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March Comes In Like A Lion [Training: Chelvaric]

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Dust collected everywhere as far as she could see, spider webs wove loosely around books, shelves and stands. The crevices in the wall and the cracked ceiling displayed how old this building was. Worn, rustic and yet warm, the exterior held itself well-aged, welcoming and even then, it felt so forgotten, or at least quiet. Libraries, like this one, were characteristically sombre and still, and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow, after the harsh training she had been doing, pushing her body to the limits. Settling here, between the small sectioned shelves and the books that huddled together, brought a warm calming feeling blowing over her figure, like a meek forest breeze.

When was the last time she read?

It had been months, perhaps even longer—she could hardly remember. The demon had been so occupied with bettering herself that she had forgotten to relax herself, and libraries were the place she would come to when she needed to relieve stress. The woman loved being engrossed in books, her brows furrowed in concentration, her eyes flicking back and forth over the page continuously, line by line. At that point, her imagination becomes endless, it was as if she was inside the novel herself. Books were also the most reliable source of information, at least to her, and the words carved into the brittle sheets of the yellow pages were more than just letters and alphabets—they have important meanings.

”What shall I get?” she mumbled, idly glossing her fingers over the dips of the rowed books, feeling the textures of their spines. Dust collected on her fingers, but she did not care, for it was more important to select a book of her interest than having stained hands. ”This will do,” she selected one among the many other books that lined over the shelf.

Heels clacked against the wooden floorboards of the library, breaking the silence that reigned supreme within the area as she approached the woman seated by the counter; a librarian. Her eyes glided over the other woman’s features, and she could see that the librarian was literally dying of boredom. She couldn’t blame her, there were only two of them inside the entire massive building after all. Gently pushing the book across the counter, she’d wait for the woman to register her name, before mumbling the words, ”Two weeks.” With a responsive nod, she’d retrieve the book and strutted out of the library.


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Default on Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:50 pm

Chelvaric was looking around trying to find what he wanted. He was looking through all of the clothes that were hanging up onto the stands around the shop. Since winter was starting to leave the country and he didn’t really posses any summer clothes that much and so, he had to do a bit of shopping. His days of living shirtless were a bit over since he became an elf and he was feeling a bit more pride in what he wore when was walking around.

It was good that things were on sale right now. So he had to try and buy as much as he could. He already bought some new jeans and a nice thin green bomber jacket. He liked it a lot and he would wear it when it was a bit colder on a lost cold spring day. He hoped that Snow would like it too. Of course he couldn’t go shopping without getting her something too and that’s why he had bought her a small green flower dress that would fit her nice in the heat of the summer and hopefully cool her off as a surprise. Although he guessed she can cool herself off with her ice. But still she shouldn’t have to cast her magic all the time either.

He picked up some more t-shirts and a polo before he went to the counter so he could pay. Only that the row was quite long and he had to wait for a while which was fine he didn’t really need to be anywhere. It was a calm day and he just wanted to chill for the rest of the day. Maybe he would go lay on a nice patch of spring smelling the grass and would rest out in it, and even take a nice nap too. He walked out the shop as he had paid and was packed like a donkey, he better return back to the apartment.

Once he had dropped off his stuff he was walking through the streets to go to that patch of heavenly sleep.

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Beyond The Sun & Stars

With the borrowed book clutched under her armpit, Snowflake began her descent down the stairs by the exit of the library. The woman glanced over the area, wondering how she should spend the day instead. Her mind would immediately wander off to her lover, curious as to what he’s been up to for the day. The demon felt slightly bad, for leaving him in the morning without giving any word, but that was only because she didn’t want to disturb his precious sleep and truth be told, it was rare for the elf man to sleep in since he was always awake even before dusk on most days. Without any particular destination in mind, the frosty beauty wandered over to the streets of Magnolia, perhaps to see the most recent occurring of the day.

The air was perfumed with produce, the ground was gritty stone and the air was a perfect mid-winter chill. The streets were busy with a lively tempo as people flocked to places they were supposed to be, finding they were supposed to do as the woman dressed in white cloak weaved through the crowds, edging through the dense flow of people. The crowd has a life of its own, the vibrant clothes shone in the morning light and the people move like enchanting shoals of fish. There is chatter between sellers and buyers, old friends catching up and new friends made. Tourists flocked over the boats that were harboured by the side of the canals as they bargained prices for the ride through the canals over the town. Magnolia was busy for sure, but the hustle and bustle brings life to this city that was somewhat refreshing to her.

Among the crowd was a blonde that easily attracted her attention. Young ladies by the vendor would throw the man a few glances, their cheeks flushed with scarlet and Snowflake could feel anger surging through her body—jealousy, it was. Her beau was a tall man, his height exceeding most of the average citizens and as he would walk meander through the streets, he easily gathered a number of stares around him. Snowflake quickly headed over to his way, with a large beaming smile on her face before she linked her arm with his, throwing daggers with her eyes to the women beside in the meanwhile. He was her man, after all. ”You stand out too much. I don’t like girls staring at you.”


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Chelvaric was casually walking in a bit of a fancy way as elves had a demeanor over them that a lot of humans called elegance. Although, anyone who knew Chelvaric would never describe him as elegant. The race was more the cause of it than anything else and he knew this that’s why he didn’t bother too much with it. it's not like he wanted to be very elegant anyway. People say that it would attract more girls but he had his Snow and that was the only one he needed so his manners now didn’t really matter as long as he had his beau, he could live a relaxed and simply live. Although he was gathering the attention of many fair ladies around him he chose to ignore it mostly. He wasn’t interested but he couldn’t really do much to make them stop looking.

It's not like it was forbidden to watch one of the rare elf’s walks past in town. Since they mostly stick to the forest they were always gathering a lot of attention when they finally did visit a town. Sometimes he wished that he could have stayed a Neko. He hoped that one day he could turn back, but that wouldn’t happen till he had beaten the enemy. He suddenly felt an arm interlocking with his and it was Snow who was grabbing onto him. It seemed she was a bit irritated by the people looking at him. “it’s not really something I can fix though babe. Don’t be worried, they are just like flies buzzing around your head. It's better to ignore them then to spend time swatting them away as it would take too long.”, he said to her trying to sound smart and adult like. Secretly he was laughing inside as this was probably a funny sight.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Hm, if you say so,” her hand would slide down his arms, only to meet with his hand. Fingers intertwined, the couple wandered through the streets, glancing around at anything that might possibly attract their attention. It was a busy day in Magnolia and excitement could be heard from the whispers of the wind as the citizens prepared themselves for the changing seasons to come. Nonetheless, the stranger in a white hood felt otherwise—she was definitely not ready for the summer. Though it was healthy for humans to receive sunlight on their skins, Snowflake hated it, and she loathed more than anything else to be tanned. Her porcelain skin was precious to her, just as much as her clothes and cosmetics.

”What have you been doing today?”

Her eyes glided down the bag that Chelvaric held and she could assume that he probably went shopping, as infrequent as it was for him. ”Shopping?” It wasn’t often for her lover to go shopping, albeit, he does tag along with her whenever she was in the mood to horde some clothes for the season from the malls. It wasn’t until she noticed a crowd of people gathering in an area from the corner of her eyes, flocking like birds. ”What’s happening?” she asked, her question directed to no person in particular. Curious, she dragged Chelvaric by the hand to the direction of the crowd.

With a petite body, it was easy for her to weave through the crowds, but she wouldn’t say quite the same for her paramour. Through the gaps between people, she peered as her eyes quickly skimmed over the lines carved into the wooden board and read it out loud, ”A recruitment for gladiatorial contests?” There was already a long queue of people; swordsmen, mages and other armed combatants from all over the town, perhaps even from other parts of the country. This event was something she’d just heard. A playful smirk danced on the line of her lips as she glanced up at Chelvaric.

”Wanna join?”


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Chelvaric felt Snow her hand slowly go down his arm and he was enjoying the feeling of having her close by his side. It was quite nice when she did little things like that and he brought her hand to his mouth to give a gentle kiss on it. He sometimes wondered if she actually liked his kisses or if it rather bothered her but she was scared to say anything about it.  After noting it down in his brain he listened to his second half to hear the way she was asking him.

Oh, I have been shopping to prepare for summer! That reminds me I bought something little for you, I’ll give it when we get back home”, he said to her with a mysterious smirk on his face. he was slightly teasing her with it but not that much though as he didn’t want her mad or anything. He looked around the streets of magnolia that was getting more filled with people every day since the temperature was going up and people were having more fun when they were outside than inside after such a long and harsh winter. But then they stumbled on a location that was, even more, busier than the other places and he was wondering what was happening.

Snow was asking the same question but he didn’t know how to respond as he didn’t know either. He wondered if their was a event going on that they didn’t know about and tried to peek into the middle of the group of people. Snow pulled him through the crowd. Albeit it was  easy for her to do since she was petite as a mouse. But he was like a giant who got stuck in each gap she was easily going through. He hated being tall so much and sighed. If only he could be smaller. After pushing through they finally arrived at the location they needed to be. Many swordsmen and mages had gathered here as it seemed to be a gladiator fight. “Yeah, let's join! It could be a great practice for our magic after all and it will be fun with you”, he said to her and walked up to the counter. They had to wait in line for a while but it didn’t take too long and he wrote both of their names on the parchments that were laying on the oaken table in front of a gladiator. He looked quite fierce as he was missing an eye.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her eyebrows raised slightly upon Chelvaric’s comment of him purchasing something for her. ”Oh, a present?” Curious, she wondered how the outfit looked like as she inched her head further and peeked over the bag, albeit, she did not proceed further—it was meant to be a little surprise after all. However, she did ponder on what style of outfit he had selected, it would tell her whether the couple was compatible in their sense of fashion. ”Thank you, sweet. I can’t wait to see it,” she’d say, grateful for the thought. It wasn’t often for the frosty beauty to receive gifts, nevertheless, she felt thankful, as infrequent as it may be.

Minutes plodded by, each separated by an eternity and the couple would finally be on the front of the line to register their names. ”Two joining, please. Snow and Chelvaric,” she spoke as the man seated behind the counter glanced up at her. The demon watched the man observed her from head to toe, his lips curling into a deep frown. Mockery filled his eyes, as if he was silently telling her that she would be defeated easily. Perhaps it was due to her size and admittedly, the rest of the competitors were meters taller than her with muscles protruding from their limbs, nevertheless, appearances were deceitful, right? If it wasn’t for the audience and the long line of queue behind her, she would have pummelled her fist into the man’s face.


This man was testing her patience, as could be seen by her foot tapping furiously against the hard ground. Without any further word, the man quickly focused his attention back to the sheet below him and jotted down their names. Oh, I’d also like it if we’re put together as a team,” she added, in which she simply received a nod, followed by a point to the side of the street in a distance. Her eyes travelled to the direction and a colossal building would come into view.

So, that’s the location.

A couple of jewels rolled across the table, paid for the registration fee before Snowflake dragged her lover out of the area to head to the arena. The smirk on her lips stated enough that she was already thrilled for the contest.


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Snow seemed to be interested in the present and he smirked little as he was going to keep his lips tightly closed about it. he just hoped she would like it as he didn’t buy clothes that much and maybe his sense of fashion was bad. Although he knew what she liked to wear, at least he would like to that think that was the case. Anyway, that was for later as they had a tournament to do now. He just gave her a small peck on her cheek when she thanked him and said it was nothing.

When it was finally their turn to be signed up it seemed that the man that was registering had a problem with his lover to sign up. So when the man was taking too long he put his hand down on the table and looked a bit angry at him. Trying to intimidate him to sign their names on it. This man was clearly judging his love on her looks without even knowing her capabilities. He was quite mad about it but kept calm as Snow didn’t like it when he was too angry about something. Snow nudged the man is doing her bidding and not long afterward they were signed up and she had made sure they would be a team together.  

After which they were pointed to a big building down the street which looked like a colosseum on the outside, the bow arcs looked really nice on the building. They arrived at the door and after getting let in they were greeted by a bunch of looks at them but they quickly were gazed away as they weren’t seen as competition. The room smelled like sweat and other body fluids. It seemed that some people were really nervous and had all sorts of accidents before they entered the arena. In the corner, their were weapons and armor stored that you could lend for a few jewels. “I suppose we have to wait here till it's our turn I wonder what our first challenge will be”, Chelvaric asked to snow not expecting an answer.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

As they queued once again to enter the massive building, the couple would be tossed aside after proving that they did register by the counter earlier. The place reminded her much of a Colosseum, the large circular arena and thick, stone walls that could even block a murderous attack from a monster. The walls were built to be as strong as diamond anyhow, since many gladiator fights take place in the arena. When was this building even built? Years of her existence in Fiore and never once she’d heard about a place like this Colosseum.

The first place they were shoved into was almost like a dungeon—more so, prison—with the doors locked so that no one could escape after they suddenly regret their decision. She’d throw an infuriating glace towards the man that directed them here, clearly for poor handling of the participants. Being a female and an elegant one at that, the woman did not deserve to be push around like a slave. As they entered, Snowflake could see numerous eyes turned around in their direction; some scoffing and others jittering amongst themselves before bursting into fits of giggles. They were clearly underestimating them, but then, the two weren’t even meant to be here—they merited a place way better than this filthy dungeon.

A glance over the vicinity and she could see that most of the participants weren’t privileged like them; they were poverty-stricken with many sorrows that were hidden behind those eyes, and she could easily guess that their main reason for being here was to win the massive sum of money—only if you win the entire tournament. Winning the reward wasn’t her purpose, but winning the competition was. Snowflake already had more than enough money to spend for herself as well as for Chelvaric, she didn’t need herself to be buried among jewels any further. As she walked over the place to find a place to settle, she happened to lock her eyes with a brute man, five times bigger than her, if not more.

The first thing she noticed was the scar that ran down along his face and his entirely sunken eye. Pity washed over her figure and she wondered how long these people have struggled in this place just to win some reward. Losers were either ordered to die or were locked here for more contests until death. Whichever way it was, there was no way for them to escape. The lives of these people were simply just for amusement for the audience when there could be a family waiting for them back home.

”Let’s wait here.”

Heels clacked against the cold hard ground before she finally settled at a vacant spot. There were a variety of armours and weapons hung up on the rack, but none of them looked of decent quality to them. It was very easy to get a good armour and weapon in the streets, but what were these? It was as if the maker of this competition intended every participant to lose. ”We’ll have to use those to fight,” she spoke, almost with disgust but even then, she knew that she wasn’t going to lose, no matter how hard the tournament planned to fail her.


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Chelvaric nodded to snow that she was correct and that they should just wait for the location. Snow had mostly the best plans so he always listened to her and if she didn’t know if he would get one for her. That was the kind of relation the couple had and it wasn’t something he hated. He also never complained about it like a lot of other guys did as they always nagged how their girlfriends were shopping too much or how they were using their money. In the end, he actually liked to buy stuff for his girlfriend and to keep her happy throughout the year. He didn’t even understand how some could be so naggy about It or maybe it was just a way to relieve themselves from a bit of stress but they actually did love their wives more than anything.

Guys could be weird at times and he was lucky he wasn’t like that at all. Not that Snow knew anything about that kind of thing anyway. It appeared that they had to wait till it was their turn in the mean time they could pick out the weapons they wanted to use on top of their magic.

Chelvaric was going over the weapons, a lot of them were quite used or were blunt from slicing it through enemies. He was quite annoyed that people didn’t take care of their weapons after using them. It would make the fights a bit harder than they already would be. “watch out for the weapons babe their quite rusty.”, he said to her and took a carefully look over all of them till he settled his eyes on a bow and arrows. The bow was really well made and it bent quite nicely. He chose this as his weapon as it looked the best one for him out of the arsenal that was displayed.

Chelvaric looked trough the bars that were placed inside the window. it was the only window in the whole arena and it had a nice view of the arena itself. you could see the sands and the tribunes filled with people. it looked amazing and daunting. They would be the center on that sand very soon.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

From the window, the arena of the tournament could be seen. Even through the thick walls, Snowflake could hear the loud booming voice of the presenter announcing the beginning of the games. Cheers and applause ripped through the audience that filled the thousands of seats inside the arena. Seeing so many people surprised her, for she never thought that people would be interested in this kind of event and she could hardly believe that those here could take excitement in watching humans being played like toys. This world was unbelievable, full of surprises, she thought. The first contestant would be announced, and the crowd would encourage him with deafening applause.

The entrance was soon followed by a loud roar, which she assumed was the opponent of this participant. The demon watched the crowd sat in silence as the cage doors would finally open, revealing an enormous lion, twice the size of its own average kind. Everyone was in awe, and so was she, but only the man who was meant to battle against the beast felt otherwise. Snowflake was certain that the poor man must have felt a sense of defeat as he stood frozen in fear, especially after seeing such a ferocious monster. What could a mere human do with a blunt sword against a beast of this kind? The woman simply closed her eyes, and despite how she wanted to believe in the efforts of the man, she knew this battle was pointless.

It was already decided who the victor was.

Snowflake could only watch the battle without a single word, as the swordsman struggled to fend off the attacks of the lion. He was good, she could give him props for his efforts. The majority of the people wouldn’t even be able to summon the courage to enter the ring, not to mention to even go against the king of the jungle. As she continued to observe, she noticed how the man had only been defending the entire time, without even going offense and his repels were growing weaker and weaker by each thrust. It didn’t take long until the man was out of breath and his head would be bitten off relentlessly by the animal. Snowflake didn’t blink once through the process but simply watched in silence.

”How sad.”


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Snow came standing next to him as the show was about to start. It seemed the tournament had started and the crowds were going wild. These kind of events were pretty popular among humans although he never knew why maybe it was because of the bloodshed that sometimes could happen in a gladiator fight or maybe it was because of the excitement that these normal people rather saw them from their save chairs than actually experience it for themselves down in the arena. He wondered who the contestant would be and it seemed to be a guy as he walked out into the field and the yelling of the people became louder. They clearly had been waiting for this since the last tournament in the summer. The whole winter they had to live in the cold and bad circumstances and they could all make it up to this tournament. A loud roar was filling the Colosseum as a lion had entered the domain. The man had to kill the lion in a fell swoop. But the man was frozen in place and a second later he has beheaded already. The poor guy was definitely not ready yet for a fight like this and now he was dead.

that seemed quite brutal for a tournament, but I know that you could whoop their ass so fast that they can’t even blink”, Chelvaric proclaimed to Snow so that she wouldn’t be scared if they had to enter the arena. He was quite convinced they wouldn’t die. They were the elite mages of blue Pegasus after all. “What beast do you think we will have to fight? ”, he asked her and awaited her answer while he saw the next person enter the ring. They were the next ones up and just had to wait for one more round. It was quite nerve wrecking. He grabbed her close and hugged her to comfort her if she was scared or nervous for the fight.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Cheers and applause resounded loudly through the crowd over the victory of the beast, and the death of a fellow human being. The audience was clearly in favour of the animal, although there were a few who betted on the man, and the frosty maiden couldn’t believe how they could take amusement in someone else’s death. What if it was one of their family members? ”Tsk,” she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in disappointment. Turning away, she’d fold her arms across her chest and sat back in her seat wondering who the next competent would be.

It seemed that Chelvaric trusted her abilities and believed that they would win the contest with ease, but she doubted it would be that way. It wasn’t an issue on confidence, rather, it was something more akin of her habit to over-think things, and simply put, she was very much inclined to believe that they wouldn’t be given a win so easily. These kind of tournaments were not made to win at all and she was certain they were bound to receive a strong opponent—not to mention, they did also signed up as a team. The participants were required to give information of their rank, but Snowflake lied a bit on that part since she knew she wouldn’t be allowed as a contestant otherwise.

”I do hope so,”—was all she said before the guard approached them for the next round.

”Your turn next. Get ready,” said the guard and walked away after informing of their entrance.

Well, that was fast. Snowflake didn’t expect themselves to be up so soon yet, but that just means she wouldn’t have to wait for the excitement now, does she? ”I don’t know, what’d you think?” With a slight smile on her face, she stood up from her seat and headed over to the table where the weapons and plates of armour were all laid out. She wondered how this round would turn out, but that was her least of concerns. For now, she needed to get ready for battle.


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Chelvaric didn’t enjoy the view of the man being dragged away but he couldn’t do anything else but watch. He sighed and shook his head from feeling bad about it. The world could sometimes have low depths. He wondered if he had any family and if they would miss him. Well, I guess you should expect to die if participate in such a dangerous activity. He was just thinking about who would be up next when a guard approached them and said that It was their turn. Snow got up and walked towards the weapons while she replied that she didn’t know and what his thoughts were on it.

Well, as long as it is a bit of a normal animal that we have to fight, I am pretty sure we can handle it our selves.”, he said and felt like he just had jinxed the both of them for the fight to come. Bad karma and all that, was a belief he did have but he hoped that he was wrong on this. While Snow was picking a weapon he was checking his bow to see if it was still good and up to par with his needs and standards. He didn’t have that much experience with the bow but recently when he picked up one, he felt like he was familiar with it and knew how to use it. After feeling if the string was still good attached and flexible on the bow he pulled an arrow and did the same handling a couple of times to get a fluent movement of it.

Okay, I think this should be all good now”, he said to no one in particular and walked to Snowflake. “Are you all ready to go out”, he asked as he watched her pick her weapon of choice. He was guessing that she would go with a light sword.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

”A normal animal?”


”I want something big and monstrous,” she’d say, as her fingers idly glossed over the dips and curves of the items that were sprawled on the table, examining them carefully. Yet, none of them seems to scream out at her—not literally—as in, the weapons don’t have anything unique that makes her thrilled to wield them. Seeing these cheaply made items, the demon regretted not having her trusted blade brought together along with herself. ”That’d make our debut here worthwhile, wouldn’t it?” she turned to face Chelvaric, the emotions on her face unpredictable before her eyes landed on a pair of hunting knives.

The unusual thing about these daggers was that it was large, almost the size of a sword, with a curved blade. Curious, she picked up the weapon and swung it around a few times—she liked the way it fits perfectly in her hands, as if it was made for her. Although it looked cheap, this weapon suited more to her compared to the rest. ”This will do,” she spoke to none other than herself and began preparing her armour. She wanted something that wasn’t too heavy on her body, it would only slow down her speed. Protecting her face and her torso should be enough. The woman settled with a cloth armour with a hood; she needed to conceal her face since there might be a few people from the audience who might be aware of her identity. If that happened, she would be kicked out of the ring, and she didn’t want that.

A bow and some hunting daggers.

It was a nice combo, she had to admit. The ice wizard could be responsible of close combat while Chelvaric would cover her blind spots in a distance. She had no strategy for the fight yet, but she felt good about this battle, somehow. ”Alright, let’s entertain our impatient guests,” she’d nod at Chelvaric as they awaited by the gate for their entrance to be announced.  


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Chelvaric looked at Snow as she seemed to be enjoying herself as she was chuckling. She was laughing about his comment as she wanted to have some mighty beast to fight so that she could prove herself probably. She was quite the daring person and he did see the good thing of wanting to test your limits till the maximum, it was one of the only ways you could improve yourself after all and they needed to be stronger. Especially Snow since she was a guild master eyes were always on her to show the way to the other members of the guild and the other people outside of the guild would definitely gossip about her and look for a weakness to harm blue Pegasus. That’s how people were after all. Always backstabbing when they could. The reason why Chelvaric was traveling alone before he met Snow.

Everyone would be respecting us if we show ourselves really strong. I wonder how people will be talking about us if we pull some amazing feat off here”, he said to Snow while just thinking about it. in the meantime she had picked up some quite unique looking daggers, they were quite long. She seemed to be handling them easily though as she was spinning them around.

They waited in front of the large gate and he looked at Snow who was concealing her face. He didn’t have to do it since he was not really in a position that he had to be careful about such a thing. The gates started to open with a crackling noise while speakers started to emit a loud sound.

Next up we have a pair of mages, one blue Pegasus mage known as Chelvaric who is an elf. This is our first elf in a long time I hope these pointy ears are more than peace and plants with him he has a mysterious stranger girl who has no name. Let’s see how this duo faces their challenge. From wide and far they are used and tamed but this time we brought a wild beast for you folks! It comes directly from the deep forests. Let’s see how they fare against it”, the speaker stopped and the guards behind them came closer to push them out into the arena. He stepped forward and Snow did probably the same thing. The sun was quite blinding and he had to pinch his eyes so that the sudden sunlight wouldn’t blind him. The Cheers and shouts of the crowds were deafening and they were roaring for blood. When they reached the center of the arena the gate opposite to them started to rise up.

From underneath its claws were already scratching the door trying to get out of the cage. They looked quite big as they left marks the size of a  small door. It was even so wild that it crashed through the half-open gate breaking it to pieces. Sticking its head through it. The beast was looking fiercely at Snow and Chelvaric. A blue and greenish head that was the size of a small wagon, it had two small eyes on the side of its head and two scimitar-like horns on top of its head. Chelvaric looked at it and know that signature head from the royal army. It was a legion, they were used by the army to fly on. They were quite the foe and this would be a harsh battle.




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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Applause rippled through the crowd as the presenter announced their entrance, introducing each of them with their respective titles. Fortunately, Snowflake decided to not include her name during the registration, so she was referred to as a ’mysterious stranger girl’, which wasn’t technically a bad thing. She could settle with that for the rest of the tournament. The duo would be escorted inside the arena and instantly, the demon was awestruck by how spacious the vicinity was. Filled with hundreds of people all around her in a massive building such as this one, the crowd looked like ants to her eyes. Gazing up, she’d finally be able to see where it ends, tens of meters above her height and she began to realise that there was no other way than winning the competition to escape from this place.

The loud squeaks against the metallic door brought her out of the reverie, and she’d turn to see their opponent waiting for them, impatient to devour whom it considered its food. As the gates rose up to allow the beast to enter the arena, a deafening cry of encouragement roared through the crowd. Seeing how thrilled the audience was, perhaps this beast was the champion of the tournament, she thought. A playful smirk grew on her lips—it was exactly what she wanted. To test her abilities to the limits, she needed to battle with the strongest ones.

The ground shook slightly as the champion entered the ring, step by step. It was a monster, indeed—just like she’d expected. The beast was almost ten times larger than her, that she had to tilt her head back slightly to meet its gaze. For a moment, it’s cyan eyes pierced through hers, as if it was reading her thoughts, but she doubted that was the case. After all, it was a wild beast that could hardly understand human words. The presenter's voice was no more than a blur to her ears but as he eventually finished his sentence, the animal didn’t hesitate to charge its way towards the Pegasus mages.

Let the battle finally begin.


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Chelvaric was amazed how people could cheer so loud. He was a bit deafened from the noise and on top of that noise was the loud roaring of the legion. The beast was quite mighty and big. It wouldn’t be that easy to bring it down as they looked like ants to it. He looked at Snow and she looked quite ready to fight it and seemed to be enjoying it too. That was good he thought and smiled as he saw her standing proud and ready to fight. The beast didn’t take long to attack them and came charging forward his tiny legs were marching through the sand of the arena and they made tiny earthquakes every time they came down. He felt them surge through his body and was quite surprised by it. This was quite annoying as it was a bit difficult to keep standing up the closer he came. The beast was nearly in range and it lowered his head to charge into them.

Chelvaric couldn’t find a good shot from this angle and rolled to the side so that he could dodge the attack and take aim. The beast charged passed him and he was quite certain that Snow would have gotten away too. He took an arrow from his quiver and nocked it on the bow. He took aim at a spot between the beast leg and body where the skin would be softer and where he would be hindered in his running. He started to slowly breath focusing on the location and when he was certain it would hit the running beach he let the arrow fly with a swoosh.

It pierced through the air as it was reaching its target. Hitting the beast in the leg but it was a bit of spot so it didn’t pierce its skin and the arrow bounced off. Chelvaric cursed that he had missed his shot. That was quite annoying. The beast was turning around to make another charge at them.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Puffs of dust kicked off the ground as the legion launched itself towards them with its horns protruded outwards. The earth trembled from its strength, that she could even feel the vibrations coursing through her skin. As the distance between them reduced by each second, the demon would create a clone of herself right before her with a swipe of her hand. As she did so, she’d let herself fall backwards and before her body comes into contact with the ground, she tossed her legs into the air to complete a cartwheel. With another motion of her hand, the demon summoned two more clones a meter separated from the first one she’d created. This would at least cause some confusion to the legion as it continued to race towards her—or so she hoped.

Chelvaric, on the other hand, bought her some time by throwing some arrows from the distance, albeit, the beast’s skin was too hard for the arrows to pierce and bounced off his skin unfortunately. ”Tsk,” she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in disappointment, but by doing so, she had more than enough time to laid out her attack. Her eyes remained fixated right in front of her, despite the clone that blocked her vision. She silently calculated the distance between her target and herself before she hoists up her hand forward, and the motion caused a number of white glyphs to be summoned above the legion.

Snowflake bent down, gathering all her strength in her legs and shot forward into the sky, almost like a rocket. A brief moment of bliss was experienced as she hovered and rolled in the air until her feet landed on one of the platforms she’d created. Without any hesitation, she kicked off once again, travelling through the air as fast as her legs could carry while wind whipped against her face. Either the animal was too distracted with the clones, or confused, but whatever it was, the beast failed to notice her from behind. Closer and closer, she flew towards the beast and with a slash of her hunting dagger, her blade would come to meet the neck of the animal.  


The sound echoed reverberated against the walls of the colosseum, as her blade flew off her hands, resulting in a cut in the process. Her eyes widened. How could his skin be so tough that not even a blade could pierce? Her attack had failed, though she landed safely on her opponent's body without any injuries from the momentum. She decided to quickly jump off the legion’s back before it could notice, but it was too late—their eyes locked as the legion ceased in its tracks and turned around to face her.

Mana: 3,795


Spells Used:

Name: Cryo-Freeze
Rank: B-Rank
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Sub-Zero Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Frost
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user summons a white glyph in their hands and scans quickly over their body before producing an ice clone in front of her. The clone is able to move within the range of 15 meters and can deal B-Rank bludegeoning damage to enemies. Summoning extra clones will cost additional mana of the equivalent rank and are capable of withstanding up to B-Rank damage.

Name: Ice Tap
Rank: D-Rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Sub-Zero Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Frost
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user hoists their hand up and creates numerous white magic glyphs within the range. Each seal is located randomly and at different angles and heights, according to the wishes of the user. The angles of the glyphs can be controlled by her finger. The spell allows the user to utilize the magic seals as a jumping platform to leap off to other seals and to travel over a short distance. The seals can be casted around an enemy within range as well, to leap around an opponent. The user is able to create 5 seals in the first post and an infinite amount of seals afterwards, with the same mana cost for each additional seal.

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Chelvaric had watched Snow’s movements from the side line as he was knocking arrow after arrow at the beast. But the armor was to thick and he couldn’t pierce through it. He was cursing that he couldn’t do anything against it. Didn’t they have anything in reach that could pierce it? Maybe piercing wasn’t the armor. This beast couldn’t be only hard armor or it wouldn’t be able to eat and breathe and see. He was thinking and then it hit him. “Snow! aim for the eyes next!”, He shouted at her as he shot an arrow towards it. Sadly the beast had noticed Snowflake and it turned around just at the moment his Arrow would strike the target, the arrow broke in half just by the sheer force of shooting it.

He needed to Distract it so it would stop going after Snowflake before she would get hit by the monster. He had only one arrow left before he was out. This wasn’t good he needed to think of something else. Something had to be done about it but what. He didn’t have much time to think about it. He was thinking about it when his vision suddenly blurred out and he was surrounded by darkness. He could hear sounds of a forest around him but he couldn’t see anything. “You are worthy enough to use my children, young human”, a deep voice resounded through space.

Chelvaric didn’t know what was happening and it was scaring him slightly. When the voice ended for a second he looked around to see something but he couldn’t see anything. “Just be warned that they won’t stay docile for long, so don’t keep by your side for long. Heed this warning or perish under their might”, the deep resounding voice said and the second later Chelvaric was staring at the legion again. The darkness had disappeared and the mystery voice had too.

But it felt like he had gained knowledge that he didn’t have before. He clapped his hands together and focused his mind on the voice he had heard earlier. Infront of him, the air was buzzing like something was splitting it open midair. Out of it a big hand came out and not much later the rest of a quite big body. The beast that he just had summoned looked like a giant with grass and moss-grown over all its body parts. Chelvaric commanded it in his mind to attack the legion. The giant took his tree trunk and charged the Legion at full force. He wondered how the fight between them would go.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

’Snow! Aim for the eyes next!’

Her lover’s voice broke her out of her reverie, when Snowflake remained frozen after the legion caught her red-handed. Her mind blanked out for a brief moment, and during that time, the demon was unable to conjure any strategies of what she should do next. And, that was until Chelvaric called out for her. Reality struck her finally and she was forced to keep her composure if she wanted to win the battle. She needed to win this, otherwise, who knows how long they might be trapped in this place and surely enough, she didn’t wish to spend more than an hour at the filthy dungeon she was at a moment ago.

The clones that were summoned a mere moment ago vanished into white dust as it travelled up into the sky by her commands; a quick motion of her hand. She knew she couldn’t remain any longer on the back of the legion’s body, however, her reaction was too late. The animal began thrashing around after noticing that there was a foreign being on top of its body, almost like a bull, leaping around and charging aimlessly. Fumes were released from its large nostrils, as if it were furious and desperately wanted her off its body. It was dangerous, not only for herself, but for Chelvaric as well since the legion could crush him without any hesitation underneath its foot.

Anger dominated the creature, and though she knew the situation was out of hand, she wanted to take advantage of this. Consumed by rage, the demon was aware that the legion wouldn’t be able to think properly in this situation. Animals weren’t as smart as humans to begin with, especially not a wild one. Her hands clutched onto the beast’s body, she clung relentlessly onto the legion. Falling onto the ground would only be the death of her beneath its foot, if she was careless. In this position, it was apparent that she couldn’t do much and the only thing left was to expect something from Chelvaric; something that could change the outcome of this situation, something that would turn the tables to their advantage.  

Mana: 3,795


#22Chelvaric Walderkat 

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He was afraid, afraid for his lover as she was clinging on top of the beast that was now raging around like a mad bull. He only knew one tribe who did this sort of thing for a sport and they made it look easy but it was super hard to do and pull off without getting deadly wounded and this wasn’t a bull it was a legion.

He saw how Snow was clinging to the beast in full fury. He had to do something to weaken it so that they could easier beat it. The giant in the meantime had reached the legion and slammed his tree trunk as a mace against the legions head. The legion staggered backward but it didn’t hurt him too much. He rushed forward punching his head into the giant's stomach. The giant dropped his tree trunk and grabbed the legions horns and tried to push it to the ground. They both were grunting and it was a fight of exhaustion between the two of them. He had an opening now to do something he felt like he should do in this situation.

He started to dance around like crazy and pictured the legion in his head. He had to lower the creature will to fight and also its ability to fight, he wanted it to weaken. He pictured spiders in his head that was slowly covering the body of the legion as he kept turning around and around. He was happy that the giant was keeping the beast busy or he wouldn’t be able to do this. it was taking a lot of mana from him and his body felt really strained. But when he was done with his fifth circle and he started to feel super dizzy the spell finally went off. A dark nature energy was starting to form around the Legions body and it constrained it. From the moment the energy had touched the beast, it started to slow down and was less fierce in its movements. The giant was even forging the legion down as he nearly had it pushed to the ground. It was the perfect moment for Snow to strike as he wasn’t moving so fiercely anymore.

Spells used:

Name: Tribal Sacrificial Ritual
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 400
Requirements: Witch Doctor Magic
Type: Debuff
Element: Nature
Range: 30 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user raises their hands next to their head and stomp their feet on the ground while dancing and rotating five times. While they do this, they have a target in mind within the range of the spell which will be affected and scream out "Walalalala boyayaya um na ananana o ramabazana booooo!" The affected target gets a debuff to their Strength, Speed, and Endurance.



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Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake had been too busy distracted of not letting her grip lose from the legion’s body, that she failed to notice her paramour summoning creatures from a distance. The nature’s slaves—or so she would call them—stood in front of Chelvaric, almost like a giant-sized wall. Recalling to the training they had completed back in the Magnolia Forest, she’d seen these creatures, but they were different; much smaller and weaker, unlike the ones that stood before her eyes. Her fingers were growing tired from holding onto the beast’s body—not to mention, with the legion thrashing around wildly over the place. It was hard to keep herself from falling off, especially when the surface of its body was smooth and slippery.

The legion’s body remained still for a brief moment until all of a sudden, a loud thunk echoed through the walls of the colosseum, as if something had been struck. She felt the legion stumbled on its feet while she dangled still clutching onto the monster’s body. The world was shaking for her, and she could barely see what was happening around her with her vision nothing more than just a blur. Chelvaric seemed to be doing something in the distance….dancing…he was dancing in circles. Who had time to dance in the middle of a battle like this? Her brows were knitted closely towards the centre of her forehead in confusion while she wondered what he was doing instead of saving her from the situation.

Dark energy was released and sped towards the legion as the spell constrained the beast from moving. Was that something that Chelvaric had casted? Whatever it was, it was turning the tables for them. The legion was tied down, despite its efforts to break free from the chains that tied him down. Her head was spinning, nevertheless, she seized the opportunity to leap off the body and with a snap of her fingers, a white glyph appeared beneath her feet just above the ground, preventing herself from breaking her limbs. Her hunting knives were lodged into the sand in a short distance, and she didn’t hesitate to dash towards them.  

The woman slid over the ground, tugging her blade from the soil. She cocked her hand back behind her head and with a flick of her wrist, she aimed her dagger right into the legion’s eye socket. Her aiming skills weren’t perfect, which was why she could only wish that it would strike the bullseye. While the dagger flew to the target, she had already began running towards the legion once again. She slid between the legion’s limbs, as she brushed her hands over the animal’s legs. Patches of ice grew larger in the areas that had come into contact with her fingers, slowly spreading over the legion’s body. Once done, she glided right out of its legs once again and even with the attacks dealt, they were still not enough.

Mana: 3,675


Spells Used:

Name: Glide
Rank: D-Rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Sub-Zero Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Frost
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: While running or dashing at her own speed statistic, the user snaps their fingers and creates glyphs on any side of her body to control her momentum. This enables her to make sharp turns or spins without affecting her motion of travel or losing balance. The magic seals can also be used to prevent from injuring herself, for instance, when she jumps of a platform, a seal will appear beneath her feet upon summoning.

Name: Frostbite
Rank: B-Rank
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Sub-Zero Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Frost
Range: 4 Meters AoE
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: This spell requires contact to activate and upon touching a surface or an opponent, a white glyph is summoned below their palm and everything within the range of 4 meters diameter will be completely frozen in ice, excluding the spot from where the user is located. On a human's body, the spell can only take up to 1 meter on their skin, dealing B-Rank freezing damage per post. A tap on the targeted area is enough to do the damage and the user is not required to be in contact with the surface over the duration. The freezing damage can be stopped by B-Rank damage or higher.

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Chelvaric was trying to regain his posture as he was still feeling a bit dizzy from the dancing. It was such a weird way too cast magic but he couldn’t change it so he was stuck with it. he wondered who invented this kind of magic. How could you even possibly come up with the idea to dance. Maybe it was some ancient magic when people couldn’t really talk yet. He knew that some magics dated so far back that they had hard and weird ways to summon or to cast the elements. But sometimes these forms of raw power were stronger then the easy casting of modern magic. It was quite fascinating and he should do some research in the library when he could. He maybe could find ways to refine his casting and up the amount of debuffing it did. As it seemed this spell was a debuff spell. It lowered the capabilities of the legion quite harsh. He hadn’t seen a capable spell like that in so long. Although it did leave him vulnerable and it did take a long amount of time to cast it which made it not that great.

The battle was going better now as he saw Snow jump off the legion and landing safely by the help of her magic. She picked her daggers up and threw one of them right into the eye of the legion. The beast let out a nasty screech of pain. It was so deafening that the audience had to cover their ears and some people fell on their knees. They weren’t used to battle at all he thought and looked at the beast as it was slowly going down. He smiled this was great news it meant that they were close in winning this fight.

He aimed with his bow and shot arrow after arrow to pierce the beast's body while the giant kept hitting it with his club. He felt that he was slipping his control through next turn he had to release it or it would attack him too. That was a shame as he was doing its job quite perfect and without it they had to tank it themselves. Now the beast was focused on the giant because he was the biggest target. He was aiming his arrow carefully before he let the bowstring loose and the arrow flew through the air as a small object, it flew fast and this time it hit the place where he had aimed. Right into the beasts right eye making it blind. He hoped this would further lower its ability to fight and Snow could finish it off then.


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