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Avris Revenan Vandraban (WIP)

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Name: Avris Revenan Vandraban

Age: 20

Gender: male

Sexuality: bi-sexual

Class: Shaman

Race: ??? (Pureblood)

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Rune Knight

Tattoo: Dark purple on the back of his calf

Face: Ouni-Children of the Whales


Height: 6’1

Weight: 189lbs

Hair: dark bluish purple

Eyes: purple

Overall: Avris is a tall thanks to the right gene pool, at least that's what his grandfather called it. Under the harsh years of abuse and training under his grandfather, Avris gained an amazing body, even after taking control of his own life, that's one of the few things that he continues from his old life. His hair could be described as dark blue or black, and in the right light purple.
His favored attire is relaxed. A good pair of jeans and hiking boots. A t-shirt and a zip up jacket will do him justice. His face is rounded to a pointed oval and a gentle smile is always plastered across his face. Some may find it stupid, but its his trick, hide the darkness, and no one will ever know about it. Avris has a long black scarf that he'll wear in the colder months. It was a gift from his mother when he was just a child, and now that she has passed on, he holds it as a token of love from her and he always keeps it close. And in the summer months he keeps it tied around his waste.
As a once member of the upper class he can wear formal attire very well and also has his own. By order of his family code his formal attire is all white with blackish-purple trim. But Avris prefers his informal wear.

Extra: from his elbow to his wrist there is a black tattoo like mark that runs down his arm. It resembles vines and has many other organic shapes on it. He calls it his curse seal. It lights up when he cast a spell. The lighting up gives no special ability, it’s purely a genetic
Mutation that reacts with his magic


Personality:  Polite, is the very first thing to describe Avris. Growing up in what remained of a 1st class family he was taught everything about etiquette, and so much so its ingrained into his own blood.
Gentle comes next. He spent a lot of time with his mother as a child. Who wished for a different life than he had. And with her tender care he was raised to be a gentle person. She tried to shelter him as much as she could when he reached the age of his first surgery, and she was the one who gripped his hand the entire time he recovered. The one who stood in as parental figure as his father slowly became more of a shell
Reserved, his interaction was so sheltered as a child and into his teens that his ability to make friends has become permanently damaged. He isn't the best the best at making friends right away even though he wants to be good at making friends, its just something he doesn't know how to do.
Protective, once he forms a connection, its something he doesn't let go of. He doesn't want anyone in his life to die or be harmed and thus he tries to protect everyone.

Overall Avris works to be the best person he can be while trying to cheer everyone up at the same time. He wants everyone else to have the life he didn't have


  • Sunlight: After being stuck in dreary Dahlia all his life and in the same old falling apart house, anything with sunlight gives him joy.
  • Groups: Whether or not you're in the rune knights or phantom lord, Avris thinks that having people around you who will support you is something that someone needs no matter what.


  • Rules: As a member of the rune knight he has to follow rules. and Sensible rules are okay, but those stupid ones that dictate every turn of your life bring hatred into Avris's heart.
  • helplessness: As a child there was nothing he could do to stop the surgeries and the magical mutations that they did to everyone in his family and even him. And as a cause of such, he hates not being able to do anything. So in matters where it seems like there is no possible situation, Avris takes it as a challenge.


  • A good life: Avris wishes to check all the right boxes on his way through life. After his childhood he missed a few boxes, so he has a bit of missed time to make up.


  • Surgery: more specifically surgical tools. There was plenty of slicing and snipping in his household as a child. He hates scalpels and needles and that smell that comes with them.
  • small, dark areas: This can be a multitude of things, such as an alleyway where he has a chance of less escape. or a small tunnel. mainly its the feeling or lack of escaoe combined with darkness and being confined.


Magic Name: Cursed soul Magic

Magic Element: light or none

Magic Description:  This magic is purely a mistake born from years of magical and genetic experimentation in Avirs's family. This magic is volatile and resembles that of curses and holds very little protective or healing benefits. Its hue can be many colors, but for Avrice it tends to have a purple theme (purple light, purple flowers.)
Avris has never met anyone with a similar magic. His theory happens to be that there are people who have magics that are just a mistake given to them because of magical experimentation.
Castable spells

  • debuff
  • supplementary
  • self-buff endurance
  • offensice


Avris Revenan Vandraban was born in dahlia.
The Vandraban family held the goal of creating the perfect mage. And like any person they had to spend generations of magical experimentation and choosing the rights mates to target and increase the ability of one trait. Obviously they failed with almost every child.
Avris's grandfather had spent the last of their money buying his only fertile son a wife from a family who shared similar views. Before they were allowed to try for a child. Both his father and mother underwent multiple surgeries to try and increase the magical and physical capabilities of their child. After months of preparation, the couple conceived and had a child. They Named him Avris Revenan Vandraban. Avris was a healthy baby which at first meant they had succeeded in their experiments and that would be added to the books for the future.
While the family prepared and decided on new experiments for the couple's next child Avris's father melted away. His brain had been killed with all the experiments, leaving him nothing but an empty shell, incapable of moving. Avris's mother had been turned barren by the experiments. With the Family's future in jeopardy, Avris's life just became more serious. He was watched all the time, and he had checkups twice a day to make sure he was in good health. When he proved to be healthy, his grandfather began training him, and preparing him for his surgeries. Even in his failing health, the man managed to be strict and abusive towards the young Avris.
When Avris turned 13, his family began rotting away in front of his eyes. His uncles passed away when a simple cold went through the house, their fragile immune systems were incapable of defending themselves. His grandfather died after the years of experimentation left his body destroyed from the inside out. Lastly his grandmother died when he was 18. Afterwards it was just him and his mother. Forced to become the head of his family at a young age Avris began to manage his family's failing business. With work and effort he moved its base of operations to a safer town and turned it straight. After months of hard work, the money began to flow back in to his house. After that he took care of his mother until she died. Afterwards he left the house and decided to live his life as himself and discover things about himself that he didn't know. Like why he had survived and the rest of his family had died. He was perfectly healthy, actually far above that, he was almost inhuman. He joined the rune knights with the death of the old king and trained under the faithful hand of Adelaide Sokolov who turned him into a fine young soldier, ready to take on the world.
Reference: Varian/Syliph's new main


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