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App template with changeable colors test.

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App template with changeable colors test.  Empty on Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:45 am

Do not touch this *swats at hands with a ruler* don't touch it or you'lll get a paddlin'


Name: Ultra instinct Barry

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Beserker.

Race: Saiyan

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Right Pectoral, black.

Face: None ya.


Height: 6’0”

Weight: 225 Ibs”

Hair: Black

Eyes: Onyx

Overall: (Minium 100) Barry has messy unkempt hair of a shade of deep raven black, that brushes against the top of his ears and rush down his neck to the base of his skull.. He  has eyes like two almond shaped pools of gold as well as, sharper, almost devilish low-arched eyebrows, his left of which is cut at the exact center, aligned with the scar under his left eye.

When it comes to clothing Barry prefers a comfortable but athletic look: shorts, and long/short sleeved shirts, perfect for dirty work or working out. He prefers wearing clothes with a mix of dark colors typically black, pewter, and deeper blues. Consistently he dawns a long sleeved  loose fitting cloak, black form fitting sweat pants, and black sandals or slide sandals. When it comes to winter and fall, he  is sadly unprepared, he figures he can handle the cold with ease. In his dingy burlap sack he keeps three changes of clothes, similar to his usual attire, except one pair clothes consist of a a blue gi.

The noticeable features on Barry are his round face, cut brow, and scar under his left eye, hidden by a small piece of athletic tape, his consistent smug smile, wide eyes that beam open for long periods of times, meaning he will often win staring competitions.

During his farming days, Barry was forced to develop a significant amount of muscle through manual labor, lifting hay bales, feeding pigs and cows. Jogging through the farm’s vast fields kept him fit, however he wasn’t all muscle. Although most of his siblings and friends of similar proportions were much rounder and either fatter or more muscular he somehow managed to maintain a lanky, tall build. His muscles were outlined in his arms, calves, and thighs, showing visible muscle definition in those lower regions. His body itself is lightly tanned, not only on his legs but also running down his face and down his torso with a visible tan line at his hips though though his lower half isn’t all that much lighter than his skin.

He maintains a strong posture most of the time, however in his expression and temperament, it is obvious that he’s a very laid back person, showing no sign of stress or dismay. When sitting, his default position is kicked back , legs up, hands behind his head, and nonchalantly whistling, or sometimes signing without care.

Extra: Additional things for your appearance, such as tattoos, scars, piercings, etc.


Personality:  (Minimum words for Personality is 300 words, or at least close to it.) Baron can be summed up in a few words, unpredictable, eager, immature, mischievous, naive and outspoken. These traits are due to his raising on a ranch. To his family, he's seen as overly enthusiastic and energetic, but to a stranger, he can come off as pushy and arrogant though he is very easily mortified and will apologize for the tiniest of things. Despite his outspoken, and strong attitude there are times when he can’t quite comprehend a dangerous situation from a casual one. Young Baron has only four main interest, Food, food a good nap and everything in between, though don’t be fooled he knows that’s five things. if he could find a girl that could cook, and drink him under the table he’d be set for life! Or that, at least, is what he thinks.

He isn’t above cheating in games such as billiards, bowling and even go fish. Baron's mother  if asked would describe him as "careless". Baron also tends to lie or exaggerate at times, in a bid to make himself seem more impressive, sometimes showing off to sell how highly he thinks of himself more or less. He also exhibits a one-track mind, often hounding pretty girls, but would more likely than not, not recognize a famous member of a more prominent guild or any other celebrity that wasn’t female.

Many other things can describe Baron one of which being his work ethic; despite his love of napping, back home he would work harder than anyone else on the farm He likes to keep busy until he feels like he has earned a good siesta.

When it comes to making decisions, he is is a man of his own, bull headed to a T, he can’t be told differently no matter what he sees or hears. While he does his best to be empathetic, he's stern in his decisions, if someone doesn't like his choice he wouldn't mind hearing them out, but in the end, he'll more than likely listen to himself over them as that’s just life: Trust yourself before others. But always protect those who need you most.


  • Food: Food glorious Food, he can’t wait to try it~
  • Slurping noodle type training: He has no idea why, but when he asks to slurp someone’s noodles it leads to some of the most intense training he’s ever had.


  • Doctors: He let one of these in his head at one point, wasn’t hot at all.
  • Violence: He a thicc boi, but he don’t like hurting ppl.


  • Train his body to his limit: As it says, he trains till he can’t slurp no more. Currently seeking android girls with blindfolds/Rune Knight babes with scowls/Thicc cute elves with blond hair/Raven Haired crystal mages/ Short tanned elves that look like girls but are boys/Bronze Beauty with purple hair/Mega Milk.


  • Turning back into who he was: Barry used to be an ass… He doesn’t wanna go back there.
  • Being alone again: When he awoke in the hospital he was all on his own...With no one by his side, ever since then he was fearful of being alone.


Magic Name: Saiyan Magic

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description:  Saiyan Magic is a powerful magic that allows the user to transform into different forms that boost the user's statistics immensely. The most common change throughout these forms is that they change the user's hair color, as well as surround them in a unique aura. The transformations buff the users strength, speed, and endurance while costing the same as doing a single buff per post. Transformations can not be stacked.


History: (Minimum words for History is 300 words.)  Baron is the third and youngest son in a large farming family of nine, even as the youngest son he wasn’t given a lot of attention from his parents. His mother and father were far too busy for him, so his three older sisters would care for him, and his two brothers would teach him about being a farm hand. Though he had more than enough attention from his older siblings, he stores a slight hint of jealousy for his younger sister Vicky, as she always got their parents attention and was their little "princess", the darn girl NEVER did a day of farm work as long as Baron was around to pick up her slack.

His father owned one of the larger farms in their small town located in Bosco while his mother was a veterinarian keeping both her pets and patients  their home. The Corbin family lives on a strip of area consisting of 28 acres of land, and in the center rest a large white farmhouse that lies a few yards from the barn of the property.

As a youngster, Baron was home schooled by the oldest of his sisters. His second to eldest sister Tabatha would often take Baron with her wherever she went, this led to his inevitable exposure to girls at this stage in his life.

When he became of age, Baron attended a small intermediate school in town. He was a B-C student in school and managed to balance his class work and his new found profession; the wonderful sport of baseball. Baron loved baseball, playing as a pitching hitter for his school.

As he progressed in intermediate school, he blossomed, from a mere child into a skirt chasing, energetic teenager.

As a teen Baron fully adjusted to his parent's favoritism towards Vicky. His jealousy would dissipate as he continually did well in school; that is until Vicky's 12th birthday when she received her very own Horse; a mean spirited white haired mare, on the other hand, had turned 15 a few months prior, and his parents barely gave him a second glance let alone a gift othe than a new shovel. Baron loved his younger sister, but he couldn't STAND her Horse, it was a distraction on the farm often spooking the other animals or randomly charging or kicking Baron, that monster was a menace. It wasn’t fair, SHE got a gifts all of the time when she got old enough, but when he came of age to be on his own and move out his father told him “why would you want to leave town? You have a whole farm that counts on you.” even though he had two old brothers that WANTED to live on the farm with their families.

Heading into secondary school,Baron's interest in traveling grew farther as he learned more about the regions outside of his home country, he had taken an interest in Fiore the most hearing about all of the interesting people and places there. Ancient ruins, magical creatures, powerful mages and all sorts of exotic foods were there!. In the summer, he would take geography based courses and during the regular school year, he would proceed to learn in his general classes.

Unlike most teens his age, he didn't exactly rebel against his parents. Instead, he channeled his frustrations into his craft of baseball; receiving a walk-on tryout from a small university  just outside of town after he graduated. Without hesitation, he accepted and would even get to play a few games as the starting pitcher.

After finishing up high school and graduating, Baron had a huge decision to make; go to school, or stay on the farm. His brothers opted to remain on the ranch with their freshly started familes as well as small homes built near the original farm house, three of his four sisters, on the other hand, decided to move out and live their lives independently throughout Bosco, but his younger sister however still lived at home, not as a farm hand but she was too lazy to decide what she wanted to do. He struggled with the decision for a while; that is until his mother of all people spurred Baron into becoming an adventurer by giving him a 'special' present on his nineteenth birthday; she had given him a large blue box and told him to open it. His mother dropped a hint that she had seen the magazines under his bed and that he would LOVE this gift. Not thinking he opened the box, but instead of finding more magazines she had given him a Passport and the reigns to their old wagon. This was when Baron realized that she was talking about the geography books he had forgotten to return to the school library and not his... Erm... Private collection.

There was also a note note in his passport from his parents; the note explained that they were always proud of him and that they support whatever he chooses to do in life making him feel like a jerk for being so angry at them early on in his life. With passport in hand a wagon of his own two things had become apparent to Baron; his parents did care about him and that he had been wasting his time being Jealous of his little sister. He knew what he wanted to do now; he was going to travel to Fiore and do his folks proud or die trying! Though it took him a few years of getting side tracked, as well as falling in with bad crowds and getting quite a few new tattoos on his form four years after leaving he had finally made it to Fiore at the ripe old age of 23. Later he would go on to fall in love with a woman by the name of ??? and obtained a new lease on life thanks to his demon mentor even going as far as to join the Guild Blue Pegasus.

Reference: That handsome, compassionate, sweet, amazing, awesome guy regular Barry.

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