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The First Seal ♫

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on Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:33 pm


Edian led the emperor deeper into Mercurius, down the webbed catacombs constructed underneath. Arthurias followed in silence, there was no point in encouraging any conversation. The man was finally asked to stop in front of a large door. A glimmering section near the ornate handle glowed brighter. It sought to receive something, before allowing the duo to enter. The blond demon was quick to remind the ruler of the lands of the blood offering.

"Okay, this part might be the worst. Cutting your palm open will be enough to open it." To confirm the presence of the seal behind, the royal man warily asked. "And then it opens, and I can break the seal behind the doors?" Edian was a little giddy with excitement as he prodded, simplifying the procedure while negating the results. "That's all. Easy, right?"

With a swift flick of a small dagger, the emperor wounded himself. Braving the sting stoically. A neat splatter of blood streaked the section. Arthurias placed the bloody hand on the doors, and they swiveled open for the descendant of their maker.

The pair entered the room and approached the seal. A long moment of silence followed as Arthurias stared at the seal, finally arriving at his decision. In an act of defiance, Arthurias slammed his hand down on the seal in an attempt to shatter it, to destroy its very existence and with it the access that the abyss dwellers wanted to exploit.

"Farewell, Edian."

Edian sure didn't respond well to this endeavor. While his voice remained even, almost pitiful, his threats were violent as he began to take control of the emperor's body, mind, and soul.

"Arty, why? Now I have to murder you and everyone that you love and make you watch it all through your own eyes, in the back of your head, as I burn everything that you tried to build."

As Edian attempted to assume complete control over his vesselís body, Arthurias resisted it with everything he had. The emperor grit his teeth as he coiled every muscle in his body to prevent Edian from using his limbs to undo the seal. Despite all the efforts, Edian succeeded in reaching the seal and slowly began extricating it. Arthur could only take solace in the soft familiar footfall he'd heard.

A loud cry echoed in the catacombs, as suddenly Edian felt a stabbing in his back and then the sharp slice across the insides of his body. He looked down and noticed the sword pierced through his stomach. Slowly, the body of the emperor turned, to face the backstabbing assailant. Icarus. So, he had me one-upped all this time. Eddy thought, stealing amusement even in this surprising turn of events. Forced to make a choice between either surrendering his life here, struggling with Arthurias the vessel, or to escape, Edian naturally chose the latter.

"You underestimated my conviction, Edian. For this country, I'd give my life easily.Ē

A pained smile remained etched on the emperorís face as he greeted his savior and his killer. The king fell to his knees, before slumping to the floor, much like his uncle had. Irony intact. The mop of brown hair, those valiant green eyes brimmed with regretful tears. It was an honor to have Icarus by his side, a man who had the strength to do the right thing, even though it mustíve caused him more pain than the wound Arthurias bore. Unfortunately for Icarus, his troubles were not as close to an end as the Emperorís.

Arthuriasí voice was soft, a little dry, as with difficulty he relayed the wretched news with urgency. "Icarus, he managed to undo part of the seal. Forget about me, save the citizens." Tears streamed down Icarus' face, pooling at his defined chin, before falling onto his comradeís bloodstained robe. It pained him too much to face the future without the one who had so bravely attempted to reset it for the better. There was still time. Still a chance. "But if I am fast enough you can still be sav-"

Perhaps Arthurias knew that he demanded too much of Icarus. The strength needed to forsake a fallen companion, was too great and yet he knew, if anyone, it was Icarus who possessed it. With the dregs of the resilience he could muster, he interrupted the man. "Icarus, my dear brother, that is an order." Arthurias had to wait, he clutched onto life, to witness his brotherís courage. Watched as he swiftly rose to carry out his duties. Honour like his was rare; Arthurias had been gifted with his presence. With that knowledge, he sought solace in the confidence he had in the men he had left behind. A smile stretched across the fallen emperorís face. Once Icarus was out of earshot, the man uttered his final words.

"Take care of the country, brother. I leave its future in your hands now. I have done my part.Ē

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