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Shady Business [Quest: Asura & Alice]

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Shady Business [Quest: Asura & Alice] Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:24 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Running around finding a blonde young man was a ridiculous job, first of all having left in the middle of the night in Hargeon, to arrive here in the early morning and to search through a town that was too big for the two of them to cover at the same time and thus to be able to find Jupiter. He could be everywhere, probably in the forest was what Hecate suggested but they had not gone there yet, they wanted to look around the streets. They had stayed in Magnolia so often that they knew the place very well and Hecate tried to point out Jupiter his favourite points, only he wasn't there and after searching for what felt like hours, as it was still around 10 am, they gave up.

Both girls crashing on a bench in the streets of Magnolia and taking their time to catch their breath and perhaps consider that they should eat something. Jupiter didn't want to be found and it made Hecate so sad that she changed back to her animal form, letting Alice pet her to calm her down. They should do something to distract themselves. As long as they knew Jupiter was here, they would be here as well. She sighed softly as Hecate stopped sobbing, what had gotten into him?

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Shady Business [Quest: Asura & Alice] Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:48 am

Asura Nightshade
A light sigh left Asura's lips as she scanned the sheet that was clutched in her hands. According to it, she needed to find some man and make sure that the goods he was supplying, for the Rune Knights weapons, were good quality ones and not a scam as what was predicted when they look at the price. For some reason, she had a feeling as though this would not be easy to handle. No one would be stupid enough to believe that they could get such good quality materials for such a cheap price. It was unbelievable.

And so, Asura started her little journey in trying to find this man. Hopefully, this wouldn't end too badly and she could apprehend them if anything were to happen. Despite that, there was still this unsettling feeling in her heart that something might go wrong.

As the blonde walked forward, she spotted an orange haired woman sitting on a small little beach in Magnolia, who seemed oddly familiar. As it clicked in her head, she walked quicker towards the woman and said, "Alice? Is that you?" Indeed, the other woman was none other than Alice Baskerville, a Knight she had met while in Crocus and someone she had developed some form of a friendship with. She wondered what the other woman was doing here and spotted the animal that accompanied her. Tilting her head lightly, she decided to sate her curiosity. "What are you doing here in Magnolia? And who's that?" The blonde asked, pointing at the animal next to her.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice petted Hecate for some last time but the woman didn't seem to be wanting any more attention and Alice let her be, hearing her name surprisingly she looked up and noticed a blonde that she did recognize as Asura. She wanted to get up but Hecate her head was still on her upper left leg so she couldn't and she turned only her face and smiled at the apprentice knight that she met about a week ago, "Hello Asura." She said to only confirm it was her and she waited for the knight to get closer to her. She looked from Asura at the blue companion on the bench next to her, Hecate now sitting upstraight in curiousity.

"This is Hecate, one of my companions. We were on a job in Hargeon when the other companion," Making Hecate growl for a second, "Decided to take a detour, we tried to find him but he is nowhere to be found, so we gave up for now. He is capable enough to find us back. I actually plan to go back to Hargeon soon but right now I'm here." She said with a smile, wondering if Hecate would be okay with that as they had not discussed it, "I see you finally got out of Crocus, did they send you on a job?" She asked curiously, because that could perhaps be the only reason, unless Asura decided to get matters in her own hands and go out.

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Asura Nightshade
At the mention of Hecate being her companion and the other one seemingly getting lost, the blonde nodded at the other woman. It seemed as though she had come from Hargeon and Asura to marvel at the fact that she managed to go from Crocus to Hargeon to Magnolia in such a short time but at least she had her companions with her. So, they were the ones she was talking about earlier in Crocus. Asura decided that maybe she could lend Alice a hand in finding her other companion however, at Alice's mention of Asura getting out of Crocus and asked if she was on a job, the blonde suddenly remembered her actual reason for coming to Magnolia in the first place.

"Yes, I'm here on a job. They finally decided to let me wander off, I suppose." Asura stated as she smiled lightly at the other woman. However, seeing her and Hecate's distress at missing their other companion, the blonde wondered for a moment if maybe she could delay this job and assist her. But, no. It would go against her work ethic and the time to meet the merchant's was approaching near so she thought of another idea. "Hey Alice, if you would like, I can help you find your other companion just as soon as I'm done with this job." Remembering her previous settlement relating to this job and especially, due to the fact that this was her first one out of Crocus, she decided maybe, she could ask the orange haired woman for help.

"If it's alright with you," she started, "maybe you could help me with this? And, we could find your companion at the same time. How about it?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked at Hecate for another second but the blue creature jumped off the bench and started to stretch herself out and turning into a human again, showing off a white blouse and simple blue jeans and she nodded to Asura, "Nice to meet you, I'm Hecate." Alice gave a guilty smile to her new friend because it had freaked Tori out and she could imagine the reaction from others. She had asked Asura if she was on a job and got a positive answer. She smiled at Asura to know that she got send on a job, that was something nice. "Oh that would be wonderful, we basically gave up at this point. It's a bit of a shame." Alice said and Hecate made a hmpf noise and looked away. Clearly offended by the disappearance of Jupiter.

Alice looked away from Hecate to Asura as the blonde suggested to help them on her job. "What kind of job is it? I wouldn't mind to help?" She shortly looked at Hecate and her blue haired companion lowered her shoulders and looked at the paper that Asura seems to be holding. Alice was glad to see that Hecate didn't keep up her anger act in front of Asura. "If you don't mind of course. They picked you to finally leave Crocus if I understand the conversation." Hecate said politely and Alice understood that if they would come along it might have some influence but she doubt much as she had always been with the Rune Knights before.

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Asura Nightshade
At the sudden transformation of Hecate into a woman, Asura couldn't help but let her mouth drop in shock and her eyes go wide. Hecate wasn't just an animal? She stared at the other in shock and then slowly, shook her head to get herself out of it. "Uh, well, um. This was unexpected." She said as she smiled lightly at Hecate, "I'm Asura. Pleasure to meet you." She looked between the two as she was rather confused and the look on her face clearly said so, "Um...how exactly? Is it magic?" She questioned clearly relating to Hecate's transformation.

At the question of what type of job it is, Asura let Hecate read the job description written on the sheet as she turned to Alice and said, "Well, we got a request from this man Barras who frequently crafts weapons for the Rune Knights. Apparently, one of his merchants is selling materials to him at a very low cost and he suspects that it might be a fraud and so, wanted us to check it out and get the goods, see if they're fake or not. In case something happens, we'd be able to apprehend them so..." She left the end of her sentence hoping the two would get the gist. At Hecate's mention of not wanting to impose, Asura quickly shook her head, "No, no. Please come. I'm a little unsure if I can handle this by myself so I would honestly like it if someone could help. Unless you mind, of course."

If Alice and Hecate would agree, Asura would smile lightly at them and say, "Well, let's go. We can find your companion too."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Hecate couldn’t help but giggle a little. The surprise people had on their face as soon as they were able to see either her or Jupiter change in front of their own eyes, made her giddy. Alice simply looked away as if it was an embarrassing thing; it was perhaps a bit childish. But on one hand she rather had a short giddy moment with Hecate than her moping around about missing Jupiter for too many times. ”That is it to most people.” Alice couldn’t help but mutter when she heard Asura say it was unexpected, and she eyed the formal greeting of the two of them before she noticed the confused look on Asura her face, ”It’s an herb that she found that makes her able to talk and another herb that makes her able to switch to human. Which she does a lot as well as Jupiter but at some moments, being a pet is so much easier.” To which Hecate nodded but turned the conversation away as soon as the name from Jupiter was mentioned. So she took the job description from Asura while Alice looked on and turned her face to Asura again, ”Oh Barras I know, he is a good friend.”She had a few jobs for him and she nodded, this description was a job she had done before with Kon so she understood, last time it had been fraud so Barras was very aware of the consequences.

She definitely didn’t want to be in Asura her way but it seemed to be no problem and she nodded, she didn’t mind herself and who knows perhaps someone had seen Jupiter on their way. Hecate nodded as well and handed back the job description, ”Lead the way to the merchant.” Hecate said, apparently also believing not to take the front row, they might know the streets better but they were only here to support.

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Asura Nightshade
Asura nodded at Alice's explanation of how Hecate could transform into an animal and then into human. However, at the mention of Jupiter, the blonde rose a light eyebrow as she wondered who that might be. "Jupiter?" She questioned, curiously until it occurred to her that Alice's other companion had went missing as well. "Oh wait, is he or she, your other companion?" She would wait for Alice's answer and in the meantime, nod at Alice's recognition of Barras. Oh, this was good, at least. When Hecate gestured for her to lead the way, the blonde nodded and walked forward, eyeing the paper in her hand to go towards the direction of where the merchant's supposed meeting point was.

If all went well, then these goods would turn out to be quite real, Barras would get his materials and they'd be on their way to search for the other's companion. If it didn't, well, Asura supposed she was prepared for whatever it could be. They reached a little alley, somewhere close to the outskirts of the city. The sun still shone, bright in the sapphire sky and Asura turned towards the duo that had accompanied her. "This is the spot where they should meet us, if I'm right. Let's wait and see, they shouldn't be long." It was only a little while afterwards that the blonde spotted a caravan, across a small distance, which seemed to be headed by two people. She looked at her two accomplices as she saw it and said, "I think it's that one. Should we go check?"

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Adelaide Sokolov
She let the name of her other companion slip, which had made Hecate already a bit more sad and grumpy and look away from the conversation, pretending it didn’t happen. Talking over the whole conversation and asking about other things while Asura of course got curious for the mentioning of another name and Alice turned to her new made friend, ”Yes he is my other companion, they are a couple, that’s why she is acting like this.” which gave another hmpf sound from the blue haired companion who again looked away. So Alice turned the conversation for her companion’s sake and told Asura that she knew Barras as his name was brought up and she smiled, it was fun to do a job for him again. So she followed Asura, walking quite next to her with Hecate behind them. Her companion didn’t seem to be much in the mood and looked left and right to find the companion that they were looking for.

This while Alice tried to get a grasp of where Asura was leading them, into some alley where they would have to wait for the merchant perhaps. She looked around as they arrived at the outskirts of the town, she was glad for the weather and that made her rather satisfied, unfortunately there was one bump in the road, where the heck was Jupiter and why had he left so suddenly with a stupid note that made no sense. Taking a deep breath se tried to forget and nodded when Asura said they should wait and see. When a caravan showed up, she spotted a merchant and a man walking next to it, ”Yes let’s check it out.” She had no idea what kind of magic Asura used but she was rather curious to see how she would approach it, how to check upon the ores to see how it would go. She stayed a little more behind, next to Hecate right now.

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Asura Nightshade
At the mention of them being a couple, Asura let her mouth form a small 'o' and could see how this might have been a bad question to ask. Needless to say, Hecate was pretty quiet the entire time they were walking there and the blonde decided not to prod it too much.

When they saw the caravan and at Alice's agreement to go check it, the blonde sauntered forward hoping the two were following her.  "Excuse me?" she called out to the two men who were with the caravan which seemed to be fully filled with ore. Well that was a good thing. "Are you the men who have the delivery for Barras?" She would ask them to which one of them would smile politely and nod. Asura nodded back at him, eyeing the ore, wondering whether it really was the quality that they were paying for. "We're here to pick the stuff up on his behalf. I'll pay you the agreed amount," she said as she took the wad of money out from her coat pocket, "but just let me check the quality of the materials first." The first man who had smiled at her seemed to all of a sudden, have his face lightly scrunch him before smiling yet again and saying, "Of course." As Asura moved towards the caravan, looking inside it at the materials, the other man whom had remained quiet till now lunged forward towards, taking the wad of money in her hand away from her. "Hurry up! Let's go!" He said as the both of them started running away.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice gave Asura a reassuring smile now she noticed that the blonde was connecting the dots. To why Hecate might be grumpy and sad but that was okay, Asura couldn't know and Hecate wasn't the one to hold it against her. And thus the conversation was over and Alice and Hecate followed Asura to where the merchant would be, as soon as the Caravan arrived, Alice took a step back in standing next to Asura and let her handle it at first instance alone.

Her golden hues looked at the two men, the caravan and the ore that was there, reminding her too much about the possibilities that wer there and that could happen. She did'n't say anything, but it reminded her about what happened about a year ago, which were vague memories, not lost but just forgotten as it didn't seem important to remember. She let her eyes can the man again, not answering, just nodding, and she tried to keep her face neutral, expecting the worst perhaps was a dumb idea. She looked at the other, silent as well, who looked at her and at Hecate, scanning them from head to toe and Hecate and Alice their eyes met. Thinking the same.

Her eyes going back to the merchant, or who seemed to be more about the money and the selling than the other, who had a tougher look, more strength perhaps? She also noticed the strange perhaps unhappy look on his face and she pretended to not see it. Everything went quick after that but not quick enough for the red haired woman, she let a smile touch her lips as she expected this, "You take the merchant." she called out to Asura as she moved her hand to activate her Vulpecula spell and she walked towards the helper, "Mistakes are made son." and she kicked his hand to let him let go of the money. She would look at what Asura had done and if she couldn't catch the merchant, she would use another spell on him to make sure that he wouldn't be able to run away either.

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Asura Nightshade
The fact that the two men started running away as soon as they stole the money that was in Asura's hands, quite frankly, didn't come as a surprise. Not to her or to the two other women beside the blonde who seemed to be more prepared for this than she was, to be honest. At Alice's command of Asura taking the merchant, the blonde quickly nodded as she sped in the direction of where the merchant was running. As luck would have it, it appeared as though he wasn't that fast; or at least, not as fast as Asura was so it didn't take that long for the blonde to cover up the distance between the two and grab him by the back of his shirt to halt his movements before making sure he was thrown onto the ground.

As he fell to the ground, the merchant screamed and looked towards the direction of the other man that he had come with. His face seemed to drain of colour once he realized that Alice had his ally under her control and knocked out. Asura didn't look in that direction, due to fear of getting distracted as she focused on the man on the ground and bent down a little to land a punch on his face. The man grumbled as his face moved towards the side before the blonde would land a few more ones as she pinned him down by sitting on top of him. The struggle was clear however, there was not much he could do and in a little while, he was out cold, unconscious, with a nose running with blood and a few bruises on his face.

Asura herself now had a bruised knuckle which was splattered with a bit of blood that she decided to wipe off with a handkerchief that she always carried with her. The blonde woman zoomed her sapphire eyes to see whether Alice was alright or not and it appeared as though she was more than fine as the orange haired woman merely stood there after having the other man....paralyzed? Asura raised a light eyebrow at the other woman muttering, "That was fast." as she walked towards the duo.

"Well, I think we're done here, right?" She asked the two as she looked at the men in front of them. "We should probably find out where they got the ore from. It felt quite real so I think it must have been stolen. Probably, should go report this to Barras. Are you two coming along?" She asked the two, wondering if they would assist her in this last part, as well.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked at the man that was now locked in by her Vulpecula spell and she took the money pouch that she had kicked out of his hand, he cursed under his breath for the pain she had given him by kicking, she had quite a good kick if you asked her herself. She bowed forward to him, not afraid he would break lose, she would have noticed before, especially with her geass but nothing was happening. "Where did the ore come from?" she asked him softly and the man after some struggling against her spell told her that it was stolen and with that she gave him a final hit to knock him out. She turned around to look at Asura, glad to see that the blonde hair lady stopped the merchant. She had not seen any magic and that was an interesting approach. She gave a small smile, "Always expect everything." She nodded when Asura asked if they were done and informed that the helper had informed her that the ore was stolen indeed as Asura suggested it.

"Make sure to file in a report so some knights pick them up, or we can do that later when we informed Barras." She would give Asura a wave of her hand to tell that she could walk on first. She didn't say anything to Barras when they met him, let Asura do the talk and when the report was done, and Barras told them that they could keep the money, she had a small chit chat with him as she had not been here in a long time, "I saw your blonde companion, he went towards that way," the man pointed, "out of town it seems." To which Hecate and Alice looked at each other, that was the direction to Hargeon, had they gone here for nothing?

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Asura Nightshade
Asura nodded at Alice's suggestion to file in the report to pick the bandits before heading over to Barras to inform of him what had happened. The blonde let the other woman leave first as she arranged for some Pages to get the fake merchants and to apprehend them. Until they came, Asura stayed there and supervised them however, after some more Knights arrived, she relayed the situation to them along with the fact that the ore was stolen so they could either return it or use it or do whatever they wanted with it as long as it wasn't Asura's responsibility anymore.

After handling this, she headed to Barras as well and met Alice and Hecate there. It seemed as though the trio were engaged in the conversation however, Asura still let him know formally, what had happened and that his case was now settled. When Alice tried to return the money to him, it seemed as though he wanted the trio to have it and well, although Asura was a little hesitant at first, she appreciated his kind act. After that was done, it seemed as though their job was formally over and upon learning of the fact that Alice's other companion had already headed to Hargeon, Asura looked at the other woman with slight remorse in her eyes. "I'm so sorry I couldn't be of much help to you even though, you helped me so much. I would come along but I still have stuff to handle here. Maybe in a while, if I head to Hargeon, we can meet. Until then, it was lovely to see you. Hope we can see each other soon." With that final adieu, Asura would head on towards her way and let the orange haired woman and her companion find their lost one.

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