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Distraction [Quest: Ianthe]

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Quest: Distraction

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Jelies Sov: Jelies is the head guard of the noble family. Oddly enough, he isn't a very powerful person. He managed to secure this position by bluffing his way up. One of his lieutenants, for example, is multiple times stronger than him. Sometimes Jelies can be seen wandering into town asking putting up quests in order to continue living his bluff.

Summary: The Muramasas are having a large event in a few days, and many noble families will be visiting. It is a source of a lot of excitement, but for Jelies Sov, it is just one big headache. The coordination for security is a big enough issue for the event, but on top of that, he has to deal with Leis. The old man is almost comical with his senile ranting, but having a feeble man spouting ridiculous nonsense right in front of the entrance to the castle would bring nothing but shame on the Muramasa family. He can't deal with this himself, so he is employing someone to distract the man for the day, and make sure he doesn't come anywhere near the castle.

Leis: Leis is known as the village-idiot. He begins his day by spouting about satan in front of the noble castle each day. A few years ago he broke his legs during an accident and tragically lost his wife, he's been preaching from a wheelchair since, that was until a street urchin stole his wheelchair. Enil and some other citizens got together and made him a new wheelchair.

Objective: Keep Leis away from the castle.

Extra Rewards:

  • Intelligence +1


  • Create a topic in Orchida Streets.
  • You will be waiting outside the castle a few hours before the event, waiting for Leis to show up at his usual time.
  • When the crazy old man shows up, you need to do whatever you can to keep him away. You can try luring him to follow you, convincing him of better places to create a ruckus, attempt to talk him down and rattle him out of his craziness for a while, or whatever. Just get him away from the castle.
  • Leis won't put up much resistance, and will allow you to lead him off somewhere else as long as you put some effort into your argument, and the two of you will go through the streets of Orchidia. Leis will act a little crazy, but also have some surprisingly melancholy moments where he talks about his wife.
  • Eventually, he will ask you to lead him back to his house, and will thank you for spending time with him.
  • Once the event at the castle is over, report back to Jelies, and he will give you your reward, thanking you for your time.

The sun burned her eyes. Ianthe had been up all night long, in the darkness of her room and could not sleep. In her mind a thousand and one things kept her mentally drained and the pain that she was going through physically had yet to leave.. Until now. Her legs felt wobbly but she was able to maintain herself enough to walk in at least a straight line even if it looked like she had too much of a sway going on. "Need work.." The words were a afterthought like she rehearsed it before walking out of the inn's doors that she stayed in. But it was true she needed some work, something to do to keep her mind off the onslaught of thoughts that just took over her whole being and quite literally depressed her.  

Pulling herself together and giving herself a slight pep talk the brown haired mage found herself taking a job from a man named Jelies Sov. Apparently although this man had a high position in the town he himself was a weak, spineless man. It must feel like shit to be in power with no power to speak of. The thought alone made even Ianthe feel pity towards the man. As she approached her destination she took in a deep breath before making her presence known. The man before her lacked such an appearance to her that for a moment she wasn’t even sure she was in the right place let along speaking to the correct person. " Hey? Did you get all of that.. this is really important. " His voice caused her eyes to shift for the first time since she had been standing there. Ianthe only now realized that she had been giving this man the blank face as if she were spacing out. " Yea, I got it. " The man did not look convinced. Ianthe lowered her sea green orbs, placing a hand on her hip. " Listen the last I checked you needed me. I said I got it didn't I? And If I understand correctly you have a deadline.. So let me work. " Her voice was sharp, she was annoyed and he looked scared. Her own voice almost startled her as the words came out, she didn’t know if she meant that or not and was almost going to apologize until he spoke. " I see. Yes, well. I'll let you get to it then.

You'll be paid after the job is done. " Taking her leave she walked off needing to get ready.
Nearby there was a store. A store that sold clothing of the female variety. Ianthe made her way inside this store and began shopping for something to wear, eventually settling on a white dress that fit her just right. Buying the dress she wore it out of the store along with a pair of white pump shoes and tying her hair up in a messy bun. Her instructions were clear as she walked to the castle and took a seat on a bench not far from it so she could see the area.


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It didn't take long for her target to show up and she could only wonder why this man would waste his day doing something as silly like this. She watched him for a few minutes before finally moving in towards him. Since no one showed up for the event just yet she made her move. Him being in a wheelchair made this easy for her, she wasn't about to fight with the old man or use any tricks to get him to leave. Ianthe began walking behind the man before grabbing his wheelchair and wheeling him away. This of course prompted to the crazy old man to start yelling at how his rights were being violated and the sun gods would help him walk away from this. Ianthe tuned out as soon as she grabbed the wheel chair, she didn't know where she was gonna dump this man but she knew he had to be distracted until the event was over so she was gonna be stuck with him for awhile.

" You know if I could walk those prissy mura's would have their whole castle painted yellow with my piss. Also where are you taking me? are you the sun god's angel? You have a pretty nice rack there missy not to mention some childbearing hips that I could proba- "

" Alright sir  that's enough of that. "

Ianthe cut the old man off before he could go any deeper into that gross sentence. She was getting annoyed but she kept her cool and kept pushing. You look alot like my wife..She was too pure for this world... Always working and helping people, like those damn murasma's.. they worked her to death. I just wish I could see her again, smell her scent,

Funny story she use to knit me a cloth with words of encouragement, one for every day... That woman was an angel " His words were filled with sadness but Ianthe was too into her own thoughts to give pay attention. Nodding her head she caught bits and pieces of what he said. " Yea... I bet she was. " " Take me home.. It was nice of you to stick around me so long but I'm old and tired now. It's just past the park. " Ianthe was happy she didn't want to be around this man any more and took him home. The event was over by the time she made her way back to the castle and collected her pay. She was thanked and rewarded. For the first time she didn't feel like herself. Like her mind had been darkened, like she could finally see the world and see what it really was. Most of her life she had been a slave, and every thought of freedom was a world filled with beauty and wonder, but being around the people of this world turned that view into something a bit more cynical a bit less bright. Ianthe wouldn’t think on it for much longer but she had a feeling that maybe her kindness could extend a little less and she should just keep to herself a bit more until she figured out the world around her.


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