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Hammer Time [Quest: Sorcha]

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on Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:21 am

Sorcha Donovan
The question to Sorcha herself was why was she still in Magnolia? She had no answers to the search that she was actually holding, was she hoping to get a connection to the people she met because that would make no sense. She frowned as she stood in front of a store and wondering if she would go in. The vault in her mind was closed so she would be calm enough and reasonable to think of answers but now that she stood here, wondering if she should buy some drink, she realized that she had been wandering around doing some irregular jobs to get money and not change anything about her search. Sure she would like to see the wild neko again or Snow and Chelvaric, but they didnít have any answers, she also didnít want to discuss all her problems with them, that wasnít how she worked. She had not found the slave man but she heard from Khalash that he was arrested. He had send her a note that the Rune Knights arrested the man after a tip and with the handling of the new Emperor. Perhaps she should go to a next town but she might want to gear up and get some weapon or something to get ready if it was necessary to fight. Which reminded her of her quest with Snow where she had no way to defend herself and had to depend on Snow all the time. Now she was sure Snow was very strong but it felt bad to do so. She should work on her magic as well but that would have to come later. She would have to be in the right state of tranquillity to be able to do that.

She stepped into the store and bought some normal water that came from the water source a little into the forest and was made clean to be able to be used. She paid for it with the jewels she had and stepped outside, she could go check the weapon smith if he had any weapons for her right now. Because it would surely be good to have a dagger or a sword or something like that. She dodged the busy streets and finally found a sign for a smith, she wasnít sure if the man would sell anything but she would check that in a few minutes. When she arrived she noticed a quest next to the door and frowned, well that would make things extra easy, she would kill two birds with one stone. Which was a very cruel saying and she shook her head and stepped inside and watched the smith hammering away on an anvil. So she simply remained where she was standing and stared at the items that she could see from her position. There surely were interesting things and she was hoping she could help him with the job and figure out what she wanted to buy, perhaps ask him for the quality here.


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on Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:31 am

Sorcha Donovan
At some point she heard a cough and turned her amber eyes back to the smith and he looked at her and walked over, introducing himself as Barras and she said politely her first name as well; Sorcha. He asked if she came for the quest and she decided to say that it was, because at this point she wonít have enough money to pay for a weapon anyway. She would be able to look at them but discussing was a bit useless if she had not enough jewels to pay for it. She could always do that later and donít get her hopes up on a weapon that she wanted. So when she agreed that she came for the job, Barras started to explain what he would want her to do. So she listened carefully and was introduced to his assistant, Ben, who had hurt his arm and couldnít do the hammer work.

The job surely sounded like a tough one and she hoped that she was strong enough to do the hammering. Ben would stay with her so she got someone with experience to help her out, which made sense of course. When Barras finished giving the instructions, he walked back to his own anvil and she was left with Ben and talked shortly with him before they would get to work. He would get the metal out of the fire and place it on the anvil and she would have to hammer. So she took the hammer he pointed out and nodded when he asked if she was ready. So he placed the soft metal on the anvil and she listened to his instructions, quickly acting because it couldnít get cold before she had done something. When it was cold again, he moved it back into the forge and she could catch her breath for the few seconds before she had to start again. She ignored how quick her arms were sore, she had done archery, that also asked for quite some strength in her arms but apparently not enough yet. It took the whole day before she was done flattening it out how Barras would have wanted it, which she only learned by the instructions of Ben. When she finally was done, the smith walked over to look at her work and he thanked her for her hard work. He would go to the back of the smith to get the jewels that he would pay her and she looked over at the weapons in the front. She had no idea that the man seemed to be a very popular human smith. She mostly got it in a different way, but perhaps she had to change her opinion about this human. He worked hard for it, it was the people that simply bought it that didnít understand the craftsmanship that came with making weapons and understand them. She accepted the jewels and said goodbye to both of them, giving some recommendation of herbs to Ben to avoid the pain in his arm.


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