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Not Today... [Social | Alice]

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#1Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:14 am

Perhaps it was this morbid curiosity that drove her to the castle. It was pretty well guarded, despite the damage which should have left it more vulnerable. The new king had seemed so much more... approachable in his methods and yet he was cooped up in the castle, just like his predecessor, his uncle apparently... The coupd'etat was a royal bloodbath, but Arthurias was kind enough to at least attempt sparing the citizens, but he didn't bother about those that by law, or the previous law rather, had to stand against his forces...

Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the facade of the wounded building, the wounded heart of a wounded city. The girl cocked her head, her hair fluttered in the gentle morning breeze. She shoved her hands into her pocket and continued gazing. Aki had never shown much interest in politics or the strange mechanisms of the guild wars and their hunger for power, to be plunged into this was strange. The young girl noticed a strange sinking feeling in her heart, she couldn't pinpoint exactly was it was, but it echoed of something that resembled loneliness. Had she gotten so used to Tsuru around, that the lack of his presence was actually something she could sense now?

She shook her head, as though the physical gesture would actually help in clearing the gentle whirls of tumultuous troubling thoughts in her head...

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:20 am

Arriving in Crocus had brought so much more with her than she actually had imagined. The most thing was of course stress but that had not only to do with arriving in Crocus, there was a long list that the red head didn't want to think about all the time. Now that the children were asleep and that she could stretch her legs for a second. Every time she walked out of that hotel room she felt more horrible than before, she was leaving her children to her companion Hecate. She should be there, time and time again, she should watch them and take care of them and she did, she surely did but she didn't like sitting still and she needed to see Crocus with her own eyes.

Where her obsession had been in finding her fiance, she now wanted to see more of the city that had suffered because of selfishness. She still had not figured out what to think of this Emperor. Alice stood close to Mercurious, looking it up, wondering what person was hidden behind these walls. The person from the speech or the one from the previous actions. She would probably never know. She should just let it go and return to her hotel room, walking around for too long made her tired and there was a pain in her body that she shouldn't ignore for too long. She turned around only to stare at Jupiter, apparently not satisfied by sticking to the hotel room himself all the time.

#3Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:30 am

After staring at the walls for an obscenely long stretch of time, the idleness of her gaze began making her feel a cuckoo in the head. She wondered if there were others around her, staring at her like she'd been staring at the castle, as though waiting for something miraculous to happen. Of course, nothing did. The girl blinked a few times, realizing her eyes were feeling a little strained and the scoured the area around the castle if nothing then just to feel better about her own silliness. From the corner of her eye, she spotted someone who seemed rather familiar, the face or even the possibility of it brought dread to her heart. Akira swallowed, she controlled the need to sharply swivel her head and confirm the presence of that... Captain, was it? But she didn't it'd attract attention.

She cleared her throat and reassured herself that things were going to be fine, it probably wasn't her, it couldn't be, wasn't she supposed to be giving birth or something? The woman hadn't registered to fight... So she shouldn't be here. Besides, even if it was, by some unfortunate accident, that Alice was here, it didn't look like the Solar mage had noticed Akira anyway, maybe she could just avoid this... reunion if she was just stealthy enough. The lunar mage avoided all sudden motions, very slowly she began stepping backward, away from the castle, somewhat diagonally. Slow and steady... slow and steady... just as an extra guard, she pulled out her pack of cigarettes, as though it was her weapon...

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:36 am

While she turned to look at Jupiter, he looked past her, nodding towards the girl he had spotted and not Alice. Alice had come here in her own mind and thoughts and had barely paid any attention to the others. The Kingsguard had ignored her, probably familiar with her face, she didn't know if they knew about the Holy Knights or not. She wouldn't be surprised but that didn't mean she would have to talk. She turned her heel to see who Jupiter meant and she wasn't sure if she should say anything to Akira.

It had been quite obvious that it was this girl and it was also quite obvious that she didn't want to talk to her or even say hello. The former Lieutenant had no idea what she should do, the thing was that the knight was walking into the wrong direction if she wanted to get out of here and she took a deep breath and decided to be the better one for now, for these five seconds. She had not been the perfect example but than again, it had taken it's toll and she didn't accept spells being thrown at her especially not when pregnant. "Hello Akira, it's good to see you." she said confident enough that she didn't have to scream, by the behaviour of the girl she had the idea that she was spotted alread.

She shortly looked left and right but didn't see Hatsuharu around, she wondered how those two were getting along.

#5Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:46 am

Akira's aim was to get to the stone bench behind her, there was a rolled paper lying there, she could just hide her face in that. But it was too late, the blessed pet of hers had noticed her, Akira realized as her angle gave her better view of the woman without actually having to move her head. The lunar mage had enough details to confirm the identity now, and it didn't help improve her mood, or her will to hide herself somewhere. Akira wasn't much for social encounters, particularly not with a woman like Alice.

Too damn late.

She heard the voice and stopped in her tracks, the girl turned her head slightly and nodded. She could only pull off a poker face, not quite betraying all the dread that she felt, but not managing to feign happiness either. 'Er... Likewise.' she said, softly. If Alice was keen, she would probably notice the slight change in the sharpness of Aki's voice and the fact that it was considerably sweeter now. Aki wondered if that'd help disguise her emotions better, the fact that she didn't sound so dull and gritty anymore...

'When did you get here?' she blurted, a mingle of slight surprise and mostly shock was betrayed by her words. The lack of the baby bump was obvious, Akira was mildly interested in Alice's child, but wasn't going to redundantly ask if she'd given birth... Obviously, she had, if she wanted to talk about her kids like most eager newly minted parents usually do, she was welcome to...

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:53 am

She felt a hand on her shoulder, Jupiter, she was sure of that thanks to her Geass, he would probably try to reassure her in this situation. Perhaps she should apologize, that always did wonders right? She wasn't sure how she would have reacted if she suddenly got an upperclassman barging in and giving her orders. She had not had that 'pleasure', she had been recruited and she had been working together with Kon from that moment on, where she fell in love with him. How romantic, she could not figure out in that way what it felt to have someone else do what she had done for Akira and Hatsuharu.

However before she could say anything, she was taken aback by the likewise that was thrown into her direction, which was a whole other response than she actually expected, "Hello," Jupiter said to avoid the silence no doubt, which quickly was filled with another question, "Ah the day before yesterday, in the evening." after which she had only slept and went to look for Konstantin. She could feel the difference in Akira, not in her personality of course even though the likewise had put her off course, but she had heard about the ranking up from Page to Knight within a month, "Congratulations on becoming a knight." She said, not wanting to bore Akira with her sweet talk about her babies, she would just try to get a friendly conversation going on. Because of her curiousity as well as trying to make up for last time, not that it was her fault. It were circumstances.

#7Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:08 am

Akira recalled the creature who could transform into a man, the one she had assumed to be Alice's intended back then. His protective instincts were commendable back then and the way he aided her in navigating through this awkward encounter no doubt, was something Akira could appreciate too... It reminded of the relationship between Lumen and Alisa. Now suddenly she craved a companion like that too, maybe someday she'd make a connection with a creature too. She nodded towards the man, surprisingly kindly and unsurely her guarded eyes returned to Alice as she responded.

'Post the attack...' she mumbled, more to herself, like she'd accidentally muttered her thoughts. When the woman congratulated her, Aki's eyes widened. 'I'm no Knight... barely got apprentice... Perhaps that's what you meant?' she said clearing her throat and politely offering Alice a way to correct herself.  Was the mage trying to mock her? Or did she just accidentally betray insider information? Or was this supposed to actually be the promotion...?

So many possibilities, the first is what Aki focused on, being the pessimistic thing that she was. Nonetheless, she didn't add anything further, her stance remained rigid, her fingers closed tighter upon the box of cigarettes, but she didn't pick one out just yet, maybe they could just let this dissolve amicably, not push the boundaries of whatever relationship they were forced to have. Akira awaited clarification on the congratulations.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:27 am

It was difficult to say how best to approach this, the moment Jupiter said hello, and Akira her attention switched to her companion, she noticed a little more kindness than to her. She didn't judge on that, she kept in mind that she wouldn't like an upperclassman herself, someone swearing they were stronger and proving by showing all the limits of the bare minimum that they could. She had done that as well, but than again she had been heavily pregnant, she couldn't help things. Now she still wasn't her skinny self yet and that would probably take a while but she had lost most of the baby bump as that was obvious the consequence of labour. She answered the question of when she arrived and heard Akira mumble and looked shortly up at Jupiter who simply shrugged. Of course she came her post attack, she couldn't defend herself, the children and the citizen at the same time. She had done other work, paper work that had not been perhaps of high importance to the citizen but it surely had to some others and the Holy Knights, but she didn't tell that to Akira for obvious reasons. She had planned the wedding that was postponed now, and many other things that had to do with herself.

Alice frowned a little when Akira corrected her as she was sure she had gotten the news from the Rune Knights, after all they had asked her to pay attention to them and guide them in case necessary, why would they tell her they were knights if they were not.. that's when she realized how it had gone with her lieutenant promotion. "I see the council hasn't reached you yet. So my news might be a bit too early, but I heard about the promotion." she simply said, for the both of them as well as a couple of other knights. They seemed to have worked hard during the attack, the one Midas and Kon left her out for good reasons.

#9Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:38 am

'Oh...' was all Akira could muster. Alice seemed more the impulsive kind than the type who would bait her with false news. So Akira just attempted to smile, which probably came off as a grimace. News about her light magic must have somehow traveled the ranks, maybe one of those Rune Knights that the Titan mage had helped save, spread some silly rumors. Aki couldn't just take the promotion as is, she was convinced, the Rune Knights were only offering it now because they must have assumed that the addition of the light element, would temper her darkness or something.

Alice didn't need to be privy to all this information, however, Aki was a little curious to know if they'd given her a reason though. She needlessly cleared her throat again. 'Did they... say why?' she asked, tucking a strand of her sleek hair behind her ear... As she scanned the solar mage again, her eyes lingering on the baby bump, like without it suddenly she was a different person. The mage wasn't too great at conversations, but it seemed prudent to congratulate her in response perhaps, that was just the basic.... Reflect things, and keep them on an even keel. 'Congratulations to you too...By the way...' she said a little unsurely. The woman looked happy, so it was safe to assume her child was healthy, at the very least... Aki wondered what happened to that wedding she'd spoken off...

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:46 am

Alice tilted her head a little to the left, she had no idea of course what was going on in Akira her mind but she seemed to be worried? Not really overjoyed with hearing she would be a knight? Perhaps she didn't want to be a knight? She couldn't exactly recall if she had something like that to her as in that she needed to find her goal if she wanted to do this. No one was forcing her to right? Alice simply waited, looking at Akira to figure out if there was something she could do or that ti was still the time that she should walk away. She didn't say anything but simply waited for anything to happen. So when Akira cleared her throat and asked her why, she was a little surprised again, there was still no trace of being happy about it. So she should leave it be. "Ah no not clearly. I haven't been in Era myself, they kept me up to date with letters and told me about the attack," mostly as Kon was no part of the Rune Knights, none of their letters, not even the one with the speech had given her any information about him at that time. Thank god that was in the past, "I made the assumption that you did well." Which still made her feel ashamed that she couldn't be there. The Kingdom had fallen and she had been stuck in Orchidia. She looked up at the palace again, she needed to figure out a few things still.

She turned her golden eyes back on Akira and gave her a small smile, glad to see that at least she could be a little friendlier, and apparently so could Alice herself, "Thank you." she answered kindly, feeling a squeeze in her shoulder from Jupiter.

#11Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:57 am

Akira shuffled, as she heard the woman speak. Her eyes narrowed a little and she took her lower lip between her teeth and chewed on it as she usually did when she was nervous or anxious, though Alice would probably not know of that particular quirk, her expression and lack of joy at the news must have been enough. Akira cleared her throat as Alice mentioned she assumed that the girl had done well... That was surprising, it seemed like the light mage may be turning a new leaf... Could Akira just let go of whatever happened and blame it on the hormones or something? Overprotective instincts for her babies? Whatever it was, maybe Alice was trying to remedy it. 'Oh er... I guess...' she spoke in fragments still.  

The solar mage replied graciously and Aki wanted to give an inkling that she was willing to offer a truce and bury the past. Practicing good conversing, from the way she had seen Tsuru interact with others on most of their missions, she decided to attempt steering the conversation away from her. 'Would you like to sit?' she asked wondering how Alice would take it if she'd arrived at Crocus all the way from Baska, the journey itself, with two babies, would've been lethally tiring... At least it would've been for the lunar mage. 'How is your... husband, was he among the defenders?' Akira asked as she inched towards the bench, teetering on her tippy toes.

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:08 am

Did something go wrong in Crocus? Or was it just because it was her? She should try not so much to focus on herself, perhaps by conversating a little they could get to a normal conversation. Or well they were having that now but to the point that Akira didn't feel the need to avoid her at all. "I wish I could have been here as well but unfortunately." She decided to not linger too long on the conversation as it might make Akira uncomfortable, perhaps not yet satisfied with what she had been able to do and not agreeing to the title of Seated Knight? She had no idea of course and it were all assumptions that she shouldn't linger too much on, before you know it, she might think of that as the truth.

A new surprise as Akira asked if she wanted to sit and she noticed the bench for the first time and nodded, "That would be rather pleasant." That sounded way too formal but it was true, although she had been doing okay today, she felt tired quickly and an ache in her body. Did this also meant that Akira wanted to speak with her more? So she followed towards the bench and looked up at the question, "Ah yeah, we had to postpone the wedding, so he could be here in Crocus." Which she actually quite good about, she didn't mind as much that they had to postpone the wedding, the stress she had gotten from it as well as the moments alone in Orchidia, made it better to be together and organize it for a later time.

#13Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:20 am

Akira wondered if she'd basically trapped the woman and herself in a situation which neither of them wanted to be in, as she briefly waited for Alice to respond. When she did, Akira flashed a smile and quickened her pace to the bench, swiftly sitting down on it. A plume of condensed air escaped her lips as she sighed softly, feeling her leg muscles relax... Sometimes she felt like a rather old lady, when her body felt so much relief upon resting, even after it hadn't accomplished much.

While Alice responded to the fact that the marriage was postponed, she didn't quite give details about his presence here. Without sounding judgemental, she did ask the question that ran through her mind, almost not aware of the connotation that it provided. 'With the kid, is that all cool with you?' she blurted curiously. Of course, meant it in terms of the support system, the girl couldn't care less about the legal systems and the religious symbolic representations of marriage.

'You mean... You had to give birth alone?' she asked, startled yet again as she wondered when exactly the baby was delivered and for a brief instant she actually managed to sympathise with the woman, under the assumption that it could have been during the attack, while it didn't seem like much, staying away was the right thing to do, by her family and unborn child and it probably took as much courage as fighting here. Aki did know a thing or two about a bond between a mother and a child.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:33 am

For a second as Alice dropped herself on the bench as well, she wondered if they felt the same. At least they could sit, relax perhaps a bit more. She definitely felt a sort of grateful feeling that her body gave off to be able to sit and that made her aware that it could turn out very differently again if she would have stood too long, would it make her grumpy without noticing. Jupiter simply remained standing but leaned a bit against the building, getting looks from Kingsguard that didn't seem to like it but than they looked at Alice and didn't say anything, which made her bit the right side of her lowerlip to hide her smile. She turned to look back to Akira after she answered the question.

"Well there is no way to change it back, I also never expected him to ask me to marry him, especially not with the children in mind. I mean to be honest, I never dreamt about a wedding, not that I won't want to now that I know it is a possibility. I don't mind much what other people think if it comes to that, as long as Kon loves me and the babies are healthy, why would I complain?" She hoped she explained it reasonable, not in a way that made her sound selfish and arrogant, that's absolutely not what she wanted. She just cared more about her loved ones than the idea that she had lost her honour by getting children before she was married, at least they were engaged. She ticked against the golden ring around her ring finger with her thumb to make sure it was still there.

She felt a blush creep up to her cheeks when Akira asked if she gave birth alone and she hated to think about it, how much she had cried, and even if she hated crying, she could forgive herself, she hated to be alone at that point. "Well basically, I had a few friends around, and of course Jupiter and my other companion Hecate." The golden haired man looked up when his name was mentioned, but he had not been paying attention to the conversation, their eyes shortly met before she turned back to Akira, "To be honest it felt horrible to be alone at that moment, but circumstances made it that way. I came to Crocus as soon as I could." And when she knew it was save enough.

#15Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:54 am

Akira just realized that she didn't really know the name of the woman's intended. Now Alice had just shared the nickname. Kon. Akira thought as she traced her memories back to the ledger she had read, the one that listed the names of the various mages that had signed up to aid the Capital. Akira had made it a point to check the list to confirm Alisa's identity post their little training turned meet and greet.

She recalled seeing some name there that started with Kon, among other higher ranked mages, but she couldn't recall exactly, he had one of those strange last names as well... She recalled it seeming familiar back then, but still, she couldn't put a finger on it. In the recesses of her mind, Akira continued searching, while the forefront, listened to the woman. If nothing else, she looked like she could use the vent, Akira didn't have to say much, sometimes just someone to listen, can help, right?

It was almost like Akira was a novice at normal interactions. She relied a cautiously on her natural instincts, it wasn't so hard to feel for the woman. 'Good that you had people around.' Akira said softly. Her hands curled around each other as the cold made her shiver gently. The aloof companion threw a few glances their way but didn't really partake in the conversation.

'I suppose it was bold of you to handle those moments with grace... How is the baby?' she asked. Meanwhile, her brain had procured the name she was searching for, well somewhat... Sokolov or something. But Aki knew better than to just ask, so she kept it to herself. 'I'm assuming you've got someone looking after-... -she or he?' she asked, midway through her query about where the baby was now. She caught herself just in time, rather tentatively, almost having used it....

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:08 am

It was in a waterfall of words that everything came out and she took a deep breath. She had not even noticed herself how frustrated it had been that.. people liked to judge without knowing the circumstances. Where she had been very afraid that she had fucked up and that Kon wanted no children at all, in the end he told her that he would, of course later but now this happened and not even one but two. She nodded a little when Akira confirmed that it was good to have people around, yes thanks to Judina and Tori, she had not gone insane. If anything, she considered herself close to Tori, even when there were different ways of thinking, the two of them seemed to not judge the other because of the other way of thinking.

She looked at her own hands after she noticed Akira fumble with her own, she now noticed how cold they were but as they were talking or particularly Akira asking questions and she answered them, she thought it was better to go on as long as she could. Perhaps make some sort of vague acquintances bond. "It's a he and a she to be honest. That was quite a surprise as well." She looked up shortly at Jupiter again, "Hecate is looking after them." He said, mingling into the conversation now as if he wanted to say something about that, the way he said it, the intimidating look, she almost expected him to say something as; my girlfriend but he didn't. He shut up. "She is my other companion. You haven't met her yet. Last time, they.." she motioned towards Jupiter, "Had a fight." And Hecate had not been able to change to a human being and had been quite grumpy to Jupiter about that.

#17Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:23 am

The woman did seem to have lost her absolutely confident stature, the kind she had domineered with before. While not frail or weak either, Alice did seem more vulnerable now, more human... less villain. Akira had nodded sagely as she heard the woman out. It wasn't really things she could empathize with all adult problems, while Akira was mature and perhaps a little jaded, she was still just a teen, the concept of marriage and children and parenthood were quite alien to her, at least with regards to herself. 'He and she! Woah.' she said, gulping the prospect of someone having brought two kids into the world that was plagued with such turmoil, struck fear in her heart... She had no clue what Alice must be going through, but from the looks of it, she was handing motherhood well...

Although Aki wasn't sure if bringing them to the heart of Fiore when it was in shambles was the best move, perhaps it was for the company of this Kon Sokolov guy. The conversation took a turn towards another more frivolous topic, the one involving her pets. With a reference to an old battle, the smaller kind, a lover's tiff from the sound of it. 'So Hectate and Jupiter... are...' she cleared her throat as she stifled a teasing grin, letting her teenager immature self, peek out from under the garb of her bored and snarky self. 'together?' she asked, cocking one eyebrow... 'How bad was the fight back then? How did they make up?' she said, shifting her weight around as she eagerly waited for some juicy gossip, about creatures she didn't even know. Akira was slowly easing up, so long as she got to ask her questions, about things that piqued her interest, maybe they could start over.

#18Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:37 am

"You say that," she couldn't help but let out a short chuckle, "No one told me that before either." It was still a mystery how healers and doctors could have missed that. Or had they all assumed that the other would have told her and that she was already very aware of it. Well she wasn't and with the stress of the last days, and having twins, it had not really gone that easy with the labour issue but in the end she had managed, she had slept for days as it felt. Gotten up to feed the twins, making sure they were there, and save and okay before collapsing again to fall asleep. She was still very tired and had this constant ache in her body that she mostly ignored because she wanted fresh air. But as soon as she was out there was this nagging feeling and a guilt that she had left the children for a short while.

The news that Jupiter was together with Hecate seemed to stir something in Akira that made her look like a complete different person and a small smile lingered on Alice her own lips as she looked at Akira with surprise and approval, although she wouldn't say that was the right world. She heard a loud groan from Jupiter as the topic turned toward him. "Mhm. I bumped into him half a year ago, a little longer in Era. Than later I met him in Hargeon, with Hecate." she turned towards Jupiter, "You were wounded in Era, you never told me what happened." The pleasure this time was to her, he was now able to talk, now able to explain, "I fought for my girl." He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked away, perhaps slightly embarrassed and Alice turned back to look at Akira with the smile on her face, "They fought because the guy over there had taken the herbs to change to human and be able to talk for himself. So he sort of left Hecate behind. I have no idea how they made up, she forgave hm and than they had this short brawl with words again when she found the same herbs about a month or three later."

#19Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:51 am

The quarrel and makeup story between the creatures was something she could identify with, much more easily than the talk of kids and nurture. So she listened attentively as Alice shared their story, Akira glanced often towards Jupiter, as though checking if his expressions corroborated the story. 'Oh... Aww...' Akira responded to Alice when the humanoid creature finally chipped in. With the new lilt gifted to her voice, she sounded far girlier than she ever had before, it surprised her so much, she made an awkward expression for a fleeting second, before getting it under control. 'Oh no!' she said, sighing softly as Alice shared the information about Jupiter taking the leaves all by himself.

'So mean.' she said, with a wink and shaking her head. It was like reading a story in a book, her reactions were new to her... Akira had largely deprived herself of the childhood she craved for, but she'd overheard enough discussions like this between other girls growing up, discussions she sometimes wanted to be a part of, but she was too much of an inconsistent friend, plus the rumors around her magic didn't help. So she milked the moment for what it was worth. 'Good... At least now its fair...' she said pointedly, flashing another look at Jupiter. 'You should always fight for her to get the best alongside you!' she added, exclaiming animatedly. Akira wondered if that was something she actually wanted for herself someday.

'So what about you? Is your love story something like this too?' Akira asked, wondering if Alice's story could stir similar reactions in her or not. This discussion was actually becoming a short journey in self-discovery, as Akira found new facets of her own dulled emotions.

#20Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:09 am

Jupiter seemed to not like the story yet not interrupt unless something needed to be corrected, which aparently nothing had. Besides he didn't seem to be eager to share his part of the story in how they made up, so it must be true that Hecate in the end might just have forgiven him. She didn't mind the version of Akira from today, even distant she seemed to come from far (perhaps just as herself but she didn't notice), to behave like this but now she looked like she was a happier twin version of herself. Perhaps it was just Alice seeing twins now everywhere. Which needed to remind her, she needed to have people look out for Lacie. She had disappeared after all. So she missed a few seconds of the conversation, because in a heart beat she felt a panic covering her that only her geass could calm down. Hecate and the twins were alright.

Jupiter made a gruff sound as she turned back to the conversation, something mean? Oh probably Jupiter, who looked away albeit a bit angry, but she was very sure he wasn't. It was just the little comments that made him aware again that it was a bit mean. "Of course I will fight for her. She is my soulmate." Which made Alice turn to look at Jupiter again as he said it so easily, although grumpy. She was glad that the two of them didn't mind staying with her for that matter. She turned to look back at the happier Akira when she asked for her story.

"Oh well.." she smiled when she thought about it, about a year ago around this time they met, "I just arrived in Crocus and there was this fog and a festival and I couldn't find my way around, that's when I bumped into Kon, and he helped me find a place to stay, bought me dinner and visited the festival shortly with me." She also was recruited into the Rune Knights more or less by challenging him to a fight, where he had kissed her, which brought a happy smile to her face as well as pink cheeks, "It probably doesn't sound romantic at all but he learned that I wanted to join the Rune Knights, as he was one. So he challenged me to show him what I got and he is a summoner, so when I stood in front of him alone, he.. kissed me." She wasn't sure why she told Akira, perhaps because she liked to see the girl as a girl, giggling, about these dumb romantic things. And for a second, her mind went blank and she stared at Akira, Alice couldn't even remember if she had ever done something like that herself. As she couldn't remember. Which made her again a little sad as she had been realizing for the past few days that not remembering her past felt so limit for herself in raising her kids.

#21Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:26 am

'Seriously?' Akira asked, her eyebrows rose in disbelief and she almost scoffed although it was jovially. 'It was one of those bump into each other and love and first sight kinda things? No way!' she said, folding her arms around herself this time as the light cloud cover made the cold seem worse. She shouldn't have interrupted, but she did... She heard her out keenly, as she went on. 'How sweet...' she said, softly, nodding in approval at the chivalry. She went onto explain how he had been the one to recruit her. That stole a little something from Akira's smile. For two-three reasons. She struggled to keep her grin from fading as Alice went on, she hoped her nostalgia would distract her enough not to notice.

It felt like he'd have gone easy on her because clearly, he was partial, not to mention that would mean Alice may have started off in a better position than others. It also echoed of the moments she'd had with Alice, the memories of which she was trying to shoot down, but hadn't succeeded in completely doing so yet... The story of how it went for Alice was so starkly different from how things had been for Akira. Akira tried to separate her own tangled emotions from the story and look at it objectively, yet, the story seemed to be a perfect explanation for why Alice came off as entitled... and that kept echoing in her mind.

'Kind of like how you challenged me... But our story ended a little differently... Thankfully, I suppose.' Somehow, before she let things turn too sour, she managed a soft chuckle in response to the kissing especially given her own deduction and reflection of it. Akira wondered how this fairy tale love story was now struggling, Kon had been so caring just by bumping into her and now he was forced to leave her with a bump all by herself while he fought someone else's wars... Was it always duty over love? If Akira ever cared to love someone, she would probably choose them over all else, at least that's what she believed, the world was a selfish place.

#22Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:42 am

Alice nodded, "You could say it like that, I must admit he looked handsome the moment I met him, but it wasn't only that, he was a joy to talk too and so on." She was lost indeed in her own daydream of the past of her first meeting with Kon, "After that we met two weeks later for a play." She tried to think again, they had been on that date and than met another couple of weeks after that because of the Grimoire Heart attack or that's what Alice had filled into the dots, after that she really decided to join the ranks. "At that time I didn't join immediately. After fighting Grimoire Heart a month later, I decided why I wanted to join the Rune Knights and filled in the application." Which was sent to the council and back to Kon.

She had no idea how Akira thought, and if she would say it, than Alice would explain that Kon's report had been written as it had happened, only the last part of the fight had been influenced by the wine and their flirting, the rest had been official, the wounds the.. Ophelia. She didn't think a lot of times about her old companion, still had not spoken about her to anyone and she shortly looked at Jupiter who seemed to be distracting a guard for fun. "Ah yeah, no. Though I'm sorry for that day. I don't know what happened to me, I had not fought anyone after the accident in Hargeon and I believe I could handle it but I couldn't." Which wasn't completly true but she was sure that it was at least half of the reaosn. "Everyone tests people differently. Because of magic abilities and the like most people seemed to be placed in the group that support their magic and abilites, for none magic users of course. That's why I started there. I should have known it didn't work well for me at that moment."

#23Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:57 am

Akira didn't think Alice was truly going to walk her through all the milestones that led them to produce the babies, but now that Alice was on a roll, Akira didn't find the need to interrupt, as she worked on crystallizing her feelings and to stop them from coloring Alice's descriptions of the moments she shared with her fiance. 'Handsome and a good mage... Lucky.' Akira said, good-naturedly. If someone had said the same to her, she'd probably be offended though, like it was something out of her hands that caused a relationship to foster. Not to mention, she didn't think, that to land a person to marry or a life partner or whatever was an achievement she wanted to be praised for. Out of random curiosity, she wondered what play it would've been...  It would give her some sort of a timeline perhaps. If Alice didn't' divulge that soon herself.

'So combat drove you, with the guild that just helped crown the new king too...' Akira reflected, thoughtfully. Then Alice went ahead and apologized... Akira didn't quite know how to react, she just shrugged dismissively. 'It is ok... I wasn't saying the nicest things...' she said not wanting to betray too many unclear emotions, but fairly accepting her part. When she mentioned how groups were picked based on similarities, a soft bittersweet chuckle escaped her lips, someone must have had crazy foresight, the two did share the element of light now, however, it seemed Alice wasn't aware of it, so Akira refrained from bringing it up.

Casually though, Aki flippantly responded by saying 'I'll get back at you for it someday... We'll be even then.' most of it was shrouded as a joke, but there was a small sliver of real intent in her words. It wasn't really a threat, it wasn't like Alice had maimed her or something, so Akira didn't need to take some deep dark revenge, but she had a stirring need to put the two on an even platform. Where they were equals... It would be an uphill climb, the girl wondered if this drive was something she'd harvested post the attack. 'What do you feel about that by the way? Grimoire Heart leading, well not them technically, but their old leader... Or whatever.' she asked.

#24Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:09 am

She waved away the lucky comment, even when Kon was handsome and a good mage, she liked him without all that. She still believed he was handsome, even after the scarring that happened thanks to her own sister. Which she tried to still push away the guilt in her mind. She didn't think about it all the time, sometimes it just crossed it. Like now. But also that she tried to wave away, "Sometimes you just meet the right one. No matter looks and magical capability." As some magics had brought trouble along as well, Kon's. Her own. Especially when it was gone but here were they now and they were both doing well, or so she believed.

"Describing it as combat driving me is not really the right word. Yes I loved fighting in one way or another. Heck I even used a magic that gave me the abilities to summon weapons and armours whenever I wanted, the thing was that I wanted to protect the for as far as I knew innocent citizens. There was this man in the auction house, trying to use a bomb." and having come from Phantom Lord, she believed that there were more people capable of hurting the innocent, the citizens that would just go by their daily businessess. This war was not for them or against them, but they were the casualities and she wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

She looked up surprised from her sort of automatic answering response, "I wouldn't expect less." If she could drive someone to train and get stronger by only challenging her, why not. To which came the conversation to actually Grimoire Heart and with that the emperor, she remained silent shortly after the question and looked at Jupiter and with that Mercurius for as far as possible. "I really don't know. To me and it's probably dangerous to say, the man from the speech sounds like a different man than the one from the actions. If the man of the speech is the real deal, I wouldn't mind as much. But we don't know that yet." Actions were louder than words and she would have to see that for herself.

#25Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:26 am

Akira had to bite back her snark, which was returning, almost defensively as they seemingly grew more comfortable. Rich too... I'm guessing and now you're acting like all that didn't have a part to play... her skeptical side screamed in her mind, but she could reign it, for the time being. She heard the woman out, as she argued against the summary of what Akira had gathered, she didn't feel the need to rebuttal, it was Alice's reasons, she couldn't pretend like she truly understood them better than her, it went for both her decision to spend her life with Kon and the decision to join the Rune Knights.

When she went on to give the actual reason and that it was protecting the people, Akira just nodded... A little blankly. She had no such bold reasons for joining and now that she had attempted saving people, she thought her feelings towards the organization would change, but somehow, it didn't. If she saw someone being unfairly treated, she'd help if she could and for that, she was willing to grow stronger, to ensure her help mattered, but it wasn't like she'd planned her whole life around that. When she'd seen the fellow Knights in danger, she did spring into action when they were hurt... Maybe that was her fault, she waited till it was too late. Was she vengeful instead of protective like Tsuru? Was it more about fairness and justice than just saving lives, then? She didn't really have answers yet.

Nonetheless, she extracted herself from her own mind again. When Alice accepted her challenge, Akira let a half-smirk tug her lips. But she didn't want to dwell on the subject as the two went onto discuss the coup. 'Words hardly matter, although he does know how to talk...' she admitted, she liked his new policies, but would he be able to implement them, he'd done whatever he could to take the throne, but what would he do when he'd need to allow similar atrocities to keep it, how far would this for the greater good utilitarian philosophy stretch? 'Yeah... It is all very strange, he didn't harm too many citizens he says, but some of the lower-ranking thugs that worked for him, or maybe just took advantage of the chaos... did whatever they wanted, who is going to hold them accountable now?' she said, her face turning a little bitter.

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