a map that the blonde took, analyzing it closely. She approached Haru and Akira and moved the papers in a direction where the duo could read them too and nodded at Devon's explanation of what they were expected to. "Just go around town, ask questions, see if anybody knows anything. If in case you manage to somehow find where the cult is, infiltrate them, see how it goes and then report back so we can send a full squad to apprehend them." The blonde glanced her blue tinted orbs to the direction of the two next to her as she nodded yet again. "Alright," she responded, "We'll try our best and report back once we find something." Devon kept his hands behind his back and nodded at the trio but not before raising an eyebrow at the oldest girl. "I think you might have to find a way to hide your sword. We don't want to scare any potential witnesses away."

The blonde formed a small 'o' with her lips before looking at the two next to her as she handed the papers to Haru and said, "Okay, I think I can hide them with my jacket." Asura proceeded to remove her jacket and tie it around her waist, successfully covering the sword that was attached to her hip. She looked at her two teammates and then back at Devon who ushered with his hands for the trio to leave and begin their job.

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Akira Shimada
Perhaps Akira ought to have been nicer to Tsuru this morning. He had taken care of her shell-shocked self in Era just a night ago after all. She hadn't even had the chance to explain everything to him... Nonetheless, she beckoned him closer to the two girls with an eager waving of her hand, such animated gestures were probably a sight that was rare even for the healer. To anyone who had met them often enough, it would look like the two had exchanged spirits. At least Tsuru could handle his tiredness well. Asura's greeting too was far more measured than Aki's was. But she was finally working with two people that she trusted implicitly and each in their own way, understood her, which gave her the freedom to shed her somber preemptively protective and defensive attitude.

Captain Devon went on to share with them their findings, including the possible location where this illicit cultist activity was on. Their task was to first glean information and then if possible infiltrate it. Akira nodded earnestly, usually, she'd have piped up with questions and made strategies, but for the moment she just wanted the captain gone so she could chat with Asura as they walked. After their silly interrogation in Era, Aki was wary of the jobs Knights took seriously anyway. Asura took the lead, which was fine, she was among the more responsible ones. Tsuru did not look like he could handle that task today, at least not yet... perhaps after the coffee took effect.

The captain wanted to be all high and mighty and give Asura tips on how to conceal her sword. Aki almost defensively retorted that they knew how to handle their equipment, but then thought better of it. She skipped alongside the other two as they started off on their mission. 'How has it been Asura? I feel like its been ages since I saw you!' she asked in a sweet merry tune, sidling up closer to the girl while keeping an eye on her usual partner to see if he was doing any better and had coped with his lack of sleep.


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The healer half-listened and half-hibernated during the briefing. It really wasn’t like him; maybe all the fighting he had to do recently had affected not just his body. Thankfully, his weapon was just a hilt until he activated it and was well hidden under his black cloak. So, he didn’t get the same lecture that poor Asura did from the Captain. Despite all the cult talk, Haru was most curious as to why the captain was wearing a helmet that covered half his face, even while talking to his comrades. As he walked past them after giving them the details, the healer tried to get a peek under his helmet to see what he was hiding, and was confronted with a nasty frown in response. Raising his eyebrows, he looked away and quickly walked towards his team mates before the angry man decided to yell at the red-headed healer.

It would seem Akira and Asura have had more interactions with each other than Haru was aware of. He was surprised his partner never talked about it to him, but then she seldom talked. He walked a couple of feet behind the two and tried to keep an eye out for anyone that they could interrogate, while the two girls caught up with each other. While his muscles were still sore, thanks to the coffee, at least he wasn’t dying to lie down on a stone bench and doze off.

As they walked towards the outskirts of the town, Haru noticed a tall thin man on a long cloak hurry across the street and walk towards the thicket. “Excuse me Sir,” Haru hollered, jogging towards the man and waving at him to get his attention. Even though the healer was wearing a black cloak himself, somehow he found another man with same garb to be suspicious.

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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:56 am

Asura Nightshade
It seemed as though Asura was right in her assumption that Haru seemed out of it today. For some reason, the man looked more tired than usual and it concerned the blonde, wondering whether he'd be okay in their endeavor today. She decided she would prod at it later and almost huffed a laugh as she witnessed Haru trying to catch a glimpse under the Captain's helmet before scurrying off behind the two girls. She had heard rumors of what had happened to the Captain but was unsure if any truth lay to them. Regardless, her attention drifted when Akira asked her how she'd been doing to which the blonde smiled at the younger. "I've been good, I suppose. A little tired lately because I've been getting bombarded with jobs but I suppose that comes along with being a Knight. What about you?" she asked as the blonde glanced at the raven before sliding her gaze to the man walking behind them, as well. "Also, is Haru alright? He seems rather out of it today. Usually, he would be taking the lead." Asura remarked, in observation.

While waiting for Akira to reply, she would a catch a glimpse of the red haired man taking off in another direction as she stopped the raven and pointed at him. It seemed as though Haru had found someone who seemed like a potential suspect, considering his avid appearance. Asura shared a glance with Akira, wondering if they should let Haru handle it. After all, more than one person might seem suspicious so, the blonde navigated her orbs around the streets of Magnolia, wondering if she could find anyone else.

The blonde's eyes landed upon a woman, not too far from them, who was cautiously roaming her eyes around and fidgeting the entire time. She gestured for Akira to follow her, making sure to signal at Haru to inform him of where they were going before approaching the woman. "Hello, excuse me ma'am." Asura would greet her as the woman slightly jumped in surprise, looking warily at the two. "I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, if that's alright."

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Akira Shimada
Aki threw Tsuru a frown, perhaps much like the one he'd received from the captain. It was fine for someone tiny like her to try to take a peek, but his height made his strange intent really obvious. When she heard Asura's little giggle though, her frown quickly faded as the raven became more aware of the humor in the situation, something Aki often missed, given her darker proclivities. At least, with these two's influence, she was slowly learning to become a lighter presence... Or was it the light inside her that attracted her towards such optimistic people and vice-versa? Aki would never truly know. Although, today... Tsuru was hardly his picture-perfect idol idealist, instead, he behaved more like an idle lost soul... A weed of worry planted itself in the garden of happiness Aki had cultivated upon seeing Asura, she'd ignore it for now.

When Asura mentioned that she'd been keeping really busy, Aki drew in a sharp breath and quickly found a reason to be empathetic. 'Oh my god! Same thing with us as well!' Aki said, rather loudly, now people giving her a wide berth for sounding a little crazy. Great, first they don't like me because I'm broody and quiet now they don't like me because I'm happy and loud she thought as from the corner of her eyes she noticed a few Magnolians stare. 'It has been absolutely crazy!' she exclaimed, but this time keeping her tone a little softer. She noticed a gentle increase in Asura's pace and she scurried along, only to have the blonde ask her about Haru's condition, once they were out of earshot. 'Er... honestly, I'm not sure... We've been traveling around a bit, Crocus to Era for our promotion and then here...' she said, thoughtfully speculating. 'I thought it was all the traveling and the work, but I can't be sure...' her words were much softer and did betray worry. Asura was the one other person, she felt safe enough with, to share her little troubles.

It seemed while the girls caught up, Tsuru actually took the responsibility of making sure the task was accomplished. Maybe he wanted to get it done with and go rest or something... she couldn't blame him. While she'd be happy spending some more time outdoors with Asura, he probably didn't share the same inclination given his current state. Asura quickly took the hint too it would seem. She looked at Akira meaningfully and the Shimada assumed she wanted her to make sure Tsuru was doing ok... so she nodded and slid up to the healer. Meanwhile, Asura split up momentarily to go deal with a shifty woman she spotted. Aki waited for the man to respond, nodding sagely before following up on Hatsuharu's interruption of the man's routine. 'Oh oh! What is it?' he asked the trio a little curtly. 'I'm very late for a meeting I have...' he added, and Aki frowned wondering if they could have hit jackpot and found a cultist straight up. 'Oh, mind sharing with us what kind of meeting?' she asked, intently.


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The healer let the ladies catch up and couldn’t find the strength to socialize that day. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to be there, but there were too many things swimming in his head and he was physically tired too. Butting into their conversation, he was only going to look like an idiot who asks people to repeat things a dozen times before piecing the sentence together in his head. So, he hanged back and scouted the area for potential suspects.

Rushing to the cloaked man, Haru had to literally body block him to get his attention. It was obvious that he was acting as if he didn’t hear them calling out and simply wanted to avoid them. For once, the healer actually understood why people would want to avoid social situations. Nevertheless, it was his job and he had to do it. Haru noticed that Asura was not following him and Akira and was heading towards another shifty looking woman. He nodded at her, understanding that it was a good call. They were three people; no point in swarming one target at a time.

The cloaked man was rather impatient with the duo, which only made things even more suspicious. He told them he was late for a meeting and was offended when asked what meeting it was. “How rude? I don’t need to tell you anything about what I’m doing,” he began, raising his voice. Haru was in no mood to handle it and was about to whip out his badge to show him they had the right to question him. But as he reached into his cloak’s inner pocket, he noticed that the cloaked man was holding a book; a religious one at that too.

Realizing someone who was following the Illumin couldn’t possibly have any knowledge of a hidden cult, he simply sighed and apologized. “I’m sorry sir! We were just inquiring around town about the rumours regarding a cult and was wondering if you knew anything,” he said politely. The man shook his head violently and simply said “No!” before storming off. Shrugging at Akira, Haru walked back towards Asura, hoping that she had better luck than them.

When Asura was done questioning the lady, Haru would tell her the guy gave them no information and ask if the lady was of any use. Just as they were having a conversation, the healer noticed an old woman walk past them. “Do you guys think she will know something?” he asked, pointing at the old lady and whispering to his two team mates.

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Asura Nightshade
Asura nodded at Akira's declaration of the two being in the same position as well as, her answer to Haru's condition before leaving the pair to question the man as she had approached another woman who seemed rather, suspecting with her furtive glances. As Asura had asked her whether she could grace her with a few questions, the woman looked at the blonde with wide eyes, seemingly paranoid of the girl's appearance. Asura quickly shook her head and held her hands in front of her, in order to try to calm the woman, "Relax. I just saw you looking rather...scared and was worried. Is everything okay?" The woman quickly glanced around and Asura's declaration seemed to let the woman relax a bit as she scanned the blonde up and down. She nodded her head, breathing deeply as she said, "Yes, yes, everything's fine." Asura however, didn't buy it. This woman is hiding something.

"Are you sure everything's okay? Because to me, it seems like something's wrong." The blonde briefly wondered whether she'd have to take her badge out to get the woman to talk however, it seemed as though that wouldn't have been needed as under Asura's firm gaze, the woman seemed to crack. She opened her mouth lightly before closing it again and all of a sudden, tears lined the eyes of the woman and for a second, Asura wondered whether she was too harsh. However, before she could try to reassure the woman, she started crying. A few passer-by's gave the two weird looks as Asura wondered what she would do now. "Um, ma'am?" she asked and the woman kept on crying until between her hiccups, she said, "I think my husband's cheating on me!" Knew it! Asura mentally triumphed herself, she knew he was cheat- wait, what? The blonde gave the woman a blank stare. "So, you don't know about any cult?" The woman stopped sniffling for a moment before shooting the blonde a perplexed look. "What cult?" she muttered. Asura released a sigh and took a few steps back. "Well, I'm sorry about your husband. Hope you figure things out." She said and made her way to the duo who were waiting for her in the distance.

Haru told her about the encounter with their suspect and how it led to no results before Asura shrugged saying, "Nothing on my side either except a woman who thinks her husband's cheating on her." This was proving to be harder than she had first assumed but then, again, they had only talked to two people. When Haru pointed out the old lady and asked if she would know something, Asura glanced at the woman before saying, "Well, there's no harm in trying." They would walk towards the old woman and Asura would call her out, "Excuse me, ma'am? Is it okay if we ask you a few questions?" Whether this lady knew something or not, they didn't know but it's worth a shot.

It turned out that the woman in fact, did not know anything and at the mention of a cult, lost her marbles and started hitting the trio with her handbag, accusing them of worshiping the devil. Asura would try to get away from the old woman, hoping the two would follow her and looked at the duo exasperatedly, "Now what?"

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Akira Shimada
Tsuru handled the man pretty swiftly, her gaze followed his, to the book he was holding which is what made him make the assumption. Now if she truly believed that the Rune Knights were capable of having accurately identified this tentative location of the cultist, perhaps she'd point out to Tsuru that just because he was hauling that book around with him, didn't mean that he could no longer be a spy. But, she had a sinking feeling, that the reason Tsuru may have stopped him in the first place, was his out of place appearance and demeanor, something which Aki possessed too. If someone didn't know better, they'd probably think she was a cultist herself... she wondered if this may actually aid her on this mission... Her usual self would have criticized Tsuru for the double assumption both in stopping the man and letting him go, but she was unusually cheerful and so better equipped to handle things and on the flip side, Tsuru had been rather low, she really couldn't find it in her to make it worse, even if that meant perhaps letting a suspect go.

She did gently rub her forehead when he went onto to honestly reveal their true intentions. That probably wasn't a good idea, if someone overheard them, the whole operation could be ruined. She clasped her partner's arm to stop him from giving up anymore information, while the man obviously denied having anything to do with the cult and left them. Both the healer and the sorcerer, turned towards the adventurer who so far hadn't had any better luck. She approached them and the older teammates relayed the information that they'd each collected. Aki scoffed and grinned, shaking her head. 'Wow... Bet you didn't want that personal detail.' she said casually resting her hand on the girl almost sympathetically. Meanwhile, Tsuru who seemed like he truly was in a rush spotted their next victim. She let Asura deal with this one too, because Aki just didn't see it.

Meanwhile, she turned sharply to look behind her, because she felt that eerie sensation like someone was watching her. She had tried shaking it off for a bit... But... to no avail. Initially, when she turned she saw no one, but upon looking again, she noticed the silhouette of a person inside the room that she could see into through the door way. Their eyes met and he gestured for her to come to him. Something about him was quite creepy indeed, she swallowed and turned towards her teammates as an exasperated Asura returned. 'Guys... I think I might have a lead, give me a moment.' she said, sighing softly. She should probably do this alone, given her appearance, which accentuated the dark magic inside her, there was a reason he'd beckoned her. Things seemed to be tying up. 'Wait for me right here.'

She slowly walked towards the building, entering it to find the man sizing her up. 'You looking to belong somewhere? Missy?' he asked, his voice quite grating on Aki's ear. 'Umm yes...' she said, shiftily. 'Going to bring your friends along too? We take conversion very seriously, well rewarded too...' he said with a smirk and things began to clear up. It was tough for her to lie, but not to maintain a facade. All she had to do was play up her dark magic and she had the details. Slowly, she backed out of the room to greet her teammates again, she kept walking, so they were away from the shop, she was hoping they'd follow so she could talk frankly. 'I think for once the Knights actually got something right, looks like there is some cultist activity here, we gotta come back to this same place later at night though...' she said, gleefully.


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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:28 am

The trio had found no good lead so far and it was frustrating the healer. He rolled his eyes and groaned when he heard Asura mention the lady knew nothing about the cult and was just worried that her spouse might be cheating. And unfortunately, their next target knew nothing about the cult either and she made it quite clear by whacking them several times with her handbag. “Sorry! No… You misunderstand,” he began, but quickly remembered Akira’s warning about not revealing their true intention to anyone. So, he had no other option but to run from the handbag-wielding lady.

Haru was about to say maybe they were in the wrong side of the town or maybe the Rune Knights goofed again. However, it would seem, this time, that wasn’t the case. Akira said she found a lead and asked them to wait where they were before running off towards a house. As he stood there, waiting for his raven-haired partner to come back, Haru decided to strike up a conversation with Asura. He was most curious as to where the two girls met after the night they all cooked together at Batra’s inn. “You two met after the day we flipped burgers and baked potatoes?” he asked.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Akira to finish the conversation with her target, and with the expression on her face, the healer knew this one wasn’t a bummer like the last three ones they had. “Please tell me you got something,” he said, as she came into earshot. And he was right; it would seem she had gleaned quite a bit of information from the man. Apparently, they had to meet the man back at the same location at night before they could infiltrate the actual location where the cultists are hiding.

“I suggest we go about our usual patrol duty for the day and come back here at the designated time,” Haru said.


As decided, Haru would be back where they were right after sun set and wait for his two team mates. It was Akira who talked to the man; so, he thought it would be best if she contacted him again while Asura and he hanged back. Haru kept to the shadows to ensure he was not spotted by the man until the other two came. If any one of them arrived, he would hiss at them from behind a tree he was hiding and notify them of this location.
Once all three of them were there, he would let Akira take the lead. The cultist man would let them in and close the door swiftly, before moving to the corner of the room and opening a secret trap door. “Through this way,” he whispered. Haru turned to his partners and nodded before walking forward. When the man was a little further away from him, he would whisper to them. “Run if you suspect any foul play. Our mission was to just confirm,” he said, his tone laced with caution.

As they stepped down through the trap door, Haru looked around for any other way they could take to escape. But it seemed the way they entered was the safest bet, as all the others looked like a dead end. The man walked ahead of them with a torch to light the way and soon introduced the three of them to another one. By now, it was certain that there were cultists in Magnolia and they are quite active. The new one looked up at the three, sizing them up, before beginning to ask questions. It was time for the two ladies to handle him, as Haru was a very bad liar.

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Asura Nightshade
When Akira declared that she might have a lead and told Haru and herself to wait there, the blonde couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and hoped that the girl wouldn't get herself in any trouble. She noticed Akira head into a small building and disappear from sight while the duo waited there. It seemed as though Haru wanted to strike up conversation while they waited and asked whether Akira and Asura had met again after their little escapade at Batra's inn. The blonde nodded, "Yup. It was actually that day itself. You were tired so you went to sleep and me and Akira went for a night-walk and we talked for quite a while. After that, we're only meeting now though." She answered him, wondering why the raven hadn't told the red haired man that the two had spent time together afterwards. However, she assumed Akira must have forgotten.

When the youngest came back to them and led them a little farther from her supposed 'lead', she informed them that this time, the Knights were actually right and there was in fact, a cult residing in Magnolia and they had to come back to the same place later that night. Haru suggested to continue their regular patrol duties and meet up in the night at the exact same place to which the blonde nodded, glad that the man seemed to be feeling maybe, slightly better now.

Fast forward to that night as Asura made her way through the dimly lit streets of Magnolia, towards the position where they had been instructed to come. She wondered if she was the first one there however, upon arriving, a light hiss caught her attention from the shadows and the blonde followed the source of noise until she came across Haru. "Oh, you're here." She exclaimed, relieved that he had already reached. Now, only Akira was missing and while the raven came, Asura decided that it was a good idea to let her take the lead due to her association with the man previously which was also what Haru was thinking. So, when the youngest arrived, they let her take the lead and met up with the cultist man who closed the door after ushering them inside and urging them to follow him.

Haru's warning rang in Asura's ears as she nodded lightly at him and the cultist took a torch to light the way inside a tunnel after which, the trio came face to face with a few other cult members with one of them, probably, the leader being introduced to the three of them. He scanned the trio up and down, an unreadable look on his face as Asura stood next to Akira, hoping that they could lie their way through this and successfully, escape and report their findings. The man cleared his throat as he looked pointedly at Akira, probably due to her appearance and asked, "So, you want to join our cult, eh? Why is that?" The blonde glanced at Akira hoping that she could answer this. Asura was ready in case she needed any assistance and the blonde could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she hoped that everything would go well.

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Akira Shimada
They parted ways to complete the patrolling duties, agreeing to meet later that evening. Aki went out of her way to put on her most gothic clothes. She wasn't much for make up, apart from the eyeliner and occasional lipstick, but she made sure the colors all accentuated her darker sides. All this preparation caused a delay in her arriving at the location that was the apparent designated spot for them. Once she reached though, she looked around with an embarrassment etched onto her face. She was sure both Tsuru and Asura would notice the change, they were smart enough to see the intent behind it, but the additional factors added to her get up, made her feel ridiculous.

'Hi guys.' she whispered urgently as they ushered into the shop. Another man sat at the counter. 'So you were introduced by Gavin huh?' he asked sizing each of them up, her eyes seemed approving when he scanned Akira, Tsuru's dark robes must have been ok too, but he wasn't too happy with the other two. Following which, he asked his questions. It was addressed to all three, but Asura made it apparent that it was safest for Aki to answer. She wondered if her friends would judge her for her responses. She wasn't a very good liar, but all she had to do was tap into the wealth of frustration she held against the world, but usually kept buried under the surface. Magnolia made it a little more difficult to hide it anyways.

She let the frustration take over and a dark aura surrounded her. 'I possess dark magic, it is apparent that I was not made to fit into this society that panders to the light.' she said, in a voice deeper than her usual. 'I've heard there are others like me and I wish to aid them, so that people see the beauty in the darkness...' she finished and swallowed, wondering if she'd set the other two on an edge. They knew the details of her past, one had witnessed some of the prejudice she faced and one had heard her out when she talked of it. She took a deep breath, she couldn't look at them to check. 'These two seek to follow in my footsteps, however are not gifted with the darkness I possess.' she added, in an attempt to remind them that this was all just a ruse.

He went onto ask other details and for her to demonstrate a few spells, she used her most harmless ones, making sure to not hurt anyone. 'Ok. You are ready, but the other two need to be inducted. They will come with me.' the man said to which Aki opened her mouth and then closed it again, then opened it once more... But couldn't find a reason to protest without blowing their cover. She cleared her throat. 'I will wait here for them, for I promised it will be a journey we three will embark on together.' she said, as sternly as she could. It would seem the cultist was not very high ranking so he shrugged and said 'Suit yourself, might take a while though.' there was something sinister and sadistic about that face and she finally looked towards the other two. Her face impassive, but her eyes implored them to stay safe and stick together. 'I'll be waiting.' she said, like a command, but her voice cracked just a little in the end.


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Cult Spy [Quest: Akira, Asura & Haru] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:11 am

The walk down the trap door and through the tunnels was rather long. However, at least the tunnels were quite broad enough. Haru wondered how these men managed to build something so grand underground without causing any suspicion. He assumed they must have a rather powerful earth mage to have accomplished this. When they finally reached the end of the tunnel, there were two paths that they could take. The one they were following practically handed them over to another man and walked away without a word. It would seem his name was Gavin.

Akira did her part very well. From her appearance to her attitude; it all fit supremely well with the stereotype and the cultist bought that she really was frustrated with the society. There was no question about whether she would fit in well with the cult. Asura and Haru, however, were not trusted. He took longer to assess them and only decided to accept them after Akira vouched for them. The catch was, however, that they had to go through some kind of induction. Haru was a bit scared what that entailed, but didn’t show it in his face. He turned towards Asura and looked if she was as scared as him.

In any case, it was now too late to back out. They began this and now they were in the cultists’ turf. If they give these guys any reason to doubt their reason for being here, it wasn’t going to end well. So, Haru simply nodded when the cultist asked him and Asura to follow him through the door on the left. Akira offered to stay back and wait instead of going in, which Haru thought was a good call. If she got caught in the other room and they had to make a getaway, it would become impossible.

As they entered through the door, Haru witnessed that the large room was one designed for the purposes of ritual. It was immediately apparent that the cultists were going to put the two Rune Knights through some ritual, and the healer didn’t want to play any part in it. He was pretty sure Asura felt the same way. Now, it was time to think of a way to wiggle out of this mess. However, before he could come up with a plan, the cultist walked towards Asura and reached for her robe. “What the fuck are you doing?” Haru asked, getting in between Asura and the cultist, stopping him from getting anywhere near his blonde partner.

“You need to be cleansed for this ritual. So, to purify you, we gotto first git rid of any worldly things on you,” he said, grinning a little too widely. Haru knew exactly what he meant and anger flared in his eyes. The cultist didn’t miss the expression. He immediately took a step forward and yelled. Through a door on the other side of the room came three more cultists running. “This man is a spy. Kill him. And let’s capture the blondie,” he said, laughing. The cultist raised his arm and went straight for Asura, reaching beyond Haru.

The former pacifist would have pushed the man away. But Haru was different now. Ever since he took up the blade, he had been giving in to the anger and frustration that have been building up in him. So, in an instant, he took a step aside, pulled the hilt of his blade, pressed the button. The moment the blue mana blade appeared, he slashed at the man’s hand that was going for Asura, dismembering him. The burning damage done after the cutting ensured it was not bloody, but the gore was still too sudden and too much. As the dismembered cultist fell back screaming, the rest of them froze for a moment, taking in the sudden violence that had occurred in the room, before charging at the Rune Knights.

Opening the door, Haru asked Asura to run. And to ensure the rest don’t follow, he threw his blade straight at the leading cultist’s leg, and immediately recalled the blade once it pierced him and did the damage. After that, the red-headed Rune Knight left the room too and began running. Turning towards Akira, he yelled for her to run. Adrenaline coursed through the man as they ran through the tunnel, past the trap door and out the building. Thanks to Haru’s lightsabre, the path was illuminated for them.

Once they had run a good distance away from the cultist’s hideout, Haru sat on a stone bench and finally realized what he had done. The young man was in no shape to go report to the Captain, and one of the ladies have to take that burden unfortunately.

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Asura Nightshade
Akira's convincing acting seemed to fool the cultists into believing that she genuinely wanted to join. The blonde wanted to snicker at their behavior however, her amusement died as soon as they exclaimed that Haru and Asura however, could not be allowed into the cult without passing some sort of trail first. Even though she was hoping to avoid any conflict of sorts, it seemed as though it still approached their way. Asura glanced at Haru, questioningly before following the cultist into another room on the side. She wondered what sort of trail they would have to pass however, as she lay eyes on the items inside the room, her question was answered in the fact that it was not a trail, but a ritual. They planned to sacrifice the two Knights.

Asura turned to look back at the red-head just as she felt a tug on her arm and a harsh pull that caught her stumbling. Haru's voice roared through the room and the blonde herself was slightly surprised however, what he did next shocked her even more. Within a flash, he protruded a sword and dismembered the man who was clutching Asura. The blonde widened her eyes in disbelief at the grotesque scene in front of her and the urge to throw up overtook. However, she held it down as Haru motioned for her to run and with a nimble nod, she turned on her heels and ran away, the adrenaline momentarily, making her forget her shock. She could sense Haru and Akira following her and the trio ended up in a clearing where it seemed like it finally dawned on them what had happened.

Haru seemed miserable and the blonde looked towards the youngest of them, motioning for her to stay with him while she reported back to the Captain. Asura left and met up with Devon, relaying all the details minus Haru's outburst, and collected their reward which she would give to the two once she returned back to them.

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