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Cavern Explorer [baron+Arisa]

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Cavern Explorer [baron+Arisa] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:25 am

Arisa was finally getting out of this small cramped closet that these people called a room. The area was as long as she was tall. The only space that the area had left was enough for her suit case that was hanging on the side of the wall. 'Feels so... stiff.' she thought and then got up carefully and steady-like since she didn't want anything to fall on her. She twisted her body towards the left to pick up her suitcase and rolled out of there to go towards the hotel she was waiting on. Oh man was she ready for some oil massage from their masseuse.  She heard that that certain hotel area had the best spa's and suites. The service is suppose to be top tier. Rather or not that's true was in question.

Arisa walked out of the door and stepped on the cobbled stone paths that lead to the hotel. Her head turned as her eyes wandered to see where she was going. She ignored the people around her as she had yet to shower, change and eat. It was terribly early in the morning so any missions could never possibly be during this time of day. Arisa decided to walk by the mission board anyways to grab some random sheets to perhaps find more things to do during the day and something to read as she waited for other things. With that she first stopped at the mission board at 4AM to look. ''Wonder what all there is...'' she spoke quietly to herself and then saw some that didn't require much traveling. ''This one will be fine.'' she said to herself and walked towards the hotel.


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Cavern Explorer [baron+Arisa] Empty on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:10 am

Barry didn't know where he was or why he was here. He woke up on a pile of plates, candy wrappers, and other unsanitary things. At first he thought he was in a dumpster, but there was no foul stench only the smell of good foods. He rolled on his side, his gi was impaled on a knife on the gorund next to him torn open out of wearing form. His body was sticky and covered in wrappers, his mind was middled and everything he did last night was out of his mind. He didn't have a clue what happened thus he got up and sauntered for the exit of the alley he was in.

On his abdominals a job was sticking to him, he read itafter peeling it off of his frame. "I took a job last night? I better get there soon." he stumbled as he walked out of the alley and stretched his arm as he headed for the appropriate address. Whatever he did last night must have been pretty good, he was full of energy and he wasn't hungry at all, in fact he felt ten pounds lighter as he moved effortlessly to the job site. 200.1000

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Arisa looked forward towards the hotel in which she couldn't wait to go there. She stunk and could use a shower. Showers were amazing, but large hot-tub-like baths were way better. She felt excited, excited enough to jog ahead and with that her head turned with her wandering eyes to see if she could find this hotel. It had some fancy name that she didn't bother really keeping track of. Her blonde hair was a mess and how some people describe it -- it was a mop. Her outfit was disorganized and she was wearing slippers. Arisa didn't care at the time since she wasn't trying to impress anyone.

Yawning softly she dragged her huge suit case in the hotel and went to the counter. Her eyes looked unamused so the people around her felt quite intimidated since she was taller than the natural height of women. She waited for a couple seconds and that was too long to wait. Arisa decided to slap the counter. ''Hello...?'' she said all tiresome. A small moment later a girl appeared all flustered and itched the back of her head. ''Oh uh, sorry... Do you have a reservation?'' she questioned shyly. Her eyes were like colors she has never seen while her hair was a dark-like brown if not fawn colored. The lighting was weird, therefore she couldn't tell the specific color.

''No..., but I'd like a room.'' she said. ''Alright, hold on...'' She spoke after Arisa said something. A minute later she came back with a key card. ''I was... I was told to give you this. Just slide that key card in the elevator slot.'' she instructed and bowed her head. ''Okay...'' with that she went up to take care of business.



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He coughed into his hand as he tried his best to get out of the alley, he rubbed his cheek, his cheek hurt badly like he had bit the inside of it painfully. He wiped his eyes and moved on forward. he wiped his eyes and cried for a few moments before getting up and going, crying helped get this eyes clear and all nothing more nothing less. With that out of the way he stood up and moved forward from his position, if someone saw him crying he'd be a goner.

Cracking his fingers he moved on and looked up at the sky wondering he was going to do today. he was sort of bored doing all of this sitting around. He stretched his arms and legs and moved forward towards the job destination he wouldn't get there ain no time however as he kept getting stop by many distractions including old people, slow moving crowds and his desire to shower, which he did once he got back to his room at the inn putting on a new gi and pants before heading back out to find some adventure, this was going to be interest he supposed, though he could have also been wrong.


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Arisa leaned against the corner of the elevator as she felt it motion going up to the top of this place. She wondered if this room will be like all the other suite rooms she has been to. Her arms crossed against her plush-able medium sized chest and yawned feeling tired from not getting any sleep as of last night. The room was super small and only a child could possibly find comfort in sleeping in such a space that was provided. The music that was playing from the speaks in the elevator were simple tunes coming from some orchestra with it having no vocals added to it.

It was quite peaceful and truthfully she could fall asleep to it, but falling asleep in the elevator wasn't ideal. Arisa's eyes were half-way open as she saw the elevator door open. Her body leaned forward as she stood up straight and walked into the room. Honestly, she was too tired to even notice all the details. One by one she stripped herself and walked into the shower. ''So tired...'' she mumbled and leaned against the shower to end up sliding downward and fell asleep.

Her dreams were blank, blackened to where she saw absolutely nothing but darkness. It felt so quick yet so long by time difference. Out of no where her right opened up to gaze out of the shower she was in. 'Did... I fall asleep in the shower?' she questioned and rubbed the back of her head. The shower water was off which was weird. Slowly she crawled out of the shower to end up getting up to get dressed. She had to get ready for a mission now...



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Cavern Explorer [baron+Arisa] Empty on Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:34 am

Oh boy now he was at a library, reading. Yep that was what he was doing, looking over some books, that's right books were great they kept the mind sharp and the body heavy. Or light, whatever, the brain always liked a good book. Barry couldn't read though, so there was some trial and error when it came to reading books. Regardless he felt pretty smart just holding the book, thus he'd be sitting here reading or pretending to read. Either way he was just flipping through pages and looking for pictures.

Honestly it seemed like he was readhing dozens of books at a time. He wanted to get this done and over with so he could get to his next job but it was such a drag to do all of this work for next to nothing in pay. He'd flip another page and another as he thought about the day ahead. He read on and on as he thought about what the words could have meant in each and every book. Maybe they were novels of fighters, or something like that who knew at this poing. He licked his lips and yawned as he read onward. What a shame he couldn't so anything.


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Arisa couldn't believe she fell asleep for a few or so hours for it to now be in the present time. She swayed her wide hips as her long beautiful legs motioned towards her dresser. She still wasn't really paying attention to the details that were around her. All she was noticing were the current things she was grabbing for. An example of this is the dress that her hand was now on. She gripped the lion-like knob and opened it up for her to then realize something. 'What did I put away my clothes? I swore I dropped my suitcase and went right for the shower...' or so she thought at the least.

Water dropped from her eyes and slid against her cheek. The water drops were warm so it wasn't the water from the shower... Was she crying? 'Why... am I crying?' she thought and placed her palm against her cheek and had her pointing finger wipe the tear away. Slowly her hand lifted up by her eyes to look. The tear was in perfect shape, but then with a small tilt it fell. Am I scared? Alone?... She didn't know, but no doubt she was hurt. Someone came in here after she passed out, turned off the water and put away her clothes, but who? This was a mystery and her heart felt paranoid as much as her thoughts were. She shook out of that thought and got dressed to finally leave. Arisa went down to the first floor and finally left out of the hotel.



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Barry looked up at the ceiling of the place and sighed to himself. He wanted to get out of the library and get things done today but there was so much work ahead of him for the mission, so much that he forgot what he was doing. He rubbed his hands together, and thought about things before him. What a long boring day this was going to be, he could have imagined better things to do but with any luck he'd see the blonde again and they could get some more work done together and by blonde he meant the one with the freaky eyes.

Gold eyes they were or whatever. He licked his lips yet again and played guitar with his hands for a moment as he thought about things he had to do for the quest something about a caravan but that was it. Something about he vans and the carsas and so much more. This was going to be his thing, thinking for long periods of time instead of getting work done, that fit him well, maybe some company would make him feel better but he didn't know who he'd enlist to be his help, he just wanted to feel better.


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Today she wore thin strapped tank top. It had frills that went down like a waterfall that went from the chest area to the bellybutton area that was covered. The was fitting against her womanly curves. For bottoms, she wore short shorts that were white with black string to tighten the shorts around the hips. Her socks only went to her ankles and the sneakers were black and white. She felt simple when it came to clothes. Her hair was up in a bun, perfectly so no hairs would get out of place. Today she was going to do a mission and think of other things... other than a certain subject.

She smiled as if she was in a routine for positivity. The people around here were doing their business, she was doing her own business and well.... everyone was on with their own business. Her head turned left and right, looked straight as her eyes wandered. She didn't care either way as she felt like she had things to do. Her heart was beating and with that she soon heard a sound of a guitar, a musical happening and with that she walked towards it. The people walked by, passed and even some stopped for a moment to listen to whomever was it was playing it. Soon enough she saw Fenrir, a guy she has been doing missions with. Slowly, she engaged towards him till she was about four feet away from him. ''Hey there. Doing missions today?'' she asked softly and gently with a small smile. If he was, perhaps he could join her for a bit to eat and then go do that very one mission.



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Barry watched the clock for a moment as he waited for the hours to pass by. All of this place and the next was nothing more than people using him for their own gain. He hated his life, he was all on his own. He tried to do well with others, he tried to be nice, wear a smile and be a fun loving cool guy, but that never really panned out did it? He was an idiot sure, he didn’t understand most things but what was the use in prolonging anything? All he ever did was help others but no one ever offered to help him. A shame really but what did it matter he had another job to do.

Rubbing his neck he looked up at the angry, blazing sun, a sun that raged on like the pain in his chest every time he helped someone without so much as a second peep. He sighed and sat against the corner of a store and waited a moment for things to cool down. A subtle cool down was what he needed right now to get himself in a fighting mood. No, that wasn’t it, he just wanted to be lazy and sit around, because he could never do that, he could never get some rest, be sluggish or anything, he had to be rapido while everyone else got to be lazy, that was just the Barry way.

He had a habit of licking his dry mouth during missions, he always did it and it was highly strange given he rarely ate on this brand of work. He’d walk around the plaza for abit after staring at the sky again and settled down yet again on another corner, what did it matter what he did he didn’t matter to anyone, he coudl die now and no one would care. He was expendable and now he got to do his thing. Everyone around him was just coming and going, he was a former knight a shell of a knight with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back. He;d close his eyes and feel the sun beams hit his skin as he sighed to himself. There were so many wears and tears on his body now that he coudl kill over and die now and just be happy in the after life. That was an idea, that was a nice plan for the Saiyan.

No one ever wanted help until it gave them the benefit they wanted. Funny, things were funny. But for not he just wanted to sit and rest in the su and let things pass over him as they came and went. Life went on and on and he would never get to taste too many of its pleasures as he was constantly doing things for other people in Fiore, maybe he could go home to bosco. That was something wasn’t it? He didn’t even know what bosco was but he felt the need to call it home.


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She tried to get his attention by calling his name, waved and even walked a little closer in case he was super distracted. What was with him? Was he ignoring her? She had a pout-like facial expression and crossed her arms against her chest as she gazed at him in annoyance. They shared a huge hotel, ate food before, went dancing, hung out like real friends and he was treating her like her existence wasn't there. It was either that or something was clearly on his mind that he didn't want to talk about. Why were people like this?

Arisa wanted to get strong and continue on and do something with her life and it happened to be doing missions right now. After the war crap, Arisa tended to not really want to be weak. With that she sighed and spoke up a little loudly -- enough for him to hear her. ''Hey, Fenrir. I'm going to go do the mission. Come along when you want...'' she tried at least. She slowly walked away and when her face was no longer showing, she frowned and her expression dulled. Further and further she started to walk as she arrived into the East Forest. She was to meet someone... Barras. A man that she met before to do missions with. Her head turned a little while her eyes wandered. Rather or not Fenrir decided to go with her or cower among the casual people in his own pool of self-pride... It was on him. Arisa wanted to be there for him, but she felt like it was just better for him that she let him join on his own term.

Soon enough she ran into man people as they gathered outside of a small cavern opening. The area wasn't too huge or so it seemed. The mountains nearby weren't that tall unlike some other places. 'What the hell is going on?' she wondered and roamed around as she walked past several people. Her eyes of gold spotted an insignia of Rune Knights. 'They're here?! What?...' she thought and finally she heard her name. ''Arisa!'' at first she thought that was Fenrir, but the voice was different and soon found out it was Barras. ''Hey! Barras...'' she softly spoke and walked towards him with a small wave. ''Where the other one?'' he wondered. ''Oh.. not here yet... Just give it a moment.'' she said and looked towards the town itself, waiting.



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“Mhm” Fenrir answered the woman as she mentioned more missions, of course, more missions. He was always doing those missions, that’s what all folks ever needed now adays money and what not. Who cared about jewels, oh right people who wanted to buy overpriced junk. Right, right. Eveyrone needed jewels for food but some folks jsut took it an inch farther didn’t they? They needed money badly or the fame they got or whatever. What did it matter, he’d stand up and sigh as he followed her, they were going to meet someone or something. Kinda makes you wonder don’t it?

He scratched the side of his face as he followed the woman sluggishly, he’d keep his breath calm or whatever, but what did it matter again. He’d go on and on, going on his way to the meeting place, his eyes tired, his face frowning and his eyelids half lided. What on earth was he doing here, why even try.Without so much as a second question he’d say nothing to the woman he’d only nod and went on about his buisness as they went to yet another job. Easy way or hard way he was going to be doing things with this woman yet again.

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Once Fenrir appeared, Barras nodded and brought them away from everyone else. His eyes looked left and right as if something sketchy was about to happen. She, once again wondered what was wrong with her friend. Her eyes would once in awhile look over at him to make sure everything was alright. While she was doing that, she tried to act happy with a fake smile that could fool anyone. Once they were away from the public, Barras spoke. ''Not sure if you heard or noticed, but there have been many rumors that have to do with that very cave right there.'' he started and looked towards the cave itself where people were still surrounding it.

''I'm quite interested in it to be quite frank with you two. I heard there's a rare metal inside and it could be used to forge weapons and armor far stronger than anything else I've ever dealt with.'' he once against spoke while doing hand movements in exaggerating ways to explain. ''Imagine! Me! Having the best metals of all time to create swords and shields.'' he said and took a deep breather. ''I'll pay you if you will venture inside the cave, look for the metal and see if it even exists because if it does... I'll finally be able to create my dream gears.'' he reported.

Arisa didn't see the big deal out of it, but if it helped them then why not? Arisa enjoyed helping people while also getting stronger. Her head turned towards to look at Fenrir. ''Alright, you ready?'' she questioned. If he said yes, she would happily go on towards the cave, but if he said no, she'd wait for him. Either way it was time to go.

Once he was ready - if he ever was, they went inside the cave. Before it happened, Arisa accepted the quest with a simple yet strong handshake towards/with Barras. He had a smile of happiness and to her it was worth it. 'I can at least find that a positive of today.' she spoke as if having some tally score board. She thought of the last thing he did say to them, the part where he explained that it will be like some blue stone-like rock as it'd glow. It reminded her of those cave mushrooms that glowed as well and they were too blue, but they were a light blue.

They successfully got into the cavern by telling some kid to throw a rock at them in which he was later chased. It was a good idea at the time, but the kid didn't mind since they said it was okay. Sighing softly, Arisa and Fenrir walked inside the cave and with her wandering eyes she wondered on where to go. There were several pathways and most of them were blocked of by fallen rocks. ''Let's get these rocks moved away from this way.'' she spoke and walked towards where the path was. For reasons to leave things behind so one doesn't get lost, she grabbed some of those rocks and pebbles. One by one, her and perhaps Fenrir if he decided to help, removed the rocks from their path. They weren't super heavy, but they were enough to where it was a lot faster because he was there... ''Thank you.~'' she said softly with an assure-like smile. It was warm and she still was wondering on what was wrong... Was it her?

They were finally done with setting the stones and rocks aside, away from the path. She left small little rocks behind so they wouldn't get lost as they continued on their walk. She wasn't sure on what to say to him as she didn't want to bother him anymore than she already felt. Finally, after several minutes her eyes light up. 'Mmm?~' she wondered and saw that some light appeared and it was letting her see so much better than a few seconds ago. ''So curious...'' she whispered and walked towards the certain area to be then stopped at a sudden thud of her heart and saw that there was a huge whole. ''Nnnnn... that was close. Stupid move coming from me... Haha...'' she said nervously and then went over it with her partner. If he had anything to say, she would listen to him of course and answer back respectively.

She stopped once they were over - away the huge black hole to end up seeing three pathways. ''Well... You go one way and I'll go the other? If nothing then we will both go to the last one...'' she spoke and pointed to the far right path. She will go to the middle path, he will go to the left path. Once again she left tracks so she wouldn't get lost once again.

The silence felt so real between them... ''I wonder what's wrong with him....'' she mumbled as her feet kicked the ground. Dust was being left behind, but that was nothing compared to the rocks she was leaving behind. She at least thought it was a smart idea, right? She started to wonder if Fenrir found anything useful or good as this path ended up being some dead end. ''Well... this was a waste of time.'' she spoke to herself and walked back. Once she got to the start of where they were before, she waited for him if he wasn't there already. If he was, they'd start going to the middle path in hopes that they will find what they were looking for. If Fenrir didn't come with her inside the cavern at all then she would end up doing all that by herself taking twice the time.

She felt like she was doing this all by herself anyways and rather or not he was following, she will get this done. Arisa was determined as all hell to get stronger, for herself and friends. She walked within the silence in hope that Fenrir would join her or say something if he already did join her. There was a lot of guessing, but that was okay since people had to guess sometimes. She let one hand trail against the cave wall, feeling the texture of the rough designs of nature.

The other hand was letting down rock particles after another so she wouldn't get lost and if that wasn't going to work, she also was sliding the side of her right leg to leave a trail. The third thing she also did was feel the texture of the wall with that very free hand so she will know where she was going. Finally, she saw some metal that seemed to be the rock material that Barras was talking about. ''Found it... Good.'' she said softly and then with her knowledge of its' location she went back while also being careful of that huge hole she almost fell in. Her eyes saw the light as she still saw the guard scolding the kid who threw a rock at him. She held her giggle and went passed all the rune knights to end up talking to Barras. After she told him the information, he gladly rewarded for the work. It was too bad that she had to do it alone in the end. Where did that guy go anyways? Fenrir... Her eyes rolled as she couldn't believe someone would ditch someone during a mission.



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