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Visit the Hermit [Kirabo]

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Visit the Hermit [Kirabo]  Empty on Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:43 pm

What a beautiful day. The blue sky revealed a family of clouds above X's head covering the sun as he walked through the forest of Magnolia alone. His hands held a parcel of food that he was supposed to bring to the old Hermit who lived somewhere in the forest. It was his duty as a rune knight page. Being such a lowly ranked person didn't sit well with him, but he knew that eventually he would become some important to the Knights - not that it actually mattered, he literally only joined the magic police for the money and benefits. Kirabo only dreamed of protecting the people of Nanuq and of course himself...he was like a blank sheet of paper just waiting to be written on. No purpose in life, at least not one which would require him to strive for a better position in life. Honestly. he was pretty fine exactly where he was at. His parents sent him money on top of the money he was making from work, he was financially stable and the Scientists of Forbidden Knowledge hadn't been in his life for quite some time now. Here the former test subject was in Fiore, oblivious to the fact that he was being hunted by the group he escaped with a few others. It really wouldn't make sense for the organization to go through so much just to find him considering the fact that he wasn't a proficient mage. In fact, he hardly used his magic but that  probably only meant that his parasite was strong.

The young man from Nanuq looked down at his hand with a smile. Oh how he wanted to to just sit in the middle of east forest and chow don on whatever was inside. Food always spoke to him and he was easily able to understand it's language. Right now, whatever was inside of this thing he was holding was screaming out for him to devour it. Kirabo resisted though. He looked up to see where he was and to also take his mind of of the stupefying aroma of the platter in his hand. This task was probably the easiest first task he's ever done. On Nanuq he usually hunted for meat for the civilians or helped carry things for the elders of the icy village and even that was a more difficult task then this was. If this is what it meant to be a page then he actually had no problem with staying one.  up ahead he could a colorful structure circled by trees. It reminded him of a story about a witch in  forest he read. The witch ended up eating two kids who were walking in her forest, funny story actually. This wouldn't be like that story though, this man was simply an old geezer who needed things delivered to his old geezer friend. This side of Fiore was still so new to 24 though, he didn't know if crazy people like that really existed over here. Southern Fiorians were weird...

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Visit the Hermit [Kirabo]  Empty on Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:30 pm

Kirabo X approached the colorful house with caution since he'd been previously thinking about the creepy witch story. He looked around and concluded quickly that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. With the food in one hand, he used his free hand to knock on the door hard, not giving a single fuck about the person inside. They should have known by now that someone would be on their way to deliver food to them but he wanted to make sure they knew he was here. Quickly and old man scurried to the door, his feet making a shuffling noise inside the home. Moments later the door swung open and there an old man stood in slippers and a weird robe. The geezer gestured for 24 to come in also telling him to feel free to sit while he went over and gathered the things for Khalash. His home looked rather shitty on the outside, but inside it smelled like herbs and dish washing soap, the home was tidy and the furniture was obviously vintage. Looks were obviously deceiving. Kira stood before bringing the parcel over towards the Hermit who was busy fixing a basket full of herbs for Khalash. The old man smiled when the food was given to him before placing it on the shelf beside him. It didn't take long for the Hermit to fix the basket for X and when he was done he simply handed it over to the brown man. With a smile he asked Kirabo to deliver it safely before handing him a chew stick of some sorts. Apparently it was good, and it was healthy for mages in particular.

With a shrug Kirabo placed the stick in his jaw and chewed down on it. It DID taste great. The young page left the old man's home and began his journey through the forest once more, this time instead of a parcel of food, he basically had a parcel of herbs. These old men were probably creating all types of magical herbs that could benefit people, who knew? It would be funny if they were actually creating a deadly toxin that could cause mass genocide, especially since they were elderly men. As 24 walked he quickened his pace, only because he wanted to try to get a few more tasks done before the day was over, he still had so much energy left. Being normal was hard, or at least acting like you were normal was. Nothing about him was normal except for his appearance, he lacked almost everything else that made you normal and even scarier was that he felt like his life was literally just beginning, as if he was placed inside of a game as a new character and life was all about meeting people, getting stronger, and fighting. His mind was probably the most complex thing about him. After he returned to the Hermit he gave him the basket full of herbs before accepting his pay and leaving, he even felt like he had a tiny bit more power than before as well.


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