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Orchidia to Crocus [Foot trivial]

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on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:44 pm

After getting some much-needed rest T.K made his way to back home to see his parents. I can't wait to see their faces when I tell them about my adventures he thought putting on his fisherman's hat. The young knight made his way to the town exit as his journey to the holy capital began without him forgetting anything back in his room.

As he walked the path back to Crocus he found a few places to sit and take photos of the path so he could use it as a reference when writing in his journal. The walk was fun as he never really saw the Holy Capital from the outside before. Everyone is going to be so happy to see just how much I've grown up he started to sprint for a good few miles until he saw what looked like a gravestone under a tall Pine tree, T.K walked over to it and took a knee "May your soul protect and guide your family." he muttered as he stood up and headed back to trail.

"Mom Dad!" the young knight shouted as he dropped his bag and raced towards them with tears of joy streaming down his face, his parents were more than a little shocked to see their baby boy all grown up with a new look and everything. The three of them walked to a small cafe so they could catch up on events and new.


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