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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:32 am

The three of them hurried over to the spot that Bart had pointed out but the road ended after the city park. They had passed the town Square but the buildings around there had been shops and companies like a bakery and the like and Alice stood at the end of the road next to a small road that showed that if they would fall down the hill they would end up where they had started yesterday; the docks. She could not believe her lack of luck as she stared at the barracks at her left and took a deep breath. They arrived at a death end and it frustrated her so much that she wanted to scream in frustration. She had been here yesterday and the person there had not seen any of those people and she didn’t want to get in and ask again. She shook her head and looked at the warship that was in front of the docks a little further away into the water and leaned on the wall. This frustration would build up the longer she stayed in Hargeon but she would just have to keep an eye on the barracks, perhaps the men would come around again. She noticed that there was something going on down there in the docks and if she looked well enough, she thought she had seen Reign there again and turned to the two of her companions, who turned back into humans and walked with her the same road as they had walked before, ”perhaps he knows, he seems to be the lord, I hope he knows a lot of people or consider himself above the people.” Jupiter mentioned as they walked towards the docks where they thought to spot the lord of Hargeon town. Hecate shook her head and Alice thought they might think the same, you couldn’t ask a Lord to know everyone and considering yesterday, he seemed to make a nice party for Hargeon’s citizens as well so she didn’t think of him as an arrogant man, who thought himself above the people but she didn’t feel the need to discuss with Jupiter now as her companion was just as grumpy about the outcome of this search as herself. The only one in a neutral mood was Hecate. Walking upfront her ocean coloured hair dancing in the little curls that it showed and she hummed even, a sort of lullaby that Alice thought she might have heard before with the children. It did calm her down a little and as Jupiter started to walk next to her, directly behind Hecate, she could see the longing and loving look in his eyes to his girl and she calmed down even more. ”Well since we are here and the docks seem to have an issue, we can try and see what we can do and ask Lord Reign a couple of questions in return.” Which the other two agreed about and they made their way towards the docks.

Wordcount: 501/1000

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:32 am

As they arrived, they quickly noticed the reconstructions done here but yesterday everything had seemed to be fine and the three shared a look before walking over to the centre where they had thought they had seen Reign from high above. They soon found Lord Reign indeed and he was busy working on the reconstruction himself, making it okay for Hecate and Alice to look at Jupiter who shrugged and shook his head, ”Whatever.” But Alice moved forward to talk to him and ask what happened and if they could help again. Reign obviously seemed to recognize them and happy to see them, something about capable people were always welcome and they had proven that enough yesterday. He offered that they could help with the construction or pick up stuff and with that Jupiter pushed the girls to pick up stuff while he would help reconstruction and he even ushered Hecate to keep an eye on Alice, which was quite embarrassing but Reign seemed to find it all too fascinating and didn’t say a word about it. The three split up, Hecate and Alice moving to the part where they would carry the items towards the construction side with help from carts and each other and other people, they mostly brought it to Jupiter who seemed to be having fun with some of the men around his spot. Which made up for a relieved feeling for Alice and probably also Hecate and they would easily go on with their own job without to worry about Jupiter. It would take all day and Alice talked to Hecate in hushed whispers as she didn’t want other people to know or well not too many about how to ask the question to Reign without making him suspicious, but perhaps it was best to just inform the lord over the suspicious behaviour that happened months ago. She couldn’t even explain well why she had suddenly to this point that she needed answers and she talked to Hecate about that as well, she promised to be back home soon and look at her here now. She shook her head and worked on for the rest of the day, which wasn’t that long that the sun already began to set, even if it had become spring a couple of days ago, the sun needed to go around the rest of earthland to make the days with light a lot longer.

As the sun was setting, the two ladies rejoined with Jupiter and made their way towards Reign where he awarded them for their hard work and Alice asked if they could talk with the four of them and the Lord looked surprised but seemed to be okay about it, she told him that she was a knight and that strange things had happened after the attack of Grimoire heart, trying to get some answers about the people that had threatened her, but sadly enough Reign didn’t know either and wasn’t aware, but now he would look into it.

Wordcount: 1003/1000

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