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Orchidia to Crocus [Foot travel: Alice]

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Orchidia to Crocus [Foot travel: Alice] Empty on Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:25 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Was it already a month ago that she had gone to Orchidia albeit a little later but because of the things in Crocus? It must be and with the twins being born earlier than expected, she had made the decision again with some difficulty that she had to go to Crocus. Not only for herself as well to find Konstantin. She had to make sure he was alright as well as tell him the news, not one child.. but two. She had already had the fear when she had been pregnant with one child. How would he react about two. But she as this time not afraid only curious and wondering. She was sure they would figure things out. A postponing of the wedding was perhaps necessary, with the state of Fiore, her doubts about the emperor and so on.

There was a lot going on. She held her little boy close to her body for warmth, wrapped in blankets and thick clothes, Hecate carrying her daughter and they had to hurry, the walking distance to Crocus was not that far, Baska had been further. Apart from that they had checked the weather to make sure to travel on the best time. She felt herself automatically radiating a bit of heat with her solar magic, enough to keep them warm but not to burn them. Soon enough they arrived in the Capitol where she hired a room and would rest for the rest of the day before she would go around and search for him.


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