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Second Start of Magic [Training | Invite]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training on Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:32 pm

There was a soft breeze in the air, blowing her long raven black hair in her face. The Take Over mage stared up at the building that was in front of her. Perhaps building wasn't the right word as it was some sort of arena, the only spot in Crocus that she basically had not visit yet, if you didn't count some famous art market or something like that. She looked up at the arena, it looked quite big but that would have it's reasons. She heard that you could train here for nothing and since she and Persephone had their difficult start, she wanted to be save from any mistakes with her nature magic and an angry Goddess.

She took a deep breath and took a firm grip on the shoulder bag that she was carrying over her right shoulder and stepped inside. She felt very out of place, dressed in tight training pants, more like yoga pants.. but they were comfortable and an oversized gray shirt. She had some water, food; a basic salad, and some paper with her to write notes when Persephone would give her information. She didn't know what to say yet about what would happen, but she stepped into the arena. Someone quickly came towards her to explain that today was a normal regular training morning for which ever mage showed up and he pointed out the red lines that were in the arena, making smaller spaces within there but big enough. If you picked a field, you didn't have to worry about other people their spells as they wouldn't be able to cross the red barriers, which was great news.

The man looked up Phoebe and she eyed him with her lilac eyes and asked the unspoken question why he was looking at her. "I'll be fine on my own." She said with a hint of sarcasm, she didn't like people staring at her as if she was fragile. She should teach the world a damn lesson that she was anything but a fragile porcelain doll. She picked an empty field on the left side around the back to focus on herself, there were only a handfull of other mages and she didn't feel the need to talk to anyone if she needed to focus on Persephone her teaching.


#2Savannah Knight 

Training on Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:57 pm

Savannah was taking a casual stroll through the city; so far she has meet three people, if you don’t count the people she meet at Batra’s bar during that one mission, two if you don’t want to count that one lady that lets Savannah stay at her place. Savannah realized that she wasn’t as strong as she hoped she was, not that she didn’t know she was weaker than most, but the fact she only was able to finish the mission was her wits. So she decided to train a recent spell to help her out of difficult situations and thus was on her way to the Domus Flau. Savannah snorted at the name, sounded like someone’s shit attempt at doing Latin whether it was correct or not.

It was a warm day so she had her brown leather Jacket tied around her waist, even if it got in the way of her hip-bags. The Jacket was important to her. Although she did change from tight blue pants to plain brown knee-length shorts, still the same red shirt though. Savannah started to walk quicker at the peoples stares, was it that odd too see a woman of her height? 5’10 was regular where she was from, but…Savannah gave a sigh once she saw the arena and immediately walked inside.

A man ran up to her and explained about that it was a normal regular training morning, red lines, and barriers. He stared at her for a bit amazed at the difference in height the two had. Soon he pointed at a woman in the far corner and told her all the fields were taken, but there were only a handful of mages. But Savannah didn’t have a choice and soon she was in front of the lady.

Savannah tried to see where the man went, but he disappeared. “What the hell.” She muttered in annoyance, Savannah rubbed at her head and looked toward the woman. “Sorry, he kinda pushed me ‘ere and I didn’t ‘ave much of a choice.” She held her hand over her chest, “I’m Savannah Knight, if you don’t mind I will stay here. I will stay out of your way. It’s just…” She pointed to a group of people staring at her, “Usually stares don't bother me, but something is making me uneasy. A bit weird I know, but.” She shrugged.

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Training on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:11 pm

Varian looked up at the Domus Flau once more. He had been here once before a few nights ago and had fought someone. the Slayer had Vega by his side. The companion was believably powerful and friendly and was never hard to work with. She was just a little sassy sometimes. Which Varian found funny. And along with that she was also a force to be reckoned with, she was light years ahead of Varian in strength, but his speed surpassed hers, which was uncommon in his opinion.

As he walked through the hallways he unzipped ran over the spells he had come up with to train. His personal opinion was to find a good place to go train. And once he did that he'd be able to make himself stronger, but he had no Idea how it would end up working. He had decided on some stronger spells.

He himself was dressed in a pair of hiking boots and a pair of jeans. Though his pullover sweatshirt was gray and tattered, something that he had found in his closet when he had woken up back in magnolia, but it would do for the moment. The sunlight was better at the moment then it had been a few nights ago


#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:15 pm

Phoebe had just dropped her bag and was trying to focus on her breathing, when someone showed up in her arena. She had seen it happen before, as the guy pointed towards her and she narrowed her eyes at the easy gesture that he made. The girl couldn't of course help what happened but of course, how easy. She came on time, claimed a spot, there were many open spots before she got one and now suddely the others picked all one for themselves? With 6 people having all one of the 6 arenas of course there were no others left.

She stood up straight, this mage, or so Phoebe assumed, was taller than her was and she definitely didn't like that. There was enough she needed to worry about and that was for example to get an empty mind, which was very hard if there were two entities in one body. She looked over the girl as she started to speak and had to focus on what was actually said to be able to give an answer. She looked around the girl and nodded, they were staring, it probably had to do with her clothing. It was in the middle of winter or well to Phoebe her feelings and she was wearing barely any clothing. "I bet they are jealous that you don't feel cold."

Which was something Phoebe had but not like that, she would still dress up warm enough but warm up her body with her fire magic to stay at a right temperature to feel warm, but not like that, not just walking around without a jacket and in shorts. What kind of magic user would she be? Apart from that Phoebe was no longer a fire mage, she was a Nature Take-Over user and that made things a whole lot different. We need allies, it doesn't harm to try. Persephone said in her mind and Phoebe gave an invisible nodd and turned to Savannah, "I'm Phoebe by the way, Phoebe Rainsworth. It's nice to meet you, shame of the circumstances but there is enough space to train. Don't mind my curiousity but what kind of magic do you use?" It was always good to get bits of information right? Perhaps she could try out her spells together but she wasn't sure if that worked well with Persephone talking in her mind too. Focusing on two conversations would be difficult.


#5Savannah Knight 

Training on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:30 pm

"I bet they are jealous that you don't feel cold." The woman said. Savannah blinked then it came to her. It’s winter, and winter means cold. Savannah just scratched the back of her head, it’s odd, usually she get cold in the winter, but it has been a while since she’s been in winter. A lot has certainly changed since then she thought a bit dejectedly. She crossed her arms and waited as it looked like the woman was thinking.

The woman soon turned around, "I'm Phoebe by the way, Phoebe Rainsworth. It's nice to meet you, shame of the circumstances but there is enough space to train. Don't mind my curiosity but what kind of magic do you use?" Phoebe asked, Savannah nodded Nice name. She gave a slight smile and responded to the question give to her. “My name is Knight, Savannah Knight… and same to you, it’s a pleasure. And no, I don’t mind. I’m an Ice-Make Mage, probably why i'm not cold, you see I forgot that it was winter and the last time I was in winter was before I had my magic.”

Savannah thought about it and realized she didn’t know the other’s magic, “What about you, what kind of magic do you do?” She hope she wasn’t being rude by talking with Phoebe, interrupting her training.

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Training on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:22 pm

Varian looked around the arena, judging those that seemed to be around him. There was a tall, black woman who held an ethereal presence, and someone who he recognized from the artisan building, Savannah Knight.

He slid through the groups of sparring partners. Dodging a few blasts from those he had walked in between. Once he reached the area where Savannah and the other stranger stood he introduced, “Savannah, nice to see you again. And I’m sorry I don’t know who you are, but My name is Varian Chevalier.” He said with a kind smile. He didn’t want to start off on a bad foot and this seemed like a good way to make sure they were all friends in the end. “Since you’re here I’m assuming you’re here training new spells as well, if you don’t mind me asking which ones? I’m here to experiment some more on my new magic.” He said. His demon slayer magic wasn’t exactly new, but it was still new to him. “I think I’ve gotten some new demon slayer spells I’d like to practice so that’s my purpose.” He added on.

Vega strolled up beside him, brushing underneath her legs. She must have gotten left behind when he dashed trough the crowds. He felt a little bad for leaving her, but she was a smart animal and could easily take her own in almost any fight. Varian leaned down and gave her a scratch between the ears.

Turning his attention back to the others he posed a simple question, “I’ve always heard three heads are better than one so maybe we could train together and help each other along the way.” He asked. He hadn’t sparred much, except for the last time he had trained. And other than that, never, at least not to his current memory. “We don’t have to spar, but we can, or we can do something else, I don’t really know?” He said, which was true he had never shown his magic off to someone else. He raised an eyebrow as he waited for their response



#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:47 pm

Phoebe was in a conversation with Savannah and laughed a little about the conversation, "Ah that sounds interesting, it must be very nice to not notice the cold." She didn't feel the need to share her change of magic, because some people might ask for details and she was definitely not up to sharing that she was sharing a soul with an old Goddess, "Hey!" Phoebe heard in her mind from Persephone, because the Goddess would never say that she was old after all she didn't really age. But she could answer the question about what kind of magic she was using but before she could answer, her mouth open to make the sound, someone else showed up.

So she shut her mouth and turned towards the stranger that seemed to know Savannah, oh great, being polite brought more people but she smiled politely. "Hi, Phoebe Rainsworth." it would be annoying to say nice to meet you again but she gave that friendly smile and looked between Savannah and Varian and in the end gave her attention to the companion that followed Varian. What an interesting pretty creature, Phoebe liked things that were pretty. She turned her eyes back on Varian, wondering if the question was for her or Savannah but as she still had to tell the ice-make mage what kind of magic she used, she could just say it, "I use Nature Take-over magic." She simply stated and brushed the black hair back over her shoulder.

So instead of being able to train alone with Persephone guiding her, she now had to accept this for her own future and gave another polite smile after staring from one at the other, "What a lovely plan. I don't mind." She turned to Savannah to see her answer. [color:1a37=cc99ff]"I recently aquired this version of my magic, I haven't had much practice so I'm open for suggestions."


#8Savannah Knight 

Training on Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:12 pm

Savannah was nodding to Phoebe when Varian showed up, and a small creature following behind him albeit quite far away. “Savannah, nice to see you again. And I’m sorry I don’t know who you are, but my name is Varian Chevalier.” Savannah waved a hello to Varian their adventure still slightly fresh in her mind. She turned back to Phoebe as she introduced herself to Varian. Varian gave a form of agreement then seemed to address both of them, “Since you’re here I’m assuming you’re here training new spells as well, if you don’t mind me asking which ones? I’m here to experiment some more on my new magic.”

Varian gave a pause before continuing, “I think I’ve gotten some new demon slayer spells I’d like to practice so that’s my purpose.” Savannah blinked, Demon Slayer? Savannah frowned a bit, you see she had read about demons before and had a good view on them, among other reasons. Her mother…Savannah came out of her thoughts as Phoebe told them about her Nature type magic. Varian then suggested that they all work together.

Savannah took a glance a Phoebe a bit curious on how she might answer. And once Phoebe gave her agreement, Savannah nodded as well. “I don’t mind, but how will we go about it?” Phoebe spoke up, "I recently acquired this version of my magic, and I haven't had much practice so I'm open for suggestions." As interesting as that story sounded, since Phoebe didn’t ask about how Savannah came across hers, she didn’t press.

Savannah put her hand to her chin, “There is meditation, or we know what spells were going to attempt in a broad sense. I’m working on some ice grappling hooks. But…I’m not sure”

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#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training on Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:15 pm

Phoebe turned her eyes to Savannah suggesting meditation but than why come to a fighting arena if she wanted to do meditation, you could do that in a silent hotel room or whatever place you stayed at, at the moment. "Meditation won't do it for me, but the use of spells is what I came here for." She moved her hand in a wave to gesture to the other people in the arena, "If you look at the others around you, you can see they made dummies, got dummies or fight against each other to understand the purpose of their spells. I came here with a magic that recently became mine." Her lilac eyes turning towards Varian as he had mentioned something about a new aquired magic, "That means I want to work on creating spells that I at the moment only have in my mind and haven't actually made yet." turning her eyes to Savannah again, something about ice hooks or so? She didn't really remember but that didn't matter for now as she didn't need to make them and so on, that was up to the user herself.

Phoebe would have to work on the ones that Persephone had in mind. She could use the almond spell that Perse had thought about, a defending spell, so she turned to look at Savannah, "Of course we could support each other by helping making spells or making shields against offensive spells, depend on your capability of spell use of course." She had no idea what else she should say without starting to sound offensive. She didn't want to say much more and looked from one to another, "So what kind of spell was this, miss Savannah?"


#10Savannah Knight 

Training on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:26 pm

Savannah took a passing glance at the dummies that others were abusing. Then Phoebe addressed her and questioned her abilities looking between her and Varian. And probably not wanting to sound offensive- too late, but Savannah doesn’t mind- Asked about what spell Savannah had in mind. “I had in mind something that could lift me up if I needed to get out of the way quickly or maybe swing, cause that be cool. And I have my Cryokinetic Surfing, but…” Savannah coughed a bit.

“I did a little research and came upon Grappling hooks. Now I want to see if I can form my Ice magic into a grappling hook shape and possibly shoot out to latch onto something.” Savannah leaned onto her left leg, switching to her right, her chin in her right hand with the pointer finger and thumb making a check mark over her chin. Savannah’s right elbow was cupped on her left hand. “I also have a D-ranked shield if you need use for it. I also have a lance and hammer spell, to answer your question on my abilities. I got another, but I rather keep that one to myself.”

Savannah walked more into the field next to Phoebe and crossed her arms. “What do you have in mind for your spell? I can use a shield or attack for your spell. Maybe you can make something for me to hook my Grappling Hooks onto?” Savannah put her hands on her hips, giving Phoebe a small smile.

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#11Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training on Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:21 pm

Persephone had an influence on her talking as she noticed how she was juding people without knowing them. Even if the Goddess wanted her to make allies, she wanted to be appraised for being a higher being than the rest of them and that made Phoebe offend people without her honest intention. If she would work together and figure things out in a better way, it would be fine because than she would only be offensive when she really wanted to. Which wasn't now but at least Savannah didn't seem to be hurt by it, which she definitely liked. No one would be happy with people that would cry over words. Surely words could sound mean but they didn't hurt not really at least, she would throw a spell at them to show what really hurt. Bu she should let go of this violent state of mind and focus on what this training was about. Persephone wasn't really happy about having to speak to Phoebe in perhaps moments that would ask too much attention.

She also had to pay attention to Savannah as she spoke, it would only be rude not to and her Lilac eyes started at the person she just got to know and would sort of train with now. She seemed to be capable of a few spells, but that was no problem. "That's fine," she replied casually with a smile when the girl said she wanted to keep a spell to herself, she was also keeping to herself that she actually now had two souls, basically. Phoebe crossed her arms and tapped with her right index finger against her cheek as she made a humming sound, indicating that she was thinking. She could indeed try to make some root spell, after all Persephone had one in mind, to remain in action so Savannah could use her grapling hooks. She gave a short look at Varian but they couldn't please everyone at the same time right, and she was going to be rather selfish without them hoping. "I got a small idea for that. I have an offensive spell that I would like to use, if you could make a shield for that," she almost said would be able, that would give the intention that she believed indeed that Savannah might not and she didn't want to give that idea.

"I can try to sustain them after that to see if you could use your own hook spell on it. What do you think about that?" She said with a careful smile, it might not be an immediate satisfied plan but if Varian wouldn't offer a spell either, she would believe that her roots would be good enough. If Savannah would agree, she would have to do one more thing,



A double set of voices, but only one person, for now.


#12Savannah Knight 

Training on Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:43 pm

Savannah nodded when Phoebe asked her if she could make a shield for that. Her Swords of Beira's Guards could handle a lot, but too much and it would shatter. In that case Savannah would just use Cryokinetic Surfing to get out of the way or hopefully use her Grappling Hooks. Savannah was about to move when Phoebe spoke up again, curious as what Savannah thought of her plan. Savannah just continued to smile and nodded, and with a series of pops from her back as she stretched she moved to the opposite side of Phoebe.

Savannah looked at Phoebe waiting for her signal and soon she said, with an echo in her voice though Savannah dismissed that as the effect of the dome, “Anthos.” Savannah quickly takes her right foot and makes a semi-circle in front of her. She swung her arms to her front toward Phoebe in conjunction with her right leg while keeping her hips steady with her left leg. She then tangles her fingers together and pushes down at the "semi-circle". From this "semi-circle" slid out wide pointed blades of ice that connect above her.

The blades were reminiscent of typical knight broadswords at 1 meter thickness and 1 meter in width. The blades slid out quickly as they raced to meet each other where they started to sharpen into a pointed triangle. They were a bland blue ice color, but shone wonderfully in the light. Phoebe spell raced at her shield and Savannah took in the view, ready when she would need to call upon her Grappling Hooks.

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#13Phoebe Rainsworth 

Training Yesterday at 4:02 am

As she spoke about the spell or the world, who knew, that would unlock Persephone her potential and with that magical energy, her own lilac eyes turned towards green and her hair shortly showed a streak of orange hair that disappeared as soon as it appeared but that didn't matter. Now they were really one, combining their thoughts and movement. No longer having to talk and think to each other, perfectly in sync for this point. The both of them hoped to perfect this working together to be able to have a step forward shen it came to the point that they would have to fight an enemy. At this point they had none, they didn't care too much about one to make someone their enemy.

And if you considered Persephone her whole track of thoughts, everyone that litered or took the world and with that the nature for granted would be an enemy of her and Phoebe would only be there to help her to take care of nature and the people that intended to destroy it by their inattentiveness of nature. Which she definitely saw as a crime that needed to be punished. But not now, right now all they needed was to figure out how much power Phoebe her body could take and hold. Which could be an infurating thing for the former Immolation mage, her fire power had been fine, but now she was on the exact different side of the coin; Nature. She could have harmed herself with that magic but yet Persephone took the action and taken over Phoebe and look at them now, only months later.

Two months they were together and from each other enemy, they became the union that was needed to be this one person forming the spells. The combination of Phoebe and Persephone would remain calm, this was only to train, no heat of the battle and wait for Savannah to be done with her shield spell, she had no idea how it worked but as soon as they thought that the spell was done in it's shape she would send her spell, normally Persephone mentioned, they would do that a lot quicker. She moved up her hand from around her lower left hip in a half a circle to touch her left shoulder and created the spell that would put their part of the arena up in a broken ground.

About a two meter area of effect would show the roots that were a meter thick and as she tried to send them in a different way than normal to not surprise or accidentally hurt Savannah in a way that would be inconfienent to the training. All she needed was the girl to show her support and help her but that wouldn't happen if Phoebe immediately would hurt her by throwing spells up from the ground, so the roots came up and made their way towards the ice mage, being blocked by the sword shield, yet trying to pry, pressumingly destroying both the shield and the roots, but Phoebe, trying her very best to have them cast again so Savannah could use those hooks, "Would this be okay?" asked the Nature mage to her training companion as she lifted up both her hands so the roots would raise a bit more above the ground and she could try.

Used: Hyacinth 675/675 (10% WC discount INT)


Name: Hyacinth
Rank: C-rank
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: God Soul Magic: Persephone
Type: Offensive
Element: Nature
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: by raising a hand up or down, the user creates roots that are around a 2 meter area of effect. The roots come up from the ground, are 1 meter long and 20 centimeters thick. Once hit by the roots they do C-rank piercing damage.

#14Savannah Knight 

Training Yesterday at 11:31 am

The thin, but thick roots, smashed against Savannah’s shield and it seems the spells were equally matched. As Savannah’s shield cracked and shaved off in sheets Phoebe’s vines skin flicked off and squished on the shield. And it seemed as though both mages were struggling to keep their respective spells up. Soon both spells dispersed in their differing effect, Savannah’s in little shards that gleamed in the light casting lines in rainbow’s colors around the field. Savannah sat down after that and for the first time in a while was grinning.

It seemed like Phoebe casted the root once more and held them just above the ground. When Phoebe asked Savannah if that would be okay Savannah looked at Phoebe and noticed that Phoebe’s natural lilac eyes were now a beautiful green. Savannah gave Phoebe a thumb up as she thought about her spell. She didn’t have anything as showy as Phoebe’s change in eye color, but she sure can give a light show. Savannah gained a mischievous smile as she crossed her legs, criss cross apple sauce she thought as she always did when crossing her legs.

Savannah laid her arms in front of her and clutched her hands. Raising her arms in the direction of Phoebe’s roots she brought her hands together. A bright gleaming light surrounded Savannah’s hands. The light was a florescent blue and seemed to inch down her arms, but oddly didn’t seem to cast any shadows. Savannah separated her arms a bit to give room when she noticed in the fading light, patches of ice that became thicker as new patches formed underneath.

Then the light was gone leaving in its wake a pair of ice gloves that were smooth around her wrist and fingers, but still shown small lined in the light where they grew in patches. The smooth ice became visibly blocky as it formed on top of her hands, arms, and fingers. Savannah was slightly confused, but noticed a little chain like nub at her middle finger. Her arms still pointed at Phoebe’s roots she focused on extending the chain like nub. And without warning a chain sprung from the nub and at the roots and a quarter ways through a small platform – no larger than that thing you put cups upon – formed on each chain and four-pointed hooks that appeared an equal 90 degrees from each other sprouted from the platform.

Both hooks wrapped around the vines and Savannah, still crossing her legs, lifted herself from the ground. Savannah looked haply at Phoebe a large, but still her mouth closed, smile on her face. “I did it.” She laughed out and with a slight wave of her arms, dispersed the gauntlet/grappling hooks. She plopped to the ground and dust puffed up from her landing. Savannah then stood wiping away the dust from her shorts.

“Anythin’ else captin’?” She asked Phoebe in a slightly joking way. That was fun, the last time she trained for a spell was in a forest where you didn’t know what happened. That and she had Aard to help her with most as he was the more experienced one.

Ice Make: Grappling Hooks:
Name: Ice Make: Grappling Hooks
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Ice-Make Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Ice
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Savannah clutch her hands in a fist then put her fist together in any direction. A light-blue glow surrounds her hands and then she separates her hands in any direction. Around her hands are ice-made gloves and from the center, right above her middle finger a chain extends up to 10 meters. Attached to the chains are matching four-pointed grappling hooks that are 90 degrees from each other. Mainly used for swinging her around, climbing and just generally lifting her up this spell causes no damage.
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