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Potion Prepper [Quest: Asura]

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Asura Nightshade

It seemed as though one visit to the East Forest in Magnolia wasn't enough as just the day after she had delivered the food and brought the herbs for Khalash Saton, he called upon her again. Well, more specifically, he called on anyone really who could do stuff for him and Asura just happened to be free so they sent her out. He was a little surprised to see her again but nonetheless, relieved at the fact that he didn't need to give out directions at least. The old man briefed her on what she had to do and Asura wondered, for a second, whether he ever left his shop considering that he sent someone out every time he needed something. regardless, the blonde was getting paid and something as easy as this, well, she could probably do.

And so, Asura went off yet again to the East Forest, this time not to meet the old hermit and give him food but instead, to collect some herbs for Khalash which she had to find by herself. She took out the piece of paper where she had written down the appearance of each of the herbs and started her search to find these plants, flowers, herbs, whatever they were.

It was the middle of the day with Asura having left Rei back at the inn again. Needless to say, the Umbreon was getting a little cranky at not being able to go out however, Asura just didn't think it was needed. Plus, tomorrow, they'd be heading to Oak anyways and so, he better be well-rested considering that he was her best shot at fighting. As much as she hated to admit it, being born without magic did provide a lot of difficulties and Rei was perhaps, her key to even winning battles.

She shook her head, letting her thoughts get out of that maze and decided to focus on what she ought to do. If she remembered right, glancing at the paper once again, the first thing she's supposed to collect is curly ferns. Apparently, those were extremely common and easy to find and Asura could see why as merely after a few minutes of looking around, she managed to stop a few from the corner of her eye. The blonde approached them and plucked them out, keeping them in a little basket that Khalash had given her, after making sure that they were indeed fresh. "Okay one down, two more to go." She continued on her little journey, looking around, this time for a blue lichen which was a little more trickier to find. It was supposed to be located on old rotting logs and the blonde kept her eyes peeled for any rotting logs that she could find. After a little while of searching and coming across what she thought were rotting logs but really weren't, Asura finally found one that to be honest, seemed in a horrible state however, the blue growing on top of it made it worth it as she plucked the blue lichen off and kept it in the basket as well.

The last one to find was apparently, the most difficult to and Asura was glad it didn't take her that long to find the first two as she wanted to leave the forest before sunset. The last herb to find was a red leafed vine which was somewhere deep within the forest and Asura made her way into the forest, keeping her eyes peeled. Due to having come here just yesterday, Asura's mind was still fresh with the way of the forest and it didn't take her long to delve deep within, while remembering the path where she came from especially, since she kept bending the logs on the trees on her way. Soon enough, she saw it; the crimson glittering under the sun on top of probably one of the biggest trees she'd seen. She kept the basket down and climbed the tree, ripping a portion of the vine out and jumped onto the ground. Alas, she was done and with a slightly prideful smile, she made her way back to Khalash's shop.

Asura reached his shop, handing the man the basket and without even sparing her a glance, he went to making his little potion as he mixed and crushed the herbs together. Asura thought about leaving however, he asked her to stay and she waited as he made the potion, put a little in a vile and handed it to her to test. "Uh," the blonde muttered but he ushered her on and she shrugged and drank the potion, immediately feeling her energy lift up a bit. Khalash beamed at her, happing that his potion worked and said, "Well, thank you so much. Here's your reward." He said and went back to doing his own work as Asura bowed and left the shop.

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