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The Right Sibling

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:20 am

Days she had spend indoors to look after the children and now she needed another moment to go outside and figure things out for their wedding, it might be postponed and probably happening in the summer, no exact date but she wanted to organize it on time right now, instead of doing it in the last month as what had happened with the original date, which had been around today.

She just wanted to redecorate the house a little, get some items for not too expensive prices as they were saving for the wedding, she had bought a wedding dress, more or less it was still being made but she did trust her friend to figure it out and besides that she wanted to decorate the baby rooms a little to not be something with only a nice colour and a crib.. or two now that she had to surprisingly get a second. She heard about an Artisan's building that sold all kind of stuff that people made themselves and thus didn't had to be that expensive. She truly was interesting to see what people were able to make and work on. Wondering what she would be able to get her hands on. The building seemed to be quite tall as Alice stood in front of it and wondered if all floors were used for the market inside, there was only one way to find out.

So she entered and stared at the hallway, there were barely any other rooms, just one big one with the first starting with paintings and other sorts of art and she wasn't sure if she was looking for that but it didn't harm to see if she could find something that she liked, though she found paintings a rather difficult thing to buy, what she liked, her fiance might not. But she had time, the children were asleep, Hecate was watching them, with Jupiter, if the later one had not fallen asleep as well. He seemed to have some issues lately.

#2Xandra Queen 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:01 pm

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"Ah yes, it seems that the issue is resolved."

Bright white lights illuminated the building that shielded insiders from the chill of the air outside. However, for the blonde, work had proved to be as tiring as always as she had visited this structure that was quite well-known to be a market for various products to be sold to the citizens of Crocus, to run an errand. She was given the task to simply retrieve some information regarding the building with the management of the business that ran it and now, she was done with her task.

Heaving a sigh, the Knight raised her right hand and crossed it, placing it over her left shoulder and gently massaging to relieve the pain that stayed with her. The past few days, she had utterly lost in her random trail of thoughts that more often than not, she found herself being unable to sleep. Due to that, the blonde was quite keen on working and possibly exhausting herself, hoping that may be able to get some rest after her work was completed. However, no matter how hard she tried, her fatigue refused to go away. She let out a yawn.

The building itself was made up of several floors, each exhibiting different but closely related products, aimed to attract the attention of customers that wanted such. As unreasonable as it was, the office which she just left happened to be at the very top of the building, causing her to have to lazily stride down the staircases. Each floor that she passed was decorated in a similar manner. It wasn't the interior decor of the building that made it so lively, it was the enthralled customers that found what they had needed. In fact, the interior decor was far more minimalistic than she had expected.

As she continued descending down the flights, eventually reaching the first floor, she noticed the scarcity of people. Perhaps it was because only paintings were hung up for sale here and not many people would be bothered to buy those, or rather, they wouldn't want to buy expensive pieces of art when more practical options were available on the floors above. Lilac eyes that drooped with tiredness landed upon a familiar ginger head. Her eyes slightly widened with recognition. The last time she had seen this woman was in Baska. As much as the blonde preferred to not pry into the matters of others, she couldn't suppress the feelings of suspicion her last exit had made within her. The way Alice parted with Xandra after their previous encounter simply didn't sit right with her.

She recalled thinking at that time that perhaps Alice disliked her. Not that it mattered much, she still felt that it would be common courtesy to at least go and greet a colleague so she straightened her back and walked through the hallway, towards the ginger headed woman. Her long blonde hair swayed as she walked while her simple attire which consisted of a white shirt tucked into black pants and hidden underneath a large pastel pink coat, helped the Knight blend into the crowd. Her white trainers slid against the floor as she made her way over to her superior. "Lieutenant Alice, I didn't expect to see you here."
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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:46 pm

Even though Alice believed that buying a painting wouldn't be the smartest decision, it was a save decision, no child would be able to reach them unless they used magic.. Which made her consider things for a second, what if they were born with magic? Was Kon born with magic? She certainly had the ability but she had learned it around her eighteenth and now she wondered what could be the disaster if a child was able to learn fire magic, but she didn't have Solar magic at that poing, than she realized she changed magics and that Gerard had said it might have come with the pregnancy. A mix of two magics and she tried not to get pale because of this assumption and not to draw a conclussion out of it. Because things like that probably didn't happen when they were so small and the like. Besides eh.. Hecate had not said something like that happened or had she been able to avoid disasters with her ice magic.

The red head shook her head and walked on to look at the paintings, keep thinking it was save and ignoring some of the outrage price tags that were on there, she definitely didn't feel like spending thousands of jewels on a painting that she harshly said thought she could make herself, some were very beautiful and she would definitely have no ability to fake them. She was just staring at a painting of the view in Magnolia, which she had loved but she wasn't sure if a painting like that, even if it was just nature, would fit in Orchidia, or if she was thinking too limited.

She looked sideways to her right when she heard someone call her by her old title, no one called her that as she tried to inform people that due to maternity leave, she was no longer a lieutenant, but people could make that mistake. However the blonde was unfamiliar to her and she only frowned first. For a second, because of the blonde hair, she thought it was Asura but she realized soon enough that she wasn't, that was quickly known. But she didn't know many other blondes, and all of them didn't look like this young lady. She felt very rude, "Hello, I.. I am sorry but I can't remember we met."

Did the children give her amnesia? Did pregnancy gave her amnesia? Did she get a postnatal depression? Did this had any influence on her? All she needed was a straight face, man she was mean.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:24 pm

As Alice probably surprised Xandra, whose name she might learn a little later, she immediately connected the dots, "Wait, you mean to say we met before, I bet this was Baska." She felt horrible that her sister had been doing this, really introducing her with her twins name? Lieutenant Alice.. she shook her head softly, "I'm so sorry for this, you see..." and Alice began to explain that she had a twinsister who was wanted and that she was trying to get her way out of it by using all sorts of ways, even Alice was new to this.

But it was good to have another Rune Knight her help or well to have an eye on people that looked like her, so she gave Xandra the quick rundown over the differences between her twin, which was basically their eye colour and freckles as long as it wasn't summer. With that she could shortly chat with Xandra, who seemed to be a very nice person and it was a shame that this news had put Alice in such state of mind that she wanted to run back to the apartment as soon as possible to tell Kon. Which was why she excused herself shortly, saying she would love to meet again but that she had to figure out if Lacie had done this more often. So she said goodbye and left to go home. Also because she wanted her children to be near her for her own protection to them.


#5Xandra Queen 

on Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:06 am

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

It seemed as if the misunderstanding between these two women was far deeper than she had initially anticipated. Not only had she completely believed the words of the twin who claimed to be Alice, but she also referred to her a lieutenant. The blonde couldn't help but feel a little down considering the fact that she was tricked but there was nothing she could do about it. However, on the bright side, it didn't matter as much to her as she now knew the truth. In fact, she never necessarily cared about the woman she met before but just couldn't help get rid of the sense of suspicion she harbored towards her.

The reason for that was pretty evident now. Her lips simply formed into a 'o' upon hearing the explanation from the real Alice. The Knight could understand why she was so distressed. Her twin was rather problematic. Their discussion soon drifted towards a slightly more casual topic as they talked about various things, diverting attention away from Lacie. Xandra now knew the differences between them and was quite keen on meeting her again, not that she may be able to. Nevertheless, it appeared that she had made a friend, one that didn't give off an unnatural aura.
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