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The Still Feeling Air.(open)

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Default on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:21 pm

Arriving to just the quiet evening, only sound Judina seemed to find either comfort or in her mind she heard was various animals of the evening and the crickets. Judina's mind was empty and clear for this evening while she had arrived here slowly she would walk over to the inn she did not want to go much farther or were else to consider staying for now but she would find and settle in a chair for a bit.

Walking over to the door for the inn slowly opening the door. It was busy as normal she expected it to be, so far it wasn't how badly busy as she expected.

Finding a moment to sit down Judina placed her bag next to were she would sit. She wondered why she felt a stillness here in the capital, she did not expect such a feeling, nor had she felt this odd stillness in a while.

Getting up from her table and walking over to some one she could get a drink from and just simply got a cup of water for the moment, she would take her time to go back to her sit to think over maybe why she was feeling that way.

slowly settling into place she figured maybe she was letting stuff get to her again and she had yet to really truly relax yet, taking a small sip of her water and for not sat well enough to slowly relax for the moment until needed.

#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:42 am

As she had done enough for the day, she couldn't actually say she did a lot, it was probably time to try and relax. Not freak out about every single thing, not feel that lonely, even though she did. She walked back towards the inn where she stayed at and looked around in the crowd that always seemed to be there. It was at least not that loud and crowded as she had expected and even though she didn't mind that most of the time, she definitely didn't feel in the mood to talk too loud or yell at people to get out of her way.

She thought she saw an empty table but when she finally reached it, she noticed a bag and a person coming back from the bar and she took a soft deep breath to not let out the sigh of annoyance, she tried to some smile and wondered if she should just try and meet more people, so they could run away from her as usual. "Hi would you mind if I sat with you?" She asked the blue haired lady because well she rather be polite about it. She would order a cup of tea as the waitress walked past her and she would wait for an answer before she would sit, "Did you just arrive?"


Default on Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:09 pm

Judina did not seemed annoyed or upset with whom had been where she sat in fact maybe it was a good twist of fate to get the tension off of her mind. So in the end it was a bit relief for her to have happen for the moment. The company was nice even if they were both able to handle one another because the place was a bit busy.

"About five minutes a go, It has been a long walk for me." Judina mentioned to this woman while she settled, she would not mention her uneasy feeling being in this town. "I had moved under request of some one I was working with."Judina generally did not mention names simply was not her place too, feeling like she was forgetting something as well. Mostly for now just wanted to sit down and relax.

"I do not mind if you sit with me, Even allow me to introduce myself." Judina would start with."I am Judina Karlinius of The Rune Knights."she wanted to feel prideful about the title of rune knight, she just viewed part of her for the moment, realizing also she might just seem slightly overly showy with such an introduction.

She wanted tea but wanted to warm up as well."Traveling from Orchida on foot in the snow is quite a event I must say." She would finally get a drink herself wait she stopped for a moment to make sure she was warming up, the company helped get the cold off of her mind.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:01 pm

Ah five minutes ago, and a walk. That must be tiring indeed, "Mind asking you where you came from?" She asked curiously, she still had not seen much of Fiore, being stuck in most of the places because she wanted to connect with people and her curiousity of knowing cities inside out kept her occupied. She gave a warm smile to the stranger on the same table as she got the tea from the waitress and wrapped her cold hands around it. Thank god she got used to not using fire anymore and a bit more to the cold, but that definitely didn't mean she liked it.

She wondered if Phoebe could consider working for Persephone but since they had settled in a support for one and another, she could more see it as a small version of some friendship. She smiled at Judina as she introduced herself, "Nice to meet you, I'm Phoebe Rainsworth." She took a sip of the hot tea and thought shortly about the Rune Knights, "That's a great job you have there. I bumped into a couple of friendly Rune Knights the last couple of months, your faction seems to be everywhere, very nice." Which she meant, with the towns and such it was good to know that there were Rune Knights everywhere and that they were friendly, such as Alice and T.K..

Shortly later into the conversation Phoebe learned that Judina came from Orchidia, "Oh definitely, and with the wind that covers the town, it makes it very cold. I like snow, when I'm inside with a warm cup of tea that is. Orchidia is a beautiful town though, don't mind me say that, it's my home town. It looks so lovely in spring and summer oh and autumn with all the different colours of the leaves." She could talk for ages about Orchidia, but it also reminded her that she would have to return home to tell her father and Mary the bad news about their mother.


Default on Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:08 am

It was pretty relaxed for the moment maybe this still feeling she had in her mind was yet again over nothing."I am from Marigold, along with my two brothers."Starting off the piece of conversation."A smaller town then this and much more quiet people are more much to themselves and most places."Judina started."Needless to say life away from home was interesting when it first started, Vastly different then how it is now."Unsure why she brought it about her personal life experiences it just seemed to happen to be the case for the moment, But nothing wrong with it for now.

"Most of us from what I gather are friendly and here to work for the people, I have yet to be proven wrong or seen anything wrong."Judina also could easily be proven wrong at any point and she knew it but did not bother her if such a thing happen, Life did work in many different ways.

"Guess it is just the longest time I had not dealt with the colds of winter and snow."
Judina did not remember how long she had left this entire area for her training and gaining that robe she wore."So such weather was a shock to get use to again." So she could admit anyway, But she could laugh about it anyway."Now I know and will be much more prepared."She said with a laugh about it, in the end realizing she could laugh about it herself which was always good.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:22 pm

Phoebe nodded very interesting in the rest of the towns of Fiore, she had been shortly in Marigold, being a understudy for Romeo in the play with Alice Nightingale, definitely someone who wouldn't be her best friend. "I have been in Marigold once, it was a short visit but it's a lovely place." she said and meant it, "Two brothers?" she asked interested though, she only had Mary and at this point she had Silver, perhaps that's why she was interested by it, normally she wouldn't be bothered about it too much. The thing was she had no idea if the bond could grow the same. "Sorry that might be a weird question but I recently learned that I have a brother and I am not used to that." She decided to be honest. It seemed to be easy because Judina seemed to be so open in her own experience and the conversation as well.

Phoebe laughed a little, "Yes which is definitely what I experienced, I met a nice fellow in Baska to help me out and Alice in Orchidia, though I haven't seen her around anymore. I should send her a letter if only I know where. Do you know her?" She didn't know why she alwasy seemed to be interested in the red head but she did had a book that she wanted to recommend and ask her some advice.

She nodded when Judina told her that it was definitely something to get used to, she could very much relate to the problem, especially now that she was a nature mage instead of a fire mage. "A warm jacket and a scarf don't feel enough with the icy wind." She laughed a little too when Judina did too, "That is always useful." she chuckled a little more, "There are of course other towns, Hargeon was cold as well with the sea and the snow."


Default on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:47 am

Judina could easily admit and laugh about it."Not odd at all if anything the two brothers a more odd then mentioning i have them."Each persons life was different in many ways so sometimes family was known sometimes it wasn't."We're a pretty quiet family for the longest time in Marigold."

She laughed slightly only for a moment, then seemed a bit back normal and kind of back to her peaceful thought and face."I worry for both of my brothers, Both for different reasons."Judina mention that part to get that thought of worry off her mind, if pressed she would mention their names."But hopefully your situation works well." she said, she had finally got her cup of tea.

After taking a few moments and sipped her cup of tea."I know Alice, she is in fact she is my boss."Judina mentioned while she sipped her cup of tea again."I see Alice quite often." she finished off that part of the talk.

She would have to think over and realize that such advise would be helpful to Judina."I will look into buying both items for when i have to leave and travel next." she would have to keep in mind it would have to be blue in colour and maybe a bit better of a coat then her robe was a good idea too."I will figure out where to buy a scarf or maybe a coat that doesn't look too bad on me."laughing about it as well keeping it calm.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:28 am

Phoebe narrowed her eyes, a bit surprised by the way Judina talked, which surely got her curiousity sparked, she had met a couple of strange people. So she was surely curious about this and wanted to know more information, but she had no idea to ask that. She nodded when Judina said she was worried for her brothers, Phoebe didn't have that feeling yet but than again she only met Silver once and.. well that had not been the most pleasant meeting because of the news he shared, "Technically he is my half brother, and I have no idea what to think of this situation, I think I might even have been to harsh to him by walking away without saying much." She sighed and looked at her hands, wrapped around the cup, "Can I ask the names of your brothers? Are they travelling like you two? Is it possible I might have met them?" She lifted up her cup of tea to take a sip, all too curious about it.

Phoebe couldn't help but laugh a little, "What a coincidence, your boss. I had a book recommendation for her, nothing interesting but we met when she was in the store of my father, looking for good books. I always hoped to bump into her again." Perhaps that might happen another time too, she would see at the moment it was more fun to just talk to someone, to perhaps get some advice.

When they continued to talk about the weather, Phoebe learned that Judina had no scarf or good winter coat and she was rather surprised, how tough of a woman, she would freeze in her own cold moments, especially now Phoebe lost fire magic, "I would love to give you advice on what would look good." She said with a smile, for Phoebe liked fashion and things that showed beauty.


Default on Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:54 pm

Guess not intentionally Judina just got bit more help in her case and cause, that or it was a foreshadow for Phoebe, it could be left up in the air and a matter of thought for either of them."Yes well Story a bit strange for one of them, It is a rather long tale." She wasn't being around the bush for one of them just getting to the shorter of them first."One of them is my traveling brother Waylon."In which she mentioned simply and easily to the point.

Judina had still not forgiven her self when Lacie told her that he was in the same town as her and she missed him, It was her being so close to in forming and hopefully keeping Waylon safe from Regis and maybe keeping his mother and father safe he did not what extent fully Regis' situation would lead him to do or go, But took her time to mention her older brother.

Taking a small sip of her tea."Waylon has short blue hair, as dark as mine and blue eyes as well. He mostly wears a white hooded long sleeve shirt as well, he often seems to be traveling alone." Finishing off Waylon."My oldest brother's name is Regis, Simply put he has a problem when I saw him last and I have not seen him since I worry where he maybe and if he has done anything."Judina seemed worried mentioning it but mostly like she had tried not to seem worried about it.

But seemed to take what joy she could from Phoebe's offer to help looking fancy."I would enjoy greatly when I have the free time, I will take you up on your offer when I can."Judina mention keep that simple and peaceful smile for the moment, It seemed maybe now easily seem Judina carried a heavy heart about a few things and she never expressed it often to people.

#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:59 pm

Phoebe interlocked her fingers to lean her chin on it and stared at Judina as to say that she had no problem with a long story as long as her new friend would be willing to share. She definitely didn't want to push but it would be interesting to hear stories, to see Judina her reaction, love perhaps? Respect, vulnerability because it was her family. She nodded, so travelling, just like she assumed Judina did since she just came from Orchidia. Waylon, she would memorize that, somewhere in the back of her mind with help from Persephone.

She smiled a little and listened, nodded, understand the same of the looks, she and Silver obviously looked nothing alike but than again they were half siblings, that could easily happen. She froze in her motion as she mentioned that her eldest brother was called Regis and she even accidentally swept her own tea cup away at the moment that Judina was finished, she stood up and stared at Judina, "Than I have been looking for you." She could see the worry in Judina her eyes, very faintly but it was there, "You.. You are who Regis is looking for. But he can't speak, he can't say your name. I have seen him, twice now, I am working on finding a medicine for him." She didn't know if Judina would be happy about it but she sure hoped it was. She turned to the waitress who came running to the cup and she fiercely apologized because it had never been her intention and she helped clean up even when the waitress told her that it was no problem and would bring her a new cup.

She would sit down again, hold on to the rim of the table to not speak too enthusiastic or forced, she wanted to know more and understand more. When that conversation was over and done with she mentioned the clothing that were better for travelling and smiled happily when Judina accepted her suggestion to go and look for new clothing once together, "Can I ask you, if you never bothered with fashion or color, just looked for what was comfortable of looking good?"


Default on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:48 am

It seemed that still feeling only had her realize what was going on, if he was here how far away was he. It lead Judina to have many other questions for her."Even if he can not speak, I have a few questions for you then."She seemed worried now, a bit more worried then when this conversation started here.

It was like Judina should have expected this at this point, Regis had traveled a lot farther away and broke out of his locked away home."Has he hurt anyone around you?" She started off of what question she had gathered."Has his situation improved?"She seemed unhappy to be asking these series of questions."And where did you see him last?"She had already turned into rune knight worked mind set."For I will be going to him as quickly as I can even if he will attack me when he picks up i am around."Judina mentioned that part right away, Knowing it would happen.

"I never looked at what looks good, just what fits and works best for the job, Most of the time it is just this robe."
Judina also realized she maybe needed to just breath a bit more before she figured out a full plan of action for her to do. "I mostly wear blue...So i am very plain I guess."Judina could easily point that out but for honesty sake as well, It was something that some one else from her family was good at and not her.

#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

Default on Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:15 am

Phoebe turned to look at Judina as she just sat herself down again, making sure no pieces of her tea cup were still on the ground. She brushed her black hair out of her face and nodded, "Of course." It only made sense especially if she was family and Regis had mentioned or well had nodded yes on the question that he was looking for family right? Did he mean Judina? But she noticed the worry in Judina her voice and considering that she had seen Regis, she could understand.

The first question was if he hurt someone and she would like to say people rather did seem to hurt him, "I followed him around for two days, once in Magnolia and once here, but I can say that at that day he hurt no one. He seems to be lost and trying to find answers and solutions, people do tend to stare and beckon away from him but he didn't do anything." She shook his head about the second question, "I don't know improved from what? I mean I have seen his skin and to be fair he looks more like a walking dead than anything else. He can't speak and sometimes there seems to be this short circuit to call it like that, that made him miss out on things. I mean I noticed he can answer yes and no questions and I let him spell his name by writing the alphabet in the sand." in which he skipped a few letters but remained standing next to them that she had made the guess it was Regis.

Phoebe looked worried with the next set of questions, why would Regis attack Judina? Wouldn't he be happy, hoping she would help, she felt like she would intrude in their private business but she would obviously answer the questions, "A plaza in the north east of the town, I could bring you there if you want. But I doubt he would attack you, he had been very kind to me." For as far as he could. She hoped to calm Judina a little, "Let's go together, I can support you as I've been trying to heal him, I mean I don't know if it will work but I have a.. a friend with quite a good knowledge of natural remedies and I tried." It would take a couple of more times and not quickly one after another but she was trying it.

Wit that and the conversation on clothing it seemed Judina understand the need to relax before they would be able to go, Phoebe really didn't mean to push and neither for once did Persephone. "Who knows when you have time let me know, I stay here in this inn, once you have your answers I can show you some clothing if you want." She was sure that apart from blue there were more colours that would fit Judina her expression perfectly, with her beautiful dark blue hair. Phoebe could enjoy things like that very well.


Default on Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:14 am

It would be grim but Judina seemed to just mention it to point out."Then if he has not harmed anyone else his murder count is still two."Judina almost did not want to mention this but had to point it out for the sake of the situation."Aside from his and I little fight where I thought I locked him in his house until I could solve this. For now these pleases me to hear."Judina seemed to have her mind and thoughts settled largely that she seemed a bit less worried about it for the moment, Even if she knew Regis had a lot more chance to hurt some one alone.

"If that is the answer on his health then just simply means worst, for my clash with him, I never saw his face, I only hear him make noises either to sharp for my hearing that it hurt or very rough hollow yells or screams."But Judina seemed troubled remembering that event like it seemed to be unnerving in her mind to remember.

He seemed to be able to think from what she gathered which could mean both good and bad for Judina, it would depend what part he would remember and what part he didn't remember would be trouble for Judina, Would he remember just them both fighting or everything else from when they were around each other as family? This would still be up in air until it came time.

"I will be taking you up on that offer a lot sooner then you think, After all I only have blue under shirts,pants and this robe and other really common items that most people wear."She laughed about it, realizing she was clueless about looking good and clothing, But had humor in it."My mother was only other lady of the house and I use to defy her for such things maybe such a change would be good over just wearing this robe all of the time." She seemed like she was trying to settle down and smile after grim admission before hand.

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