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Baska to Orchidia [Train Travel]

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on Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:55 pm

Theo Kaguya
After some much-needed rest and relaxation, the young knight picked up his bag and made his way out the doors of the inn he was staying at. The outside air felt good as it filled him with energy and to head out and move on from the lovely town of Baska with that he would be leaving behind his first loss in a fight and his doubts about finding his sister again. Guess I should call mom and dad when I get the chance he thought walking pass the cafe that he and Alice talked at. He made his way to the station to hopefully meet up with some friends and make some more along the way, with any luck he might even find a someone to teach him the way of the sword.

The train ride had started to become normal for him as he sat next to the window allowing the nice cool air to blow his hair back. "Guess I should call mom and dad when I get into Orchidia." he thought aloud looking at his sword that sat on his lap. The train had stopped midway due to another train ahead of them making some of the passengers slightly upset with conductors and crew, while he just enjoyed the view of Oberon Forest it truly felt like he should have walked through it instead of taking the train but there is always next time. It didn't take long for them to get moving once again putting everyone at ease for the most part. All the lushes green trees it was a sight that could only be enjoyed from such a hight it was quite exciting for him.

T.K looked over his notes and look back at all the photos from the start of his adventure to now I really can't believe that I made it this far on my own for this long, he thought to himself as he went by the Sieg mountains and their neverending routes and small caves. As the ride continued its course the young knight fell asleep cuddling with his stuffed animal, he dreamt of fighting a dragon alongside his fellow knights with him landing the fatal blow to it, afterward, they would celebrate his victory but briefly as he was woken up by one of the staff of the train. Once he off the train he felt as if someone was calling him home but he wanted to get days rest before home and checking on his family.


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