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Torn Chapters [Private|Snowflake]

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Torn Chapters [Private|Snowflake] Empty on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:11 am

Rows of beautiful buildings rose and fell in the reflection of her amber eyes. They looked over at the familiar city of Fiore she left perhaps only months ago. What came over to bring her to this place, she still did not know. It was either here or Era, and Eva was too scared to go back home; A home that did not remember her. Then she had dragged herself to Magnolia huddled in one corner of the train all alone, aware and ashamed of the way people looked at her. They were alarmed. She dropped her head further under the hood of a dusty, old, grim looking cloak. Her pale, bony hands held onto its edges as if just letting them go of them will kill her.

Two months ago, she would have walked through Magnolia’s worn out, cobbled streets with confidence, decked in her Rune Knights’ garb, and sending any and all wrongdoers to the jail. Then, she enjoyed her status as a seated knight, the look of admiration of people’s –big and small- faces, and their endearing remarks. On those days, she adorned the front pages of magazines and lodged in luxurious inns. She was successful, had money and power, and had the strength to overcome any obstacles. Everything that she dismissed with indignation then, now were moments she craved for. All that attention that suffocated her, she desired it now. No, she wouldn’t ask for much…Not much…but just for someone to call her name.

It was all gone! That confident, stylish, young woman who charmed people with her visuals and elegance was nowhere to be found. Gone was the rune knight’s ankh engraved on her collarbone; It was burned blue and black along with most of her golden locks. They were lost like her identity in this world, dead like Evangeline Vanderbilt. If it was, by any chance, alive, then it was still left chained to that dark pillar in the fortress she was held captive in and it would forever be so.

Her chest heaved in pain. She slipped through the shadows and stopped under the roof of a dilapidated, old shop. Where was she going and what was she going to do? She didn’t have any money anymore; the last of it was spent on the train ticket. An ominous looking moon hung like a jewel on the approaching night sky. She fell to her knees. The cloak bunched up over her legs that she pulled on desperately. Eva wanted to be completely covered. She felt tired, hungry, and dazed. Golden ringlets burned at the tips fell onto her dirt covered face and she curled up into a big ball of darkness. Only the dawning gloom of night and malicious cold winds comforted her.

“I want to disappear”.

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Torn Chapters [Private|Snowflake] Empty on Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:59 pm


cold as ice swift as wind the whole world i'll acquire

It wasn’t a cold evening, nor was it a warm one, but it was quiet and lonely, and there were far more whispering breezes over the roar of crowds. The evening passed on as restless as ever, the stars were burning their cores and neon lights were buzzing at the hyper-sound of migraines and ladies in up-tight skirts were dancing across the palm of men as they threw their money at the roulette—to win or not, which excited them. People sought the glee and wonder of a night-time refuge to hopefully distance themselves from their lives when the sun calls them in. But, one young woman could only settle her tired, beaten body on a vacant cold bench that night. The stranger stared beyond her, into nothingness as she watched the lights from the buildings flicker in the distance, across the verdant lawns.

As night deepened, random lights of fireflies blinked more frequently until the canopy below, billowing in dark waves, sparked with benign, green embers under a star-speckled sky. Nothing seemed to be on her mind, and she was genuinely enjoying the tranquillity around her much more than she had expected. The stillness wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow over time. Quiet places like these had always been her favourite, more than bars or pubs, though she must admit that she enjoyed drinking especially after a long restless day. While the woman laid bare on the bench, tiny droplets of water descended from the sky as she gazed up at the empyreans above her.

It started to rain.

Pushing her tired being off the bench, she made a quick note to herself to hurry home before she would be completely soaked wet, and she didn’t want that, especially not after she’d bought the outfit she was wearing most recently. It was a pale lavender buttoned up shirt, tucked neatly behind a skirt with flowers embroidered onto the fabric; black in colour. The outfit was simple, yet, cute, which was the mere reason why she had purchased it. The ruffles of her skirt billowed each step she took, heels impatiently clacking against the cobblestones while she had only one objective in mind—to get home as fast as possible.

Shortly after, Snowflake was found breathing heavily with her short wet hair glued to the nape of her neck in a grubby fashion. Clothes tightly clung to her body like a child to its mother, and were unrelenting in the harsh gales that blew across the undulating lands of Magnolia. Her body was drenched, though not completely—yet—as she struggled to find a shelter from the pouring rain. How come everything appears closed just when she was in desperate need of a roof? Fortunately enough, a convenience store came into view as she hastily sought for the shelter of the shop and she was astonished to find that she was not alone, but with a young female who settled beside her. Perhaps she was running away from the downpour as well? The thoughts crossed her mind while the woman stood under the roof, wiping raindrops off her body.

Her efforts of not getting soaked was all sought in vain.

Curious, the demon studied the girl laid beside her. Cuddled up to her own knees, the stranger appeared frail and fragile—almost like the smallest insecure being she'd ever seen. The frosty beauty didn’t see any reason as to why she should concern over someone she’d never known, and yet, the angel within her was telling her to help her up and be there for her. Why should she? Albeit, the sight of a female completely in distraught was heartbreaking to her.

”Are you alright?” the words escaped her lips, breathlessly. She was still panting from the running she had done, with beads of sweat mixed with rain lining her temple.    


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Oppressive dark clouds rolled over the moon, dropping the world into an unnerving darkness. Like tears that she couldn’t shed, rain that poured all over the city of Magnolia drew a blanket of coldness around the shivering woman and Eva peeked out of the cloak. She used a finger to draw the thin fabric aside and turned her face upwards to the sky.

Behind the dark clouds, pulsating radiance of the moon cast a very thin, almost unnoticeable glow of silvery light everywhere. It gave her tired eyes ample leeway to fix an empty glance at what the night shrouded.  Falling droplets of rain went pitter patter on the walls, roofs, and streets as she sat unmoving on the cold floor. When one of the droplet hit the ground and splashed onto her nose, Eva instantly drew her head back into the cloak, putting it back in place. Her fingers that were woven over her knees quivered from the cold. This pathetic excuse for a cloak and a thin white shirt or half torn trousers were hardly enough to keep her warm.

But she sat as still as a pious statue with her head downcast. Eva didn’t even attempt to stir or wrap her hands around herself. If she was to die of having her heart literally frozen over that night, she would gladly do so. Evangeline would just let everything run its course. Even if she was to hang onto her life, she couldn’t even fathom the kind of life she would lead. What was she supposed to do? No thought which crossed her mind willed her to carry on for another day.

Dazed, while she held a pensive stare on her hands, Eva almost missed the sound of footsteps that approached closer. Not until it stopped next to her did she give a stir of recognition. Yet, she had not looked up. Only her ears followed the scrapping sound of skin against fabric and she instinctively curled further into herself. Someone was clearly under the same roof as her but she sincerely hoped they wouldn’t turn their attention to her. Even if they did, she would have nothing to say.

One second later her hopes dropped as soon as it surfaced. Not only did this person take notice of her but had also initiated a conversation. Yes, she could clearly hear the concern in her voice but Eva couldn’t help but think it was just unnecessary for her.

Without another choice, she slowly raised her head up and adjusted the hood just a little in such a way that it shadowed her face and hid her while also giving her clear vision of this person. She took a good look at the person next to her for the first time and held her breathe.

This person…Eva knew her albeit only from a brief point in her memory. Yes, she had met her only once but this woman had not changed very much. She had silver grey hair and ocean like blue eyes; truly beautiful and truly in contrast to Eva’s own unfortunate appearance. Even the moon seemed to cast an unreal glow around this woman.  

“Leave me alone,” She said feebly and once again placing her head down. But suddenly her body shook and she started coughing horribly until her weak body couldn’t take it anymore and keeled over. Unforgiving coldness was creeping into her veins. She gravely needed a medic and some warm clothes.

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