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A Fateful Encounter [Social // Alice]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:47 am

The air held within it, a layer of chill that traversed through the entire scenery that existed underneath it. Even though the sky was still shaded in hues of blue, the sun barely peeked out, just showcasing a glimmer of its light. Winter was still very evident within the gardens of Crocus and most people could be seen with scarfs or light sweaters. There were no signs of snow or fog but there was a definite peaceful type of frost in the air.

Asura trudged along the grass that enveloped the mesmerizing gardens of Crocus, at a slow pace, observing the people that scattered throughout. There were families, couples, children; all holding faces of contentment, all probably trying to escape from the reality that had set itself onto the country of Fiore. It had been quite a while since the war, since Grimoire Heart took over and Crowley became emperor and life had gone back to normal within the city. A little too normal, if the blonde herself would say so. There weren't any significant changes within the city or the Rune Knight HQ except for those that were sacked due to being heavily involved in the deceitful affairs of the Kingdom. But apart from that, it was quiet. Too quiet.

A sigh left the blonde's lips as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She was out of her uniform, dressed in a casual attire of jeans, a light sweatshirt and sneakers with her hair left open, reaching a little below her shoulders. She looked just like everyone else. Asura's memory flashbacked to her previous visit to the Garden where she had met Fenrir and she lightly chuckled, remembering that incident. The girl wondered whether today would be yet another fateful encounter though, she wouldn't put her bet on it. She doubted anyone wanted to meet her of all people.

As she sat on a nearby bench, Asura sighed and cross her legs with her hand on her chin as her sapphire orbs gazed around and took in her surroundings. I suppose this isn't too bad.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:54 am

Even though there was barely any sun, it wasn't as cold as it had felt the last couple of days, well not to Alice. She had stayed indoors most of the time, taking care of the little ones as much as needed, as well as trying to sleep a lot herself. She had jumped up to quick to work on things and jobs and that had hurt her body. That didn't mean that she would sit down now and wait for the healers to fix it. It had been such a long time ago that she was in Crocus, twice she had been here. The orphanage that she had grown up in had to be around the town somewhere, that's how she got here when she first met Selena. When she got fragments of her memory back.

Slowly and unsteady, for she still didn't remember more than her childhood, till the age of eight. She wanted to know so much more, especially now with her own little ones, she wanted to be able to tell stories, know stories and.. it actually did hurt her a bit to think about her own forgotten past. She still didn't remember all from her life with her parents and her twinsister Lacie. What a short story that would be. She decided to go and see the Crocus Gardens, almost a year ago she had been here too, surprised about how much flowers there still were at this time a year and it made her calm down a little, and happier than the few minutes she had been before.

However her body was aching so she tried to find an empty bench or well an empty spot on a bench, there were many people here, which was a strange occurance to her but she didn't plan to complain about it and found a spot next to a pretty woman. It felt good to be under the people again, even after the circumstances of Crocus, she was glad to see people out and about.

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#3Asura Nightshade 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:06 am

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that someone ended up sitting next to Asura on the bench however, her instinctive reflex of slightly clenching up still ensued. She hoped that the woman who had come to sit next to her didn't notice that because if she did then the blonde was sure to be horribly embarrassed. It wasn't on purpose, it was just due to her being unused to people around her in general. Albeit, she had gotten much better in the last month with the new people she had met, it would of course take a long time before she could stop what had become known to her as normal.  

She couldn't even get up and leave, at least not before a while because that would be extremely rude and the blonde was far too self-conscious for that.  

Asura slightly glanced her sapphire hues towards the woman sitting next to her, instinctively noticing her bright orange hair that definitely stood out. The woman was very beautiful now that Asura got a closer look. Hazel eyes that glimmered with a form of kindness that only those who had been through too much knew. How she knew that was because that was the look Asura's mother always wore. Kind yet, hidden behind the pain of a thousand battles fought.

Maybe, that was what urged the blonde to say something. Normally, she would never speak to a stranger, she would never feel the need or urge to but something in her wanted to speak to this woman. And so, Asura leaned slightly forward, facing the woman before offering her a light nod of acknowledgement.

"Hello, how are you doing today?"
She asked the other woman and hoped that she would answer even if it was for the sake of not making Asura feel awkward. "My name is Asura Nightshade, it's a pleasure to meet you." After which, Asura would offer the barest glimpses of a smile. A very rare phenomenon, one that she didn't even attempt to do alone. But, today, maybe she just might surprise herself even more.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:21 pm

She felt so tired that she was almost afraid that if she closed her eyes she would fall asleep. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep and the pushing of Hecate that she had to take good care of her own body that made her almost fall asleep. She rubbed her eyes softly and opened them again, she wanted to say hello to the person next to her but she was quickly distracted by the many people walking around and her golden eyes absorbing them all, couples, young families, older people and she already lost herself in the daydream that had come often to her now she had started mother hood, albeit very tiring with two little ones.

A smile lingering on her lips as she thought about her own situation, staying in Crocus had her worried but she didn't plan to leave quickly yet, they couldn't. In the corner of her eye, she noticed the person next to her moving and she looked at the blonde young woman and the smile stayed, she looked friendly. "Hi," she said almost in a soft whisper, which wasn't her intention, it was a habit, and she quickly noticed it. She got introduced to Asura the name of the person next to her, "I'm Alice Baskerville. It is nice to meet you as well. I'm surprised by how many people are here today," which was also a silent reference to the issues that Crocus knew today's day, "It's a beautiful day though." she now spoke on a normal tone.

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#5Asura Nightshade 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:14 am

Alice Baskerville, huh. That's a pretty name.

Asura smiled lightly at the woman as she introduced herself in a very soft and comforting voice. Wow, even her voice was beautiful. The blonde wondered whether the orange haired woman was a mother or not because the way she spoke had the essence of a mother to it and it just reminded Asura of her own whom she lost at a very young age.

When Alice claimed to be surprised at how many people there are within the Garden, Asura scrunched her face into a slight show of confusion before her eyebrows lifted in realization to the implied meaning behind her words as she exclaimed that the weather was indeed, a good one. Nodding lightly, the blonde focused her sapphire hues on the people around her. "Yes, there are indeed a lot of people around today. It's nice to see it filling with families and seeing people with their loved ones. A reminder that they can get past anything if they have each other. Isn't that quite a beautiful thing?"

Truth be told, Asura didn't know why she said that. It was highly unlike her personality to say something of such philosophical positivity and hope but she was glad she did. In a way, she was giving voice to her thoughts and reassuring herself that it would be okay; that, eventually, it would all be okay. What had occurred had left a feeling of dread within Asura's heart as it was her first battle and she had witnessed destruction and an upturn of power so soon after coming into the Knights. It did, still kept her awake at night sometimes just remembering what had happened. And saying something like that was maybe a way for her to get it over too and she hoped that it would be for the woman sitting next to her as well.

"So," Asura started, "do you live in Crocus or are you visiting here?" She asked Alice as she awaited her response.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:39 am

She would sigh if it wouldn't put too much attention on her but she shouldn't be so negative and worried about other people. Which made her sound very selfish but that's not how she meant it. The thing was that nothing was happening to Crocus at the moment, the Emperor his speech had given some sort of safety buffer so they should be able to go out and enjoy the pretty things in life such as the Crocus Gardens. She turned to look at Asura, the way she described the setting made it sure of hell lot more romantic than the slight panic and worry in her mind and she smiled, "You are right. It's good to know that obstacles don't only bring us down but make us depend on others and rise again."

She would have to be on her toes though, expecting everything from every corner, that was how she always worked, or well since she gathered her thoughts and became a knight. Especially now considering her family. There was the difference between words and actions and she was still expecting the actions. "I am visiting, I came here for ehm.. my family as well as my job." Why not just say the situation? Normally she was never so hesitant, "Being outside of town with all the happenings doesn't really fit a knight." She looked at her hands, holding on to the other before turning her eyes back at Asura, she wasn't sure if she was able to casually ask the question back now, "How about you?"

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#7Asura Nightshade 

on Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:24 am

At the mention of her family, Asura perked up and looked at Alice curiously wondering who were in her family and what job she supposedly did. When the other woman revealed herself to be a Knight, although rather sheepishly, the blonde titled her head slightly and let her mouth form an 'o' in wonder. Straightening up, she asked Alice, "You're a knight too?" After saying it did she realize how weird it must sound without any context behind it. "Oh, what I meant was I'm a Rune Knight as well. Haven't been one for that long, almost a little over a month, to be exact," she paused before continuing, "And well, you couldn’t have known what was about to happen so don't work yourself up over it. What's done is done." It was a good thing that at least, they had something in common. Asura always avoided telling people she was a Knight for the conversation after that tended to become awkward and a little wall would be put up between them.

Remembering her previous query, she again, turned to Alice, now even more curious as she asked, "So, you have a family? I'm just curious because it's not that common to see Knights with families or at least I've never come across." She would await for Alice's response, eager to learn about her family for it was rather uncommon to see Knights with families as they were so focused on their jobs. Not to mention, a Knight having a family posed the risk of the family potentially getting in danger due to it which most wanted to avoid. But, this was nice, seeing that even they could have families and loved ones.

At Alice's question of whether she lived here or not, Asura just shook her head lightly before pausing and scrunching up her face in light confusion. "Well, I've been here ever since I became a Rune Knight. They said that they would send me eventually to other cities but I'm just not too sure when that's going to happen. So, for the time being, I've been living in a small little inn until I need to leave."

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:20 am

Some reactions were interesting. Where Alice was wondering by herself why she hid things, she came to realize that Crocus scaredh er in a way and that she didn't dare to tell much about her own situation, afraid that someone might do something. She wasn't sure if it had to do with the fallen King or with her sister being in an unknown place and since Crocus was surrounded by disaster; her sister might be here. It was a doom scenario in her mind but she dropped the stress from her shoulders a little when the surprised look on the face of the blonde. It made her smile again, even though she still had to remind herself that she should be more confident.

Even though considering the too, she already assumed Asura was a knight and it felt bad to lie. The former lieutenant was a knight that much was true but a Holy Knight instead of what people assumed a Rune Knight. But even though it still might be a danger to open up about herself, she didn't suddenly want to change herself by not being honest to people, "Oh how lovely, I had maternity leave, I mean have, I used to be a lieutenant." Which made it quite clear as Asura continued that she had a family, she nodded, "Yeah neither have I. I am not sure if the Knights were very happy about it." Oh she was very sure about that, "But I don't want my future to be limited because the Rune Knights want it."

Where Alice reflected the question to Asura, she learned that she had stayed here the whole month. She wondered shortly about herself, how long again had she stayed in Era? She couldn't even remember, "Ah yeah, they want you to learn as much as you can in such a short period I suppose and staying in Crocus where they could use everyone at this point, plus waiting for an answer of the new Emperor, it makes sense you are here. Before you know it you travel through whole Fiore and you forget that you stayed here a whole month." She said to ease Asura her feelings of being stuck in this town.

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#9Asura Nightshade 

on Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:00 am

When Asura learned that Alice had been a former lieutenant, it came as quite a bit of a shock. The blonde had yet to meet a lieutenant but she pictured them to be far more...strict and calculating after being a Knight for so long. Alice certainly didn't fit that image but it appeared as though the other woman was someone to be respected and was indeed, quite strong. Asura already appreciated her but learning of her being an ex-lieutenant made that respect skyrocket.

As she spoke of the distaste the Knights had towards her maternity in general, Asura felt a coil of irritation in her stomach. But, she had already guessed that, as well, the job of a Knight came with a lot of limitations: family being one. She nodded at what Alice said and added on, "Yeah, you can't spend your entire life trying to make sure others are happy. Your happiness comes at one point too."

Alice delved into why Asura might be have been in Crcous and to be honest, the blonde had already guessed that but hearing someone else say it did reassure her a bit that it wasn't because her abilities weren't up to par. It was just because too much was happening in the span of such a short time. "Well, I hope I can do something bigger soon. I joined the Knights to help others and while fighting in the war was something, I felt like I didn't do much due to still being a newbie. But, I hope that to change soon."

She then looked towards the other woman and smiled softly at her. "So," Asura started, "how old is your child? Is it a boy or a girl? That is, if you don't mind me asking." The blonde had guessed that Alice had given birth as her condition didn't seem that of a woman who was about and hoped that the other wouldn't hesitate to let her know of her personal affairs. After all, seeing a Knight with a family did give her slight hope that maybe, one day, she might have one of her own too even if it may be a long shot.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:27 am

She didn't know exactly why but telling Asura that she was a former lieutenant, it felt as if it was needed to say that just for her own ego. Perhaps by sitting still and not being able to do anything like defending Crocus, made her feel like she wasn't good enough. But than she quickly talked abouth er maternity leave and how the Council wasn't all too happy about that. She didn't want to make them the evil people but.. well that's what happened when they locked you up for a month in the hospital and told you to not tell anyone that you were pregnant. That changed with her changing organisation.

"Exactly, at one point the knights are done with you probably and than you have nothing." She didn't even consider herself selfish from thinking that way and the idea that the council did, made her only a bit sad. Of course the original plan wasn't to get children at this age, but she definitely didn't feel the need to complain about that now that she saw their little faces every day. Than they turned the topic to Asura being stuck in Crocus, which made sense but as Alice liked to be wandering around and travelling, she could understand the frustration very well. "I bet, I mean I have travelled to many towns because of Rune Knight jobs, I'm sure your time will come. Everyone has to start somewhere, don't be too hard on yourself. You did the very best you could, right?" At least Asura was here, she wasn't even. She shouldn't blame herself about that too and should take her own peptalk in mind.

She laughed a little when Asura asked her curiously and asked if she didn't mind. Actually she wouldn't mind, she was rather proud of the babies, "They are only a few days old now. Barely passed the first week." She let out a little nervous laugh, it had been very dangerous and a strong movement to get them to Crocus but she had to see Kon. "It's a twin, so a boy and a girl." That happens mostly when you were a twin.

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#11Asura Nightshade 

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:41 am

"Wait, really?" For some reason, the fact that Alice's children, much more twins were only a few days old came as quite a bit of a shock to the blonde. That was for obvious reasons: one, being that she wouldn't have guessed that Alice had given birth merely a week ago, perhaps recently but a week was far too recent and two, being that how did she have it in her to travel all the way to Crocus with two babies who were only a few days old.  

Asura merely stared at the orange haired woman with her mouth slightly agape and when she noticed it, she snapped out of it and closed her mouth, shaking her head lightly and muttering a light "sorry" under her breath. She straightened up and turned to the other woman again. "So wait," Asura started, "You travelled all the way to Crocus with your two babies all by yourself? Where did you travel from?" If it was a short distance, maybe Asura could understand however, a longer one would most likely render the blonde speechless. It already seemed hectic as it was to travel with one child but two was certainly a cherry on top.

Now, she wondered what had compelled Alice to so suddenly come to Crocus even though her children were that small and so, seeing as she had built a level of comfortability with the orange haired woman, Asura shot her shot and asked, "Can I ask why you would come all the way to Crocus even though your children are that small? It's fine if it's something private, though." The blonde really wanted to make it clear that Alice didn't need to tell her anything if she felt uncomfortable. After all, she didn't want this blossoming friendship to start on the wrong foot.

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:50 am

She wasn't surprised about Asura her reaction, she herself would have said the same. But she had considered her actions and made sure that everything was going alright in the short travel from Orchidia to Crocus, they had waited for the right day, even in winter she had found it more scary. She had worried and nagged to her friends that helped her along. But here they were and the children were alright. She felt a red blush creep up on her cheeks from Asura her stare.

She was very aware of the idea what could have happened, but it didn't. She didn't dare to say anything about it, she didn't want to defend herself, she didn't need to, she had her reasons and it had gone fine. She was glad though when Asura stopped staring, because she started to feel embarrassed. She fiddled with her hands and looked at her lap and listened to Asura her questions. "I wasn't alone, I got my companions with me and apart from that.." she was defending herself, "It was from Orchidia, it wasn't that far." and again. She looked up at Asura and brushed her own hair out of her face.

When Asura asked the private question, she felt the need to answer it anyway, "My fiance is here, at that point he was here to defend the capital, just as you. I only got no letter in the month that I was in Orchidia, I needed to see him and tell him.." she stopped, not sure how dumb this would sound, "Tell him I had twins. Because at that point we still believed we only would get one little baby girl." The way that Asura talked to her and asked her made her friendly in Alice her eyes. She understood the idea of comfort and pride or more private issues, yet she told her because of this way of asking.

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#13Asura Nightshade 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:07 am

At Alice's mention of having her companions, the blonde's worry eased a little knowing that Alice had someone with her. Truth be told, there was no point in worrying now considering that she had come to Crocus and was unharmed so clearly, she could take care of herself. And, as Asura realized that, she felt somewhat stupid for being so worried in the first place.

Her embarrassment at asking such an obvious question drifted away when all of a sudden, she noticed the red arising on Alice's cheeks. Oh, shit. She must have made the other girl feel embarrassed. Damn it, Asura, that really isn't the way to make friends. Well done. The blonde hoped that this wouldn't make the conversation awkward between them, however, when Alice replied to her query of why she came here, it would seem as though Asura's worries were not needed.

At her reply, the blonde was indeed, slightly shocked. She came here to meet her fiancé? To tell him she had twins? While in one way, Asura would have considered this relatively stupid; endangering yourself just to meet someone and tell them something that could have been written in a letter. But she didn't think that. Maybe because looking at Alice's genuine expression made her realize how important it was to her to meet him, to tell him what had happened, to tell him about their kids. It arose a little smile on the blonde's face, "You must really love your fiancé a lot, right?" There wasn't a need to ask that question to which the answer was obvious enough but Asura asked regardless, because, it was nice seeing such pure and untainted love. She cleared her throat and asked, "If it's alright with you, can I ask who your fiancé is? Is he a part of the Rune Knights as well?" If he was, maybe, Asura might have met him or heard him in passing.

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#14Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:30 am

She had thought about it before, before arriving here, having long discussions with Jupiter and Hecate, where mostly the last one understood very well what it felt like and where the first had not wanted to admit it. Alice explained to Asura why she got here, mostly about telling her fiance, Kon, that they got twins, but she also had to make sure he was alright. When she explained, she looked at Asura, wondering if she would understand her way of thinking, the way Akira didn't and seem to judge her all the time, again that was an assumption but it pained her a little. She always tried to consider what was right and what would make things worse. Now she wasn't a thinkinger before, but things changed a lot with joining the Holy Knights, being pregnant, losing Requip magic, she had to think before taking action and had to rely on her magic instead of on the weapons that she was used to.

When Asura mentioned that she must really love her fiance, she got another set of bright red cheeks but also a happy smile on her face, "Yeah, I do." Which felt suddenly very weird to say considering that ever since her arrival in Crocus, she had been thinking about the wedding. But that didn't lessen her already bright red cheeks and she tried to brush it away for herself, focusing on the next question. "He left the Rune Knights months ago and is now more doing the good things on his own. I don't know if you have met him, his name is Konstantin." She wondered if she should say his surname, her future surname, but she had never met another man called like that before.

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#15Asura Nightshade 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:08 pm

It seemed as though Alice had a tendency to flare up in embarrassment whenever she was asked something that would potentially cause her to be a little shy. Asura couldn't help the chuckle that left her lips when Alice had gone bright red at the comment that she must love her husband a lot. That was adorable, honestly. It was nice to see such pure and whole-hearted love in front of her. The blonde could remember her parents being madly in love but after that, she tended to drift away from people and so, had yet to come across another one that could show such beautiful emotions. A fleeting thought entered the blonde's head of maybe one day, when she's ready, falling in love herself. With whom, she didn't know. She just hoped that she could find someone who could handle her lack of responses and emotions, at times. Or, maybe, by that time, things could be different.

At the mention of the name Konstantin, Asura racked her memory and wondered whether she had ever heard that name before. She had only met a handful of people and so far, that hadn't included someone named Konstantin. Maybe she had heard him in passing? However, unfortunately, Asura' s memory wasn't that good to remember every single name. She lightly shook her head and said, "Unfortunately, I haven't met or heard of him as of yet. I've been mostly out and about, haven't been to Era yet properly so, not yet." She hoped maybe, in the future, she could meet him. To have someone like Alice, he must indeed be a gentleman. And so, she decided to ask. "So, what's his personality like? I'm sure he must be quite a charmer. How did the two of you meet?" The influx of questions left Asura's lips quite hurriedly and she wondered, for a bit, whether she was imposing. Well, she certainly hoped not. If she was, then she hoped that Alice could tell her however, for the time being, the blonde looked at the other woman with eyes, bright in curiosity. Love stories were always a glee to listen to.

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:31 am

As if she had some mental list going over everytime she thought about Kon or the wedding, there was this slight alarm list that happened, she had invited one of the bridesmaids, not even the maid of honour: panic..
At least she had let her dress designed but it wasn't finished yet and she had no idea how long it would take, panic, or well half she trusted Arisa. The house wasn't done yet, there was no date and she took a deep breath to slowly breath it out and let it go. For now sitting here with Asura didn't change a single thing and that wasn't bad. She could take her time, it wasn't summer yet. And besides, she kind of did look forward to the wedding, it made her very nervous too but that was normal right? If nothing had been postponed she would have been married perhaps next week. When they met each other exactly a year ago. Everything had gone rather quick.

She nodded, Kon hadn't been in Era in a long time either, but did it really matter, if.. nah it didn't matter. She smiled and nodded, "Who knows, I'm sure you will meet him some day." She said to keep the opportunities open, she surely wouldn't mind, Asura seemed like a very nice person. The questionaire reminded her of someone else though, and she was sure that she had not left the rigth impression on that person and hoped she would do better now. For crying out loud Jupiter, yelling at people.

She shook herself out of her thoughts and turned her golden eyes back on Asura, "Oh I believe so, he is to me at the very least. We met in Era, I was lost and he helped me find a place." Which was really a short summary, "I doubt I will ever forget, there was so much fog that day and a sort of festival, I couldn't see or find a thing and than I bumped into him, I don't know it felt like there was this instant connection, he guided me to the inn where he stayed and asked me out for dinner." Which was a better story even if it was short. She would talk a lot more with Asura, leaving her private address for now in case the woman had any other questions or wanted her help with something for the Rune Knights, as she had been people their guard, guide or whatever you wanted to call it more often, it was no problem and she liked Asura, she was a very interesting young lady and very polite.

She just couldn't stay around for too long as her children needed to be fed and so on.


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#17Asura Nightshade 

on Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:19 am

Asura could only hope that she'd meet Kon one day. It would be nice to see what type of a person Alice's beau was. She wondered when the two were getting married. Alice already had kids and she had a fiance so, the wedding must be soon. A small part of her hoped that maybe she'd be invited. After all, she had never seen a wedding in her life so it would be a new experience for sure. The two continued their discussion for some more time with the other woman answering her question of how the two met. It honestly was incredibly adorable and the blonde wished that the two would live a happy and healthy with their children ahead of them.

It surprised her a bit when Alice gave her her private address. It appeared as though Alice hadn't thought that Asura was a strange one, which was good, she supposed. The blonde smiled at the other lady when she said that she could contact her in case of emergency. Considering with everything that had happened till now, although she hoped not, there was a high chance that something could happen. "Thank you." She said to the orange haired woman as Alice began to leave to go back to her kids, "It was lovely meeting you. Hope to see you soon." With that, she waved Alice goodbye and let a sigh leave her lips. The sun was setting and Asura sat there for a while longer until most of the park was empty. She stood up, deciding that it was time to leave, especially if she wanted to get up for work the next day. Regardless and surprisingly, this day was a good one today. She came here hoping to just enjoy it in solitude and ended up leaving with a friend. Life does work in weird ways, it would seem.


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