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Find My Sword [Quest: Esperia, Fia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:36 am


Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone and her dearest lover, Esperia von Eisenberg, had been on a bit of a roll recently. With the two girls eager to move on from recent events, they'd dived headfirst into all kinds of tasks, from translation to cooking, in attempts to truly solidify their resolute focus on the future ahead of them. They'd many foes to face in their eventual journeys, and they needed to be ready for them.

Today would feature truest test of how strong their hearts had become since the reveal of Aseria von Eisenberg's revival, as their current objective took place within the same garden near which she had lost her life for the second time. Throughout the trip their, Esperia might've noticed Fia was particularly keen on holding her lover's hand, keeping close as possible, even more so than usual. Though Fiammetta didn't voice it, she was dreadfully concerned for her fiance's wellbeing and how this return to a fateful location might affect it.

But, hopefully, they were more than strong enough to endure pains of the past by now. Time would tell, as they soon entered the gardens, Fia's eyes scanning over the place as soon as they went in the door.

"He said reckons he lost it somewhere in hear... Pretty damn vague, but considerin' the size o' this place...." Fia groaned as they continued strolling on, taking in just how massive the area was and how difficult it'd be to search.

"How the hell do ya even lose yer sword anyway..."

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on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:11 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was rather obvious that Esperia had tried to avoid the Crocus gardens till now, and that was an understandable decision. In the end this was the place she had lost her sister a second time, and the memory was still lingering fresh in her mind, alongside the burden of the emotional pain it brought with it. However, on this particular day it seemed they were destined to return to the Crocus Gardens. While they had been trying to distract themselves from the events that had transpired by taking various requests and unusual little jobs the current one they had obtained involved a search for a missing sword in the Crocus Garden.

It didn't take much effort for her to notice the concern of her fiance, the gentle grasp of her hand, the closeness of their bodies as they walked along the path into the gardens. Esperia didn't mind, in fact she took strength in it, her fingers locked against Fia's own while she leaned her head slightly against the arm of her lover. Just the knowledge that Fia was there beside her was enough, enough to give her the strength to endure the pain this place brought her. Her gaze shifted slightly around the landscape, their target being a lost sword, and as Fia voiced she found it equally strange for someone to lose their sword in the middle of the Crocus Gardens. Nonetheless, a job was a job and it was their task to retrieve it.

"I don't know either... I'd say it be quite difficult to forget something like a sword, well unless you're extremely distracted. I certainly would end up forgetting to pick up my sword if I saw Fia wearing only an apron!"

A brief series of nods came in confirmation as the girl seemingly believed the possibility that the man might had lost his weapon as a result of being distracted rather than forgetting it.
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#3Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:35 am


Fiammetta Barone

It brought such powerful relief to Fia, to see her lover able to act naturally and stand firmly as they entered the gardens, the Barone girl taking solace in the fact that keeping Esperia close to her stilled both of there deep worries. Of course, that fluttering feeling of keeping her lover standing strong only intensified as the Eisenberg girl proved she was very much still capable of teasing Fia at every turn.

"Princess, I think sayin' you'd get distracted is an understatement... Pervert like you wouldn't even 'ave anythin' else on her mind if she saw that!"

Fia proclaimed heartily, though she did agree with Esperia on the implied possibility of the sword's owner getting distracted and losing it as a result... If that was the case, might it have been stolen while he wasn't looking, or something along those lines? It was a definite possibility, but there was really only one way to find out: By searching.

And so it was the pair began to stroll through the gardens, keeping their eyes out for a glimpse of the missing blade. They searched high and low, through every section of the sprawling location they could think of, but to no avail. It was becoming clear that if the sword had indeed been lost in the gardens, it wasn't going to be anywhere in plain sight...

"This is ridiculous..." Fia sighed as they looped around again, having found no clues whatsoever. "If he really left 'is sword here, chances are it's already been stolen by now anywa-"


No sooner than Fia had spoken could a dog's bark be heard nearby. Snapping her head to look, Fia laid her eyes on quite a sight. A few meters away from them was a very small, extremely fluffy little dog, sitting and wagging its tail excitedly. With a large sheathed sword in its mouth. For a moment, Fia just stood there with a jaw almost on the floor, flabbergasted at what she was seeing, before she managed a few words.

"Well... Think I found the sword..."

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on Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:45 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A playful huff escaped the girl's lips at Fia's response to her teasing remark. "I'd let you know that I leveled up my concentration skill! Then again... seeing you wearing only an apron..." A hand raised to the side of her cheek as she seemingly started to visualize the scene. Oh boy, what she would end up doing to Fia in such a situation... she doubted there would be any cooking involved, but eating at the other hand... Finding her cheeks flushing up slightly she was almost on the verge of drooling when she quickly shook her head in return to the statement and hummed softly. "I think I need more training first~"

And so their search for the sword began. Although they searched high and low for the weapon, it seemed the two of them had no luck with actual tracing the whereabouts of the missing sword. However, hearing Fia sigh the girl was about to respond when a sudden bark came from nearby, her gaze following Fia's.

"Oh mai~ it seems more like the sword for us instead." A little giggle escaped her lips as she crouched down before the dog, a warm smile lingering on her lips. "Look at how adorable he is~ It's a super fluffy little doggie! I wonder if we should take him with us~ Can we Fia? We can take him to the orphanage, everyone would love him so much there!"

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#5Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:06 am


Fiammetta Barone

A soon as Esperia huffed and started to voice her objections to the claims about how hard it would be for her to focus, Fia began grinning smugly, knowing exactly what the poor pervert was doing to herself. And sure enough, it seemed Esperia was unable to resist those thoughts and desires within her, to the point she shook her head to expunge them before speaking of the fact she might need more 'training. Fia just smirked at her lover, shrugging lightly. "Well, if ya gotta train gettin' used to that, I'm happy to help ya out." She'd offer.

Whatever future training might occur, it would have to wait until after they handled their current request, however. After searching high and low, they eventually did manage to spot the weapon they sought, albeit, in the teeth of this little excitable canine!

The dog continued to wag its tail in a friendly manner, eyes beaming at Esperia as she crouched down, though he did not release the sword. Rather, he kept it firmly gripped, like it was a stand-in for a big stick!

Esperia, rather adorably, began to fawn over the sword-holding dog, seemingly quite intent on taking them it with them. Fia couldn't help but smile at the prospect, giving a shrug at the suggestion. "Sure, I reckon the kids would love 'im. Doesn't look like he 'as an owner either..." Fia answered, noting the lack of a collar on the small dog.

Not a moment later, another animal appeared. Scurrying down from a nearby tree, a squirrel rapidly descended, stopping briefly and catching the attention of the dog. It only took one brief look between the animals before the chase was on.

"H-Hey!" Fia called out as the squirrel fled immediately, the dog hot on its tail, sword still in hand! The Barone girl immediately took chase, but it wasn't so easy to catch up the dog. Turned out, it was a seriously zippy little thing!

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on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:49 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Noticing the smirk on Fia's lips the offer that was made quickly led the girl to hum softly. "I'd think I'll take you up on that offer after we finish this request." A sheepish grin remained upon her lips as the two of them seemingly were dealing with the dog, a rather adorable little fella who was on the verge of being recruited as the future watchdog of the Barone household when a sudden nemesis emerged! A squirrel rapidly descended from a nearby tree, and soon the duo was forced to participate in a chase, their target the doggie that was chasing the late arrival to the party. Although they were hot on the trial of the critter, the little dog proved to be quite fast, zipping along the streets and chasing the squirrel while Esperia laughed heartily as the two lovers chased after the canine.

"I'm just glad the sword is sheathed~ imagine if it wasn't!" Fortunately while her speed might had been inferior to Fia's, her stamina at least allowed her to keep up till the dog zipped into a nearby alley and the two of them found the poor canine sniffing the air, seemingly having lost his target.

"Seems he lost sight of the Chip, or was that Dale?"

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#7Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:58 am


Fiammetta Barone

With the promise of training Esperia's concentration on the line, Fia knew they couldn't afford to let the sword-carrying canine slip from their grasp! Thus they pursued their target as that same dog sought his own prey, the trio of parties forming a somewhat comical array as they chased down each other. Esperia seemed to realize just how silly things were herself, judging by her hearty laughter and amusing comment.

"Tell me about it!" Fia proclaimed in agreement. After chasing the pair of zippy little animals for a bit further, to the point where Fia was starting to get a bit tired out herself, they eventually came across the doggo, who'd lest the trail of his most recent pursuit.

"Bah, Chip, Dale, either way that damn squirrel's gone!" Fia said in exasperation as she stepped over to the small dog as it sniffed about. Its attention soon turned toward Fia an Esperia again, as it began wagging its tail excitedly at their presence! Cautiously, Fia approached, kneeling down to the dog and holding her hand out gently.

"Uhhhh... Drop?" Fia commanded awkwardly, though surprisingly, the canine complied. Dropping the sword from its mouth and sniffing Fia's hand! All the Barone girl could do was chuckle at the sight, as she began scratching the dog behind the ear.

"Well... Guess that's that done..." She muttered, glancing back to Esperia. "One sword found, with a pet dog for the orphanage as bonus. Pretty good deal, huh?"



on Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:42 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared their search for the missing sword was about to reach its conclusion. With the squirrel having fled the little dog turned his attention back to the two girls and Fia tried to make him release the sword, something he surprisingly enough did! The sight of it and Fia scratching the dog behind his ears led to a little chuckle from Esperia who nodded her head sheepishly in response. She clearly seemed pleased by the conclusion of the quest. As Fia had mentioned they had not only discovered and reclaimed the missing sword, but judging how affectionate the little dog was they also ended up getting a new companion! Kneeling before the dog she joined Fia in petting the dog, idly wondering how Salem might react to his presence.

"Hehe it's an amazing deal~ I'm sure we can drop him off at the orphanage once we leave Crocus~" The girl commented with a little grin as she tried to gently scoop up the dog. To her surprise he actually allowed it without any resistance, nuzzling against her and going as far as giving her cheek a gentle lick. "hehe~ that tickles~ Anyways, let's take that sword back to its owner, shall we?" And so said, so done~ Although it didn't take them long to return to the owner of the sword, who was quite happy to see his blade again, Esperia was even more happy than him because of the true reward the two girls had gained!

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-Quest Complete-

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