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Selfish Justice [Social | Rishi, Zyra & Keryth]

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#1Keryth Torvan 

Default on Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:36 am

No matter how much money he had in his pocket or how many valuable things he possessed, Keryth was always on the lookout for more. There is no word called ‘contentment’ in the elven boy’s dictionary. The elders in his outpost tried teaching him; but clearly, they didn’t succeed. The original plan was to sell off the pretty dagger he stole from Zyra’s family for a ridiculous amount of money, build a large castle in one of the popular islands off the coast, and declare himself the nobility of that island. However, he had to put a stopper on that plan because Zyra told him her family went berserk after he stole that dagger. The elves are usually calm people; they didn’t get very angry unless it was an extremely serious issue. At least, not collectively. So, if the entire family was upset, then, Keryth figured what he took was probably more than just a pretty dagger. He wanted to know its true nature before he made any rash decisions.

Ever since he found Zyra, the two had been sticking together and he liked it that way. The last thing he wanted was for the princess to walk around alone and get caught, which would essentially mean he was busted too. But… Having her by his side also meant he couldn’t go ‘looting’ without making it too obvious. He knew Zyra liked ‘pranks’, but wasn’t sure if she would be game for downright thievery. Well… I did loot her house right in front of her. In any case, he didn’t want her being weirded out and leaving him; so, he played it safe.

However, he could control himself for only so many days. That late morning, when he was walking down the market streets of Marigold, he saw something that made his hands very fidgety. A young girl with a large heave jewel pouch. He wanted to nab it without anyone noticing, including his partner; but, he couldn’t find such an opportunity. The dark-haired thief kept following this girl, making excuses to Zyra for taking the same turns as that girl, and was ready to pounce anytime he thought he had a chance.

Unfortunately for him, there was another thief on the prowl, who had the same target. A rather noisy and inexperienced one too. This man bumped into the girl Keryth had been targeting, snatched her purse, and immediately ran. Obviously, Keryth was extremely upset at this scene. It was his target, after all. “Hey! Give it back,” he yelled, and began chasing the thief.

#2Rishi Namatzu 

Default on Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:31 pm

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been walking down the streets of Marigold, taking nice long and slow steps. She took a sip from her lemonade and adjusted her dress, then crouched down and pet Venus. Today she had time to waste, and she was planning to enjoy it for as long as possible. Marigold had seemed pretty chill, and this was something that the grey haired girl had been quite surprised at. She had expected things to be a little more lively and interesting, but it had seemed everyone had been laid back, today at least. This was actually better for Rishi, as she didn't have push through any big crowds to get to where she was trying to get to.

She took another sip from her lemonade and turned into an alley, which was a major shortcut for her. She was trying to get to a restaurant, and it was very convenient that the alley led her right to it. Just then though she had crashed into a man who was running, sending her flying backwards, her lemonade spilling all over the floor. "Damn it, again!" she complained at the sight of her fresh lemonade on the floor while she stay sitting on the ground. "What's your problem?" she yelled to the man that knocked her over. The only two important rules she had were don't waste lemonade and don't waste cookies. Those were to essential things in life, and one of them was just horribly wasted.

Tags: @Keryth @Zyra
Word Count: 245
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#3Zyra Elroth 

Default on Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:12 pm

So far the thrill of being in a new place had not faded. She wondered if and when it would. Would she ever miss the closed spaces, the domineering and protective attitudes of the others around her? At the moment, the chirpy elf guessed not. She was so convinced that she was ready to give up the gifts of royalty and live freely. Zyra felt so uninhibited, it was like she was a new person. She ran her fingers through her lavender hair, marveling over the effect of the die she'd made and how permanent it seemed. Merrily, she skipped around, she was so much more oblivious than her partner.

It was a rather crisp and beautiful day in Marigold. Dutifully, she followed her friends through the streets of Magnolia. She assumed his careful gaze was to find other people they could play around with, for a little bit. But when his eyes lingered on another girl Zyra had to find some way of stealing his gaze again. Unfortunately, a thief of some sort stole the girl's stuff and Keryth wanted to be the knight in shining armor. Zyra couldn't deny that injustice wasn't fair, she just wished she could be the victim someday, so Keryth could come and save her. There was no time to muse, however, she'd have to follow the dark-haired elf into this mess.

She rushed along after Keryth her calling out his name. 'Keryth! Wait up!' when she heard him call out to the man who had stolen from the girl she'd seen him look at briefly, she echoed his words. But she hardly had the stamina to continue running, so she stopped by the girl who seemed quite upset about the loss of her drink. 'Hey, are you ok...?' Zyra asked softly and then asked. 'What were you drinking?' there was a curiosity lilting in her words as her eyes flitted from the girl's face to the spilled drink. 'We could always get more and don't worry Keryth will get your stuff back.' Zyra reassured.

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