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Decorative Party [Quest|Ri and Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:11 am

Rishi walked down the familiar streets of Magnolia again, and she had slowly breathed in, taking in all of the familiar scents from when she was smaller. Everything was so peaceful in town, and she had actually been happy that she had came back. Her mood had lightened up a bit, and her frail body wasn't as weak as it was before. Something about being back in this tow made her feel... stronger. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was a nice feeling, a feeling that she could not describe.

The girl's hair flowed back as a nice spring breeze had went past her, promising good crops and many, many flowers. The sun had filtered through all of the beautiful now green leafy trees, and it had given off a look as if it were from a movie. Everything seemed to be so beautiful, and it had kind of seemed like it was all in a movie. Venus had been walking next to her, and he had seemed to be enjoying the flower petals that had been falling from the cherry blossom trees above them. "This is nice..." she said to herself as she walked along the nice and quiet street. She looked around and suddenly she had seen a familiar face, now walking over to him. "Hi there again!" she said to the man as she walked over with a smile on her face.

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#2Ri Brighte 

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:37 am

Ri had woken up with a smile on his face that day. Even the outside reflected just how excited he was to get the mission he had acquired last night started. Of course, for some reason, that even he wasn't aware of, he decided to leave the quest paper where he had found it. Maybe it was the hope that he won't have to decorate a whole street by himself.

Either way, the mage quickly got dressed, in his usual clothes, took his keys and wallet, and headed outside, on his merry way to get to the place in question. He ran a hand through his hair, as he thought how exactly he'll be able to do this. A whole street? Just by himself? It sounded like a nightmare. But, then again, the pay -was- good. He pondered this, as his gaze set on the sun, which had begun to make its ascend towards the center of the sky.

A sigh escaped him, before he set his eyes back on the road. Now, almost to the street, he began making his plan on how he'd manage to solve this dilemma: How to decorate a whole street without-...

It seemed he wasn't alone. The street itself, while quiet, was filled with people who wished to help both the mage, and the noble in preparing a nice birthday for his child.

Ri couldn't help but smile at this, glad that the townspeople loved their leader. Or, one of their leaders. Was he their leader? He didn't even know. Either way, he had walked forwards, ready to grab one of the ribbons, that were supposed to be tied to a pole, before something caught his attention. The footsteps directed towards him made his raise his head and look at the newcomer, to which he returned a smile, "Hey. I guess you're here to help decorate too?" He asked, gesturing to the street behind him.

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#3Rishi Namatzu 

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:29 am

Rishi had been happy to see this guy again, if she were being completely honest. He was quite an amusing one, and Rishi wouldn't be acting how she was that day if it wasn't for him. On that day she was happy, she was different. She liked that version of her, and she kind of wished that she could freeze herself in that moment forever, making sure that she could never loose the way that she had been feeling. Things seemed to be going great in her life for that day and that day only, so she was going to enjoy that day as much as she could. Venus walked alongside her as she walked up to Ri, saying hello and whatnot. He had asked her if she was there to help out, and she was a bit confused. Was there something she was supposed to help out with but she accidentally forgot about it? Was there something that they were supposed to do that she had discarded from her mind, and it was finally that time and the girl wasn't prepared? She didn't really know, but as she heard him finish his sentence with the word "decorate" she knew immediately what he was talking. She could recall from a few days ago that she was informed that there was to be a block party on the block of the town that she had been on that day, and she was told at it was encouraged that she help out. She heard that she was going to get paid for her work, so hearing that alone would have gotten her right up and ready for the job. "Actually I am," she said as she picked up some of the colorful streamers that were required to be hung up on the buildings.

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#4Ri Brighte 

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:03 am

The mage could only smile as she confirmed his thoughts. He had spotted the brief moment of uncertainty painted across her features, but decided to ignore it, in return, hoping to get the answer he wished for. And he did. With a grin, he brought the ribbon over to his neck and tied it around it, almost like he'd make -himself- the gift. But he wouldn't. He did this just to fool around, and to free his hands so that he could reach for his jacket, and take it off, so as to remain in his black T-shirt. He then threw it on the sidewalk, almost positive that no one would walk on it. Make that half-positive. People are unpredictable.

"So..." He began, reaching for another ribbon, "Where do we start?" We've got a whole street to cover."

His eyes scanned over what remained of the street. While most of the people were almost done with their parts, Ri didn't even know where to start. The light poles could be a good idea, though. And so, with a shrug, he moved over to the nearest one, and used the ribbon he had just nicked from the box laid out for them, to give the light pole a nice little bit of color.

Next to the ribbon box was, of course, the streamers box. Next to that, though, were balloons, none of which were filled with air. Ri glared at them, as if they were made out of pure evil, before giving a soft sigh, and approaching the box. He figured that he might as well, given that his lungs were probably more powerful than the girl's. Then again, he could be wrong. Appearances can deceive, after all.

But, he didn't debate this any longer than he had to. He took hold of a balloon, and began blowing into it. And blowing. Aaand blowing. It didn't take long for it to be filled close to explosion, and that's when Ri decided that it was enough.

With one hand, he held the end of it, so that his hard work won't be in vain, while his other began rummaging through the box, in search for some string to tie it up with.

"Y'know-" He began, while taking out a piece of white string, "-I'm glad I run into you. I would've been bored, otherwise."

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#5Rishi Namatzu 

on Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:58 am

Rishi stopped and looked around for a moment. There was so much street to cover, and it had seemed that everyone else was working on the other sides of the block, leaving the one they were on completely unloved. It was up to just the two of them to get the whole street done in a few hours, and the more she had stared at it, the more it had seemed impossible. She was going to do it though, and with the help of her trusty pal Ri, they were going to get it done in no time at all! She looked down at Venus and nodded, him now using his flames to boost her up and let her stand on a platform made out of fire. As she got launched up into the air and stated hanging the streamers, she could hear Ri talking about being happy she was there or something of the like. She smiled at the thought and kept working while saying, "Yeah, I'm glad I bumped into you as well, otherwise I would have totally forgot I had to do this!" She laughed as she said those words. She didn't want to make things awkward, so the next things she said were, "Sorry about last time we met. I was just... uhh... satisfying my needs you could say." She didn't want to reveal too much about herself still, but she didn't have a problem telling him that. She didn't want things to go too silent, so she only waited a moment for the man's response "It's a nice day isn't it? The breeze is blowing... the flowers are peeking out... the birds are coming out... everything is just so... so... beautiful."

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#6Ri Brighte 

on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:06 am

Ri took a moment to admire his own handiwork. A few minutes, and already, he blew into about ten balloons, and filled them with enough air to fill a swimming pool. Made out of air- Yeah, he didn't know where he was going with this metaphor either. Of course, while he admired, what he was really doing was breathing. Panting, really. Who would've known that blowing into so many balloons in such a small amount of time would've completely winded him. Well, you learn new things every day.

His gaze set on the sky, after he stood back tall, silently thinking about how exactly they'd be able to finish this. The street was long, and even with the people's help, there didn't seem like enough time. But, he accepted the job. He might as well do it right.

And so, there he was, grabbing another balloon, and starting to blow into it. The girl's words grabbed his attention, though. Happily taking the instrument of death away from his mouth, he turned to her, and gave a quick shake of his head, "No, no! Don't worry about it. I get it, I guess. I mean, it's not every day that I get to..." He paused, before leaning in, and speaking in a hushed tone. Of course, he didn't want any other people to hear the mage's words, mainly because he wasn't sure if it was the girl's secret or not, "...meet with a vampire." He smiled, in a friendly way.

Well, he might be stupid, but he's not -that- stupid. Any fool who's read their fair share of fictional stories, (and heard their fair share of them), can tell what a vampire is. Or, maybe, she wasn't even a vampire? Perhaps she just used blood-related magic? That needed to be fueled by someone's blood? Well, now he -did- feel stupid. If he messed up now, he'd look like a fool. But- Ri was a stubborn man, he was. Unless the girl'll call him out and specifically say that he wasn't a vampire, he'd assume that she is until the day he dies.

Of course, even if she was, it didn't matter to himself. It's not like that's the weirdest thing he'd found in his life. Now, if she were a demon, that would be another matter altogether.

At the end of the day, it didn't actually matter. If she wanted to gut and eat him, this would have been her moment. People weren't paying attention to them, and Ri was blowing his lungs out by filling the blasted balloons with air.

Her words woke him up from his inner thoughts, though, and his eyes snapped in her direction, to whom he gave a shrug. He bent over, took out another piece of string, and began tying the end of the balloon.

"Yeah. It's nice outside. Honestly, I'd give anything to just go and run- or something." He chuckled, "But, I suppose the job pays well. And I'll be able to buy some ice cream afterwards." A light chuckle escaped him, as he looked at her with his trademark smile etched across his face.

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#7Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:40 pm

Rishi had been listening to what Ri had to say from in the air, and as the breeze blew, she had almost fallen off the platform and on top of Ri. She had to mold her feet to the platform, making sure that it wouldn't happen again. Venus had been watching from below as she worked, and the grey haired girl had noticed that the man on the ground had been able to figure out that she was a vampire. She wasn't really going to respond to it, rather just end it there and continue on pretending it was never said. He had said he had liked what was going on outside today too, and she had been glad. She never really did get to talk to anyone about just the general outside before, and it seemed that it was actually enjoyable. There was so much to do outside that the possibilities were almost endless. One thing she found interesting about what he had said though was what he had told her he would be able to buy after he was done with the job. Rishi's eyed had narrowed as she thought about ice cream and she said, "Out of all things you could buy with the money you are going to get you plan to buy ice cream? Some of the human race is just so peculiar... I really don't understand..." She was genuinely confused. Why would someone waste their money on something that would perish so easily? She found that there really was no point in buying such useless items, and for the prices that some of them were sold for, she'd rather just keep all of her money until she found something actually meaningful. It seemed that some people just weren't able to do such a thing though, and thy gave into their urges, buying things that sometimes made absolutely no sense at all. Sometimes she really wish she did understand the human mind more than she did currently, as people sometimes acted in ways that she could never comprehend.

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#8Ri Brighte 

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:19 pm

Ri's eyes moved over to the remaining ribbons, after tying the balloon to one of the poles, and sighed. So much more to do and so little time to do it. What a pain- But, as he said, it was all worth it. He'll get payed, in the end. And, hey, he'll even make a small kid happy. For a few seconds, his thoughts went to the possibility of him being that child. Simply imagining that he was actually of noble blood, and his old man could have the time and jewels to dress a whole street just for him.

He smiled to himself as he thought of this, before the girl caught his attention. Her almost falling made him drop the ribbons and take a few steps back, hands ready to catch her, were she to actually lose her balance and take a plunge for the cold ground. He gave a sigh of relief when she regained it, "Hey! Watch out!" He yelled, before bending downwards, and taking hold of the ribbon. He moved to the next pole, the one next to the one the girl was taking care of, and began tying it around it, "Well, ice cream is a treat." He started, after her ridiculous question, keeping his smile, "Plus, it's sweet. Don't tell me that you can't taste sweets." He didn't even wait for a response, before continuing, "Actually! After this is done, let's go get some ice cream. It's not like a cone costs the same as a guild hall."

With a light chuckle, he returned to the ribbon box, only to find it almost empty. On one side, he was happy. That meant that they were rather close to finishing with the decorating. On the other, he was a tad sad. Even if it had been pretty boring to just decorate a street for who knows how much, Ri enjoyed it, mostly because he's been talking with his new friend.

"Say." He began, taking out another ribbon, "How much time do you think we have left 'till the kid gets here?" His gaze lifted, to look at her, and he took a step back, to be actually able to look into her eyes. Or face. It was hard to make out with the sun in one's face.

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#9Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:21 am

Rishi had wondered what was to become of her soon enough, and she could feel something was wrong. She didn't know what it was, but it was just a feeling she had in her heart that told her something wasn't right. She would ignore the feeling for now, as at that moment she had actually been enjoying life for the first time in ages, and she would go back to thinking about what was going on later. The girl had been lowered to the ground, seeing that now all of the work at the top of the buildings were done.

Ri had been talking about sweets and things, bur Rishi really hadn't been focused on what he was saying. All she heard was something about ice cream being a treat and going to get some later, but she really didn't care that much for ice cream. It was a meaningless item that people bought to enjoy one second before it disappears. Humans were truly peculiar creatures, and it had kind of astonished Rishi that she had once thought as Ri did as well. She had also heard him say something about not being able to taste sweets, which was pretty much impossible. "Hahaha! I wouldn't be able to live without sweets. Sometimes I just think they are a waste of time is all. Sometimes sweets are just unneeded, I don't have anything against them, personally." And with that she had left that subject alone, going to go pick up some of the food from the shops and put it out on the table. There were so many different delicious scents that had been coming out of each store, each one having it's own special personality. The scents filled her mind, and they almost made her forget about what she was doing. She wanted to sit down and "test" all of the food, but she wasn't allowed to mess up this perfect party, so she held back her urges and keep setting things up without stopping for one second for any reason. She put the table covers on the tables and then placed the food neatly on top of it, along with some of the presents. She liked to keep things looking nice, and with the way she had arranged the stuff, she was sure everyone was going to like it.

The decorations were running low, and the street seemed to be almost completely decorated. Ri had asked how much time she thought they had left before the kid had arrived, and she replied with, "well I don't really know. I would say we don't have long though, as it's almost time for the initial stuff to start." It was true, they did stuff before the main person arrived, but it was never anything dramatic. Maybe a few activities to get things going, but they never did anything without the main person. It's like saying they'd be celebrating a birthday without having the person with the birthday there... it really wasn't possible.

She shook those thoughts out of her mind and went back to moving the food outside, trying not to start up too much more of a conversation. Sometimes quiet was nice, and it just needed to be there. It's not like she hated Ri talking or anything of the like, but she just felt that there needed to be a moment of silence, a moment of peace, that was all. She took one last breath of the delicious scents of the different foods and stepped back, looking at all the work they had done so far. The street was almost done, and there really wasn't much left to do. all she had to do was hang the rest of the ribbons along the poles that Ri had previously been doing, and that should complete it.

She had been thinking about Ri's previous mention of going to get ice cream, and then she thought about when a book would come to it's closing. You never really did know when it could happen, but it seemed that it could close at any time, so it didn't hurt to go out and get a small ice cream. She wondered what it would taste like now, now that she was a vampire. She hadn't had ice cream in such a long time, and she didn't know if it was going to taste the same as it did all those months ago. Her taste for a few things has changed since that time, so who knows? It could taste better, it could taste worse. If she were going to test out her taste buds, she'd rather not do it alone, so why not go get it with Ri? "Oh! I'll take that offer on the ice cream, Ri. Forgot to tell you earlier, I apologize," she said as she stepped back again, looking at all the work they had done. It was finally over, and just as they had started to finish up, she could hear cheering from the other side of the block. She had assumed that the person had arrived, and they had finished just in time. She walked over to collect her money and turned to Ri as she got it, signaling him to follow after he had gotten his pay. She had been walking away from the party, but to an ice cream shop to see if she would enjoy it. "Come on! Let's do this!" she yelled behind her as she started laughing and running. Today was better than she would have planned, and more days like this would be nice.

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#10Ri Brighte 

on Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:30 pm

Ri was happy that both his balloons, and his ribbons were done. Looking around the street, he could spot what exactly had been decorated while his attention was drawn towards the light poles. Suffice to say, he was both happy, and a bit-tad jealous. Mostly because he struggled to blow into some balloons, and tie some ribbons to some not-moving metal sticks. That's what they were, if one would think about it.

The street was quite incredible, for Ri wouldn't have found any other words to describe it. The roofs were decorated, the streets were colorful, and the people were as happy as ever. While not as proud about -his- addition to this event, he was proud of how it turned out. He couldn't not be, after all, as he put it, it looked incredible.

The girl's words snapped him out of his trance, though, and he let his eyes fall on her, hands pocketed, as he reached for the back of his head and scratched it. A wide grin spread on his face, "Perfect!" He began, before her next words were spoken, "Waste of time, Shmwaist- Of. Wine- The point is!" A chuckle got to him, as he stumbled on his words, "That it's not a waste of time if you don't have anything to do."

As the girl picked up the food, Ri's eyes set on it, and he narrowed them. Should he take a bite, to try and test it, or should he not? He shouldn't- Again, not his birthday. He sighed, defeated, as he went to help the girl however he could. Mainly taking hold of some forks and knives, and placing them on paper towels, to make it seem a bit more fancy.

As the time for the little girl to arrive became shorter and shorter, Ri's gaze set for the sun, who was now slowly going down, and down. He sighed, yet again, a gentle smile set on his face, as he watched the streets become calmer and calmer.

Rishi's words made him look back at her, and shrugged, turning back to the street. His expression slowly turned neutral as he seemed to be in deep thought. Not necessarily, for he was merely gazing into nothingness, letting his vision blur. He, himself, didn't know what he was thinking, or if he was thinking of something- His thoughts jumping fast from one subject to another.

The little girl's yells of joy woke him up from his deep trance, and he smiled, turning back to Rishi- Having given her enough time to relax in the silence. With the same smile kept, he went and patted her shoulder. As soon as she mentioned that she accepted his offer, the smile turned into a green, and he sent his fist in the air, giving a happy cheer.

"Woo! Come on, come on!" He almost yelled, happy to be joined by one of his friends, in his search for an ice cream shop.

He waited for the girl to get her money, and at her beckon, he happily followed, chatting with her all the way over to the store.

To be fair, he hadn't really expected to actually get to buy ice cream at the end of the day, but, hey, fate does nice things sometimes.

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