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Conman Coward [Quest: Savannah Knight]

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on Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:15 pm

Savannah Knight
Savannah took a big stretch with her hands over her head as she walked through the gates of the city. The city was like nothing she ever seen with tall shiny buildings and new-looking streets. The people cheerfully greeted each other and her as she walked, taking in the fresh air that flowed through her toes and into her brown leather coat making it flap majestically. Soon she came upon a board with varying sheets of paper, most of them seem interesting, but she settled on helping someone with conman issues.

Savannah grabbed the paper… What a weird ass looking man was her first thought after looking at the picture of the con man. The man, Kyle, seemed to be 5’8 with a blocky shrunk-in face and a slimy grin; he had a big black afro with a flat top and small gold earrings. Kyle wore regular brown pants and a light purple button up and a pear-green tie, the shirt had a small red flag on his right collar and a blue flag with red stripes outlined in white on his left pocket.

Savannah walked along the streets searching for Kyle when she saw him lounging on a bench. She walked up to him when he jumped up to her and grabbed her hand, “Hello miss! What is a beautiful woman like you doing…?” As he said this his hand seemed to gravitate to one of her hip-bags, she slapped that hand and stepped back. She straitened the lapels of her coat then turned the paper with the mission to the man, “I have come across a mission requesting to return the money you conned from Batra. Now if you will…”

Kyle made a tching sound, a frown marring his face, “Fine. Why is it always the pretty ones? Oh woe is me… If you want the money, here! Take it! But…” Kyle slithered, for there was no other word, up to her side and slid an arm around her waist pulling her to him. “If you want~ we could have a little fun ourselves~” Savannah’s face was twisted at both the man and his touch. She looked down at the man only 2 inches shorter than her and picked at his hand away. “No, I have more interesting things to do.” And without further talk she walked away.

With a yell Kyle called after her, “You’ll regret this! I always get what I want and you will never know when you’ve been conned!” Savannah didn’t even glance back as she headed toward Batra’s bar. What she didn’t notice though was the grin Kyle had on his face; he stuffed his hands in his pockets walking toward the entrance of the city.
The bar was your typical Fiore bar with a joyful atmosphere, betting here and there, dancing and music, with a brown old-themed interior and soft glow. Savannah was walking up to the bar when a random woman pulled her into a dance, the woman was slightly shorter than Savannah and thus Savannah was controlling the dance. After blinking a bit she shrugged and joined in the dancing for a bit.

Savannah later waved the woman bye and finally walked up to the bar. Batra was just shinning a glass and talking to another costumer. Batra was a towering 5’11 man with dark skin and a bright grin, on the side of his left ear were two silver earrings. He had a smooth dark beard that spanned his lower strong jaw, a single strip leading from his lower mouth to the beard. Savannah couldn’t see his pants, but noticed his surprisingly clean white button-up. She sat at the stool and waited; Batra came up to her and asked if she wanted anything, shaking her head she pulled out a sheet a paper with the mission and a bag of money.

Batra took a close glance a shook his head, “You’ve been conned. This stuff is fake, sorry.” Savannah sighed, “No it’s my fault, he came on to me and I kinda just wanted to get away.” Batra looked worried, then he smiled, “How about you just go and catch ‘im, hmm? We can deal with everything later.”

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on Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:47 am

Savannah Knight
Savannah ran back into the streets of Crocus back to where she saw the weird afro man. She didn’t see him when she got there, just a lot of people swarming the streets. She asked around and showed the picture, but everyone just shook her head. Savannah walked unknowingly toward the entrance when she spotted the no-good crook. He also spotted her and started to run.

Oh no you don’t! Savannah stomped her right foot down into the smooth ground creating a small thin disc of ice under her, then using her other foot she pushed off toward the man. Twisting her upper-body left and right the ice continues to form in front of her as she dashes on top. Once she was in arms reach Kyle turned around and hit at her stomach with a bat. She flew back and crashed into a stand as pedestrians ran, although a few just stared.

Savannah wiped at the blood that dripped from the right of her chin with the sleeve of her jacket. A grin grew on her face, just to piss him off, and it worked. Kyle’s face twisted in an ugly anger yelling at her, “Why won’t you just stay down and out of my way!?” Savannah stood with a slight limp in her left leg. “Something a man once told me.” Savannah kept her grin as she raised her arms up and folded her hands over each-other, palms out. “And I have a mission to finish.”

Kyle takes a defensive stance, “What, what are you doing?!” Savannah pushed out her arms and a magic circle started to form. The Magic Circle was 1 foot in diameter with a basic design of twisting lines that spread-ed out like snowflakes, mirroring snowflake’s individuality and glowed a dimmed dark-blue. Kyle ran at her hoping to stop whatever Savannah was planning. Kyle was 3 feet away from her barley hearing the words she spoke, “Ice lance.”

A lance with a diameter of 4in sprouted from the circle and at the end a Septum tip. The lance glanced Kyle’s side and he grinned, he swung at Savannah when she ducked. She held out her leg and Kyle’s momentum propelled him forward and he tripped on her leg. He tumbled forward and hit head first into the wall, knocked out. Savannah kicked his bat away and pulled at the collar of his shirt back to Batra’s Bar.
Batra clasped his hand on her back as she appeared dragged Kyle behind her. “Good job! But, ehh… what happened to him?” Savannah scratched the back of her head with tilted lips, “Well I knocked him out and didn’t want to wake him up so… I kinda just dragged him here.” Batra just laughed and so did everyone else. After Batra took Kyle from her the same woman from earlier grabbed at Savannah’s hand, “Wanna dance?” Everyone grinned at Savannah; Savannah just gave a small smile and pulled the woman into a dance.

It was cheerful and everyone was having fun, although Savannah denied alcohol every time. Savannah waved bye to everyone and collected the money Batra gave her. She had a smile on her face, even if it did push at her unsociability, the pure fun and kindness made the trip worth it. Savannah looked at the setting sun then at the woman she was dancing with earlier. The woman went on her feet and gave Savannah a kiss on the lips and the two walked toward the woman’s place, as she offered a place for Savannah to stay.

And as the stars sparkled and the warm air passed by anyone can say that today was a wonderful day. The commotion Savannah caused notwithstanding.

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