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A long Spa-day ago ft. Caius

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:31 pm

It was difficult to describe how Alice felt, she was tired from walking around Fiore, excited to be back in Crocus and reunited with her family as well as having a new companion. The weather could be better, it was the start of the evening, right after dinner time and very foggy outside. It surely gave a sad feeling to such a big town as Crocus. It was perhaps not the best idea to sit in a bar, where people were jolly mainly because of alcohol while she was there mostly bored and not even able to drink one drop off alcohol. Not that she craved it so bad, no she mostly felt the need for coffee but that wasn't smart to drink either.

It was a rather boring moment and she wondered if there was something she could do, remembering going to the spa in Magnolia or once in Oak, which had been a fascinating experience now that she thought about it. A hot tub would be nice, just to relax and well watch the stars was impossible at a night like this but still. Now that she was back in Crocus, she wondered about the new emperor again, nothing really had changed, his speech being something that had given her goosebumps and being afraid for her fake lieutenant title. But she was too worried about too many things that she couldn't change. It would be nicer to have something to do.


on Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:43 pm

It had only been a few days since Caius had returned to Crocus but he had already noticed a difference in the atmosphere. People acted more friendly to one another, shops had lower prices, and prosperity seemed to light up the town. All of the hard work they had put in until now was paying off. As an emperors guard, it was his duty to make sure it stayed that way. However, ever since he had returned he had not heard any word from the emperor of Fiore. Any questions of it were met with dismissal by the highers ups. He feared the worse but didn't want to come to that. Believing it to be all in his head, he decided to go to the Inn to drink off the bad thoughts.

Opening up the door, an average sized crowd filled the room. It seemed to just be business as usual. Most were crowded around the bar watching sports on the lacrima tv's above. As he approached, he noticed a certain orange haired beauty sitting by herself. He thought for a moment trying to remember where he saw her before. Then it hit him. It was the girl Alice back from his Spa assassination mission in Oak. Judging by her face, she seemed uneasy like she regretted coming here. There was an open seat next to her so he pulled it out to take a load off. "Long time no see Alice. How have you been?"

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:54 am

Too many times, it was certainly one time; actually two if you counted the meeting with LeeAnn in her fever moment. But too many times people had called out her name when she had not met them and they would have met Lacie. Now LeeAnn had met the both of them, so that wasn't entirely true but Xandra. She would not easily forget that, the thing was that she had many more lives to protect now. Even though she was sure Jupiter would do anything to protect Ceres, she wanted to protect the both of them. Her magic was only not capable of defensive spells and... her mind had gone too far again. She should see what happens first, "Hello," She said to the person who had said her name and had taken the seat next to her. How did she take this issue with Xandra again? She tried to sound as friendly as possible, getting rid of the Lacie nerves, "I'm sorry, I can't remember our meeting." So it was either her own stupidity, his looks that changed too much or it was indeed Lacie.

She hoped on one of the first two, but she brushed her red hair out of her face and ordered a drink, not planning to move away before she got an answer, if he answered and it was something she could remember, she would smile a little more at ease, "I'm doing quite alright, I could definitely use some moments to relax."


on Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:42 am

Of course she wouldn't recognize him. The last time they had met had been months ago back when he was still a human. Right now he wore a different face. He had become so accustomed to his new appearance as a demon that the thought didn't even cross his mind. Obviously he wasn't going to tell her the truth of what happened to him. Most people don't react well by saying you are a demon of hell. Thinking on his feet, he would come up with some vague story and bullshit some details if she inquired further.

"Oh sorry. You probably don't recognize me since I took one of those appearance potions. I'm Varian. We met a while ago back in Oak Town at the Spa. I was working part time as one of the Masseuses. You were the first person I've had run up and leave during a session." He laughed. The bartender would walk by and would ask him for his order. He ordered a glass of whiskey before turning back to Alice. "Well it's good to see you are doing well. I know it's been an adjustment for everyone since the new emperor has taken over."

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:38 am

But she remembered the name Varian. Which was a good thing, it was a long time ago that she had been to that spa, and a lot of things had changed. It was about a year ago, and she had still been in Phantom Lord. On the brick of leaving but look at her now. "Varian, of course!" she grinned, She laughed too, "That was definitely a nice day though," she nodded as if to put extra power to her words, she could use some of that relaxing moment right now. No stress, that was perhaps the reason why she first had been in Phantom Lord, that was something she couldn't remember any longer. How she had ended up in that dark guild, that it had been something about freedom, and yet protection for a girl with no memory.

It was only a matter of time, she knew that, most of the conversations she had lately turned to the emperor. "It's definitely an adjustment." which made her frown, "Even though I have not noticed much change. I look forward to see how this goes, his speech sounded very motivating, the way he worked before that, I don't know but still, I was also blinded for the fact that there was still slavery around, it's good to stop that." She bit the lower rightpart of her lip, great to talk to old acquaintances, by immediately jumping into a political 'debate' where it was kind of one sided, why did she felt the damn need to explain herself every other second. Was it because Tori and Alisa had not agreed with her point of view?

The biggest adjustment in her life at the same time of this emperor was having to take care of two babies. Which gave her the dark blue spots underneath her eyes, the sore back and not allowing to drink still...


on Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:57 am

It looked like that Alice still remembered who he was after all this time. Luckily, she didn't press the issue of his face change too much so he didn't have to come up with an excuse on the spot. The potions were uncommon but were pretty well known throughout Fiore. Maybe she knew someone who had used one before? Listening to her reply, she seemed to be in favor of what the emperor was doing. It was good to see mages like her were supporting him despite what Grimoire Heart had done to her guild. That would make this transition period easier.

The bartender walked up and placed his drink in front of him on the counter. Caius picked it up and swirled it around. Though she was OK with it, he was curious how her guild as a whole was. "Yes I've certainly enjoyed it so far. Some of the nobles weren't too happy about losing their slaves but I'm sure they can go cry in their big piles of money. The main concern I've heard is the leader is from Grimoire Heart. You are from Phantom Lord right Alice? I heard they attacked their once. How are your fellow guild mates handling it? Hopefully he could get some info from her and report back to the palace if there was anything to be concerned about.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:50 am

There certainly was a kind of charm that Varian had, she wasn't sure or well she couldn't remember their meeting that well if she had noticed it back than. When she was a single woman, now engaged and with two kids, it was very much different. But she didn't know what it was, apart from just simply being handsome. She wouldn't be able to put her finger on it, no matter how long she would think about it and just shrugged it off in her mind. It didn't matter for now, there were other things.

She took a sip of her own drink, never before had she struggled so much with not ordering anything stronger. It was perhaps the conversation that was brought up, every time again she found the conversation of the new emperor a very difficult thing. while taking a sip, she listened to Varian and nodded about the slavery, indeed. She used a maid but she got reasonably paid and so on, she sure should ask her if she was okay with it, and if it was enough and her days off and the like and she needed a nanny.. would that be allowed? She was so not very aware of what all could be considered slavery that she was perhaps freaking out too much. That's when she turned up her eyes and got bright red cheeks... Phantom Lord. She remembered the insignia that he had seen, that she had not cared about much as she had already planned to leave and well it was in Oak, there were a lot of Phantom Lord mages.

"Eh.. well ehm.. I actually left not much later after our meeting. It was too restricted for me at that time." She actually had no idea about Geb, Bianca or Shura and to be honest, she had not thought about them long enough to actually wonder. How was Yami? She had last seen him when she was in the beginning of her pregnancy, in Hargeon. "So to be fair, I have no idea. I only heard they killed the guildmaster. Which is an approach I do not really understand. I mean like I said, the speech sounds very interesting and a person that seems to mean well but, the actions before that, I just can't figure out how to let it make sense. I'm sorry, you probably don't want to help me get my mind to ease about such matters." She said with a soft chuckle, she couldn't tell people she was from the Holy Knights, so what would she answer.. what did Kon actually answer? She always faked to say that she was a lieutenant, but she should stop doing that, as she did to Asura..


on Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:07 pm

Caius frowned when Alice stated she wasn't in Phantom Lord anymore. His plan to get inside information from her was now foiled. However she did say something that touched a nerve. She couldn't make sense of what his guild did. What was so hard? Phantom Lord had something that Grimoire Heart wanted. They didn't want to give it up peacefully so of course it ended it violence. They were a necessary sacrifice for the peace that they now had in the country. Caius' grip on his drink grew tighter as he lifted up the glass and downed it all in one swig. He set the glass on the table and turned to Alice with his usually smile.

"Sorry I didn't mean to bore you with all the politics. It's just been the hot topic as of late."It was clear she didn't want any part of that conversation. He didn't really know much about Alice so he decided to switch up the tone to a more friendly one. "Let's change the subject shall we. So you left Phantom Lord then? What have you been up to the past few months? Any exciting changes happen in your life?"

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:05 am

It felt so useless again to discuss the issues at hand. Why did she kept on trying to find a solution when there was a solution already in action. After all, she didn't plan to kick off the Emperor of his newly attained chair and sit there herself. As long as her life was save, her fiance and her children, she would just do her duty. Whichever that was at this point, no tasks, no information, just that she had to take it easy after giving birth to the twins. But she couldn't sit still, she couldn't just accept the issues that were unanswered. Who were the guys in Hargeon and where was her father. She took her cup up to take a sip but didn't even reach her lips as she looked at Caius. Not even noticing the change in demeanor. "Oh I definitely don't mind talking politics, I just don't have much to tell as I have never really been bothered to be very aware about it. Which sounds worse than it is, I mean I do what I can to help other people and the people in need as long as I have the time and ability but the whole issue that went on for the now Emperor and his family, I was not aware." She actually felt bad for saying that, and she had been lieutenant for the Rune Knights, well at least it meant that she wasn't forming her opinions based on the politics right? Protect Fiore for the citizens, that was more or less what the emperor had said as well. Everyone was welcome right, and no slaves, that made it a lot better already.

Alice thought about it, she wasn't really sure what to tell, "Well most exciting thing is that I'm getting married this summer." Because that indeed made her very excited and she would soon be able to pick up the dress that Arisa had made for her, something she looked forward to the most. Since most of the rest was already done before the wedding was postponed, the dress had been on top of her list but never happened during the pregnancy, which was something else too.


on Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:05 pm

Marriage huh? It was a concept he never really understood that well. Why commit yourself to one person all your life just for love? Life changes so quickly that it wasn't worth it. One false move and suddenly both your lives come crashing down. Many people in his guild fell in love. Some of them would prioritize their loved one over the mission and would cause it to fail. Needless to say they were terminated for their inefficiency. Though he didn't like the concept, he did know how to fake a reaction. He would indulge Alice.

"You're getting married this summer? Congratualations! This calls for a celebration then." Caius would wave his finger for the bartender to come over to them. Reaching into his white jacket he would reach into his pocket and pull out his badge which had the emperor's insignia on it. It was a very well known symbol that only the kingsguard wore. He figured since Alice wasn't part of a guild anymore it was no harm showing her.

"Bring us your most expensive bottle of champagne and put this ladies drinks the royal tab." The batenders eyes went wide as he saw the symbol. He quick ran to the back to get the bottle and prepare everything as to not upset Caius. While the bartender got them glasses and would start to pour the drinks. Caius would turn over to Alice. "So then where did you meet the lucky guy?"

#11Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:21 am

Alice couldn't help but shine with happiness when Varian congratulated her, she still was very excited about it and now that it postponed and she got more time she was also more relaxed. As well as having a dress. Actually she couldn't drink yet but someone wanted to celebrate with her and she liked the reason why, so.. one night couldn't hurt right? She took a soft deep breath to throw her caution into the wind, she would see. That's when her eyes flickered towards Varian as he took something out of his pocket that she did recognize, she had never seen it in real life but the Rune Knights books had said something about it, or was it during her promation that she had seen something about it. Her eyes turned big and her cheeks turned red again, discussing the emperor with the Kingsguard, things had sure gotten a lot more complicated. "You.. you.. eh.." Answers were within reach but she didn't mean to offense either Varian nor the new king. "Wow, what kind of guy is he?" She couldn't help but ask, "I'm sorry, we are back to politics but like I said, I'm trying to figure out how it all works now."

But she shook her head quickly, if Varian didn't want to talk about it that was fine too and she brushed a long orange lock of hair behind her ear as he asked her a question, "About a year ago in Era, I was trying to discover what I wanted to do and travelled from Oak to Marigold and back to the centre of Fiore to get more in contact with people, but I got lost and bumped into Konstantin." She said happily.


on Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:12 am

Judging by her reaction, she was a bit nervous to see he was a member of the emperors guard. Of course this brought them back to their previous conversation about the recent changes. Caius had no intention of revealing anything about Crowly. He was just here to gauge the reaction of the inn and relax after a day of work. He waved his hand in a motion to signal he didn't want to talk about it. "He was a man that saved my life so I trust him with the country. But no more of that. We having a wedding to talk about!"

By this time the bartender had finished pouring the champagne and handed it to them both. "How about a toast then. To you and your fiance Konstantin." Caius would offer out his crystal glass up in the air to Alice. Afterwards, he would take a small sip and set the glass down on the counter. "So what does this Konstantin do for a living? He must be pretty strong to tame a former dark mage from Phantom Lord?" Alice seemed to light up when she talked about the wedding. If he kept talking about it, Alice would be sure to calm down after the events that just happened.

#13Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:09 am

She bit her lip softly as Varian indicated he didn't want to talk about it, which was fine, but an emperor's guard. Wew. That had never been her goal within the Rune Knights but it sure as hell was impressive, she stared at the bar, remembering the insignia, she had only seen it as a picture not in real life, but she looked up at Varian as he spoke about the emperor very short, she surely did appreciate that. She smiled as he turned the conversation back to her wedding, after all it was a subject that made her nervous, excited and gave this vague feeling of butterflies in her stomach.

She held up the glass, the last time she had alcohol was more than nine months ago, she needed to be on the save side, it couldn't harm right? She tried to forget it and simply grin because it was nice if people were enthusiastic about your happenings, and she took a sip after that as well. She looked at the bubbles in the glass before turning back to Varian and putting the glass back on the counter as well. "Oh well we met when he was in the Rune Knights, he is a freelancer right now." Which was a white lie, she believed that is what he said most of the time as well. A former dark mage.. yea, thank god Kon knew that but she tried to forget it so often, "Joining Phantom Lord was a mistake, I thought at that time not much about guilds but it offered me security and freedom or so they said but in the end it was only stricter rules to gain this so called freedom, I bumped into another mage that had the intention to leave and well here I am." A Holy Knight.


on Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:38 pm

Freedom. It certainly was a nice thing to have. Alice's reasoning for leaving Phantom Lord for were sound. He was still getting used to the changes that had taken place. In Grimoire Heart, they had to use code or fake names to communicate. Not only that, but they were forbidden from doing anything that would attract attention to the guild. Now that it was no more, they were free to use there real name and do as they please. It would make for an awkward conversation to tell people that his real name was Caius so he had stuck with Varian even after the switch.

Her fiance Konstantin seemed to be a former rune knight. It seemed old saying "opposites attract" was true this time around. A former dark mage falling for a light mage. It was a shame Kon wasn't with the knights anymore. It would have been funny to be the boss of Alice's fiance. " It's hard to leave something you've been a part of for a while but if you aren't happy you have to take a leap of faith. It sounds like you made the right decision to me. Leaving a guild was never easy. Over his life he had seen them come and go like clockwork. He took comfort in his drink as he remembered his fallen allies.

"So where is the wedding taking place anyway? If you need any help I might be able to use my connections to pull a few strings." Cauis chuckled as he offered his power.

#15Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:18 am

She wasn't sure if her ambition still layed in the world of the free. Being able to do whatever you wanted was nice but she understood that for certain points there needed to be security as she had said before and that could be given by justice. The Rune Knight sure had been strict to her, if.. if it were really the Rune Knights and not a set up for a greater good that she couldn't understand and might actually not be good at all. She had tired to find answers but she had not been able to get them. So she had let it go for now and here she was, not held back but not entirely free. Something that would also be difficult as a fiance and yet she found no limit in that, it was more the limitation she gave herself also for being near the children.

Where she had thought herself incapable of love with a past that she couldn't decipher and memories that made her feel like it was overrated and here she was. "I didn't felt like I belonged there, now to be honest, I also didn't try to socialize at that point with a lot of people, I surely got better in being a social person after I left. I don't know perhaps it feels easier by talking to people if you don't have to feel the need to hide your identity or in this case my guild. I remember you seeing the insignia and I was afraid for a reaction." Perhaps that was what she was still afraid of, she had made friends on that side and she didn't want them to begrude her for being a knight.

She took another sip of her drink to stop her distressful thinking, "We have planned to get married in the mansion that Konstantin owns, it's in Orchidia." But it was so nice to hear that he would offer some help, "I sure like to keep that in mind." she said with a happy giggle, "But at the moment everything is taken care off, I just have to wait for my second fitting."

and they talked a bit more before she would leave. Not entirely sure still about the champagne but she was rather flattered and excited by the news before going back to the apartment and her small family.



on Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:45 pm

Caius listened on as Alice described what happened in her past with Phantom Lord and her new future now with Konstantin. This Konstantin must have been a very wealthy man as he owned a mansion in Orchidia Town. The wedding was soon so she had to get her dress fitted. Time was short so he finished off his drink of champagne and would get get ready to leave. Another guard popped up near the exit of the bar and would wait for him so he could be escorted back to the castle. He would then bid Alice goodbye and head out the door.

There would be work to do but then Caius would have some free time to do as he pleased once the city was in order. Caius decided he would check out Orchidia Town as he had never been there before. He even heard that there was a festival that was taking place soon. Once he had arrived at the festival he would be able to relax and have a good time rather than all this fighting that was taking place over the past few years. Caius headed into the castle and would start to pack his things before the work day tommorow.


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