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Change Is Good [Alice]

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on Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:47 pm

After finishing up his chores the young knight made the trip all the way to see if the street performers had changed and to his delight that hadn't moved. I'm glad to see that nothing has changed too much, he thought as he watched two girls use their magic during their show, it really enhanced the show to new heights.

As he watched the many street performers shows it felt as if he was a kid again but with the setting of the sun the shows came to an end. T.K walked the streets of crocus thinking back to the first request he and Isabella did just a few days after becoming knights. The memory was fun but it was just that a memory, nothing could change the here and now. He really wanted to test is sword skills but his father seemed adamant about him letting it go.
"I should write Alice a letter asking to spar with me." he thought aloud looking for a place to sit and write out the letter but no such luck would befall him.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:15 am

Having two little babies of a week old, was a very tiring thing to take care off and Alice learned that she longed and needed her daily portion of fresh air and five minutes alone more than ever. The thing was that every time she went outside, she bumped into someone which made her round of shortly going outside a lot longer than she actually anticipated.

But she wouldn't complain too much from bumping into her friends. She wondered what would happen today. Crocus seemed to get back it's lively feeling and she had not seen the street performers before, as she saw that, she also noticed a blonde that looked familiar for as far as she could see him and she quickly tried to follow him in the crowd to make sure it was T.K. who she had seen about a month ago in Baska. When she finally caught up with the boy she tapped him on the shoulder, "Hi." Funny to spot him in town now too.

Last time they met, she was a lot bigger than now, carrying the twins but that was no longer happening and this time she was alone, no Jupiter nor Hecate to be with her and she wondered what to say in general.

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on Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:33 pm

T.K didn't hear anything as his mind started to wonder as it often does but he felt something tap his shoulder causing him to turn around. A rather familiar face came into view "Alice! I was just about to write you a letter." a large smile covered his face What luck! To think I would meet Alice again, he thought going in for a hug "I didn't think I see you so soon!" he asked giving her a nice tight hug. He couldn't help but notice something had changed with again but he couldn't put his finger on it.

He released her from the hug and held both her hands That's weird I thought she went anywhere without her companions. He thought looking around to see if they were behind her but he just figured that they were out of his sight for now. "Do you want to go to a different spot and hang out for a while?" the question was a valid one as it may be just a tad bit noisy.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:54 am

He called out her name and Alice lifted up her right hand to give a short wave and tilted her head to the left to raise an eyebrow out of a surprised unspoke question. A letter? She was a bit taken aback by the sudden hug but let it be and answered it as good as she could, she wasn't really sure if she was a hugging person, with one exception at this moment. But yes they had not seen each others for months before their surprised meeting in Baska, "Surprising how the world goes right?" She said with a soft giggle.

She wasn't sure what to think of the whole situation, T.K. holding her hands. It felt a bit.. too close? She sure didn't mind that he saw her as a friend instead of only his superior, it sure was better than having to play that role all the time but she shouldn't make assumptions. "Sure why not." She answered the question about going somewhere else. It would be nice to hear each other speak without much difficulty and it sure would make conversations a lot easier so she let T.K. take the lead of where to go at the moment. She didn't know what he had in mind or what he perhaps wanted to talk about.

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on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:24 pm

As see Alice was more than a surprise to say the least, more of perfect timing if anything else. It seemed as if Alice was slightly uncomfortable with him holding her had for so long so he moved them along what seemed like a sea of people making sure that he didn't get lost himself. T.K brought the two of them to a nice little park "I wanted to ask if you know anyone that is a skilled swordmaster. I don't want to rely on my magic all the time." he asked with confidence and hope that she would have someone in mind that could help him. The young knight still couldn't figure out what had changed with her until he looked down at her stomach, and in a somewhat comedic way T.K placed his hand on her stomach "You don't have a stomach anymore wait...does that mean you gave birth!!" this came to him as a shock Has it been that long already! he thought pulling his hand away from her and backing up a few feet nearly tripping over his own feet.

The mear thought of a person coming out of Alice made him slightly scared but at the same time glad as she now has a little one to take care of with a pheoncy which reminded him that he still has no clue as to who he is or looks like. "Alice if you don't mind me asking this but was the birthing painful?" this seemed like a good question even though it still creeped him out a little bit.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:23 am

She was a bit embarrassed by feeling so strange that someone held on to her hands. The only person she ever had helds with was Kon and recently she had hold on to Jupiter his arm but that wasn't the same, thing was T.K. noticed and she wasn't sure if she should say anything about it. She just wasn't used to it. She followed T.K. through the bunch of people, making sure to keep her eyes on him to not lose the direction that they were going but at some point, the people disappeared for most part and they ended up in a park, that was better indeed.

She thought about his question immediately, crossing her arms in front of her chest and tapping her right indexfinger against her cheek, "Hmm, the council got a few, no one I know by name. I won't say I'm a skilled master but I used the sword a couple of times before I changed magics.." had to change magic and before she bought a gun. she wondered if not relying on your magic might be a good thing, she sure had to learn to rely on it instead of weapons all the time. "You could ask the Rune Knights in Era. But for names, no one comes to mind I'm afraid." the teachers and trainers she knew from the Rune Knights were strangely vague to her, she always depended on other people.

She looked surprised at his gesture of touching her now more flattened stomach and she nodded slightly, "Yes about a couple of weeks ago. I was rather early to be honest." To which he almost tripped by taking too quick steps backwards but he didn't fall, which was good and she gave him a small smile, the next question was about the labour and she took a deep breath, "It was, though it's true that you forget it sort of as soon as it's over."

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on Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:13 pm

T.K really didn't know what to say or even do after asking his questions but it was nice to see that she had been keeping herself healthy after the birth. The thought of being in the same room as her during the birth was haunting to say the least "Alice would you spar with me sometime...if you want to that is I don't want to take you away from your newborn or anything." even though he really wanted to spar with her remembering that she has a new member of her family now. The park seemed to claim for it being the afternoon and all.

He pulled out his folder labeled Finder that was full of papers and minor documents on lost civilizations and its people "I decided to do some research on something for my book wanna read a few?" if she opened the folder she would see that posts it notes with small edits on random pages but most of the papers would be small passages from old textbooks that hade been copied by hand. The young knight smiled as he felt closer to Alice, It feels nice to talk to her as a friend and not as a superior for once, he thought to himself.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:02 am

The next question, as she couldn't profide a name was if she wanted to spar with T.K. and she sure wouldn't mind, but there was only one issue; "Oh, yeah that won't be bad the thing is I don't own a sword at the moment. I do own a gun though." Which she let in the holster, better not show at the moment, that thing might be cursed considering. "I could try to borrow a sword or use the gun or magic, depending on what you had in mind?" She asked because she of course no idea what T.K. had in mind considering this training, she wondered how he was doing with his magic, and well she was his mentor, she could ask, "How are you doing with your spells if you don't mind me asking." When she became his mentor she used to be a Requip mage, telling them to ask her for the support of weapons and Eva for magic, and now look at her. She could use her magic spell, Castor to form a sword and help. Why didn't she think about that before, "Which reminds me, I have a magic sword, I could train with you."

As they sat and talked, T.K. told her about a book and she couldn't help but curiously look at him, "That sounds interesting, what kind of book are you writing?" Because she never knew or did she forget? She doubt it, nothing past her amnesia problems from the past, were so easily forgotten, she wrote about things a lot still even if she could quite well remember the last year, of course some minor details slipped but that happened to everyone. She opened the folder and looked at it, "Wow you put a lot of effort in this, that's great." she said enthusiastic because it was nice to do something you like.

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on Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:56 pm

The young knight wasn't really sure what he wanted out of training with Alice but he knew that it could be good to get a more experienced fighters input on his skills. When she asked him how his magic had developed, he gave a slight chuckle rubbing the side of his neck "It's...umm still needs improvements in some areas..." the answer was not a lie but he had yet to even learn a single new spell over the past months or so. It almost felt like she was his master that wants her disciple to push themselves past their limits, "Oh could we spar sometime this week or next!" his eyes lit up with excitment after she told him about the magical sword.

"I really wanted to go for a more fantasy adventure book but I can't seem to find anything to base the characters off of." the explanation was short and simple as he didn't want to go into full detail on his train wreck of a mind, but that just the mind of a novice writer for ya. All the ideas that filled his head were more or less a jumble of his notes and things that he wanted to use for the book.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:43 pm

Alice could always learn from others and she gave a soft smile, "That's okay, I still need to get used to mine. You would say that after having it for six months, I would count on it, but I cant seemed to get used to it." she said to make sure T.K. wouldn't feel bad about it, she didn't want to put that pressure on people, especially not after she had done that in a wrong way and had ruined it for a second time, she sighed and looked at the ground, would everyone think about her like that? A failure, not thinking about actions still? Not everyone could always think first right, she tend to be a fighter, first fight, defend, than survive and think about the consquences later. All she knew that she could think enough to not kill someone.

"Sure, no problem. I have a couple of jobs to take care off but once I get back around, I will let you know, is that alright?" She sat down and looked at the file that he gave her, there were a lot of things in there, too much to read at that point but she tried to at least grab an idea about it. She nodded when he explained that it was difficult to find a character, "I bet it will come at some point, probably when you least expect it." she said with a giggle, but it was good to start writing down ideas, she liked reading, she wouldn't mind to read the beginning of his story but that was basically the notes that he had put together, "It definitely sounds interesting," she said as she tapped with her finger on a handwritten note, what a work had gone into this, how interesting.

Unfortunately she couldn't stay that long but she decided that once she would be having more time and be less tired, she would make sure to send a note to T.K. to meet up with her for that sword training. After that note, she left and wished him luck with his book, she needed to go home to her children, which felt weird to think for a twenty-one year old, but she thought it none the less.


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on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:52 pm

T.K was happy that Alice didn't think put him through the ringer for not practicing his magic, but this just means that he has to put in more time so he can become more tuned to his magic even if his body can't handle it. As the soft wind blew pasted them he looked at his notes and wanted to redo the whole thing as it just seemed like it was a tad too much but it was something to do another day. "I guess we know what to work on when you get back then." he smiled as it seemed that they both needed to train with more than their weapons but with their magic as well.

After she gave back his notes and told him her thoughts on it things seemed to be coming clearer to him as to what he wanted the story to be about. the young knight listened as she talked to him while also planning what the name for the book was going to be Under the Skay..no, Oh how about Starless Sky, yes that could work he thought as a smile made it sway onto his face.

"Okay I'll see you when you come back!" he shouted while she walked away from him with the this he felt like he was getting close to something new and different than he originally thought for his book. After Alice left his line of sight he packed up his things and rushed back home to rewrite his notes into a less messy notebook.

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