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All In A Day's Work [Quest:Ianthe]

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Quest: All In A Day's Work

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Dex Miller: Dex got in an accident ten years ago and ever since believes he's a real detective. He will be seen around town striking poses, as if he's a detective in a noir film, and doing typical noir film detective things like drinking whiskey in bars late at night and complaining about his cases that aren't real. Confronting him about these things will only worsen the condition.

Summary: Dex Miller is a hard-boiled detective. Or at least, he thinks so. After the incident, Dex was never really the same. Obsessing over far-fetched conspiracies, solving cases that didn't exist, all the while maintaining the composure of a typical noir sleuth. Dex has figured that it's about time for him to train a successor, as he is under the belief there is an assassination plot against him. So he has reached out to a mage to shadow him for the day.

Enemies: None

Objective: Follow Dex around as he shows you the ropes of a detective's life.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Orchidia Streets.
  • Dex specified to meet him at a coffee shop, and when you locate it, you will see him sipping away at some coffee, musing about life.
  • When you greet him, he will do a brief inspection of you to see if you are suspicious, and he confirms to himself that you are actually the mage who took the request.
  • When he finishes his coffee, he asks you to follow him along in his current investigation of a murder.
  • As you get into some zany antics with his cross-examinations of random pedestrians, and ridiculous inspection for clues, it becomes clear that there was no murder that happened.
  • You can either indulge in Dex's fantasy with him, acting as a true detective's assistant, or you can try and point out to him that there is nothing out of the ordinary and he is deluding himself. Of course, if you try the second option, he will disregard you and will only become more ridiculous.
  • No matter the course of action, at the end of the time you spend, he will pay you the reward, though he will be incredibly disheartened if you spent the whole time telling him he was wrong.

The bed was larger than she remembered it to be, or maybe her tossing last night was a bit to much. Whatever it was Ianthe found herself looking up at the ceiling from the floor rather than from the bed as she usually did. A honest sigh of annoyance slipped from her as she used the sheets as a makeshift dress in order to move about  the spacey room. Now that she was working she could afford a bigger room in the Inn, one with a nice view and a wonderful bathroom.  Speaking of the bathroom she headed right into hers, dropping the sheet and hopping into the shower. Before she even knew it she was in the shower for a hour. The heat from the water made her body look like it was letting off steam once she got out of the water. Today would be like any other until she had enough money to leave it. Counting the jewels she did have she decided she would try to take on more than one job.

It was still very early by the time she walked outta that room. Her brown locks placed in a single french braid to keep it away from her face. She seemed to be glowing physically and to be honest she had never felt better... It might have had something to do with that rather long shower. Dressed in a simple white tee, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers she was ready to start the day. She was a little hungry because she had forgotten her breakfast but she decided that she would just pick something up during work. It was easy to find work in a place like this and when she noticed someone who didn’t ask for shady requests needed help Ianthe decided that it would be easy work. She was happy that she had to meet her contractor at a coffee shop, she could use some breakfast. The coffee shop in question was across town but she could manage it. With her thoughts spinning in her head, she made it faster than she thought to the shop and quickly headed inside where her eyes spotted the man she was to meet. She smiled and made her way over to him.  " Hello Dex?"  Her voice asked in a questioning manner just to make sure she had gotten the right man. Ianthe’s words alerted him of course because he quickly stood up, walking around her and looking her up and down. " Hey I'm here to for the job, to be a detective or at least learn the skills to be one. "

At first it seemed he didn't believe her, or even trust what she said was true. But after at least three look overs he nodded his head. " Of course you are the one that took my job offer! I'm glad to see someone in this town is willing to learn the ways of the detective. With all the crazy stuff going on one would think people would be running to see me, the number one top of the class S ranked detective of the highest and grand order. Why once I helped the royal family figure out where the missing jewels of Crocus went. That case was not even my best work either. " Dex rambled on for another ten minutes about the work he had done. Anyone else might have laughed in this man's face but Iante really wanted to learn what this man had to teach.


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The two then had coffee and Ianthe ordered herself a breakfast sandwich to gain some energy. Once that was done she was told to follow along that they were gonna solve a murder. Ianthe almost gasped dramatically because of the way Dex said it. This would be scary and exciting till the end and she just knew it. " First we need to talk to those in the town and look for close. I will show you the magic of interviewing.... that person over there! it must be random who knows what anyone has seen young assistant . " Running over to a blond haired woman, Ianthe watched as Dex pulled out a notepad and pen while waving at the woman. " MISS MISS. A few questions please, this is a matter of life and death, the matter of the safety in this town. A murder has happened.. Have you seen anything or heard anything suspicious. " Dex was dead serious but the woman seemed scared and before they both knew it she was walking the other way. " Darn " Dex looked discouraged " She must not have seen anything. But that's alright we have many more people to see and speak too. "

Hours went on and the two had interviewed nearly half the town. " Now we must search for clues. They are very important to the investigation. A good piece of evidence is vital to solving any case. " At this point Ianthe already knew that there was no case to be had. Dex didn't even know where the crime scene was let alone talk about evidence. " Of course you know best! But where should we start looking? " Ianthe put on a voice that seemed like she was interested, Dex took note of this and stood silent for a moment. " Well I think we should start at the scene of the crime! I think it may be down by the river. "

Ianthe stood still and looked dead in Dex's eyes. " Of course. Where else would it be? Right? Hiding a body in the river sounds just like what someone to do. Washing away evidence and the sort. “ Ianthe’s voice sounded hopeful but the more she thought about it the more she knew there was no dead body. A part of her felt bad for Dex but she wouldn’t let him feel as if all of this was for nothing. She knew eventually he would come to his senses and drop this. The two of course went down to the river and fished for clues, literally and figuratively. When the sun started to set Dex came to the conclusion that the case could not be solved and thanked Ianthe for her services while paying her. Smiling Ianthe patted Dex on the back and assured him that they would get it next time. “ Of course this is not over for me, I cannot let this case go undone...I shall pick this back up tomorrow. Bright and early. Thank you again, you have the makings of a detective I just know it. “ Nodding to himself for a moment Dex walked away down the river.


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