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Is it illegal to fish in the street? (Open)

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on Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:41 pm

For a person like Law, fishing was something that didn't seem like something that he would find much interest in. After all, Law liked fast paced competition that pitted him against other people. Why would he like fishing? Well, it was due to a big fishing contest being held soon, and having almost no experience in the art of fishing, Law decided to get a little bit of practice in. After spending about 10 minutes trying to get the hook on the line, Law finally threw the hook into the canal water and waited there for a while. He knew that Fishing was a patient sport for the most part, but he knew that it paid off with the big climax of the reel, which in his opinion made the wait worth it.

Sitting there on this sunny spring day, Law swung his legs back and forth while on the edge of the canal,. What would he find here? Were there even any fish in this canal, actually? He supposed he would be finding out pretty soon. Law leaned back, fishing rod still in his hands, as he hummed a song. As he did this, he wondered for a brief second: was it even legal to fish in these streets?

Eh, he was sure he would be fine.

#2Ri Brighte 

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:35 am

Ri looked at the sun, a hand brought to his forehead to shield himself from the powerful light. With a grimace, he stood up, and looked around the empty park. He wondered why it was so empty during a day like this, but with a shrug, he decided that people were busier than he was. And so, his next thoughts somehow lead to food. His growling stomach might have been a reason as to why. Either way, he made his way out of the park, hands pocketed, and eyes darting around for a good place to have his lunch. Olly's bakery was miles away, and he wasn't in the mood to walk all the way across the city. He had to find something good, after all, this was Magnolia he was talking about.

With that in mind, Ri glanced at all the shops around him and silently made a few notes about all of them. Another bakery there, a restaurant over there, and so on and so forth. But, what captured his attention wasn't the restaurants, or the bakeries. His eyes stopped on the younger boy, and he approached, squatting down right next to him, as if they were best buddies, "What're you doing?" He asked, his gaze fixed on the water below him. He noticed the fishing pole, afterwards, raising an eyebrow, "You know there's probably no fish here, right?"

His eyes then turned to the boy, who he gave a long look, confused as to what exactly he was planning to do.

#3Rishi Namatzu 

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:14 am

Rishi had silently walked along the familiar streets of Magnolia, and she had been holding her stomach tightly. Venus had been concerned for her the past few days, but really he couldn't do anything about her hunger. She had been starting to become cold and her skin had become almost milky white. She was on the brink of death, and she couldn't take the pain any longer. She would most likely die today, and she didn't want to die alone. The sun was shining directly in her eyes, and she only let out a small hiss. Her world had already become grey, so the only thing the sun really did was make her blink. There was nothing to do, and everyone seemed very busy with their lives. Just then though she had seen two guys standing by the canal one it seemed was trying to fish and the other squatting down next to him. She sighed and laughed knowing that there was never any fish in there, and she walked over to the two of them with a smile on her face. "Ummm I just wanted to tell you that this probably isn't the best place to fish kid," she said still laughing. She knew very well from growing up in this town that there really were never any fish in there, or really anywhere around there. Was he new in town or something? She had a lot of questions in her mind as she looked at the two guys. Just then though her stomach cramped up and her knees hit the floor, her head down. "Why did this have to happen now..." she said quietly as she held her stomach tightly. Venus had run over to her and wanted to help, but of course, he couldn't. Her fangs came out and she looked up again, now looking around frantically. She didn't know what was going to happen, she might just die right there on the spot. She stood up warily and looked at them both, her fangs still out.

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on Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:30 pm

Law was deep in thought when he was startled by a boy who approached him, telling him that he would probably not find any fish in that spot. "Huh?" Law ask, before looking to his left and finding a girl who would tell him the same thing. He felt dumb, and mentally smacked himself on the head for thinking there would even be fish in the canal.

"A-ahem! You are right. It was foolish of me to think there were any fish in that particular canal.." he said, as he would reel in his fishing rod. This was the reel of shame in a lot of ways right now. Once he had it all reeled up, Law stood up, looking at the two who had approached him. Perhaps these people knew of some kind of fishing spot within the city limits of Magnolia? It was certainly worth an ask. Law looked both to the girl then to the man, laughing nervously. "Well, if I can't fish here, do any of you two happen to know a place where I can?" he asked. He wondered what these people thought of him now.. he probably just appeared to be a stupid young man who couldn't tell the difference between a canal and a river. Damn, Law never made mistakes like this.. except in the chess competition.

And the horse race... and the ping pong... but besides that, he certainly never did anything quite of this caliber. Well, there was the fencing too. But he liked to not think of that ever again.

#5Ri Brighte 

on Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:01 am

Ri turned his attention to the new set of steps, that seemed to be heading towards both of them. As the girl spoke, the mage nodded at her words, "See? Two people saying the same thing.". He then stood, and pocketed his hands, looking down at the fisherman.

As he stood, Ri gave him a bright smile, before a thud was heard behind him. He turned, quickly, and looked at the girl, now on her knees. His eyes widened. He took his attention off of her for one second, and this is what happens. With a few muttered curses, he quickly rushed to the fallen girl's side, and took hold of her arm, slinging it over his shoulder, "Come on, now! Help me, would you?" He began, before, with his other arm, he took hold of her side, and pulled her to her feet, slowly walking over to wherever he could find some shade. In his mind, this girl had just been walking through the sun for too much, and had gotten heat-stroke. How will he deal with that? He never had someone just fall over due to the sun's power.

The mage gave a huff, as he soon found out what he was looking for. Near one of the houses, there was a bench, hidden in a tree's shade- a perfect place for someone who had just suffered the sun's mighty strike.

He set her down, and then looked back at the fisherman, "I think she needs water." He spoke, through a few pants. "Or a healer. I don't know."

His hand gripped her shoulder, and he gently shook it, to make sure that the girl was still with them, "Hey, are you alright? What can we do to help?" He asked, clear worry in his voice.

#6Rishi Namatzu 

on Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:21 pm

Rishi looked around for a moment, trying to evaluate what was going on. Everything had been so blurry, and she could only make out a few things in the distance, not what was in front of her. She felt herself get put down somewhere, and the sun wasn't beaming down on her so much. She wasn't sure why she was moved, maybe she was drawing too much attention to herself or something of the like, but she couldn't focus on the thought. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder as she tried to focus on what was being said. Something about water, or a healer? She couldn't concentrate on anything damn it! She didn't know what else to do, so as one of them had asked what they could do to help, she only took the man's hand off of her shoulder and nibbled it, making a small dot in his skin, causing blood to seep out slowly. Just the scent of fresh blood made her sit up instantly, and she had started gently licking the blood from his hand. This was rather odd that she was doing that, and it probably looked rather odd, but as soon as she had gotten that little bit, her stomach cramps had eased up a little and her vision and hearing wasn't as blurry as it once had been. "I'm so sorry!" she said as she knew that she had made a huge mistake.

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#7Ri Brighte 

on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:55 am

No answer from the fisherman, it seemed. Ri didn't have time to yell once again, to gather his attention, instead, he directed all of that towards the girl. Her face looked familiar, but with the situation at hand, and with Ri's own panicked thoughts, he couldn't quite make it out.

He felt the grip on his hand, and instinctively looked at her, to see what she was doing, and to his surprise, he found her biting onto it. He gave a stifled yelp, and went to pull his hand back. But, as sudden as that gesture was given, so it was stopped, for even -he- realized that the girl may be actually needing that to survive.

Truth be told, he felt a bit awkward, and so, directed his vision to the river beside them, simply waiting for the girl to finish. As she did, though, Ri continued to think about her face. She looked very, very familiar, but he couldn't place it quite yet. She could be from the city, someone he met while on a mission, or just someone who was in front of him, in a queue.

Her words were an indication that she finally had enough of his blood- Well, that, and his hand, which no longer stung like hell- so he turned back to her, concern still etched on his features. This time though, as she didn't stand doubled over anymore, he recognized the girl quite easily.

"Rishi?" He asked, cautiously, in hopes of being right. "Ah- Don't feel bad. It's alright, I guess. Though, some warning could have done me wonders." He gave a soft chuckle, in hopes of lifting the mood, "Come on, let's get you out of here."

And with that said, his hand went back to her shoulder, gently gripping it, as he waited for her to stand.

#8Rishi Namatzu 

on Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:19 am

Rishi had been slightly confused. She hadn't realized who the man was exactly until her vision had cleared up a little, and when she looked up she had realized that the person's hand she had nibbled was Ri's hand. She leaned back for a second as he said he was okay with it, and her face had shown a slight smile. She had been a bit happy that he didn't really freak out about it, and he gave her the space she needed while she did it. "Well I'm glad you aren't mad at me, I had assumed you would be," she said now looking him in the eyes. He was ready to get her up and out of there already, and his hand gently laid on her shoulder. She stood up warily and almost lost her balance, her legs being so weak at that moment. She took one slow and careful step forward, and just as she did so, she could see Venus running towards the both of them at full speed. Rishi just sighed for a moment because she had known how normal this was, and as Venus had neared she said, [colof=#00ffff]"Here we go again..."[/color] and Venus had jumped up into her arms, knocking her over and onto the floor again. As she fell she looked up, now being able to see the odd fisherman again. "Hey! Come over here!" she yelled to him, hoping that he would come hang out with them. Even if he didn't she could still hang out with Ri, and that was enough for her.


Oh man what a world, the things I hear, if I could act on my revenge Then oh, would I?

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#9Ri Brighte 

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:47 am

Clear concern was written on the mage's face as he saw the weariness in her steps. His hand reached for her upper arm, to help her keep her balance, but it was too late, for his eyes widened when the small fox charged at Rishi.

"Woah!" He held the girl's arm tightly, but even he couldn't mess with a fox's speed. She slipped from his grasp, and fell on the ground, the pet on top of her. Ri quickly took hold of the fox- as best as he could without, hopefully, not being bitten- and lifted it off of the girl, and to her side, before extending his hand to help her to her feet. Once, and if, accepted, Ri would use most of his force to pull her to her feet, so she won't have to do it herself.

With a smile, and a pat to her shoulder, his gaze turned to the other one, the fisherman, who still hadn't given his answer.

Ri sighed, and, if allowed, helped the girl back to the bench. His eyes shifted to the sky, before, they widened. "Oh, damnit..." He muttered. "Ah- Damn! I really need to go!" He spoke, before giving the girl another final look. "Are you going to be alright?" He asked, the same concern still clear on his face. He didn't give her time to answer, before he turned to her pet, and pointed his finger at it, "You take care of her, alright?" almost as if the fox would understand him. He'd hope so.

Digging through his pockets, he tried to look for anything that might help her, before giving an "Ah-ha!", and taking out his room keys. He quickly passed them to the girl, before dashing off, yelling, "The inn is just a street away! It's room twenty-two!"

He did look like he left the stove on, or something of the sorts.


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