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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open]

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:21 pm

Sorcha Donovan
Two days, it had only been spring for two days but Sorcha was getting a better mood based on it, she couldn't wait for the leaves to show up and be green, as the weather in Magnolia had been rather mild, perhaps also because the forest fighting back, she had spotted the small buds of starting leaves on some trees and she couldn't wait for the rest, the little spring flowers were showing up in the grass patches of the South Gate Park. She wondered how long till everything would be in full bloom, that happened to be depending on a lot of things so she tried not to get her hopes up. But Sorcha her favourite season had arrived.

The pureblood elf, still trying to get her brain to not overload with too many thoughts, looked at the trees that she and mostly Y'sthola had saved from the metal bars, of course they wouldn't grow in weird strange curves anymore now that they were like this for years but still, it was a bit of a releave to see trees without stupid human cages. There were a few that still had the metal in the bark to have them grow straight and she would perhaps take them off a little later, if she was capable that was. She hummed a little without noticing, spring really did make her happy, even if it was foggy and the clouds were still gray and the temperature hadn't been better than two days ago.

I'm Sorcha Donovan, I'm twenty years old. Daughter of Moira and Ǵomanach Donovan. I'm an Earth magic user... and so the list went on in her mind to fix her thoughts and keep her mind nice and quiet without freaking out.

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:32 pm

Aegis Bright

The crunch of ripe grass. Such a strange thing to notice in a city, yet it was this that brought a soft curve to Aegis' lips. The crunch of grass, evidence of nature's heartbeat.

Slowly, he closed back his eyes. His nap had already expired, but its absence gave way to something new and effervescent. The azure man heaved a sigh; the tension in his body dissipated before the gentle might of the fresh, cool air. The second breath gave rise to a dichotomy between pleasant warmth and external chill, a quiet exchange between himself and the world. Was it appreciation, then, that coated his mind? Like a vampire's kiss, draining away the burn to leave behind but the gentle, pulsating warmth of existence? The pulsating sensation of pleasure. Of existing.

Dusting himself off with a singular flick of his coat, the azure man rose to his feet. There was a certain edge to his motion, a decisive lack of elegance which at the same time felt completely unrestrained. It was inelegant, yet strangely serene, if it all that was possible for a motion. Perhaps that was the wrong question to pose: why would the seeming matter, especially in that so genuine a moment? Indeed, Aegis felt entirely at peace, his essence reverberating with the crude beauty of of life yet unborn; the spirit of budding spring. As life struggled to gain purchase over desolation, so too did the warrior's motions fell just short of flourishing. And even so, they were unrestrained. They were natural.

A meticulous algorythm followed suite, as always. As if mimicing the sunrise, Aegis steadily rose and expanded, stretching out all of his joints with a tint of sluggishness akin to that of a freshly woken cat. Doing so also allowed him to further take in the sensation of the moment, lavishly indulging himself in the scents and sights of that crystalized moment. Did it really matter that spring had not truly come if he could enjoy its absence just as much?

Scanning the somewhat dull colours painting his surroundings made him aware of a couple things. Firstly, the steadily increasing brightness of each passing day. Surely the tendency was to stop? There was no need to suffer a scorching sun, the mere thought of it was disgruntling.

Secondly, the scarcity of nearby people -- and the contradictory presence of an... elf? While it was true that Aegis was unused to being near others, he couldn't deny a degree of curiosity that the prospect offered him. He had travelled long before reaching this city. Maybe it was a sign that he needed to sate his mental hunger?

A needless thought his mind echoed. In a garden of half-dead vegetation the vibrant dye of his clothing all but guaranteed him being noticed, at least during the day. He had already been staring at the lady for a good few moments, so would it not be improper to simply turn away?

"... I... huh. Would it really be rude?" He really didn't know much about etiquette, it seemed.

Succumbing to his bantering thoughts and whims, the azure man  steadily approached the girl in question. It was difficult to tell if it was carefulness that dictated his gait or something else, but something about the way he moved was almost... stealthy. Was it that his lax demeanour lended a lightness to his step despite his upright posture?
Hopefully it wouldn't be a detriment to whatever next was to come.

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:22 am

Sorcha Donovan
Sorcha could appreciate a lot of things and also understand the need, to use wood and plants for other things than just late it stay in nature and let it grow, for many more reasons than you wuold expect an elf, as they didn't harm nor stop most of the process for nature, she understand the need to make furniture and that they, humans or the like, would make other items for their own ease. Such as the bench that ws on her left as she passed it, she had gotten up from the spot where she was standing, calling the mental list that she would have gone through about a hundred times a day to not freak out. I'm Sorcha, middle child of the Donovan family, my parents are gone, my brothers are gone, I live with my uncle. and every time it was a little different but stating the same facts over and over again to make sure she kept in mind what she knew and not get crazy.

She placed her hand on the bark of a tree, where she and Y'shtola had taken the metal off weeks ago, she smiled at the tree, feeling already healthier and no metal seeping into the tree's life source anymore. People tend to forget that too, she turned around and leaned against the tree before hunching down and scanning the people, an activity that she liked to do. Without judgeing just merely entertainment. To understand the way species, humans and others worked. She noticed someone looking at her, but she looked away again and again because she wasn't sure why people looked at her, mostly didn't stare but some looked her up and down until her pointy ears and walked on. Perhaps not such good things about elfs and Sorcha could agree if you looked at history but she didn't want to think about issues like that from years ago that had no influence on her now. She had to find her family. She noticed that the man who had looked at her before, approached her and she cursed in her mind again that she still had not found her dagger back as her hand automatically moved towards the hip that she usually carried it. But now all she could do was stand up and have this smile on her lips. Perhaps it was just someone that was curious. She didn't say anything yet though, after all, he seemed to approach her, perhaps it wasn't true.

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:31 pm

Aegis Bright
"Um, hello."

It was worse than he thought. Could it be? Was human society indeed so cruel, that merely spending too long looking was sufficient grounds for aggression? But wait, he thought, she is not human! Then a symptom of elven hatred? Even within the confines of a human-run social structure? Surely not! It wasn't even recorded in any book!!! Yet Aegis knew what he saw; that jerking motion of reaching habitually for one's trusty weapon under the presumption of an encroaching threat. Or, as he had read from those books, it could just as easily be caused by some social slight, a perceived offense, intentional or not.
Frantically, the azure man scoured his mind for information. There was no time to waste, the woman was clearly ready to attack. Were elven women like human ones? Were they worse? Many books seemed to suggest that women are like snakes! Surely not all are so fast and lethal?
Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine. If he doesn't do something to diffuse the situation, he may be forced to face off against the legendary wrath of a woman. For it to be of such magnitude that there are even written records of it...
Damn, did I make a mistake?! The blue man felt decidedly unprepared for that predicament. He had neglected his training for so long that any notion of composure seemed wetter than water, rapidly leaking from the cracks in his reasoning. With such an imbalanced mental state he hardly had any hopes of winning against a child, let alone the avatars of serpentine wrath that are "women"! He had to improvise. There was but once chance. The seconds were draining, his life was surely on the line! So he armed himself with determination, drew breath, and...

"Yes, um, that is true, but why, no, you see, I didn't, and, you know, henceforth I shan't, so... so! Yes! Hehe, right? Right."




Realizing his grave misstep, Aegis immediately understood the severity of the situation. The lady was coiled up against the tree, surely he had no more than a second's fraction before she struck like a viper! So he did the only reasonable thing left to do. Swinging his arms for momentum, he lept. And he dove. Face first into the ground, in a desperate scramble for cover.

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:28 am

Sorcha Donovan
She didn't know what changed her so much that she had to immediately get to a weapon, she just didn't trust the human world yet. Her world, her realm had protected her until the accident, than continued on to protect her with her uncle. It was a strange sort of occurance and the only thing that could have happened was that they were taken by elves. And her amber eyes turned big but she closed them shortly and looked at the person in front of her. I am Sorcha Donovan and my family is taken away from me. That wasn't the way to clean her mind. The person that came closer, she looked him up and down and she wasn't convinced that the person was okay but at the moemnt it didn't seem to be a threat, considering the um before the hello it might even seem that the person was nervous as well.

When he spoke, she couldn't make up a word from it, there was no whole sentence that made sense and she frowned and tilted her head to the left, letting her long aubrun hair fall of her shoulder, she brushed it away, not saying anything as she didn't understand what he was meant to say. Too late she realized that he might have seen the quick motion and that she should repeat an hello or something like that. When she did realize she did feel rude, normally she was never like that, but there had been a realization that she had not expected at this point and she couldn't believe that she had been so stupid to not realize it in general for about these four years. Every elf even her uncle could be her enemy, considering reactions and emotions, her uncle couldn't be one, perhaps if he was a great actor but Elves tend to be honest and none liars but that depended on the person.

But than, she couldn't help but not understand what happened, as she stood up, just to give a short apology, she couldn't help but giggle by his reaction, "I'm sorry it's been a while that I have spoken to someone." So she hoped to adjust this thing, she wasn't a giggly person but it sure looked funny. She kept the small smile on her lips to look a bit more friendly, "Are you alright?" she had her hand on the tree to keep up with her balance, standing on the roots of the tree, how interesting that this person dared to approach her, after her meeting with Snow, no human had tried.

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:47 am

Aegis Bright
The thud of his chest splattering on the ground sounded especially brutal. Aegis was confused by his own breathlessness from the impact, after all he could remember long ago how he had trained his body. A lot of that training constituted various kinds of falls... had he really grown so soft?

The man shook his head aggressively and rolled on the ground to generate momentum with which to get up quickly, then spun to face his "attacker". He expected to be met with a knife. What he got instead was a smile.

"Are you alright?" Aegis squinted.
"I don't know, am I?" Considering the general elegance with which the blue man carries himself, seeing him hunched over his aching chest was undoubtedly amusing. He appeared like a cornered animal, the way he was half turned and suspicious.
"I will ha-..." He rose a finger, slumping over his knees to wheeze for a few moments. "I will have you know, I did come in peace! There is no need for violence."
Aegis was not sure why he felt so remarkably ridiculous while saying these things. 'Twas the voice of intuition and though it never lied, the man questioned its timing. There is no time for doubt in a life-and-death situation! Very quickly the platinum-head started preparing various survival strategies, including but not limited to: climbing trees, playing dead, throwing stones or, if worst comes to worst, stripping naked. He had heard that it is a valid way to scare people off, somewhere.

But perhaps a token of friendship was what he needed? Of course! his mind chimed, peace! If I provide proof of good will perhaps there will be no need to strip naked!
So it was that with great effort Aegis reached under his coat and took out a colourful little flower. He really liked that flower; it was growing in a nearby field when the violet-eyed layabout saw it. The original plan was to take it somewhere and tend to the cute little thing, but as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Holding it out ahead of himself as he began making timid steps towards his predator, Aegis explained "You see, I... I just wanted to give you this flower!" Pausing, he glanced a bit to the side. "Well, mostly. I mean, it may or may not have been my driving motive. Look, look! Isn't it a pretty one?" A second, deeper silence came about.

"Please, don't kill me!"

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:08 am

Sorcha Donovan
Things surely were confusing for the elf, she didn't understand many things as she had had great adventures since leaving the realm of the elves, it had gone alright, to the craziness of the human beings as well as for the crazy adventure in a spirit kingdom with Snowflake. She didn't know what to say or do, got taken aback by her own giggle but surely went to ask in a friendly matter if the stranger was alright. She didn't think he was fine, the way he held himself, her eyes narrowed as did her smile, it disappeared. She had been trained in defensive and healing matters and he looked to be in slight pain, it also sounded like that. That he had to tell her he came in peace was exaggerating but than again; so had her reaction been.

"That's good to know." She took a step closer, "I like peace." She didn't come in peace after all, she had already been here. He had clearly noticed her motion to grab a dagger, which she didn't carry. Apparently it wasn't very confising yet. The structure of the elf her face made it difficult to look perhaps friendly and she stared with her bright almond shaped eyes at the stranger, now offering a flower. It was difficult to not show the sneer on her face, the words that she wanted to speak and she just swallowed them, humans didn't understand. He had been brave enough to take steps towards her and her eyes again lingered on his chest to see anything about difficulty breathing or pain, as well as look up at his face shortly with her amber eyes. She wanted to answer that the flower was indeed a pretty one when he pleaded her to not kill him.

It was true, elves didn't like humans, it was a long history that her father told her brothers again and again and she had listened in again and again. "I never planned to, nor to hurt or harm you." Sorcha said with a calm voice that would even surprise herself but wouldn't show on her face. "The flower is beautiful, thank you very much." She took another step forward to take the flower and look at it with adoration, flowers, such fragile looking things but they could withstand a lot, "Are you sure you are in no pain?"

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Leaves Are Turning Green Again [Social/Open] Empty on Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:36 pm

Sorcha Donovan
She didn't know whatever this man wanted from her apart from giving her the flower, she didn'understand that humans felt the need to take whatever was beautiful and take it away from nature. But as it was considered a present, she wouldn't say that. She simply thanked him and stated that the flower was beautiful. She wasn't sure if he wasn't in pain, his reaction to her was strange but she let it be, humans. She couldn't befriend all and she wasn't sure if her moral compass even agreed with it considering Snowflake.

In the end it was that she decided to leave, she didn't want to become uncought in a way that she would regret later and even though the conversation was short and forced, she decided that it was still better if she left. Which was exactly what she did, she made sure the man was in no pain before telling him that unfortunately she had to go. So she took a few steps away, wondering if she should go and visit the blacksmith again, wondering if she shouldn't buy a weapon. This guy had meant well but what if she bumped into someone that didn't. It was probably only a matter of time. So she left the park to head back to her inn, things were there to be considered.


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