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Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva

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on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:35 pm



Name: Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva (Chad)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


Race: Human(Sinese)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Black, Back

Face:Takahide Kujou, Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni...


Height: 6í2

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Chad is an enigma and a being that should not exist, as the majesty that is his physical form seems as though it should belong on another plane of reality. With a shiny bald head that glistens in the sunlight, Chad confidently asserts his overwhelming grace and presence by forgoing the shackles that tie his appearance to the mortal world. His continuous dedication to keeping his head free of hair illustrates his devotion to his true calling in life, that of being a monk. Along with his immaculately maintained head, Chad has a face sculpted like a marble statue of a god, with a strong jaw and prominent nose. His eyes and eyebrows are sharp and defined, displaying his inordinate confidence to anyone who meets his gaze. Given his level of beauty, it goes without question that Chadís face is free of blemishes of any kind, including any form of scarring. Given his Sinese ancestry, his skin and soft and supple to the touch, leaving him with skin as white as jade.

On top of having a face that defies mortal conventions, Chadís dedication towards martial arts has led him to develop a musculature that moves infinitely close to perfection. His broad shoulders and well proportioned body allow him to move with ease unbecoming of a man of his stature, and add to his presence as a transcendent being. The muscles of his body are well defined in every aspect, and any sign of body fat has been ruthlessly trained into nothingness. His fingernails and hands are kept in immaculate condition regardless of his love for fighting and training, though this is done through some inexplicable means known only to Chad. Similar to that of his face, Chadís body has no blemishes or body hair, leaving those who see him without his robes to be in awe of his perfection.

As a virtuous monk Chad realizes that his beauty tends to cause calamities wherever he goes, so he hides his body underneath the adornments of your average monk. He tends to wear large voluptuous robes that hide his physique. Unfortunately though, these robes do not cover his face or his large frame, so it is still easy to see Chadís perfect form. These robes are often quite elaborate, though he has been known to wear more simple ones on formal occasions or if he needs to wear something specific for a job. Sometimes he is even willing to wear outfits other than robes if he thinks it might be beneficial for him in some way.

Extra: Heís bald


Personality: Chad is a complex man who is devoted to his profession of being a monk. Everything in Chadís life revolves around this major centerpoint of his identity. Given that he has chosen to follow the path of becoming a monk, it is important to know his moral standpoint and his stance on interacting with the world around him. Chad isnít your typical monk, in that instead of detaching himself from the world, Chad has decided that the best way to reach nirvana is to indulge in the mortal world as much as he can. This means experiencing any sort of fun thing he can, including the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, fighting, and general tomfoolery. This does not mean that Chad is a rambunctious and rude individual of course, as he still tends to act like a monk as he indulges in these things, keeping a big happy smile on his face.

He tends to treat everyone he meets with respect, even if they are performing some sort of heinous act, as such things are just the way of the world in his opinion. Even though he is a monk, his moral compass is non existent, and he does not mind if the person he is talking is bad or good, or even if a job he is being offered is bad or good. All he cares about is indulging himself to the fullest as he experiences life. He isnít the type to take part is meaningless violence of course, but if he can find a justification for it to benefit him in some physical or spiritual way, than he might just jump in.

Besides being willing to do almost anything in the name of experience, Chad has a passion for combat. His favorite thing to do in life is fight strong people and in turn, become stronger himself. He trains his body constantly so that he can continue to grow in power and fight stronger foes. To Chad the feeling of near death experiences are pure ecstasy and drive him to overcome his limits whenever he encounters them. Though he is in a world of magic, Chad sees no reason to use it at this point in time, as he still has yet to mastery the use of his body. There is no reason for him to dabble in the arts of magic so long as he still has not mastered his physical form. He sees such things as a distraction that will only slow his growth.

As a monk, Chad is a calm and collected individual, even when he fights. He does not make fun of the people he is fighting or interacting with, and treats all those around him with the respect they deserve. Everyone will one day embrace the same death, so Chad has no hatred for any particular type of person, seeing them all as equal in the world. This does not mean that he wonít stoke conflict however, as his thirst for battle drives him to test himself against others he deems as strong enough. He isnít suicidal of course, and if someone is too strong than he doesnít have any problem with fleeing for his life. He can't continue to indulge in life if he dies an early death, so avoiding it is a definite plus for him.


  • Fighting: Since Chad enjoys experiencing life, there has to be something he enjoys about all other things, and that is fighting. He enjoys fighting to become stronger and to overcome his own limits, so that he can fight stronger people and have even more fun.

  • New Experiences: Chad loves to experience new things. These new experience tend include lots of drinking and eating new foods and the occasional bar fight. Experiences that allow him to either help or hurt others are also interesting to him as they allow him to have a deeper understanding of life and how that understanding can help him reach nirvana.


  • Fanatics: He is not a big fan of people who are fanatics about their religions or about other things, as he does not see any reason to be so beholden to a single ideology. He wonít randomly attack these people of course unless he feels like they might be able to help him grow in some way.

  • Shy People: Chad sees shy people as boring as they are not willing to interact with him in any meaningful way. If after engaging in conversation with someone and discovering they are shy, Chad might either try and get them to break out of their shell, or outright show a bit of hostility if he really doesnít like them.


  • Nirvana: One of the most important things for a monk is to strive towards Nirvana, and Chad is no exception. The only difference between him and most monks lie in his approach towards reaching Nirvana. Since he believes he he needs to indulge himself in the world rather than detaching himself, Chad is a bit estranged from most monks and religious types.


  • Lack of New Experiences: Chad is afraid of reaching the point that he can't find anything new to do, though that is quite difficult to do, making the fear somewhat nonsensical.

  • People spitting in his Food: He has an irrational fear of people spitting in his food, so tend to be extra respectful to chefs and serving staff at restaurants.


History: Unlike many people in this world who have a horrible tragic past, Chadís life has always been quite simple and happy. He was born to two normal Sinese parents who didnít really have enough money to support him, so they just dropped him off at the nearby monastery to be raised. Being a monk was a simple life, and Chad took to it with glee, though he wasnít really a fan of his abnormally long name given to him by the monks. In his early years, he just helped the monks with simple tasks like helping to cook food or sweeping the floor, and as he got older the monks gave him progressively more difficult tasks like moving around heavy objects and such.

Around the age of 6 or 7 they began to train him in martial arts and began to teach him how to train his body. Though they were monks who were trying to reach nirvana, they also enjoyed being able to protect themselves. Chad and the rest of the little future monks battled every day †using techniques learned from the head monks. After a few years of this, Chad was an exemplary student and was pushed towards being groomed to be one of the head monks in the future. Around the age of 14 however, Chad began to dislike the philosophy behind the people in the monastery, and began to create his own set of principles to live by while still moving towards his goal of Nirvana.

He left home on a pilgrimage to the west, hoping to find more interesting things to experience, and to become stronger along the way. He traveled towards this direction for about 4 years, enjoying the pleasures of life, until he arrived in Fiore, where he is currently searching for more interesting things to do.

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on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:45 pm

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