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Sign me Up [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:53 am

Words were so confusing as Hecate and Alice were still alone but they again got the news that Jupiter had left on his hurried trip back to Hargeon, finding someone that he needed to meet. This making Hecate ridiculously pissed off and Alice wasn’t very glad about it either anymore. She sighed as the two of them had arrived in Hargeon and Hecate had refused to get out of the room and help her find Jupiter with the intention ’He would show up when he wants to’. Alice couldn’t really believe that the two of them as in her companions had not talked about the possibility of leaving for such a quest as Jupiter had, he only left a note and considering Hecate her behaviour she didn’t understood much about it which made her angry. Perhaps also sad because Hecate was left out in Jupiter his decisions again and Alice made sure not to bring it up and say nothing about it unless Hecate asked her. She had left Hecate because of that as it seemed her companion wanted to be alone. So she would look around Hargeon by herself but the town was big and she would have to look everywhere at once did she want to have a chance to get to find Jupiter. She would believe he could be near the beach where there was a patch of forest, that made the most sense.

So the red head left the area of the hotel where she had lingered around in case Hecate would change her mind, but it was time to get into action. Either find Jupiter or do something else because sitting still while all she wanted was to go home was getting ridiculous annoying. The senses about her own anger, the feelings about betrayal where Jupiter knew she wanted to return home to her children made her almost go crazy in thoughts sometimes, about how to punish him for his loyalty or the lack for it right now. But she had always seen Hecate and Jupiter as beasts and later people that were capable to their own bidding simply because they picked her, she didn’t had to force them, train them or anything. Perhaps that had been Jupiter his intention, but had the person who wrote it down not been able to understand, that he would pick up his cousin or whomever he was looking for and bring him to Orchidia with him so that Hecate and Alice could already leave. But it was too big a risk to leave and assume he would know if he had not at first instance. Her mind was going crazy with theories only to get rid of the blame she wanted to point on Jupiter. She didn’t even really pay attention to where she was walking, which was definitely no part of the plan as she wanted to find Jupiter, make sure he was alright and make a definite appointment. She ended up on the beach, now what?


#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:53 am

As she stood at the start of the dunes she looked around on the beach but again there was barely anyone, it was also still clouded and not that pretty of a weather for a beach day. There were people walking around, in couples, with companions and she didn’t spot a golden Jolteon. She headed down where she spotted Jay to ask if he had seen the little beast as he had seen it about a couple of days ago. Jay didn’t know but asked her for a favour and she listened to him rambling about a competition that he wanted to sign up for but he couldn’t sign up as he needed to train. Such a logical thing and it was on the other side of the beach. Alice only agreed because she planned to go there herself. She looked over her shoulder at the point where he pointed, hearing it would close at sunset, but as it was early in the morning that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, depending on how many people would be there. But she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so she nodded and looked at the sand shortly before she simply warmed herself up and ran towards that side, she would have to avoid the children building sandcastles. Walking in the sand was difficult and she made her way to the path where teenagers were littering the little cans of soda and she simply jumped over and speed towards the other side of the board, avoiding elderly crossing this path to go to the beach, suddenly it looked busier than before. She had to push herself but she didn’t mind, she had always used to be quite fast especially as a neko and it has been a long time before she took a sprint as she had been pregnant obviously, for eight months and this made her now able to run again, it felt fantastic. When she reached the board there were a lot of people but they were mostly talking and distracted which gave her the opportunity to sign up Jay Holiday with ease and walk back, she wanted to get out of the way of the sweaty bunch of weightlifters and hurried back to Jay as soon as possible as she wanted to do other things. She now had lost about an hour before she would have been able to spot Jupiter again. She should have asked the bunch of weightlifters but as they had been talking about the size of their muscled arms, she had not felt the need to ask any of them. With that she got paid for it and headed off towards the other side of the beach now, because Jupiter wouldn’t find his cousin there, or so she hoped and she wondered now; what was the intention of the search, to help his cousin to find his way in life or did Jupiter plan to have his cousin around them?


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