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Test More Fire [Alice]

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:51 am

Daiko Flayme
It was a wonder, how magic worked. You could start off as the lowest of wizards and come far in your life with lots of effort and serious engagement, and the rest was up to fate whether you would become among the absolute most powerful, fearsome or not. Gladly, the Fire Wizard was still around the capital Crocus to test himself at the Domus Flau once more, finding the population of wizards as a helping hand. It was as if their mere presence prompted him to hurry up and get stronger, more skilled, faster, smarter et cetera. He couldn’t explain it, not even to himself… it was a transparent self-rule.

Even the ground beneath him had turned on fire. He came up with a new idea that he wanted to realize this morning, a spell that could reach a larger area around himself when he was outnumbered. It could be handy in the future, especially if he was pushed to a corner and by his own. From a distance, it looked as if heat kept bursting out from a single person in the middle of the arena - it was very handy that the arena wasn’t very used during the free time outside of grand tournaments - and fires kept lighting up like a broken lightbulb. All the while Coda flew around the entire construction, eyeing even the town from above.

Once when he saw an increase in the area effected - which he kept an eye on by looking at the charcoaled ground - he leaned his arms on the edge of the arena that separated the battlefield and the seats. Coda would have landed on his head when danger was out of sight, fixing his hair a little as he almost dazed into slumber…

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:29 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After having gone around through many parts of the capital of Fiore, Alice had basicallya voided one spot in the whole town. She had not gone to Domus Flau and even though she wasn't healthy enough to train yet, or do something on this new found power that she coulduse on spells, she would have to still her curiousity and simply see what it was all about. The thing was that she had ran around too much after her labour that she had a lot of small pains, mostly in legs and lower back. She had used too much engery, power and so on to actually do much, but she still was of course able to cast spells, so she would see what would happen. She could definitely use some training on her gun abilities or more like shooting abilities. Apart from that she was never alone, now that she had a new companion though, the sight of Jupiter in his human form was rare but she was flanked by the Jolteon and Espeon. Perhaps she cuold figure out what kind of magic she used. Of course she had never seen Ceres fight, Jupiter and Hecate enough, but the last one was at home. Enjoying a break over the over enthusiastic Espeon.

She would just be a sort of tourist in her own country, watching how the construction worked and as she walked down on the seating area, she looked down at a mage that had just cast a spell. She had not really been paying attention, Jupiter was paying attention as long as the fire wouldn't come towards them and Ceres had looked as if she was in wonder. Not being able to talk human speech, she couldn't even make the o-sound but Alice understood enough. She turned to look at the mage when she spotted something in the corner of her eye and recognized the bird as Coda. She walked lower on the stands, "Hyõen? That was quite impressive." she said when she was sure it was her friend.

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:21 am

Daiko Flayme
Now, it would be convenient to have a bottle of water with you during training. Truth be told, Hyōen used to train only in the woods of Worth Woodsea where water was everywhere - one cook and it was sterilized from possible, disgusting chemicals - but it was different in a huge city like the very capital of Fiore. He had to go and get a bottle himself sooner or later if he wanted a true break of sweating. Otherwise, he could dehydrate himself at one point, and that wouldn’t result very well for his goals with the training… his new magic had to be mastered in a hurry.

Ever since the attack at Crocus, Hyōen had become more and more interested in covering all edges of the box of possibilities that his magic granted him. In a hurry as well, though… who knew when the next attack would take place? In the middle of his deep thinking, he heard a very familiar voice calling out to him, and after hearing it many times, he barely had to turn around to realize who it was. Coda already had her eyes on Alice, but as Hyōen turned around to look at her, the bird got turned around as well - a bit irritated, she would turn her head to glance at the sweet Rune Knight.

“Oh, you’re here as well?” he mentioned first, “I-I mean… I mean, of course you’d be here… it’s nice to see you again.” He would smile faintly, not only because of the exhaustion…

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked at how deep down the ground was from the stands that she was on, but that could be fun, and she had enough magic spells to cover herself from falling too harshly and she simply climbed over the rail and jumped down. She landed safely by going slightly through her knees as in not to break them. Jupiter and Ceres had to walk around to catch up quickly. "Last time I saw you we were discovering the Giant Tearducts in Baska, how are you my friend?" She walked a little closer and smiled at Coda to greet her as well. Finally the two companions that she had with her caught up and she looked at Ceres again and shortly looked at Coda, she couldn't remember if Jupiter had disliked the bird simply because it was a bird or the other way around but he didn't even seem to focus on her, he only had eyes on Ceres to keep her save. "Strange question perhaps but did you ever train with Coda? I got a new companion and I want to figure out what kind of magic she is using."

She wanted to ignore the; of course you'd be here. Because of course but she had not been here and she wasn't sure if she was ready to discuss that for a fourth time but than again if Hyõen would want to talk about it, she would also. Because of that, she assumed he had been here when everything happened and thus she would see where the conversations would go.

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Daiko Flayme
She quickly made it to the same floor as him by jumping. It was a method that he could have thought up himself in such a situation, and that thought made him smile a little. It had been at the Giant’s Tear Ducts where they met last time - he still remembered the saltiness of the puddles in there, along with the rather awkward getup of, perhaps, grave robbers that they managed to arrest. “Well, I’m doing much better than before… just a little practicing, you know,” he replied cheerfully as if he did this specific kind of ‘bursting’ every day.

The two cat-like creatures, Jupiter and another one, arrived a moment later as they had taken another route. Coda’s eyes quickly met Ceres’ and remembered the companion’s face for another day. That was when Alice asked a rather strange question to Hyōen; he would have gotten it if she meant basic falconer skills, but… not even the Fire Wizard was sure of Coda’s affinities with magic. “… Uh, Coda’s not exactly a wizard herself-“ he stuttered surprisingly, “I-I mean *Coda’s beak beginning to peck Hyōen’s head*… she’s dangerous and all. I bet that she could help..!” The bird had, in the past, been able to create small gusts with her flapping wings, but she had forgotten to do so a long time ago. How she forgot was but an oblivious question to the ignorant falconer, but he had learned to deal with it overtime…

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She grinned at Hyõen and his companion, "Training is always nice." she actually should do that more often, considering that she had not used it much after practicing and that she might not be used to be an actual magic user, it couldn't harm to train. "I still have to get used to being able to use magic." Where her companions finally caught up with her, Ceres seemed to go and check out their new friends and Alice waved towards her, "This is Jupiter his cousin, Ceres." She pointed at the lilac companion. That was also the companion she wanted to train and see if she had magic.

She looked at Coda and nodded, that could have been the case indeed, she had not met a lot of companions yet and even if she did there were a lot more than the handful she met. "She was very helpful with our first encounter." she said with a wink towards Coda, "But it would be nice if you two would be able to help." She looked at the young feline, Ceres was still wild and enthusiastic about everything. Where Jupiter and Hecate were more mature, but the latter wasn't here.

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Daiko Flayme
Hmh… he was getting more curious about Alice’s affinity to magic now. Maybe she had the same issue as him, or maybe it was more likely that she just wanted to get better at all times. Either way, it would be wonderful with a training partner, but Hyōen was still a little worried about Coda… would she be able to train with them as well, despite what happened to her abilities? “Ceres… hey there, fella,” he greeted the new companion of hers, following up with a soft stroking on Ceres’ head. She had few similarities to her cousin, but the feline creature also held many unique characteristics that differed her from the two others.

Coda would stop pecking Hyōen’s head by Alice’s words of gratitude. The raptor liked compliments a lot, and she would bask her wings in excitement as her response. It seemed to be set, then; he knew that he could help her at least a little before taking a water break, in which he nodded and replied: “Alright, then… you think that you can keep up with Coda? Then be my guest, Ceres..!” He would lift his arm up and almost throw Coda up in the air as the bird responded to his movement by spreading her wings and grabbing the air above her. Taking a few rounds in the air, Hyōen would then throw a glance at Alice.

“If it’s not much to ask for… could you show me just how good that you’ve become with your magic? I never really got the chance to see you use it last time, did I..?”

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:23 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Ceres immediately jumped up as Hyõen greeted her, the little enthusiast feline wanted to make new friends wherever she would go and she danced around the fire mage while Alice raised an eyebrow and tried not to laugh at the sight of the happy cat-like companion. Ceres didn't seem to really understand what was going on, as she only tilted her head to the left when Hyõen said her name for a second time and watched Coda and would run after the bird for fun, or to play. Alice looked shortly at Jupiter, who shook his golden fur a little and walked towards Ceres to explain in their own cat-like language. She missed them talking human language to her but she wouldn't complain.

But she didn't say anything to her friend as she turned her golden gaze back at Hyõen as he asked her, "Ah yea, last time we met in Baska, I had recently changed magic.." She frowned, "If you can call it that." She was still unsure if the twins were the reason behind her Solar magic and she would see as time would perhaps tell if they could use magic as well. "I think if I recall correctly that I said something like that and it is linked to fire magic. My new magic or well not so new anymore is Solar magic." She grinned and wondered what to show Hyõen for spell. She moved up her hand to show her Auriga spell, so it wouldn't hurt her friend but show the ability of her sun like magic.


Name: Auriga
Rank: C-rank
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Solar Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Light & Fire (Solar)
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user waves one of her hands to create that looks like a round shield but isn't there for protection. It shines brightly, blinding people that look at it. For the shield represents the sun and reflects the light and heat of the sun. She can create within the range of the spell (10 range) and it doesn't affect her own eyes. It will be destroyed by a C-rank damage.

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Daiko Flayme
Ohh? Ceres was livelier than she appeared earlier. The bright feline dashed around the Fire Mage in a sort of ‘rain dance’-like fashion, showing off joy and excitement for… well, was she eager to train? He sure hoped so, because so was he! And if they both were, then development was guaranteed between those two. Hopefully, they weren’t the only ones; Coda was out of reach for the moment as she warmed up, but moving his gaze back to Alice, he realized that she had gone through quite a weird situation with her magic… did she change magic? Since when? He had remembered that she mentioned something ala ‘I have some kind of fire magic’ and he was interested back then, but for how long had she had that type of magic?

“Solar Magic…” he commented in a slight awe, his mouth opened in a mild amaze when Alice leaked out a source of light from the space above her palm. It felt as if looking at the sun, but… yeah, the sun was up and all, so with that said, it was quite a fascinating effect. Now, it was probably even more dangerous than his Fire Magic - firstly, if it was called Solar Magic, then it most likely drew power directly from the sun in some way. His magic was but an even more powerful Fire Magic, but there were many differences between the fire around this planet and the fire of the sun. Secondly, his Fire Magic was weird, but the power that Alice showed was even weirder… or rather, even more unique. He couldn’t dare call her weird, could he?

“… It’s such a warm magic,” he complimented, having his face fixate on the ray of light, “Yo, we should have a brawl! I haven’t fought another Fire Mage in like… I don’t know, forever-” The birdy companion of his suddenly descended from the skies and began plucking his head like a maniac, excessively reminding Hyōen that it would first be her turn to shine.

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She shortly looked at Jupiter as Ceres was dancing around Hyõen. Jupiter shook his head lightly, it was as if they were having a third child sometimes and that while the blonde didn't have to worry about the twins, that was up to her and Hecate. She hid a small smile and turned her eyes back to Hyõen to explain what happened and that she was a solar mage now. Alice wasn't entirely sure if she would be able to train Ceres or if she should leave that to Jupiter and Hecate but the first had not complained and she doubt the latter would find it all too annoying. She actually wanted to ask her friend if she was fine, now that Jupiter spend a lot of time with Ceres and Hecate stayed home most of the time to take care of the children with Alice.

The mystery of the magic was of course still a mystery but she had been used to it now for the six months that she had it so she wouldn't complain and thought about it shortly before Hyõen said it was a warm magic and she smiled fully. "It sure is." Also remembering how she burned her hand against the light saber that she had mae, perhaps she should figure out a way to get rid of that. According to the healing it had only been thanks to the fire so she seemed to be immune to the light magic.

She laughed a little, "Sounds like a plan. Would you be okay if both Jupiter and Ceres helped me? Jupiter could also wait." two against two? Even though he had already said that Coda couldn't really use magic anymore and she didn't want to push his companion away as if she was a nothing, she liked Coda too. Apart from that it was actually for Ceres and she was still a bit too easy tired for not taking a rest after the labour. Perhaps that's why she suggested it but than Hyõen wouldn't fight her.. decisions.

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Daiko Flayme
Okay, he could tolerate Jupiter’s and Ceres’ help to Alice. Truth be told, he was getting eager to fight her. A Rune Knight… oh dear, if he got caught fighting a Rune Knight, would he get arrested? Executed? He barely thought this through, that madman! It was apparent on his face too - a little, though. A single drop of sweat by the thought of fighting her, not from excitement, but from worry… worry not for a strong wizard like her, but selfish worry for his own good. If he could just fly around and gather his thoughts like Coda up in the air.

“A-Alright, then-“ he stuttered a little at the start, “Huh, hmh… Ceres looks very energetic. Why don’t you take a turn along with her?” His eyes moved down to the feline’s as he approached it almost charismatically. “I mean… I’ve seen a lot from Jupiter, and Hecate too. I won’t be able to focus unless if I see her actions too.” Ceres sure looked a lot like… rather, she was unique and apart from the two other felines. She had the same facial expressions, but the colours and tones were different from the sunflower-yellow Jupiter and the azure-blue Hecate.

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 3:32 am

Adelaide Sokolov
With one more look at Jupiter, she decided that he would keep her as a back up plan. She felt a sensation go through her body as she felt her geass activate without any further consent of her own, her mind immediately pinpointing down Ceres and Jupiter to protect either of them in the case of the battle and to avoid Coda at all cost for her own, apart from that she rather did not hurt the little bird as she liked her. She remembered her own painful hand that came with training T.K. and clenched her left hand to remind herself not to be so careless again. But how to send a companion to fight if you didn't know what they could do, "Right Ceres, you should show me what you got." She said after Hyõen pointed out how energetic she was, "Because that's the idea." How else to train Ceres, Jupiter in the mean time had taken a few steps away from the duo.

She had no idea what to do for Ceres but the feline jumped a bit away from the two humans and turned towards a dummy, as if she understood very clearly what she had to do, perhaps Jupiter had said it and they had not noticed, she opened her mouth and shot out a psybeam towards the dummy and Alice stared at it with big eyes, "Oh..." she said, perhaps she had judged her companion on her easy going nature and being childish, she surely seemed to be powerful enough, "So how would you want to train?" She wasn't entirely sure if she dared to use Ceres without training but the feline just proved being much more ready than Alice had suspected.

In the end perhaps Ceres was too enthusiastic throwing more spells and knocking herself out with using too much energy. It looked a bit sad but Alice laughed shortly. "Let's continue this another time but I sure would like a challenge."



Name: Psybeam
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Espeon Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user fires a peculiar ray (1m long, 10cm radius) of psychic energy at the target. The target will suffer from internal damage upon being hit by the spell.

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Test More Fire [Alice] Empty on Wed May 02, 2018 7:20 am

Daiko Flayme
Huh. Ceres was surely more energetic than he assumed first. She was already about to reach even the good three meter height that Coda was flying at, her light-violet fur catching the air gracefully. He was getting more eager to see what she got, so the Fire Wizard stretched a little as Ceres prepared herself mentally. It had truly been a while since he had to train with someone else - wasn’t last time at Baska with Alisa? That thought made him more excited, though; it had been far too long ago. He should make it more frequently in order to keep up and keep his magic nice and powerful.

Ceres suddenly targeted a dummy at the corner of the battlefield. What was she on about, now? If she wanted to warm up, then she could warm up through her spar with him. However, a vast beam of light erupted from the feline’s mouth without warning, blasting the dummy with an unrelenting energy. They were both surprised by the view, even a little worried of Ceres’ secret potential.

It sadly ended with Alice withdrawing from the training as Ceres was simply too energetic. She would have to get a good grip of her powers, and first then would she be able to advance. Hyōen understood that before anything else as he barely showed any signs of disappointment or sadness. “Oh, yeah. Better be ready by then, okay?” he encouraged her as he watched Alice leave the arena with her fellow felines.

“I guess we should go now,” he then spoke to his birdy companion who found her place on his left arm, “Heard that Orchidia is holding a huge party…”


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