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Potion Prepper [Quest: Eden]

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Potion Prepper [Quest: Eden] Empty on Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:04 am

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Well.  Drugs were good.

Eden winced slightly at that internal wording as she shoved past the scratched wood door of the Mag Drug Magic Shop.  Unbeknownst to her, the door wasn't actually as heavy as she had expected; it ended up swinging open violently, the other side crashing into the wall.

Doorjambs would have been good there.

Trying to ignore the fact that she might already have to pay fines on her first quest, Eden tiptoed hesitantly into the shop.  Mag Drug and Magic, hm?  Was Mag the owner's family name or something...?  (It never, ever occurred to the female that Mag stood for Magnolia.)  She ended up spending several breaths musing over the thought, before an elderly man charged over to her and drove his staff into the ground to get her attention.  Okay, hello gavel master.

"Khalash Saton welcomes you to the Mag Drug Magic Shop, and how may I help you?"

Eden shrugged flippantly, twirling a little bit of her hair around an index finger.  After a few seconds, she seemed to remember why she had came; not to be helped, but to help.  Thus the posted quest details were reiterated to the shopkeeper.

"Yes, so you'll need to gather three specific herbs.  The first is quite the breeze, and if I weren't so busy these days I might as well pick it up myself in the park or back yard," he grumbled, before going on to briefly explain the other two target species.  Flashing him a sincere smile, the page promised to bring back the herbs in a timely fashion.  Without another word after, she dashed out of the door, cheerfully attempting to whistle and aggravatingly failing (though it was hardly enough to spoil her good mood).

Admittedly, the first plant was the easiest thing to find in Eden's entire life.  Even the sunglasses that she occasionally misplaced on top of her head held a greater degree of difficulty than that leafy fern.  The only bit of confusion was her attempts to remember whether she was supposed to just collect one leaf of the bunch, or the entire set.  Er, frond?  Botany terminology, the girl groaned inwardly before snatching up three or four of the buggers by the root and shoving them into a plastic bag.  His words having been reflected back on, starting moments after her first success, Eden immediately continued onwards.  The second and third plants were rumored (well not really, the man had straight up told her, but semantics) to flourish in various parts of the forest.  In particular, Saton had spoken of a rotting log or two . . .

The adventurer stumbled, quite literally, upon the site.  After going down and ending up with decaying organic material strewn and soaking her brand-new vestments, the female was more than happy to scrape the blue lichen from the soft wood and bolt far, far away.  It wouldn't fix the smell that now trailed after her everywhere, but the created breeze and wind against her skin did dry her off a bit.

She would just have to wash her clothes later, the girl recognized in an attempt to be a proper and strong mage, who cared deeply about her work.  Eden took a few steps deeper into the forest, trying not to breathe in her own stench.

Damn it all, nope, she cursed as soon as she inhaled inadvertently, immediately backtracking and bolting out of the forest.  Where was the laundromat in this town?

After spending a few hundred jewel that she certainly could not afford to spend on this point (oh, how nice were needless luxuries), Eden had fresh clothes and a much more chipper attitude.  Running around with a miasma stench clinging to her was something no self-respecting vain person could handle.

She whistled lowly as she stepped back into the forest, taking care to enter at a place several meters away from the last time she had visited.  After all, it was no use painstakingly cleaning her outfit just to sully it immediately after.  Keeping this in mind, the adventurer stepped into the woods with a slightly paranoid expression etched worriedly across her face.  Do not let your jacket get dirty.  Do not let your shoes get dirty.  And god forbid, do not let your skirt get dirty, she repeated as a mantra.  After what seemed to have been ages, the girl managed to spot the distinctive red vine that Saton had near about lectured her on.  Fortunately, that meant that Eden knew exactly how to obtain it.

The first step was to climb that tree.  In actuality, the girl had no loathing at all for that task, and the rest went by fairly easily; she ripped off a fair chunk of the vine and then threw it on the ground, leaping down afterwards to land right beside it.  The only remaining task was to bring it back to the shop keeper, which she was sure would be accomplished with considerable ease (at least compared to the rest of the quest so far) . . .

Saton fiddled around with the herbs for a short period of time before declaring them fit to be used in the potion.  The actual recipe and preparation of the elixir itself was unknown to Eden; she suspected that even if the handwritten instructions had been explained to her, the girl would have been unable to understand their significance.  Afterwards, she was hesitant to test the potion (what if it killed her?) and even the admission of "well, if you collected the herbs right, the drought is right" hardly comforted her.  With all that Eden had done wrong in life, what made this any different?  Nonetheless, she mustered up confidence and drank the liquid --

Only to find that it stirred up a sensation of flowing wave throughout her, almost rejuvenating energy to every part that was touched.  Sighing a sound of relief, Eden smiled genially at Saton; he too had noted the potion's success, and she was dully rewarded with the mandatory jewels.

"Thank you very much!" she echoed his words as she skipped out the door.

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