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The Confrontation [Social: Baron]

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#1Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:30 pm

God damn it! Aki held onto her smoking gun, snarling in annoyance as she ran into the road blindly. But there was no one there. She was gone, like the gust of wind. In fact, not like, she'd pretty much become a gust of wind to escape, post Akira's shot. The dark mage didn't even have a chance to check if she'd actually hit or miss. What the lunar mage was most annoyed about, was her poor aiming skills. Maybe she was expecting too much from herself... She'd only had the gun for a few days now after all. Akira made it a point to mentally note that she had to spend some more time training with the gun and then combed through everything she'd encountered before the woman escaped... Her next object, or rather a person to become the subject of her annoyance, wasn't that tough to find.

She turned on her heel and marched back into the Rune Knight quarters. Deliberately, she stomped her feet as she climbed the stairs up to the barracks. Her footfall was as loud and menacing as she could manage as she strode towards the man's once again. The door was closed, this time... Was he expecting Akira's return and avoiding her now? Or worse, was he in the folds with the dark woman that Akira had failed to catch? She knocked incessantly, each louder than the last till she was practically banging on it. 'Open up!' she demanded.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:31 pm

up or even investigate what was happening outside of his cramped little bedroom as the two women made haste around the building. Small sparks of energy radiated from his form as his form tried its best to keep maintained. There was no use in getting up, else he risked losing even more power. Whatever happened, it was more with Michi than himself, that said he'd need to asks her what had happened and if she was okay. Raising his naked, staticy torso Fenrir sat up and looked for Michielle, "Hello? Michi?" he looked at the bed side next to him, nothing, he looked around the room and she was just... Gone. The Lucan would rub his eyes and lay back in bed.

Or at least he would have if loud menacing footsteps didn’t pummel the hall of the barracks. The marching stopped at his door and demanded that he’d open up, groggy and weak Fenrir dragged his still nude body to the door and opened up rubbing his right eye, “Yes?” he spoke nonchalauntly completely ignoring the fact the woman before him was irritated.

#3Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:34 pm

He opened the door just a crack, as he impatiently and monosyllabically asked her to state her purpose. What the hell was that arrogance? Did he have no idea what he'd just facilitated? In either case, he needed a talking to. A serious talking to and he better give her some explanation for how he managed to land the Rune Knights in such a soup. Not to mention, why the did he just cause a great inconvenience by relinquishing his magic and leaving a gaping hole in the roof up above.

And for what? To show off or something! She peered in mostly because she was in half a mind to just shove against the door and walk in, the only thing that stopped her was the fact that the man behind it was definitely about a million times stronger than her and that probably wasn't even an exaggeration. What she saw was enough to make her clench her eyes shut and leap away from the door, reddening in embarrassment. This guy was such an absolute shameless pig and a menace.

'God damn it! Put on some damn clothes!' she exclaimed, hissing sharply. 'And then let me in!' she demanded, now tapping her feet with her hands folded as she waited for him to  'You need to explain yourself.' she finished, chewing her lips and wondering how long this fierce fire of annoyance last before it extinguished itself. If he simply denied her request she didn't really have anything up her sleeve to make him change his mind... She'd probably just have to go complaint, without giving him a chance to defend himself, she was too fair a person to want to take that alternative though.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:35 pm


Fenrir rolled his shoulders and sighed as he watched the girl's furious reaction to his unmentionables, he couldn't blame her they were probably still glowing with energy. He rubbed his hands together and shut the door as he looked for something, anything to wear. He looked around for his pants, but it seemed they were destroyed in the chaos, though he did find a suiting replacement. Picking up his boxers he pulled them on, before slipping on the remnants of his sweatpants. This wouldn't make her too angry wouldn't? Hopefully not, but he needed to get things back in order before this chick blew a hole in is head.

Opening the door Fenrir cracked a smile as he gestured for the girl to come in, the smile was forced as he was far too tired for any of this right now, "I know I just had a visitor but if you want to train with me too I might need a nap first." he yawned , tears beading at the sides of his eyes as he looked at the much smaller woman. Pulling his sheets over his shoulders, he waited for her response, apparently a tad more impatient than he should have been.

#5Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:36 pm

When he finally opened the door again, he'd only managed to don on his boxers and something so tattered it might as well have not been there. Pulling sheets over himself he yawned and rather dully asked if she wanted a turn to train mentioning the fact that if she did she'd have to wait. Aki's crimson shade grew darker, but her annoyance at his assumption made her feel a bit like a steaming kettle. 'No, thank you... And is that what you're calling it now? "Training?" huh?' she asked the single question broken into several fragments just so she could bombard him with it.

'Not to mention that you're just... willing to "train" with anyone? Where the hell is your sense of loyalty.' she continued, waving her gun about which she hadn't placed back into her holster since it was still warm. Her words were rather judgemental and frankly uncharacteristic, she usually didn't care about such things, but today, she was in the mood to pin her failures on someone else and the more she thought about it, this man was totally at fault for letting a stranger amidst them at a time like this, but clearly he wasn't aware of this... Either that or he was super trained at acting so casual and careless that he wouldn't be suspected.

'Your frivolous attitude towards "training" with anyone and everyone has got the Rune Knights in trouble!' she exclaimed. He was so unconcerned, it looked like he couldn't even care that he'd just blown a hole in the ceiling. 'And that! What the hell was that?' she said now pointing the gun towards the gaping hole left in the roof, demanding more answers, although some of her questions were rhetoric. After the attack and the devastation it had bought, the blueprints of the Rune Knights, not to mention a few more documents with names of officials that had partaken in the defense, were highly valuable pieces of information.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:37 pm

Fenrir's eyes were narrowed and his smile was weak as he listened to the girl bombard him with criticism she seemed interested in the training Idea at the very least, though Fenrir was unsure what she meant by loyalty... "Loyalty? I normally train on my own... I mean I guess if more Rune Knights wanted to do it with me we could all get together to train." he shrugged as he shook the sleep out of his head. Honestly, he wished that he could be a little less tired to speak to this girl, but his mind was drawing a blank at every other word she said.

“I’m sorry?” he looked up at her with genuine confusion, he didn’t have a clue what happened or what Michi did for things to get so out of hand, “That?” his gaze upcasted at the hole in the ceiling, “I… Can’t explain that I felt good for a few seconds and I think my energy must have shot into the sky. As for the Rune Knights being in trouble, what happened? Michi told me she was a Rune Knight recruit so I gave her a tour like we do all the other...” he yawned, “Recruits”

#7Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:38 pm

Akira's eyes almost popped out of her skull, she wondered if the man had taken some illicit substance or was drunk or something. Did he not get his own meaning? She was pretty sure what she saw and heard wasn't training. She wasn't stupid, this guy was just crazy or something. Was he that confused, or did he really hope to have some sort of a group Rune Knight- she shook her head to let the stupid thought that had slid in there tumble out. It didn't matter, the whole training thing didn't matter except for the fact that it seemed, the woman offered that as a way to get in here.  There were other details she needed and getting him to give up the stuff she wanted was going to be a pain, clearly an uphill struggle. The whole room felt untouchable now, she tiptoed in and kept her hands to herself.

'Is there anything you can explain?' she said now piping down back to her dull, flat toned self... This conversation was becoming a drag. He went onto name the girl, called her Michi and said he believed she was a recruit. Aki's eyes widened, he was the kind of naive, Akira associated with Rune Knights, she was now convinced they just hired anyone. 'And you just believed her? Didn't ask her for any sort of proof?' Akira shook her head. 'You don't just let people walk in li- nevermind.' she sighed. 'Can I have your full name? and hers?' she asked now tapping her foot again, impatiently as she stowed her gun away.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:44 pm

Fenrir was confused why the girl seemed so flustered about his answers, he was being truthful and honest and everyword he said was fact, nothing else or nothing less. Did she not believe him he had good reasons not to lie, if this got out he'd probably... Well he didn't know what she even took, Michi was a nice girl and there was no way she'd steal from the knights she even wanted to be one of them! Thus Fen assumed that Akira must have been angry at Michi for some unknown reason, maybe they had met before? That'd make sense given she seemed to have spoken to her, though the gun seemed a bit much. Mostly because well, it was sort of off to have a gun out in such a small room, if it went off it might just richochet into one of them.

"My full name? Uh.. it's Fenrir." he nodded, "I don't know her full name I just call her Michi." he nodded, "I mean if it helps she was here training! I bumped into her in the training facuilty and only people with visitor clearence can get through without actually being a knight, he pointed out remembering some of what he was told when he first got to the barracks, "I assumed she was a recruit who got seperated from a tour..."

#9Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:45 pm

Akira sighed softly, her foot tapping was still incessant, but slower now as she wondered how exactly to deal with this situation. She couldn't help but accuse him some more. 'Fenrir.' she said emphatically. 'You know it has been really difficult to manage things like security clearance, the Knights are relying on us being more vigilant.' she said, even more flatly now. It seemed like this man was most certainly a lost cause. The only issue was when the Rune Knights find out tomorrow that secret documents went missing, they'd need someone to pin the blame on. This guy really made himself a rather easy target for it. If he truly was as lost as he appeared right now, she felt a stab of pity for him.

Had this guy just been a tad more helpful, she'd have been inclined to defend him, simply because it seemed to have been a genuine mistake and nothing malicious. But at a time like this, mistakes could be too costly. 'You can't just let any Mary, Jane and Michi walk in here and claim they're a part of the Rune Knights, or hope to be...' she said shaking her head. There was no point even talking about their "training." She tried to take a more patient and patronizing tone. 'She may have seemed nice to you because she gave you whatever you wanted or something... But she isn't. There are documents with names of mages and... and with the layouts of the Rune Knights headquarters... and she has those folders.' Maybe the woman had cast some spell on him to momentarily make him all confused, fog up the details of their encounter so she could get away. Maybe Akira just had to wait to see if it cleared up...


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:46 pm

Fenrir crossed his arms and nodded to himself, "I am sorry." were all he could offer, he didn't have a clue what to say. She was telling him all of these things baout his friend, but there was no way she was evil, just no way! He needed to get things together, he needed to get her to see the way of MIchi. "You'll have to excuse me, I'm not all there at the moment mostly because I know next to nothing about these kinda of things." he rubbed his forehead, Michi stole the documents but it seemed she was pure when he met her. He liked her alot, but she wasn't all that rude when they first met.

"But I didn't just let her in." he pointed it out to her as he sat up better, "She was in the facility when I first met her, and there was no way she could have just came in unless someone before me let her in so if I'm to blame for those documents I accept that but it should be noted she was here with or without someone else's clearence I should have asked her for evidence but i let my own exceiemtent get the beest of me I am sorry."

#11Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:47 pm

He was apologetic. Aki's temper faded to her usual colder self. But for once, she'd run into someone being rather transparent in their intentions and about their actions. She sighed softly and shook her head. 'Oh... what are we going to do with you?' she said muttering again. With her frustration now abated, her resolve to find the perpetrator faded. It seemed to be a series of small mistakes that led up to the event, but she was pretty sure this naive man was going to be pinned for it. Akira folded her hands over her chest, tapping her feet while trying to piece together the information. 'So she snuck past the guards, got in and convinced you that she was a recruit...' Aki said, now running her fingers through her hair in a rather exasperated manner.

'You showed her around, I presume? Before bringing her up here?' Aki asked because the woman's navigation of the Rune Knight barracks was flawless. She knew exactly where the papers were and knew exactly which openings she could exploit to get away. Michi, wasn't winging it... Akira thought. 'So, to give it to you straight, you're probably going to be in some trouble, now... the only way to avoid that if you can get "all there" and maybe walk me through what happened before the "training" and maybe there is a way to argue that this isn't all your fault...' she said, quite frankly. From the looks of it and from the way the conversation had proceeded so far, she doubted any of this had what it took to replace whatever sense of sanity that the man seemed to have lost at the moment. This could lead to some bad news for him.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:47 pm

Barry was at a lot for words, he knew that this woman had some sort of investigation going but when he remembered that she was wavinger her pistol around it donned on him that his special friend may have just been a crook after all. "One thing... Please tell me, did she really fight you? Did she really... Do all of that stuff? Stealing and stuff?" he knew the answer, it was why the brunette was here in the first place, but he desperately wanted it to be untrue. "Gods, I'm such an idiot I deserve the trouble i ge it." he rubbed his eyes and shook his head in discontent from his own actions. Rarely did the gravity of a situation get to Fenrir so badly, but in truth it seemed he was really going to be getin trouble for all of this.

"Before the training I was doing some working out in the gym, but when I shook the building I had to calm down before I blew up the base or something, before that I meant to head to the showers, but before I could leave someone bumped into me, she did." he began holding back no details, "We spoke for a moment and she seemed really nice, was told she was a recruit so I assumed that was how she got in without me noticing. After a while we toured and even ate together for a moment before she wanted to see the baracks and that was when everything else happened..."

#13Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:48 pm

Akira drew a long breath in, she felt quite sorry for the guy. He seemed to really want to believe that the woman he'd let inside had been innocent. Akira may be wary of social situations and gatherings, she wasn't too fond of people and their behavior generally, but the girl wasn't cruel, she didn't particularly enjoy the part where she had to burst his little bubble. 'Umm... yeah... she took to traversing through the vents, as this wind like gust, some ethereal form... then took some documents from the lounge... I shot at her, but I missed...' she admitted, taking tall pauses to separate the events that took place, her tone was rather wry. Her hands planted on her hips once again, her voice betrayed her own guilt. 'I could've stopped her but I failed.' she said softly, maybe that would be some consolation.

Fenrir was sure wasn't too great at backtracking, he started explaining one event, then mentioned that before that he was doing something else and after that another thing and between all that the woman was mentioned. Tried to keep track of his timeline, but the hasty broken way in which he explained it, much like a guilty child does, had the girl lost. She decided it made sense to confirm it with him just for clarity sake. 'So you were training at the gym and lost control of your magic somehow? The earth shook?' she started there, first, she had to relay her hypothesis and get some more information about his magic. 'Are you an earth mage?' she asked.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:49 pm

"I don't know about the earth, but the building was shaking and I guess I wa so focused on trying to control my magic that she must have snuck in or something, but the windows were closed as well...I know It sounds crazy but maybe we can give her the benefit of teh doubt? I'll take any and all punishment of couse, and you're not at fault because It was me who made her like that i guess during our training." he tried to make the woman feel better by mentioning that matter of factly. "You see when I was behind her and doing all of those movements something built up alot and I felt myself sort of liek expolde and I released energy everywhere."

He rubbed his chin, "I guess my magic combined with hers and that was why she got all windy, though I couldn't find her when i woke up... It's all kinda scary, but I swear I won't blame you for her getting away and all of this is my fault... In fact, I may as well resign now." he'd stand up and picked up hsi jump suit, "That'll be what's right."

#15Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:52 pm

Akira widened her eyes as he went onto try and defend the woman, she let him complete, but she'd have to find a way to tell him that taking the punishment for her, wouldn't aid matters at all. Retrieving the documents was necessary, apart from ensuring she was caught and information on who she was working for, could be gleaned from her. But he went on and now Akira really had to interrupt him. 'Hold up, hold up.' she said holding up her hands when he began explaining his movements. That sounded like details she definitely didn't need, particularly because she had had the misfortune of witnessing the explosion that took place and the destruction it caused. 'Lets reel back, and, er... you don't have to explain the "training" ok?' she said waving her hand in front of him to try and drive the point home.

She wasn't sure why he was so... open about something that was meant to be private, but at the moment she didn't want to go any deeper into it or give him room for any more elaborations she didn't want to know. 'So I'm assuming you don't have a great control over your magic then... So the building shook and it distracted you and that's when the woman approached you?' Akira asked, scaling back and away from the training aspect. She was concerned about this man now, he seemed quite out of it, he didn't even have enough knowledge about his magic, maybe he was a health hazard for the Knights after all... But she really didn't want to jump to conclusions, after all, once upon a time, she too didn't have refined control over her own abilities.  


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:53 pm

Looking over at her he still did not know what to say, despite having been so open in everything he said he legitimately did not know how much more to divulge, as he did not have much more to tell. The girl tricked him, yes, but he also could swear up and down there must have been someone else in on it. Then again there was no way of knowing anything, therefore he was going to get all of the blame rather he would want to admit it or not. Nodding his head he accepted this grim reality as he awaited the girl's words with a frown.

She seemed to not want to hear the training, it was so strange, was it some sort of secret training method that only so many new? Ah, she must not have wanted anyone to know about it, very clever. "She approached me as I was leaving the faculty, she bumped into me as I opened the door today." he was certain that was where it all began and where it all should have ended, but she had perplexed and tricked him. He knew it was wrong to be so easily seduced but she was so beautiful, so sweet.. it was hard to say no.

#17Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:53 pm


It seemed the man had given her everything he could. The information he shared, seemed repetitive and Akira had etched the brief timeline of what happened in her mind after he gave his confirmation. He looked so perplexed, the thought that she had used magic to charm and befuddle him somehow crossed her mind again. She wondered if sharing that perhaps, would help him snap out of it. She cleared her throat, to emphasize the point she was about to share. 'Ok, so there is a small chance that she has some magic that may have confused you.' Akira painted her hypothesis in clear deliberate words, quite different from her mumbling or her demanding short tone. The magical manipulation of the poor man's brain would explain why he was so keen on defending her too.

Her idea seemed to be making perfect sense. The possibility looked more and more plausible. Now, she just needed a way to counter it, so Fenrir wouldn't have to take the fall for this mishap entirely. Although, the lunar mage wasn't sure if she should be aiding a man like him and preventing him from facing any consequences... 'Fenrir.' she started again, her emphatic tone still plain and clear to see. 'Remember, you cannot be taking her side, if you want the other Knights to go easy on you, if you defend her, they'll think its a conspiracy and things will get tougher, ok?' Akira tried, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to convince him to help her investigate more. It was going to be really hard keeping this under wraps.


on Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:00 pm

He knew full well of what they were going to do to him and he accepted and even made piece with it, with a smile on his face he chuckled and listened to her speak on. Yes, it was going to be bad for him and he already knew that this was going to end with him losing his job. He continued to look at her with a smile as he stood up from his bed and ppicked up his shirt, luckily for him it was still intact at least. He'd pull it on, there was more to this than he liked to admit, he felt a desire to keep michi out of the eye of the law, but that was just a weak feeling for a weak man, the weak man that he was. He knew full well she was going to tell the higher ups and none of this would matter.

"Ha ha, thank you for the advice but I may as well take my leave and be out of here, i'd rather go out on my own terms now rather than have them stair down on me for a few hours and tell me that I'm done for." he'd put his hand in his pockets and patted her on the shoulder, "Thank you." with that he'd walk out of the door and soon out of the HQ into the knight, they could fire him... Sure.


#19Akira Shimada 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:01 pm

She noticed the expressions flit on the man's face. It was rather strange, he didn't really grace her words with any real response. Was he accepting his role then? Did he just not know better? She really wanted to help him through this, but either the magic that the woman had used was too strong, or this guy had been looking for a reason to leave the Knights, or last, and the worst perhaps, he truly was mixed up with that Michi woman. If the last was true, he could crop problems for the Knights. Finally, when he mentioned that he was done, that he didn't care what happened to him, Akira grew worried. She wasn't sure what the course of action was here, was she supposed to stop him, on the assumption that he was an accomplice to a crime of theft? Was she supposed to arrest him?

She simply stood there, a little lost and seemingly buried under the pressure of the bureaucracy she had not deemed to understand carefully. She just watched, her mouth slightly agape as he wore his shirt and simply announced his departure. This seemed more and more fishy. Akira wished she wasn't involved, but she did have a duty towards the Knights. 'No wait...' she tried, but he was already too far gone. Maybe he'd make a come back later? Nonetheless, things were out of hand... She'd have to let the higher ups handle it. If he truly was innocent and just hoodwinked, Aki would feel terrible about it.  


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