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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:18 pm

Once back in Crocus, Alice realized that she could try this moment, this starting days of spring to see the Crocus Gardens. Up till now she had only been there in the middle of the winter and there were always plants through out the whole year but it wasn't the same. Where Marigold had showed little buds of green already, it still felt like it needed to start somewhere. In Crocus there might not be much yet but still again; it had to start somewhere.

The fog of this morning had turned away and she was on her way of another stroll apart from this morning. Alice looked at the little crocus that started to grow, other yellow and purple. She couldn't wait for the nicer weather and take the kids out with the two of them or possible now five of them. She had taken her companions with her and a picnic basket. Where Hecate and Jupiter were in beast form, watching over Ceres, who ran through the starting flowers, Alice assumed they tried to stop her, she just had to put the basket onto the nearby bench. Having walked too much, having gone too fast on her weight loss and back into shape because of a wedding, she might have taken too much toll on her recovery in that case. But now she might want to try to just enjoy a picnic with this very heavy basket of food.


on Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:29 am

The breeze of spring swiped across his face, the garden of crocus was before him and it was as if he fell in love over and over again for it. He ran into the garden's pathways, his smile sincere and pure, he danced a little as he never felt such emotion before. He bent over to a flower, he took a deep breath through his nose and the exotic smell of the flower filled his lungs with excitement and joy. He straightened himself again and wonders off to other parts of the garden like a kid he used to be.

His day couldn't get any better, he saw three cute cats, all in different colors were together as if they're a family or something, then she could see the owner, not that he's a hundred percent sure she's the owner but she got to be. Sage can't handle cats very well, it literally drives him crazy when he sees one. The fact that he was happy because it was early spring, the elf got happier when he saw the cats. He ran towards them and being a polite man he is, he asked the woman, "May I pet your cats?" with stars in his eyes.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:56 am

Finally feeling brave enough to take a few more steps, her arms not even that tired from the heavy basket, she was used to carrying heavy weapons and an armour. It was just everything together and the red head was done with doing so. That's why she had suggested to do the picnic. With Ceres her arrival it was good to do something bonding. Apart from that the kids were fine with their dad and she should learn to accept that. Now that she was in Crocus, she had been with them for the whole time, furiously apologizing in her mind for leaving them shortly behind as she tried to find answers in Hargeon. And what had taken longer thanks to running around finind Ceres. She had thank god not been hurt but there were things that Jupiter was hiding from her.

Finally when the three of them got to a spot, having stopped Ceres from running through the flowers, or perhaps the child was already tired. Hecate having told her that Ceres was about a teenager, she didn't know that many teens but she had the idea Ceres behaved younger than she actually was and apart from that, she kept close to Jupiter all the time. She put down the basket when someone walked over to ask her if he could pet her cats. She looked at the three of them in front of her and couldn't help but let out a short giggle and turned to the handsome features of this elf, she had only met Chelvaric, who had turned into an elf later but after that and before that no one else. "I am hardly the one to allow it, but in my case you can. I think Ceres, the purple one wouldn't mind." Jupiter on the other hand didn't seem to be all to happy about it but let it happen in case the young man tried especially because Jupiter could see that the man simply liked cats. Hecate shrugged it off, not being too difficult.


on Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:19 am

The redhead lady didn't actually mind at all if he touched the cats, she continued by saying that the cute purple cat, Ceres might not care if he touches her, "Ceres? what a cute name!" he exclaimed and wrapped his arms around her, then rubbed his face against the cats face, then he moved to the blue cat which has the same bangs as him, he gasped when he noticed this while grabbing his long sided bangs and showed it in front of the blue cat, "Look! we have the same style, it's destiny!" and he grabbed the cat's head and leaned closer to her and rubbed their noses together. Then he moved to the next cat, he gasped even more, "We have the same hair colour!" and wrapped his arms around the yellow cat so hard he let go instantly, "Oh how rude I am, my name's Sage how are you miss?" he said to the redhead lady in front of him with his right hand rubbing the back of his head, his teeth could be seen smiling so that he would look mannered. "I'm sorry that you have to see me fangirling over these cats but I just can't help it, I just love them, cats.".

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:17 am

With a smile on her lips Alice shook her head while the stranger went on to say Ceres was a cute name. She thought so too, at the moment it didn't seem to fit the cat yet but it would come and go, she was sure. Jupiter turned his golden eyes on her but she simply shrugged. Both of them would hear Ceres purr when the stranger hugged her and Alice kept an eye on the case. Putting the basket down and grabbing the picnic blanket. Hecate seemed to be a bit taken aback but only find it funny, while Jupiter grew grumpier by the second, especially when the elf hugged him, he looked at Hecate for help but the Glaceon remained seated where she was and Alice couldn't help but chuckle. She was sure Jupiter wouldn't use his power anyway, especially since this person seemed to mean no harm.

It seemed that the elf noticed he forgot to introduced himself and he let go of Jupiter soon, to the blonde's relieve. "That's alright, I'm Alice." she said with a smile, "I'm lucky they found me and decided to stick around." She pointed at the golden one, "This is Jupiter and." she moved to the blue one, "Hecate." The two of them being with her for about six months now and Ceres for a handful of days. It was an interesting view, she was sure of that.


on Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:37 am

Sage looked at Alice once she said her name, his face expressed awe, "Alice?" he looked at her hair, and to her cats, "I think I've heard of you before," not to sound creepy or anything he added, "I joined the rune knights not long ago and I read a lot these days, and..." he stops for a moment then his lips curled into a smile, revealing his teeth, "Are you Alice Baskerville? One of the most famous rune knights?" 

He then took a deep breath, his lips still curling because he was so excited, "Sorry for my behaviour, it is just a pleasure to meet someone you know but never met.". It was true tho, for him because he has a little group of people that he knew but then thinking back, he wants to befriend this lady because she seems very nice plus she has three cats! "I'm a rune knight too, but only a seated, no biggie, we might work together someday though," he said while he was still smiling, he bent over to the pink/purple cat and started to stroke its head and then play with its belly, moving his fingers in a way to amuse her.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:33 am

She had introduced herself and couldn't help but be surprised by the reaction of the young blonde. Was her name that well known? There were probably more Alice but he soon said enough that linked to her, and thank god it wasn't in the way that Xandra had talked to her, because that had been Lacie her issues. She moved her right hand behind her head and got a blush on her cheeks, "Eh yeah that's me. Though I'm currently not working." But it was nice to know that he joined the Rune Knights, she met a lot of people that joined recently or that she was training, but obviously that didn't know she meant to know all, "If you want, would you join our picnic? It's nice to talk to people that know about the ways of the Rune Knights too, that sounds very dramatic but of course not everyone likes the knights." She waved her right hand to the basket and blanket that her companions already claimed for most part, but enough space for the two of them, as well as enough food.

She felt flattered that he was so happy about meeting her, she wondered what the Rune Knights had all written about her, but it was true that she caught most of her fame as a knight and later lieutenant. It also had given her the nickname the Red Whirlwind but that was still based on her Requip magic and she wasn't sure if the new name would stick, not that her fighting technique had changed, she only used a different weapon now. "That would be nice, a seated knight is perhaps not that big in title but it is very important to have enough, it's an honourable job." Or well considering if you took it as an honour.

She looked at Ceres who seemed to like all the attention and started to purr, which was a relieve to Hecate and Jupiter who tried to keep the active cat busy for a lot of times and they could finally relax a bit.


on Sat Apr 07, 2018 7:52 am

The fact that she wasn't working caught Sage's attention, but he didn't ask about it yet because she invited him for a picnic which was quite nice of her, he loves picnics especially when they are surrounded with nature and of course, cats. "Yeah, I would love to join you and your lovely cats for a picnic." Sage sat at the empty spot which was cleared by Alice. He smiled more when Alice said that being a Seated was an honourable job, although he didn't exactly know what a Seated specific job is he did know what he does as a rune knight, "I would prefer myself as a detective because I don't fight a lot I only investigate crimes and stuff and use my spells if I need to." He would be humble with what he does, talking about work reminded him of what Alice said earlier on, that she wasn't working at the moment, "If it's nothing personal can I ask you why you're not working at the moment?" he mustn't ask or force people to tell him things that other people don't want to right? That would be rude as hell. 

He then observed Alice, and he saw something that he couldn't believe he missed, she was wearing a ring, so maybe she's engaged with someone or probably is a wife of someone? Thoughts ran through his mind as always, overthinking and questioning things is his speciality, asking himself why's the fiance not with her enjoying the picnic, or was her fiance going to be there later on, does she has kids and other stuff that relates to the situation, he was constantly thinking, which was normal to him.

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:04 am

She took a couple of things out of the basket, Hecate trying to help her although not changing her form yet. Alice wondered shortly why but as they were trying to do that as minimum as possible with Ceres around it, already explained a lot. She looked at Hecate shortly who seemed to ignore her about that, Ceres would have to learn about it eventually and perhaps they could all look for the herbs to change the little lilac cat to a human from time to time too. She turned to look back at Sage as she listened to him speak, "Which is a very good thing too, everyone has an ability that can be of use, and we also need people that do the research instead of everyone blunt fighting." Which was funny for her to say as she had been more of the warriors before but than again, she had also changed considering that meeting with Silver already as an example. But it got her curious on what kind of magic he used but it might be too much prying or the converstation would come later.

As she thought before, she had only met Chelvaric who had changed into an elf after she had met him as a neko. Back when she was a neko herself, she caught herself on time to not giggle because of the memory. Where she had tried to eat a cupcake carefully and he suddenly fell on top of her table. Cats.. "Oh, of course." Well she would never return as she was a Holy Knight now but, "I'm with maternity leave." Which was very strange to say as she was without the children but that was what she was forcing herself to do. To go out without them from time to time, it felt heartbreaking but she would have to get to work at some point again and be without them.

Now that she had most of the little breads, salads and such on the blanket, she turned back to Sage again, "We got some lemonade, would you want some?" She also had water for the companions as she had taken a bit more lemonade in hoping either of them would change to talk to her, as they seemed to avoid talking human language as well as they were with Ceres. So much for secrecy.


on Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:29 am

She answered his question with not much detail, she only said that she was on a maternity leave, but her children weren't there, there was so much going on inside his head, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he cleared his mind, this might seem weird to Alice if she noticed what he did but she's a nice person, she won't think that he's being weird, right? "Oh, so is it a boy or a girl?" he asked with excitement in his voice, for him babies are miracles and they are so pure and cute too, but he's terrible at handling them that's why he prefers cats over babies. 

He wished that he could help sorting the picnic foods out but he was too afraid that he would do something wrong and embarrass himself over someone who was kind enough to invite him over for a picnic even though they just met. "Yeth, I would like to have that lovely lemonade." it was a peaceful and bright morning, so he somehow 'blended' into the mood too. Then he noticed a tense atmosphere between the two bigger cats and Alice, "So how did you meet your lovely cats?" he asked her to lighten things up between them.

#11Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:39 am

Alice wasn't sure why she was so short in her talks, she normally was more open but perhaps that had fired back towards her and she had to be careful of her saying, something she normally didn't do either and which is also why she immediately clicked with Kon, who had not been like that as well. When she thought about that, it brought a smile on her lips and she turned to look at Sage as he asked her a question, which was logical and which had made her realize she had been so short in her answers. She couldn't help but chuckle, "Both actually, we got twins." Which was strange to say as her partner wasn't here but still, she wasn't alone in raising the two of them and when she thought about the little babies, she looked really happy.

When she had placed the food on the cloth, she asked Sage if he wanted some lemonade and at that point she realized she didn't take the plastic bowls and cutlery out, so what would people use to eat with. That's what she did first while waiting for an answer, which was already quickly given. So she gave Sage some of the lemonade and took some herself. The companions didn't seem to be in need yet as Ceres didn't even pay attention and Hecate was curled up against Jupiter now and probably a bit dozing off. Now that Ceres had only her eyes on Sage, Jupiter could relax as well. "It's more to say that they found me, I was in Hargeon in a hospital to be exact and on my recovery I made small walks in the forest behind the building and bumped in the first two." she pointed at the couple, "They decided to stay with me since than about six months ago and last week we picked up Ceres, she is Jupiter his cousin."



on Sat May 05, 2018 8:51 am

"WOW, that's fantastic! Having twins," Sage couldn't help but daydream about having a perfect family, even though he's a male but his personality's more feminine. He chuckled at his own weird actions but made sure Alice didn't notice it or she would've thought he was crazy, Sage answered yes as soon as she asked him if he would want to have a lemonade, he just loves foods and other things to do with eating or drinking. They talked and talked and laughed, Sage keep playing with Ceres and Jupiter and Hecate kept each other's company. It was a fun morning and a fantastic picnic, Sage was actually glad he bumped into this nice lovely woman named Alice, he couldn't bear thinking someone like her to have a picnic without no one to laugh to or talk to. 

At the end of it Sage actually felt a little hard to say goodbye, it was as if he found a new family, well he actually felt if Alice would adopt him or something and he found this thought amusing as he's an elf and is way too old to get adopted, well that's life, people come and go, as they part ways he said to Alice, "It was fun meeting you, hope we see each other soon, bye~."


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