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Stumble Onto The Elf [Chelvaric & Sorcha]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:13 pm

Chelvaric was walking through the east forest of magnolia. He had been tending the plants in the area again and was now in pursuit of a rather strange being he had seen. It was a really big spider and he wondered if it was a servant of the spider queen, he wasn’t sure but that’s why he was going out on investigation right now. He wanted to more about his magic and she was the one that gave it to him so he needed to find it and then see if she would be able to teach him more. But he wasn’t sure though. It could just be a random giant spider. It was around the size of a big dog so it wasn’t some natural spider that was for sure. He had lost sight of it and was now just wandering through the thick forest to make sure he wouldn’t lost sight of it as he wanted to find it.

But it seemed he had lost it as he didn’t see any sign of it for another good twenty minutes of searching he wondered where it had disappeared too and walked around the area a bit more. he was cursing inside as this had been one of the first chances he had been close too to learn more about the monsters he could raise out of the ground.

The forest had gone quiet again and he was alone with the silene. Only here and their you could hear some animals in the distant. It was calming for him and he liked walking around here. He wondered what Snow was up too. It had been a while that he had ventured out on his own away from her.

#2Sorcha Donovan 

on Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:14 am

Slowly had she been going around the forest again, making her mind empty. There were no answers and she had no idea where she would find them and she had sort of decided to let it go for now. Not exactly wanting to find a solution at this point and convincing herself very much that her parents and siblings ran away from her because she didn't fit in. That made more sense than some sort of kidnapping.

While daydreaming and enjoying the nature of the place, she spend an awful lot of time in Magnolia's East Forest, she was rudely interrupted by the cracking of twigs and just generally a sound of something walking. Quite fast, and with more than one step. While she climbed upon the root of a tree to see what it was that came her way, she gasped, as she had never seen a spider that big before and she simply stared at it, forgetting it was coming her way as it didn't seem to notice her. Which explained with the sight of spiders but this one might be a bit better at that, but she quickly jumped out of the way, landing on an old tree that made a loud cracking noise as it didn't carry her weight that well, for it was dead, and she rolled off to not hurt herself.

She stood up and brushed her aubrun hair away from her face and stared at the spider that ran away without even turning around, well good to know it didn't plan to try and eat her. She wished she had her bow and almost made an automatic move to get it, but there was only air. She wasn't sure if a spider like that was an enemy but she surely wanted to figure out a few more things and walked into that direction when she heard more footsteps, this time very light that it would almost pass her in general but she turned around, expecting something else, but not an elf.

#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:00 am

Chelvaric was walking through the forest enjoying the sounds and the animals that were walking around him. He enjoyed his time here and was mostly alone. He sometimes would walk into hunters and after greeting them he would share some stories and sometimes share a drink and eat some food. Of course, there were bad hunters but that didn’t mean all of them were like that. That’s why he found that he should reward the ones that did good and punish the ones that were over hunting or  not respecting the laws of nature.

When he suddenly stumbled on a person which wasn’t a hunter it made him quite curious. It was a girl who seemed to also be an elf as he saw her pointy ears sticking through her brown hair, the girl had a slender face and was nicely and neatly dressed. Chelvaric was quite excited to meet another elf as he never had before. “Hello, are you by any chance an elf? I haven’t met a fellow friend elf before”, he said and tried to hide how excited he was about it. He wondered where she came from and why she as here. He had to take this calmly though so that he could do one thing at a time and not scare her off. "My name is Chelvaric nice to meet you, its a nice day to be in the forest", he said to her with a smile.

#4Sorcha Donovan 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:06 pm

She didn't know how far she was in the forest, she always kept on wandering and let her feet bring her at some point and bring her back to the little inn that she used in Magnolia. Her dislike for humans made it that she tried to avoid everyone as much as possible. She had made only two acquintances the moment she had left the Elven realm and it was probably a bit embarrassing. Perhaps that's what made her so excited about seeing another elf. Someone normal, someone like her. It was quite clear due to his elegance and of course the facial structure as the pointy ears. She had been a bit agitated, surprised by the spider and lowered her shoulders now that she was a little more relaxed.

She felt excited and took a few steps closer, listening to his words, "Hi." she answered, her amber eyes glued to his face to find anything that she could recognize, which was of course impossible, "Yes, yes I am. I-I never saw another elf outside our realms." She was so surprised and yet very excited, the idea of answers didn't even cross her mind, she had liked seeing Y'shtola a wild cat but there was more on seeing your own race. "Sorcha, nice to meet you too. And you are right it is a very nice day." For a walk through the forest, which she had done in not such nice days as well. It seemed to calm her down too.

#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:46 pm

He had the feeling like the other elf was quite excited like he was. He wondered if it was also her first time seeing one of their race or maybe she came from the realm of elves. She continued talking and he listend carefully to her as her lips were moving and the words were flowing out as a melody on a song. Elves had quite nice voices after all. He always had wondered if those rumors were true and appearently it seemed they were. Would Snow hear him like that too, he didn’t know but he shouldn’t be wandering off in thought right now as he had a person in front of him that he was talking too. This was his chance to actually know more about the elf realm as he was never their before.

Are you from the elf realm?”, he asked her politely. “I never been their actually could you let me ask you a few questions about it”, he asked of her and he hoped she would say yes so that he could learn more. in the meantime he studied her clothes a bit more and they looked quite typical elvish so he wasn’t too surprised about them. He walked a bit closer to the girl and leaned on a tree while he waited for the answers from her.

#6Sorcha Donovan 

on Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:22 am

While speaking she observed him, his blonde hair, reminding her of the Elvenking and she wondered if he was by any chance related. Of course they wouldn't tell or well so she assumed, just to prevent any trouble, there could be people arrogant about their heritage but this person seemed to be far too polite to come off like that and she looked a bit more, she had never met the Elvenking only seen him far away and in paintings from some people that adored him. She definitely had not really an opinion about him.

She nodded when he asked her if she was from the realm and remembered Y'sthola her words and felt a bit of a shock, could he be a human turned to elf? Nah that didn't work like that, she was almost sure of that. There were other places where elves could stay, not only in the realm near the Elvenking. She tried to be as enthusiastic as she was before because let's be fair if it was true her first intention that only came up in her mind thanks to meeting Y'sthola, she would be very curious to figure out how that worked. "I hope I can answer them to your satisfaction." she said politely as well.

#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:38 pm

Chelvaric looked at the girl as she had accepted his proposal to answer a couple of his questions. He was quite happy about that and he didn’t want to make her wait too long so he had to think of them rather quickly. What questions would be good though? He needed to ask some that weren’t stupid or really annoying to answer. Well for first there had been a burning question for some time now.

Where is the elf realm? I really want to visit the homeland of our people.”, he told her and wondered how it would be like theirs. They always said it’s a place covered in trees with majestic palaces spread inside the forest grown int the trees to bother nature as less as possible. He liked it and it would be great if it was like that but he wasn’t sure of course.

Another thing I wanted to ask is just like a general overview of our history and customs. I don’t really know anything about being an elf. Your my first elf I ever see after all”, he said implying that he didn’t know his parents or that they weren’t elves. He hoped that the elf wouldn’t pity him too much as he wasn’t asking her to answer the questions out of pitty.

#8Sorcha Donovan 

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:13 am

The suspicioun that came over her by the questions about the elf realm made her hyper aware of the possibility of the future. She had spoken with Y'sthola, learned that there were humans turning into races and that could mean difficult things. Humans, of all things, they already learned so much from them and now they could look like them? Her father had drilled them as a general of the army, it was always a scary thing and that's why Sorcha had never left the realm of Elves, their capital before. He didn't seem to be a bad person, but it felt strange to have to answer such questions. Were there pureblood elves outside the realm? She didn't know, she couldn't know.

But the first question already felt so strange that she couldn't answer. "Pardon my curiousity in that case but, before I answer this, were you born an elf?" She tried to say it as neutral as possible, how would the elven race look at her, the king if she would send a halfblood towards their realm. What would she answer, out of politeness she could give a direction, but she had no intention of lying, she tried to have this polite smile on her face. She made up her mind, she would start with explaining their history if he would answer the question as she suspected, if there was another answer, she would try to answer as best as she could and give herself an earfull about being so prejudiced.

#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Apr 01, 2018 2:47 pm

Chelvaric looked at the woman while he waited for her answer he wondered what she was thinking about that took her a while to answer his question. He wondered what she would answer, he knew that elves rather stick to themselves and he was an outsider even if he looked like an elf. “No, I was granted the gift of the elven race by a dryad. Against my will might I add. Well, I didn’t even know she was going to do it. One moment I was a happy neko the next moment I was an elf. It was quite a random event and I never chose for it but that’s what has happened”, he said and he sighed deeply as he never wanted any of this but here he was and he had to live with the consequences of it.

This was the kind of thing normal people would never experience but he never had a normal live did he. He sighed and looked at the girl waiting for her answer. He caught himself looking at her face a lot since she was quite the beauty, he shook his head and focused on the conversation. He shouldn’t get distracted when he was talking to someone.

#10Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:57 pm

Sorcha actually didn't know what to answer, a dryad had given him the power to become an elf? That was a very interesting story and reminded her of her converstation with Y'sthola about the domestic cat and now she was standing next to an elf that wasn't originally born an elf. First he was a neko and now an elf. Interesting concept, she was still very unsure about what to tell him considering her ancestors and the like. "That dryad had to listen to your hearts intentions instead of simply changing. I have to admit that we elves aren't in general very keen on people that aren't born as an elf." To just simply say what the issue was might have been the best.

He was a neko, so she could tell him a little bit. She wasn't entirely sure what to tell, "We elves are very on ourselves, most I would say don't even leave our own realms." With that she didn't know more to say, "and I am not sure if I am the right person to tell you a lot." She felt like lying, she knew enough because of her father being a guard but she had never actually been near the busy streets, "Because I haven't been there myself yet. I'm trying to find my family as they were taking into the human realm, which takes already several years."

With that she decided to leave because she couldn't go on with this lie anymore.


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