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March Comes In Like A Lion [Training: Chelvaric]

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March Comes In Like A Lion [Training: Chelvaric] - Page 2 Empty on Tue May 01, 2018 4:34 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was looking at Snowflake as he was tired from casting such an advanced spell. It was from a magnitude that he never had casted before. He felt the raw power surging through his body as he didn’t know what was happening to him since he had never used this spell before. He could just feel the energy and strength of the legion sapping away as it was being drained from everything it had. Chelvaric smiled as he was sure that the beast was weak enough now to be defeated. It had been a though and long battle to overcome but finally they were at the point where they could defeat the creature and come out with a triumph. He was just happy that Snow didn’t get hurt and that everything went perfect.

The giant was still holding the legion while he was starting to be harder to control. The giant was regaining its will and it was resisting to fight the legion. It was starting to get angery at Chelvaric as it wanted to beat him up because it was commanding him. But he was hoping that Snow would finish it now so he could release the beast. She was sliding underneath the beast and throwing her dagger at it. it seemed she had a great aim as she hit the legion quite nicely. What happened next he didn’t expect as he suddenly saw the beast fly up into the air and a ice spike appeard unereath it, the beast landed on it and it was pierced onto it like a chicken skewer. Chelvaric quickly released the giant as it was fading away into a bunch of leaves he sighed relieved. She had done it. the enemy was defeated and they were safe from the destruction it was causing.

He let a deep bellow out of the internals of his belly as he was really satisfied with the result of the fight. He didn’t know if the host was satisfied with it as he was looking quite menacing that they had beaten his price beast. But the menace quite faded into a smile when the whole crowd started to burst out in a cheer after the silence. They were calling their names louder then ever. And it was clear that the crowd loved the duo of mages that just had fought till sweat and blood was dripping of them. Maybe not a lot fo blood since none of them was really injured. This had been a great training and he was happy that they had joined the tournament.

We won babe, the champion is defeated. That was a really nice finishing move I think the crowd is going to carry you on two hands out of the stadium if they could.”, he said as he had noticed that a lot of people had been looking at her. they were admiring her strength and passion for the fight. Aswell as her amazing magic techniques. He couldn’t be more proud of his girlfriend then now. He smirked greatly as they walked out of the stadium.


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March Comes In Like A Lion [Training: Chelvaric] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 7:54 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

After making their way to this far, it would have greatly angered her if the host refused to let them out of the arena and locked them up as prisoners, but that didn’t seem to be the case as the man turned towards his nearest guard and whispered into his ear. Her eyes were still fastened upon the spot where the man sat, while the audience continued to cheer for their victory. The silver haired woman hid her face behind the shadows of her hood, for she wanted to keep her identity hidden as much as possible but with the Pegasus mages being the center of attention, the plan seems impossible.

Applause continued to ripple through the crowd, and just then, the gates of the arena opened with a clang. The metal bars rose, allowing the blinding sunlight to enter the area. The booming voice of the commentator filled the area, almost deafening her ears, as he congratulated on the mages’ victory and added that the winners of the tournament would be rewarded with ample amount of gold. Jewels wasn’t necessarily what she needed but it should suffice as their reward. After all, she achieved what she wanted; to test out the abilities against the strongest contender in this competition.

The guard approached them a large bag of jewels and the cheers would only grow louder. The place was growing bizarre and loud; something she had an aversion to and she couldn’t wait to leave the colosseum. ”I hope it that doesn’t come true,” she replied to Chelvaric’s comment, which only hurried her departure. ”Can you bring the bag of jewels, please?” It was almost as if she was in a rush—she was—she didn’t enjoy the stares upon her despite their victory. ”Also, good job, sweet. You did really well.” With a comforting smile, the woman made sure to compliment her lover for all the work he’d contributed to their battle. If it wasn’t for him, their victory might have been uncertain.


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March Comes In Like A Lion [Training: Chelvaric] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 03, 2018 2:07 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was starting to be deafened by the loud cheers of the crowd. He was enjoying his victory but on the other side he wasn’t really someone that reveled into the attention of other people. So he rather get out of the stadium as fast as possible and not stick around for much longer. It seemed snow was thinking the sam thing as she was asking him to grab the money bags that the guards had brought in while he was talking to her.

He smiled greatly when she complimented him and grabbed her hand while holding the money with his other hand. He looked over his shoulder as he was giving the arena one last good look so that he would remember this day well. The crowd was still standing up and shouting their lungs out. He was pretty sure that they would try to find Snow outside of the arena once they all got out so they could congratulate her or swoon her. But she was his girlfriend so he wouldn’t let that happen. He really needed a shower though his body was covered in dust and weird green blood from the legions wounds that had dripped on him when the fight had first began. He felt sore and wanted to sleep as he was quite tired. He looked at Snow and she still seemed quite energetic he wondered if she would see the appeal of a quick napp with him too. He wouldn’t mind cuddling in bed for the rest of the day.



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