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Conman Coward [Quest: Fia and Esperia]

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on Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:17 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

If there was one thing that Esperia disliked the most, then it was without a doubt the existence of conmen and crooks. The type of thieving villain who deceived and tricked the innocent and feasted upon their misery, and today Esperia had a very valid reason for her hunt after a certain conman. It all began at Batra's inn, the obsidian-haired trickster had found Batra trying to comfort a teenager who was weeping. Of course she approached the duo, wanting to find out what was wrong when she saw something that surprised her: the poor lad's left cheek was swollen and bruised, although Batra was already placing some ice against it.

It didn't take long for her to learn the boy was the latest victim of a notorious conman known as Kyle, and he had tricked the teenager in buying a false potion that was supposed to heal his mother from a terrible flue. Of course, knowing that not only did he trick the boy in such a vile way, but even went as far as to hit him? There was no way she would let this go unpunished, and so she had recruited the best person she could ever imagine to deal with the act of manhandling such a scumbag.

"Ne~ this can even count as you doing Rune Knight work~" Esperia hummed softly as she finished explaining the situation to her fiance, hoping Fia would agree with arresting the man.

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#2Fiammetta Barone 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:23 am


Fiammetta Barone

Cowards and criminals. For someone like Fia, with a sturdy set of morals and a current occupation as a Rune Knight, the two were often considered to be some of the vilest groups in Fiore. And fortunately for her, there was a lot of overlap, meaning she could derive the same amount of pleasure from cracking one of their skulls as she would too. At least, that was the theory, which would be put to the test with the latest task of Fiammetta Barone and her lustful lover, Esperia von Eisenberg.

Their quest had started at Batra's inn, with a lightly injured and crying teenager who'd been under Batra's care. Naturally, Esperia had asked some questions, and soon found out that the boy with the bruised cheek was a victim of a conman who'd been causing trouble. A foul one at that, who'd tricked the poor boy into purchasing a faux potion to heal his ailing mother. Fiammetta wasn't sure what had transpired from there to result in Kyle getting struck, but could've guessed it involved a confrontation of some kind when the boy found out the potion didn't work.

Regardless, one thing remained certain: This nefarious criminal had to be stopped! Fia nodded firmly once Esperia had finished explaining everything to her, giving a determined look that said she was ready to kick some ass.

"Rune Knight work or not, this damn bastard... We gotta teach him a lesson, I know that much..." Fia groaned, clearly agreeing with the task regardless of whether or not it fulfilled her duties. Fia looked up at her lover, before posing a few relevant questions about the case.

"So where do ya reckon we start? Bait him out somehow? Go undercover?

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on Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:11 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared the obsidian-haired trickster had already a plan in mind, for when her lover asked those important questions a mischievous smirk emerged on her lips. "Mhmm~ Considering the way people describe him I think he is a rather arrogant and overconfident person, especially since he seems to be scamming people in public places." A hand raised to the side of her face, resting it lightly against her cheek while she hummed softly. "So we'll bait him out, considering my looks he likely will think I'm some easy prey for him to play with, and the moment we confirm his name we can snatch him!"

A confident grin remained on her lips as she gently tugged Fia along and mused softly. "I got the perfect tactic in mind~ Once we find him we'll give him payback~"

And so it happened that the duo was soon wandering the streets of Crocus, and with Esperia nuzzling affectionately into Fia's arm it didn't take long for her plan to be set in motion. After reaching a less frequently patrolled area a suspicious-looking man approached them, a glint of interest in his eyes.

"You certainly caught quite a pretty lady around your arm, haven't you miss?"

The man smiled at them before he continued speaking. "I can see with just a glance how lovely-dovely the two of you are. It would be truly a pity if the two of you were unable to carry on your legacy because of the absence of a certain 'something'... how about I'll sell you this rare potion? It will surely enrich your shenanigans by providing you with a fut---"

Yet surprisingly enough Esperia chimed in nearly instantaneously with a "I'm buying it!" before realizing what she said, letting out a soft cough as she corrected herself. "Is that you Kyle?"

In response to her inquiry the man tilted his head slightly to the side, asking in a curious tone. "I am, have we met before miss?"

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#4Fiammetta Barone 

on Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:26 am


Fiammetta Barone

Esperia already had a plan in mind, it seemed, typical of the clever little minx. Fia nodded along as Esperia pointed out the arrogance of the conman, the Rune Knight already starting to see what she was getting at. "Yeah, he's out in public, means he ain't figurin' someone's gonna turn up to catch 'im." Fia uttered, then continuing to listen to her lover's schemes. It seemed they would be performing a basic in crime catching, albeit an effective strategy. "So this is gonna be a sting op, huh? Catch him in the act then hit 'em with the big surprise. I'm down." Fia declared enthusiastically, looking more than ready to kick the ass of this cowardly criminal.

A grin that remained as Esperia tugged her along, insistent that they'd give him the retribution he deserved, with this clever and capable plan of theirs!

It wasn't long before their target took the bait, as the pair acted like nothing more than civilians as they strolled through various parts of town on their patrol, with Esperia nuzzling closely to Fia's arm. Soon enough, they were approached by a shady looking individual who immediately tried for the sell.

Fia gave him a sideways glance at his initial words, immediately picking him out as some kind of swindler. And sure enough, he soon began trying to sell them a very peculiar sounding potion, one that would apparently allow them to continue their legacy through the addition of a particular tool. Fia slowly furrowed her brows in confusion, until Esperia's sudden purchase had her eyes wide in shock!

"H-Huh, yer buyin' it!?" Fia exclaimed in surprise, briefly forgetting that Espy's purchase was likely part of the sting. "I-I mean yeah, er, good choice..." The Barone girl muttered with reddened cheeks, before looking away and letting Esperia speak to the man again. She pretended to know him, and in doing so, confirmed this was the Kyle they spoke of. With their target found, Fia remained silent, allowing Esperia to continue with whatever plan she might have...



on Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:29 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Hehe~ don't mind my Fiance, she gets flustered easily when I put something inside her." Esperia mused softly, a mischievous grin lingering on her lips before she answered Kyle a bit further. "Although we haven't met before, I have heard quite the tales about you Kyle. Like how you scammed a teenager and hit him in the face?"

The man's pleasant smile faded for a look of confusion. "How did you know that---" Yet with those words the two of them had all the confirmation they needed. "Fia~ it's your turn to play, also please don't destroy the bottle~"

Certain of the fact that the man would offer little resistance once Fia decided to manhandle him, the moment Esperia obtained her hands on the bottle she started to pout lightly and drop her shoulders in defeat. "Like expected... this is just water in a potion bottle with some fruit juice mixed to change the color..."

Heaving a sigh she soon continued speaking dejectedly. "And here I thought I finally wouldn't need to rely on Asmodeus' magic to put something inside my fiance... Puuh... I'm almost tempted to ask you to hit him for me Fia~"

A little smile emerged on her lips as she waited for her lover to obtain the money that Kyle had scammed from his previous victim.

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#6Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:45 am

Fia just grumbled, blushing even harder at the comment, as Esperia brushed off her surprise as being flustered. Well, 'brushed off', wasn't quite the correct term, as she'd been absolutely correct in suggesting such things, leaving Fia in no place at all for denial. But, that aside, it seemed they'd managed to con the conman for the time being, and with Esperia able to get him to admit his identity, with the little trickster immediately going in for the kill by asking him about his latest victim.

The Barone girl grinned widely at the man's unintended indirect admission of guilt. This was way too easy, but she was planning to have fun with it regardless. Esperia gave Fia the go-ahead to start manhandling the dastardly crook, but the fiery girl was already approaching him as she cracked her knuckles.

"Don't hafta ask me twice..." Fia said with a smirk as she quickly stepped forward toward the frightened criminal, roughly grabbing his shirt with both her hands, before lifting the man of the ground with minimal effort! The potion slipped form his hands, caught by Esperia who was quick to lament that it was, indeed, nothing more than another scam.

Trying to brush off her lover's enticing words after that, Fia focused on the conman, shaking him a bit as she held him. "Alright, jackass, cough up the money from the last guy you scammed. Do that, and I'll bring ya down to the station in one piece!" Fia threatened in a stern and angry tone, leaving his compliance practically assured.

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on Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:54 am

"W-Wait a moment!" Kyle proclaimed in protest, but soon found himself lifted off his feet effortlessly, squirming in fear at Fia's threatening voice. "I-I understand!" The man shuffled a hand into the pocket of his pants and pulled out what appeared to be a pouch filled with jewels. "I-I promise I won't ever scam anyone again! Those jewels belonged to the kid, I'll even pick up my remaining money at my house and will deliver it straight to the Rune Knights. J-Just don't hurt me please!"

A playful sigh escaped Esperia's lips as she pulled the pouch from the man's hands and nodded her head lightly at Fia. "Let's go and return those jewels to their owner, shall we?"

It seemed Esperia was pleased with the results, clearly on the brink of returning to Batra's inn alongside Fia, but whether Fia would follow her or take the conman along with them, the duo would find that Kyle had slipped away before they returned to the inn. Batra was quick to greet them with a wave and a smile as he saw them return with the pouch, but his smile quickly turned sour upon opening the pouch. "Those jewels are fake Esperia, you been tricked..."

Her cheeks turning red from embarrassment the girl was quick to turn toward Fia and mumbled softly. "This time you can do more than manhandle him... let's go and make him regret pulling one over us!"

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#8Fiammetta Barone 

on Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:45 pm


Fiammetta Barone

Fia felt oh so satisfied watching the miserable criminal squirm and regret his actions. It was always pretty fun for her, watching cowards like this crack so easily under the threat of the large Barone girl. Why, she hadn't even needed to use her Titanic abilities before the man coughed up the jewels, promising to never scam anyone again and delivering his remaining ill-gotten gains to the Rune Knights.

"Heh, not so tough when ya can't weasel yer way out of things, huh? I better see those damn jewels, else yer gonna be even sorrier... So ya better hurry and get 'em" Fia growled as her final warning before releasing the man from her grip, turning to Esperia as she now had the jewels in hand, and nodding at her suggestion to return them to their rightful owner.

Pleased with the results of their little sting operation, the duo returned back to Batra's inn, with Fiammetta leaving the conman to get those Jewels he'd promised. However, things didn't go quite as smoothly at their quest's conclusion, as the moment they'd handed over the pouch of jewels to Batra, he revealed on quick examination that they were fakes! The conman had had one last trick left in him, it seemed. Esperia's desire for revenge was echoed by Fia, who was more than a little pissed.

"That damn punk... Let's go teach that fool a friggin' lesson!"

And soon enough, they did, and the conman's final trick had been just that, as the duo brought the slimy crook to the Batra's inn to pay his dues. Only, a bit more black and blue than he'd started out as!

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