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The schemes of a Demon Lord [Alisa]

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:36 am

It was not often that Esperia found herself all alone, at least not in the recent days. Ever since she had met Fia and been reunited with Liana one could easily say that it was almost impossible for one to find Esperia, not in the company of her lover, or her best friend. But on this particular evening, the obsidian-haired trickster found herself in a rather peculiar situation. Fia had been called by the Rune Knights for something, and Liana had left the inn earlier that evening, and with Asmodeus' servants off on their own duties she was all by herself. so while the girl was waiting for their return at the spacious room she shared with Fia the girl found herself lost in thoughts.

Legs kicked up and down the bed while Esperia felt herself steadily growing more bored with every passing moment. "Puuh~ Guess I'll go and search for Fia and Lia!" Yet at the same moment, she pulled her body upright and rose from the bed the girl found herself overwhelmed by a certain dizziness, a hand reaching for her chest as she suddenly noticed her breathing was growing more ragged.

"ha....ha... is this your doing again Asmodeus?" The girl panted amidst her breaths yet the demon lord didn't answer her, instead, she found her body being overwhelmed even more by the unnatural sensations. A warmth spread across her body as she felt the very strength of her body being sapped away, a feeble stagger being all she could make as she collapsed back onto the bed.

A hand raised for her chest, fingers clenching slightly in a fist while her other hand grasped into the sheets of the bed. Was it yet another one of those moments? For her to be overcome by sensations of desire and lust was nothing unusual, but at the same time, Fia had always been there to satisfy her, the one remedy she needed to counter the intense longing she often felt. But this sensation seemed different. It was as if her entire body was boiling from within, sensations even more powerful than the desire and lust she felt.

It was then as if on cue the demon lord emerged, her ephemeral image seated gracefully on the bed at her side, that sweet smile upon her lips, the glint of mischief in her eyes and that voice as sweet as honey resounding in her thoughts.

"I expected this to happen, but for it to be so soon~ You exceed my expectations my dear~" Asmodeus' words were enough to stir a feeling of concern in her heart, the girl doing her utmost to focus on the Demon Lord's image. "What do you mean... you planned this?"

Asmodeus raised a hand to her cheek as if she was pondering about something. "I wouldn't exactly say that I planned it..."

Yet her actions clearly betrayed her intentions, for the demon lord moved with a nimbleness that reminded her of a certain sculptress, straddling Esperia in the process while slowly, and quite sensually leaning down onto the obsidian-haired trickster.

"As my vessel, it's to be expected that over time you grow closer to me... not that I dislike that, I'm quite fond of you~"

It took all of the girl's willpower not to melt right away as she felt the soft bosom of the demon lord press down onto her chest, only the thin fabric of Asmodeus's dress and her own garb in between them, nor did it help that those fingers of Asmodeus were sensually trailing up along her waist, slowly creeping closer toward her chest, yet unlike what she would have done she found Asmodeus' hands reach even higher, gently resting on each cheek.

"W-What is this---"

Yet instead of being able to finish her line she let out a sound that sounded like a mixture of a cry and a moan as Asmodeus mused playfully. "I am merely acting upon my desires Esperia~ and right now what I desire the most is... you~"

The words alone were already alarming enough, but the action that followed was devastating. The Demon Lord of Lust leaned toward her face, and soon their lips met. It didn't matter how much she protested, or how much her mind told her to resist, her body had already submitted, her hands feebly resting on Asmodeus's shoulders as she intensified their kiss.

"MHMHMHM!" Despite her attempt to resist Esperia felt herself being overwhelmed, both in body and soul as her consciousness started to slip away. How foolish of her... Alisa had warned her before, that Asmodeus was not merely a benefactor, that she had schemes of her own, and now she was about to pay the price for that.

Darkness clouded her mind, her thoughts slowly numbing as she felt her presence steadily being submerged by that powerful presence. Yet could she truly allow it to end like this? If she allowed Asmodeus to consume her, then she wouldn't be able to keep her promises... It would be Asmodeus who would take her place... She couldn't, nor would she allow Asmodeus to take the affection that was meant for her.

Rushed footsteps followed as the girl tried to escape from the abyss she had found herself into yet after a moment she found herself being dragged back deeper, as if invisible tendrils were dragging her away from the surface of a lake, knowing that the moment she got herself to reach the surface she would be free again.


A bold statement, accompanied with a desperate attempt to reach with her hand for the surface, yet in that same moment she reached it the light consumed her entire being, and she found herself laying with her back on a flower field, the star-lit sky above her.

"The Crocus Garden?"

Esperia mused softly, yet slowly noticed something was off... Her voice sounded... different, and a glance downwards confirmed she was no longer in her own body for that matter...

"I..." A hand reached for her head, feeling the small horn that rested at the side of her head while she whispered under her breath. "Became Asmodeus? But I'm me... me and Asmodeus at the same time? And here I thought there was only one meaning behind the term 'Becoming one', and I'm pretty sure Asmodeus didn't do that sort of naughty thing to me..."

Confusion seemed to reign as she tried to climb onto her feet, but yet the lack of experience with this new body quickly led the Demon Lord to collapse back onto her rear. "Hehe this is embarassing... I can barely even stand upright..."

#2Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:37 am


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Alisa couldn't help but wonder how might Esperia be doing now... Last she met up with her she found the girl running errands for her rather intimate roommate, and from what she knew the girl had also participated in the war, to unknown effectiveness. That meant she most likely had to talk to hear about, just as she did with Liana and all the other friends and guildmates.

"Hopefully she's not too worse for wear after the whole thing...", wondered the sculptress, thinking about the company Asmodeus had urged her towards, and how the demon Butler Sebastian at least seemed like recommendable company for a young lady; far more so than his master.

Looking around, she usually met up with her other half in green, verdant places such as these, no doubt due to Alisa's own penchant for such as much as Queen Succubus' own nature. She met her before the war that time, and Lilith looked rather committed to rebuilding her harem army, and finding artifacts... Sometimes Alisa felt that really didn't bode well for the young little lewdling, with little to no experience to deal with the mother of all temptresses (except Alisa herself).

The sculptress wandered around the gardens late in the afternoon, where few remained to watch the last hints of sunset but most people had now dispersed. She had a rather ordinary day, with intense workouts, fine meals, and contemplative artwork, with herself being a woman who so often shied away from those... She'd earned her relaxation, letting out a deep, satisfied sigh as she took in her surroundings, eyes trailing up to the skies, then back down to her partner who joined her but a scarce couple of meters ahead.

Her partner walked around with girly, delighted spring to her step, and Alisa quickly remembered how the little personified Litwick seemed to grow more active as the sun set and night came. Understandable, considering she was mostly a nocturnal creature, whose diurnal lifestyle came mostly as a result of her desire to spend time with Alisa.

"My, Lumen... Aren't you cold?", she asked, inquiring the girl's choice of clothing, a white turtleneck sweater, the opposite color of Alisa's. Unlike Alisa who actually wore stockings underneath the long, dress-like sweater, Lumen went mostly bare legged with high socks to make up for it, yet displaying a fair bit of her smooth, creamy skin.

Yes, the weather today might feel much warmer and less rainy than in the past few days, yet it still remained quite chilly for someone not accustomed to northern winds. Alas, Lumen didn't really have an actual human body will all its strengths and weaknesses did she? Alisa's pondering look faded the moment she found her partner pivot around on one foot, her short hair fluttering around with the little twirl as she smiled sheepish and cutely, shaking her head.

Lumen paused enough for Alisa to catch up and pet her head, before the two carried off on their merry way, through the gravel road making its way through the gardens. But with so few people around, Alisa eventually happened upon a figure she'd grown very familiar with, tall and shapely, clad in a sleek, sexy white dress leaving just enough to imagination, and boasting horns leaving no doubt to her nature. The sculptress frowned for a moment but relaxed before approaching the girl, yet never letting that appealing figure out of her curious sight:

"Arara... Lilith? Whoever let you loose out here, I wonder~"

Of course, not long after she said this did Alisa notice how little the woman's body language resemble the Asmodeus she'd grown used to. Shaky and sheepish instead of tempting and confident. The kind demeanor the demon lord of lust had no business flaunting. Was she putting on an act? Alisa furrowed her brow, resting one hand on her hip as she studied her form. As easy on the eyes as always with that full, womanly hourglass shape, standing only a tad shorter than Alisa herself, skin so smooth to almost glistening under those orange rays of sunset.

She defenitely looked the part, yet something was obviously off...

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"Demons and their shennanigans..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:41 am

It was a curious experience, for no matter how often she tried to reach out to the Demon Lord, she never received an answer from her. It wasn't like she had truly disappeared, for something, a certain feeling told her that she was still nearby, but at the same time a lot closer than normal. However, just as she tried to shakily get back onto her feet a familiar voice reached her ears, causing the girl to turn her gaze into the direction it had come from. "Alisa?" There was no mistaking the woman that voice belonged to, the beautiful sculptress quickly earning a sheepish smile from Esperia as she replied in her usual cheerful tone. "Sorry to disappoint you Alisa~ You thought it was Lilith, but it was me: Esperia!"

In an attempt to greet her senior member of the guild Esperia was almost bouncing from her spot, an excited hop into the direction of the sculptress, but in that last moment she found the unusual state of her new body to refuse her actions, and if she was not caught quickly would tumble head-first into the sculptress' bust.

"Ararara~ I'm still not used to this..." The girl complained with a little whine but soon added with a softer whisper. "soft...." she almost felt a trickle of blood dripping from her nose if not for the quick shake of her head to erase the thoughts. Trying to stand upright again the girl commented about Alisa's guest with a little grin. "And it seems you got an adorable girl in your company also~"

At least she seemed healthy enough, even if the current state of her being raised many questions for the girl.

#4Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:43 am


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Was it really Esperia? It definitely looked like her, though Asmodeus was as tricky as she was beautiful, she wouldn't put it above her to pretend that her partner had somehow taken over her body. Alisa had never seen or heard of anything to imply the two could pull this off, but neither did she have any reason to believe it impossible, merely unlikely.

"Hmmm, so you've actually took over her body? I'm impressed...", Alisa commented, before snickering as her smile became a smirk, "To think you'd go this far just to grab a pair of breasts."

Alisa still wasn't sure this was indeed the vessel in the demon's body, and not the demon acting like her vessel, as if to prove it, her hands slid up her hourglass form and crossed almost sternly, neat but casually folded until her full, generous bosom; just as the girl stumbled towards her. Though the action made her curvaceous body jiggle in all the right ways, Alisa could spot lack of balance when she spotted it: Like the good Senpai she was, Alisa naturally closed what little distance remained and prevented her now taller and significantly more womanly guildmate from falling flat on the ground... Which in turn lead to the girl falling face first on the sporty woman's bust, whose glistening lips formed into an 'O' shape before returning to her usual smile. This was Esperia alright, Lilith was far too shameless to even get nosebleeds:

"Ara, you're getting blood on my clothes Espy~", despite the cool, melodic tone, the Take Over mage most likely remember how Alisa felt about getting her clothes dirty. Lilith's body felt as decadent as ever, the form of someone who thrived in thirst. But the way she held the sculptress still retained some of that innocent perversion. Thus, she'd pet that silky, lustrous raven hair tenderly, yet nonetheless assist Esperia in standing back upright. Predictably, her attention soon shifted to the Litwick, "Oh, you've already met Lumen, have you not?"

Indeed she had, but had never seen the girl turn into a human. Lumen meanwhile, just smiled and waved with a friendly look, greeting someone she obviously already knew. Though the small girl had convinced Alisa she indeed occupied Asmodeus' body, the sculptress soon narrowed her eyes and brought one hand to her chin, tilting her head suspiciously:

"But, how are you in her body...? And just as importantly, why?", she mused as long tresses of dark hair draped down her shoulder, fixing her scrutinized red eyes on Lilith's amber

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"Demons and their shennanigans..."
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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:43 am

While she was uncertain whether her current situation could be justified as her 'taking over' the Demon Lord's body, she was nonetheless quite pleased to receive Alisa's compliment, a sheepish grin on her lips.

"Well, it's certainly is an unusual experience but---" She found her thoughts interrupted by Alisa's teasing remark, leading to the young lady to protest. "Uwaah~ I'm not doing this intentionally!" As she found herself trapped against those breasts that served both as an excellent pillow and one of the world's greatest temptations.

Yet the cool melodic tone of her senior quickly send a chill across Esperia's spine as she quickly jolted upright, shaking her head repeatedly while her cheeks flushed up into a blush of embarrassment. "I wasn't having a nosebleed!"

Still, the tender petting of her hair soon coaxed a soft sound similar to a purr from her as she learned of the pink-haired lass her true identity. "Wait, that's Lumen?! She looks so cute!"

Yet shortly after Esperia clapped her hands together in a display of innocent joy the girl found herself pulled back to the subject of her unusual situation.

"I'm not sure either..." The girl mused softly as she raised a finger to her lips and tilted her head lightly to the side in confusion. "Something similar happened for a short period when I umm.... I got really excited while snuggling with Fia, but this time it was different..."

Indeed, this time it had been a situation provoked by the Demon Lord of lust. "I was waiting for Fia and Lia to come back to the inn, but while waiting I suddenly became very dizzy. I thought it was Lilith doing this but, it appeared it was the consequences of my body growing more compatible with Lilith's, and then she suddenly said she desired me and ki-ki-ki..."

She felt her face turning beat-red as her voice softened to a whisper. "Kissed me... I felt my mind blacking out, as if something was pulling me down under water. It's a feeling somewhat familiar to when I have my take-over magic activate. but this time I struggled really hard and tried to reach the surface then BAM! I woke up in here in Lilith's body, but Lilith doesn't seem to be here, or rather it's like... usually it feels like she is right beside me, but now it's like she is so close she is embracing me from behind. But I haven't heard her voice since I woke up..."

Of course, there was still another matter to mention. "And then you came with Lumen and your pillows saved me from making a nasty fall on the ground... For some reason, this body feels kind of heavy for me, and I don't just mean the extra fluff in her pillows-" The girl protested softly as she tapped her own chest lightly.

#6Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:44 am


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"And here I thought yours was just a bad case of breast envy...", Alisa teased once more, giggling before letting the subject rest, delighting in all the amusement sweet innocent Espy could provide with all of her perversion.

Something Lilith's shamelessness made her incapable of giving, though Esperia in turn never posed a proper challenge whenever Alisa felt like teasing her. Maybe one day... Ideally, Alisa hoped human and demon lord could reach an understanding allowing the former to be herself and harness the latter's power.

"Hmmm~!", with an appreciative hum and lowering of her head, Lumen obviously enjoy the compliments, staying close to Alisa and Esperia throughout as she kept her hands folded behind her

Though Alisa delighted in Espy's innocent, quirky choice of words for all things sexual, she listened to her words attentively, her brow gradually furrowing... It felt like Lilith came on pretty hard, seducing Esperia with everything she had. Alisa could handle something like that, sure, but not an inexperienced girl without even have the luxury of resisting her lustful urges. Her mentioning it felt like how Lilith usually took over got her attention however, as this was the only great mystery she'd never been able to explain.

What happened to Esperia when Lilith took the reins?

Esperia mentioned it as going to sleep, but now for the first time she actually described it a bit more, not only that she almost appeared as herself:

"Might this mean you're getting stronger perhaps?", wondered Alisa, resting her weight on one leg and thinking back to what little she knew of Take Over magic, where a mage's ability to assert themselves over the entity's will depended solely on their strength and experience.

She'd imagine being possessed by a foreign entity to be an overwhelming experience few could possibly stay conscious throughout out, let alone remember - for their own sake. But now here stood Esperia in a body belonging to her other half, with a clear memory of fighting off the invasion of her psyche, and clearly succeeding. Immediately, Alisa's curiosity gave way to a brimming sense of pride towards her junior:

"I'm proud of you, Espy~ This may be your first step to making her power your own. Remember that feeling, asserting your will, taming a primal force few mortals can even grasp. It will serve you well in weeks to come~", she pet the girl's head with a soft, caring smile, casting but a single glance down, only to find the cozy, dark wool of her sweater where she'd grown used to finding Junketsu.

Even Lumen walked over to join Alisa in the high intensity headpats to her junior, giggling as the two steadily felt her victory was worth praising... Whether Lilith would take kindly to having her power harnessed remained to be seen, but as time went on Espy would require Alisa's help less and less...

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:45 am

A swift and determined shake of her head followed while Esperia remarked with a cheerful tone. "Not at all~ I admire all type of pillows~" yet it seemed the subject was finally allowed to rest, leaving the young lady with a sheepish grin on her lips and a slight flush of embarrassment on her cheeks.

But it was true, for all her bravado Esperia couldn't pose a proper challenge for the sculptress who was so confident and skilled in her teasing, for while Esperia might had been a trickster, teaser and a pervert she also had a certain endearing sort of innocence to her.

Yet Lumen's appreciative hum and little gesture had almost urged her to pet the pink-haired girl's head to show just how much she appreciated the adorableness of the girl, Esperia found herself quickly distracted by the conversation about Lilith's actions.

The memory as she retelled the tale of her experience with Lilith left the girl to steadily get both more excited and more embarassed as she used her own innocent and quirky choice of words to explain everything.

It was unusual, but in a way it felt like going to sleep, like being submerged in a sea that felt surprisingly warm and comfortable, like the type of feeling she had when she snuggled against Fia while having a blanket covering the two of them.

"You think so?" Esperia mused softly as she raised a hand to her cheek, pondering for a moment. "I believe Lilith mentioned something along those lines: The stronger I became, the more control I gain over her power."

The sudden intense head pats quickly caused her blush to intensify, her face turning as red as a tomato while she felt Lumen join in on the praising, leading the girl to smile bashfully and let out a little "hehe~" at the feeling of being praised so warmly.

Yet a pair of footsteps soon joined as a soft clapping followed, and if the trio were to look at their source they would find the familiar-looking elderly butler applauding her.

"Magnificent work Esperia--- no, I believe the title 'Master Esperia' is more suiting after accomplishing that."

The butler smiled kindly at her as he gave a light bow toward Alisa. "A fine evening to you Lady Alisa. I believe that it will be most beneficial for the young master to learn what this accomplishment means."

A hand raised to his chin as he pondered softly. "Yet it seems your psyche is still yet to fully awaken... Could that be why she did this... Ah, forgive the ramblings of an old man, I'm afraid I am merely making assumptions at this point."

Yet Esperia seemed too distracted enjoying the high intensity head petting, Sebastian could wait for the time being...

#8Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:46 am


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The girl turned to putty under their affectionate head pats, and soon enough, occasional giggles made themselves heard on either girl's part. Alisa enjoyed doing so not only due to the girl's remarkable achievement, but also her cuteness which made the sculptress keen on taking whatever excuses she could find to do so. Somewhat true to her word, Lilith too had apparently pointed the girl on the right path to increasing her power as a Take Over mage.

"She was telling the truth, alas, that applies to just about every kind of Take Over mages. Though the stronger the entity whose power you wish to harness, the more power you yourself will need not to succumb to its will.", she informed, finally pulling her hand away from the girl's head and onto her shoulder as she heard a clapping sound not too far away. Even now she couldn't help but admire the flawlessness of the demoness' skin, though Esperia was significantly less seductive about using it.

Alisa turning in that direction on reflex, her long, flowing hair fluttering gently alongside the motion of her head. She already knew of the butler's demonic nature, yet the way she only felt his presence until he stood decently close hinted at his peaceful intention. Whatever intentions Lilith may have towards Esperia yet remained hidden under a veil of secrecy... She had them, of course she did... Demons always have a hidden agenda, and this one in particular hinted to that fact. But Alisa already understood at least her desire for Esperia's well being was indeed genuine, and this in turn extended to the butler, who congratulated the girl on her achievement.

"Oh...? Good evening Sebastian~", Alisa greeted with that graceful, approachable smile she always had, and even Lumen bowed her head in way of introduction, "This is Lumen, my partner."

Indeed Alisa found it hard to imagine a more reliable assistant for Esperia, among all the kinds of people Asmodeus could have recruited, she would up thankfully picking a pleasant one. His wishes may be his master's, but if so, then Alisa could just bargain with the Demon Lord and ensure her butler's cooperation. That said, when he mentioned something about the girl's psyche awakening and Lilith doing something, Alisa's brow furrowed... Was this not merely the girl's achievement? Or had the demon lord overstepped her boundaries at long last?

"If she's doing something without letting anyone know, you could be a dear and explain it to us.", spoke the sculptress at last, keeping Esperia close to her, not exactly excited at the idea of a demon lord messing with her friend's psyche. She kept her arm draped around the girl's shoulder, though eventually turned to Esperia with a smile, "Or you can call her out and she can speak for herself~"

Despite no longer petting her head, Alisa yet pet the girl's shoulder as she looked upon those eyes that up until now had never belonged to her, while Lumen herself looked on expectantly, clearly already guessing something really interesting might happen soon.

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"Demons and their shennanigans..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:46 am

"Good day to you Lady Lumen, and for your question..."

Sebastian raised a hand softly to his chin, a soft hum following as he pondered his thoughts aloud. "Considering Master Asmodeus' field of expertise I believe her goals are quite different in comparison to demons who would try to possess someone. If that was her goal only the most strong-willed mortals like yourself would stand a chance, and even then the question is whether they would be able to keep up that guard forever."

The demonic butler shook his head lightly while he explained further. "The fact that her psyche seems stable, and it is clearly young master Esperia in control, the fact that the presence and essence of the Demon Lord of Lust shrouds her simply confirms the high compatibility the two possess."

It certainly was quite an interesting theory, yet he inquired to the trio with a hint of curiosity in his voice. "Nonetheless, considering her usual demeanor and mindset, it makes me wonder what type of Demon Lord Master Esperia would make, not to mention I recall Master Asmodeus saying that the lust and desires within the young master are quite... extraordinary for a mortal."

Yet Esperia giggled sheepishly at those words as she addressed the demonic butler. "I would be the worst Demon Lord ever! I'm more interesting in snuggling into pillows than to terrorize people~"

Yet in return to those words Sebastian posed a rather interesting question: "What is to say that the Demon Lord of Lust can't exactly do those things? As someone who follows her desires and longings with such passion the choice you make is your own, your current state of being being an exact example of it: Master Asmodeus left the choice of what path to pursue to you alone. At least that's my speculations."

He turned toward Alisa and smiled politely at her. "What about you Lady Alisa, Considering your 'close' encounters with the Demon Lord of Lust... What do you think she is truly up to?"

#10Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:47 am


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Though the butler reassured Alisa how Asmodeus had no interest in erasing Esperia, this hardly reassured the sculptress... His honesty and knowledge notwithstanding, there were plentiful other ways for her to influence the young, cute girl's natural development using her lust as both the carrot and stick rolled into one. The only trait of Sebastian's the sculptress didn't doubt was his loyalty. In and of itself an admirable trait, and the crystal user wouldn't expect him to say anything Lilith didn't want known.

"Indeed, it would be safer to get rid of the demon permanently than indulging in a perpetual tug of war.", Alisa agreed, fully aware how 'getting rid of' wouldn't always equate to kill. Rather, what can't be slain must be bound. She didn't believe anything in this world to be unbeatable however.

But as the grownups talked, the younger Esperia and Lumen thus had nowhere to look at but each other in between gazing between Sebastian. Alisa couldn't help but chuckle at his words though, as interesting a thought experiment as it may be, she struggled to place these words anywhere close to the truth:

"I guess that answers your question Sebastian~", Alisa teased, petting the Lilithized Esperia once again as her graceful chuckle became a playful giggle. That mischievous purity inside a body that evoked the very epitome of debauchery was nothing sort of striking, the contrast only adding to her charm, "The adorable, harmlessly lewd kind~"

She raised an eyebrow with an almost accusing gaze, visibly intrigued by the old demon's choice of words when addressing her relationship with Queen Succubus... Instead, she did nothing but sigh:

"Who knows...", she'd shrug, actually wondering how far even the butler himself knew it. Demons were notoriously shifty after all. But in the end she'd hazard a guess, folding her arms under that generous, softly heaving bust and wriggling a finger about, "I guess she'd want to shape Espy into something like herself, or at least into what she feels Esperia should be like... Possibly Take Over her body when she's a bit more... Mature."

Seemed like the most obvious conclusion to reach considering the demon of Lust herself confessed an attraction to the girl's own. Alas, Alisa wouldn't go as far as imagining the Demoness might wish for something as outlandish as a successor, nor did she have any clue such a thing could actually be possible... In the end, she wasn't a Takeover mage, and faced the inherent limitation of not knowing what it was like to have another soul inside you... Or worse, imagine what it might actually feel like to be one such soul, trapped inside another's body. The mere thought made her cringe, and Alisa actually felt she'd be a terrible roommate, trying her hardest to take over her host's body so she could break the chains and retrieve her freedom...

Strength is also beauty

"Demons and their shennanigans..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:48 am

"Although it would not be impossible to banish Master Asmodeus, considering their current state of being it would kill Master Esperia in the process, unless..."

A hand lowered to his chest as a smile surfaced on his lips. "Although it does explain her fondness for Master Esperia and her temptations... You see, what if she wanted a successor?"

Hearing those words Esperia felt her cheeks flush up brightly, her heart skipping a beat as she exclaimed in a bout of panic. "I-I know there are magical solutions for things like that b-b-b-but does Asmodeus really want me to---"

Sebastian chuckled softly, a light shake of his head following. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Master Esperia, but I'm not talking about the act of baby-making and you slipping 'something' in her, in the end, her successor isn't meant to be 'your child', it's meant to be you."

Was such a thing even possible? "Considering the nature of the Demon Lord's power it would not be too outlandish to think it would be possible." Yet Esperia was quick to hide her blushing face by trying to bury it into her senior's bust. "Uwawawawa I'm not mentally prepared for those type of lewd thoughts..."

#12Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:48 am


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Of course he'd say that, if he went around telling people they could get rid of Asmodeus without killing her host, he'd be a terrible butler. That said, Alisa had currently no interest in putting the theory into practice, though she obviously would if she felt the risks to Esperia were less than those of letting Lilith hang around her.

"Hmmm... I see...", she commented calmly, however, Sebastian's next words actually surprised the sculptress, causing her eyes to widen then shift downwards, clearly lost in deep thought, "Can demon lords even do such a thing...? More importantly, why would she even care...?"

Immortal beings capable of surviving and possibly regaining their freedom at any point so long as they had a host to claim. But if he was actually correct, this called into question plentiful notions Alisa took for facts. If she was thinking of a successor now, who's to say the Lilith Alisa knew now hadn't once been in the same position Esperia was now? And in that case, how much did the current Lilith resemble the woman she once was? Did Asmodeus' power simply pass from one vessel to the next, or did each one become assimilated into that demonic avatar of lust? She had more questions than she had answers, and at this point Alisa knew only one thing. Whether or not Esperia accepted this role, Alisa would never allow Lilith to force her into it.

Of course, the tiny little lewdling had something else in mind completely, turning beet red in a fashion so adorable the real Lilith had no way of competing:

"Oh, I see what kind of spells she's been teaching you~", teased the sculptress almost reflexively, narrowing her eyes with an accusing tone of mischief, shifting her arms enough to make her bust bounce softly and add to the girl's embarrassment. Meanwhile, Lumen had a giggle alongside Sebastian while the old demon explained what Alisa had already figured out. Of course, the Litwick's laughter only intensified when the girl buried her face in the sculptress' bust, earning a sterner, yet still teasing look from the sculptress, "Ara... And yet you exploit every opening to bury your face on my chest... How pure and innocent~"

Though she didn't mind petting Esperia's head, that impishlook on Alisa's face spoke for itself, an obvious willingness to punish her favorite pervert senseless...

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:49 am


It was difficult to say whether the Demon Butler was speaking the truth or not. Considering his tone and expression it suggested his response was genuine, but at the same time Alisa was more than experienced enough to know that judging a book based on its cover was a foolish thing to do, especially around a deceptive being like a demon.

The Demon Butler raised a hand to his chin, seemingly pondering about the statement. "In theory, it's possible, especially if one keeps in mind the nature of her power. " Yet why exactly would she care? What reason could the Demon Lord of Lust have to seek a successor, and why someone like Esperia?

Considering most demons would just freely return to the Abyss upon being slain in this realm raised the question just how important their host could be. Certainly, freedom had its perks, but if for some reason they were forced back into the Abyss it would become quite a tricky situation for the Demon to return to Earthland, even for a powerful being like a Demon Lord

It didn't help that Esperia had quite cleverly found a means to change the subject when her face turned beet red and she declared her earlier words in a warning, her initial embarrassment guaranteed to intensify moments afterwards.

"Uwawawa~ I plead the fifth!" The girl answered almost instantly, all too aware of the fact that if Alisa learned of the fact she had learned to use that spell for certain... 'occasions' that the teasing would never end, but of course the girl whispered yet another weapon to use against her. "Besides it's fair... if Fia gets to use her fist I get to put something in her in return..."

Of course, Alisa's expression and remark didn't help to pacify the girl's flustered state, leading her to remark in an embarrassed tone. "It's because your pillows are large enough to hide my face in... if anyone is to blame it's your pillows for being such a good hiding spot..."

Although, Sebastian did have an interesting thought in mind. "Well, there 'is' a way for you to ask Asmodeus directly even while Esperia is in her current 'state'. However, it is a somewhat tricky method, since you'd be intruding into her own realm inside Young Master Esperia's soul. Surely you remember the good doctor you visited with that Lycan friend of yours Esperia?"

It seemed Esperia had realized the meaning behind the man's suggestion for she peeked from amidst Alisa's cleavage. "You want Ali to enter my dreams and find Asmodeus? Isn't that a bit of a risky idea considering you'd go straight to a place she controls?"

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:50 am


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"Hmmm, just open and out with it huh...? She's not only teaching you spells, but making you even lewder. I wouldn't believe it possible had i not heard it for myself.", giggled Alisa, now twirling a lock of that silky black hair around her finger, delighting in its softness.

Meanwhile, she appreciated how the girl could resist her teasing a bit further as proof of her growth, though she'd still be punished if she pushed the boundaries too much.

Thus, her eyes soon narrowed with that domineering look, "You know flattery won't save you from your punishment, right~?", but then she reached her finger for her lower lip quizzically; an action that added just enough pressure on her bust to further tease the helpless pervert, "Unless Lilith went and taught you to enjoy it~..."

Considering Esperia's necessary affinity to lust, Alisa accepted this change as necessary, and even she herself might have recommended it to the girl at some point. "Develop and accommodate your own lust, instead of relying on Asmodeus'"... Indeed the natural conclusion to this laid in the unspoken possibility to the girl's power surpassing the Demon Lord's. But once that happened, who would be the real Lord of Lust?

Eventually, Sebastian offered a very good idea, something mystical that even Lumen couldn't help a curious, intrigued, "Ouuu~", eyes widening at the suggestion.

Even Alisa couldn't help a hint of surprise; she'd have never thought of due to her lack of knowledge on Takeover mages. Before Esperia grew stronger, Lilith's personality would seize hold of her, locking the vessel in a small, slumbering corner of their joined spirit. Now, the same ought happen to Asmodeus herself, though Alisa doubted she'd be as powerless as Esperia might have been in the same situation:

"And what of it?", Alisa shot back that a resolute look into Esperia's eyes, unshaken and undeterred by even the notion of walking into a world controlled by Lilith, "I'm far too curious about what exactly she's planning for you... Once I ask her directly, I won't take 'no' for an answer."

Smiling confidently at that last part, fully asserting her intentions and leaving no margin for doubt in any onlooker's mind. She had to conquer her lust mentally before doing so physically... And now she'd have to enter a world where everything happened in one's mind? Clearly, somebody would have to do this, and if someone could do it without becoming Asmodeus' love slave, then that person had to be Alisa.

"So, Sebastian... Tell me about this doctor.", she asked, turning her intrigued wine red gaze onto the cool blue of the butler's eyes. She made up her mind, and if such a journey was indeed possible, Alisa had no qualms embarking on it. All that remained was learning exactly how to go about it...

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:50 am

"I didn't get lewder!" Esperia proclaimed in protest at Alisa's words, but after a moment pushed her body upright and looked at Lumen for salvation. "Right Lumen? I'm still the same adorable little Espy from before~"

Yet the words that followed from the sculptress made her body jolt lightly, a hesitant step backward being taken. "Nononono~ No punishment! I don't like being tied up..." The girl let out a soft whine while shaking her head firmly at Alisa's musing whether the Demon Lord might have allowed her to enjoy such a punishment.

"At least snuggling Fia is a safer alternative..." The girl whispered under her breath while the conversation shifted in the subject toward the matter Sebastian had raised earlier.

"I mean... I'm fine with you peeking around in my dreams, but be careful Ali, considering you're about to enter a world that she controls it will be a lot different compared to when you talk to her in this realm."

Yet it seemed Alisa was determined to proceed with the plan, causing her to nod her head lightly while taking a step forward, a hand gently trying to reach for the palm of Lumen and Alisa's own so she could guide the ladies toward their next destination, Sebastian following behind them.

"There are a certain group of doctors in Fiore, they specialize in helping those who suffer from mental or emotional damage. For example helping someone with Amnesia slowly uncover their lost memories, or help someone slowly overcome a trauma they might have been dealing with. They do this through a special type of Magic known as 'Dreamweaving', the act of manifesting specific parts of a person's subconscious. In this case, the Dreamweaver will manifest a 'bridge' leading from Esperia's dreams into the section of her soul being inhabited by Master Asmodeus."

The Demon Butler's explanation was on point, but it still embarrassed Esperia to know that Alisa was going to enter a world based on her desires and dreams just to reach the Demon Lord...

"See that building at the end of the path leading out of the garden? That's where the Dreamweaver lives, you don't need to worry about an appointment considering Master Esperia has been here before for a friend of hers."

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She guessed correctly the first time, and so far Espy retained that keen notion of what kind of punishment Alisa might unleash on cute little perverts like her. Yes, she'd look pretty good hogtied and teased senseless, and as the sculptress allowed that thought to sink in, her confident, domineering gaze immediately reflected it.

As the girl merely looked to Lumen for help, the latter merely cocked her head somewhat confused, instead taking a step closer and experimentally poking Esperia's Asmodeus sized bosom, admiring its supple softness. With her curious look, Lumen looked completely devoid of lewd intentions, seemingly having learned from observing the little lewdling:

"Ufufu~ Point taken Lumen~", Alisa giggled, raising one hand in front of her mouth in that ever elegant pose, before returning the playfully accusing look onto Espy, "See, look at what you're teaching my partner now."

Alisa made a mental note to ask Esperia to meet Fia one of these days, for she yet knew very little about the girl except that she was probably the bashful type and had some magic related to steam. All in all, the perfect partner for Esperia, who the girl could tease to her heart's content and delight in her reactions:

"I'll admit it must be somewhat different.", she reassured, grasping Esperia's hand in kind as herself and Lumen followed along to wherever the girl chose to lead them, "But her essence hasn't changed, and neither will mine... And here more than anywhere else, the stronger will shall always prevail."

Sebastian followed right after them, informing Alisa of the kind of doctors he mentioned... They sounded very much like the average psychologist, or rather, they were to psychologists what healers were to ordinary physicians. Choosing to do so during dreams also demonstrated a clear understanding of the subconscious and its influence on one's conscious mind. Of course, the moment she looked at that Espy and saw that embarrassed look on her face, the sculptress couldn't help but a reach over and pet her head:

"Are you that worried over what I might see, Espy~? Don't worry~... ", she teased, playful but reassuringly, clearly telling Espy she wouldn't really judge her for anything she found there, "That does sound like a fascinating breed of magic. I'll make sure to remember it."

With this she'd let the butler's direction guide her gaze towards the rather beautiful garden, pretty enough to bring a smile to her face. At these late hours of the afternoon, the sky gradually shifted from orange to darker, shades of violet, heralding the dark of night soon to come...

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:51 am

The adorable little lewdling found herself pretty confident on what type of punishment Alisa would have had in mind for someone like her. The idea of being tied up and unable to snuggle or act upon her silly thoughts clearly a punishment she didn't want to experience in any way or form!

Of course, she hoped to get some help from Lumen, the confused look upon the girl's expression making Esperia wonder about what might had been going through the transformed girl's mind. The step forwards caught her by surprise, and even more surprising was the innocent poke of Lumen's finger against her bosom, the supple softness making it likely quite a pleasant sensation before the obsidian-haired girl's cheeks flushed up brightly. "I guess Lumen is discovering the wonders of the softness of pillows.

"I'm teaching Lumen the wisdom of life! Pillows are a source of happiness and prosperity!" The girl exclaimed proudly, hands resting on her hips while she huffed softly, her bosom making a light bounce as she puffed out her chest lightly to make her point.

As they arrived at the Dreamweaver's home a short knock led the door to be opened, revealing a young woman in a nurse outfit who looked curiously at the gathering. "Ah, Miss Asmodeus, I'm afraid the Dreamweaver didn't mention you had an appointment today?"

Yet at the same time Esperia shook her head lightly, musing out loud. "It's Esperia today~ It's a long story but is the Dreamweaver available?"

The nurse blinked in confusion, briefly turning her gaze from Esperia to Alisa before she answered politely. "I'll go and ask him now~"

Meanwhile as the nurse retreated into the building Esperia felt a little smile emerge on her lips at the gentle pet on her head while at the same time the nurse returned moments after the words were spoken.

"It seems you're lucky Miss Esperia, feel free to go to his office."

Of course, Esperia was quite eager to answer, a playful raise of her hand following. "Aye Aye~ Sorry for the intrusion~"

Watching the nurse return to the counter in the lobby Esperia was quick to guide her companions toward a nearby door, a little knock following and after a masculine voice told them to enter Esperia opened the door.

It was a spacious room, but most noticeable was the special seat in the center of the room, somewhat resembling a chair but it looked much more comfortable than an ordinary chair and judging from how it was built it seemed its primary purpose was for a person to sleep in. The magical pentagram on the ground seemed to suggest it was indeed employed in the magic of the Dreamweaver.

"Miss Esperia, in the body of Lady Asmodeus with two fair ladies in tow and the ever so pleasantly humble butler, to what do I own the pleasure?"

A middle-aged man smiled kindly at the entourage while Esperia seemed to explain the situation. "Hmm it's not impossible to reach Lady Asmodeus, but considering the depth in which the Demon Lord slumbers it's likely that your companion will have to not just pass dreams, but also nightmares and... even then we got no idea what she will find upon arriving in Asmodeus' domain. Then again, she looks like she already made her resolve before entering here, so who am I to try to convince her otherwise..."

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She appeared to have retained her aversion to bondage... 'Poor girl, no idea what she's missing out', as all Alisa could think to herself; but, she didn't really mind having such an easy method to rein in her more gratuitous perversion... And also keep herself amused in the meantime.

"My my, Lumen~... I hope you're not turning into a pervert yourself. I'd be very disappointed.", Alisa scolded, yet couldn't help an amused giggle at Esperia's comment. Lumen, on the other hand, betrayed her purity by not looking flustered or awkward, but simply looking between Alisa and Espy with a confused look in those eyes - a shimmering, golden amber rivalling Lilith's - and bringing her hands back together behind her, "So long as she doesn't get your breast envy as well~"

Well, at least she already got sufficiently accustomed to Lilith's body to feel proud of it, and she had every reason to do so. After all, Alisa never failed to note how that woman's figure was a lust inducing work of art, truly fitting of her title. Which in turn made her feel rather proud she could admire that beauty without getting lost in it as lesser mortals might. Soon, however, they'd enter the dreamweaver's home and this innocent, playful banter would momentarily come to an end.

Indeed, she felt a measure of surprise to find the nurse at this clinic already knew Esperia - or rather Asmodeus - yet one that faded the moment she reminded herself of the girl's recent troubles and the following acquisition of Demon Soul magic. A faint sense of unease settled in at thinking Lilith might have been paying someone to meddle with Espy's innermost memories, but she put those feelings aside for now, knowing she'd get a chance to ask Lilith soon enough.

She allowed mistress and butler to deal with the pleasantries until she finally came face to face with this doctor. Though not as pleasant to look at as his nurse, the man had a calm, honest look to him, as she'd expect of any decent psychiatrist. At that moment she doubted he'd do something as to tamper with a girl's mind at a demon lord's command, but she still made it a point to ask Lily once she met her:

"You survived through all of those memories Esperia, and still came out a decent girl in the end", Alisa noted with an affectionate smile, petting her junior's head once more, "That proves your darkness can be endured. As for Lilith, well, I wonder what kind of challenge she'll have in store for me~", then and only then, once she'd sufficiently comforted Espy, Alisa turned to the doctor, "Well then, how do we perform this procedure?"

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:52 am

Hearing Alisa scold Lumen for her behavior Esperia was quick to puff up her cheeks in protest and take a step closer to Lumen, trying to protectively wrap her arms around the girl and playfully rub her cheek against hers. "Don't worry Lumen~ Ali is merely jealous that you got such an adorable innocent charm she will never be able to regain~ Because she lost it the moment she started thinking of tying up innocent lewdlings like us!"

The Dreamweaver laughed softly at the exchange between the girls while he started explaining. "There is not much that needs to be done in order to start the magic for the spell. The first part will be for miss Esperia to take a seat while I prepare to cast my magic on her. Meanwhile, you will have to hold her hand and try to focus your thoughts on her. Normally we can have multiple people enter one's dreamscape, but considering the fact you're trying to gain an audience with the Demon Lord and intruding into the deepest reaches of Esperia's subconsciousness it will be better for only one person to enter."

He paused for a moment, thinking of how to explain things further. "Although this will feel like an instantaneous occurrence, the truth is that you'll be wandering through a sea of memories, dreams, and feelings taken form belonging to Miss Esperia, while it will be similar to reading a book as those events unfold, by traveling through them you will be able to reach a certain point where you can enter the Demon Lord's domain."

And with the explanation done Esperia took a seat in the chair, taking a deep breath while closing her eyes. "Ali... what you're about to see is something I'd hope you won't breathe a word to anyone about. Disregarding my own desires and longings, you might see certain parts of my past... and I don't want the others to worry about me."

The girl smiled briefly, a sorrowful smile that clearly attempted to hide her fear behind it while she raised a hand lightly as if waiting for Alisa to place her hand on the palm of Esperia's own so that the Dreamweaver could start his magic.

Sebastian gestured lightly to Lumen, explaining with a smile. "It might be best for you to stay near your master Lumen, the process involved will be quite exhausting on her body, so having you help catch her will be more reassuring to Lady Alisa compared to when I'd have the honor."

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She'd make a witty comment about such a thing was impossible, not because she lacked a bondage fetish (which she kinda did, just a little bit), but rather no way she'd ever be jealous of anyone. Instead, she's save that for later as she merely scoffed and flipped her hair, while Lumen on the other hand rather delighted in such affectionate closeness far more that she did perverted advances, quickly nuzzling Espy back and humming in agreement. Yet Alisa swore this might be the first time the girl regretted her inability to talk... Perhaps she ought look into those Navani weeds or whatever their name was.

She'd leave all of that for after the adventure to come, paying close attention to the dreamweaver's explanation of this procedure. Apparenly it was little more than sleep magic, yet performed while linking one person's subconscious to the dreamer's. It wasn't an easy explanation to give, Alisa understood that much... But in the end the guy did a decent job and the sculptress nodded affirmatively:

"I understood the gist of it.", she'd say, resting a hand on her hip, tilting her head inquisitively, "Bottom line is, I should avoid making a ruckus while I'm in there?"

Of course, Esperia's troubled words caught her attention once more, and Alisa gave it to her in full; listening to her worries and placating them with a soft, tender kiss to her forehead:

"It's alright sweetie, my lips are sealed. I promise~", and she should already know the sculptress well enough to understand what giving her word actually meant. She'd take Espy's secret to the grave.

She didn't say this out loud, but Alisa had more than just willpower to back words when she claimed she could resist Esperia's darkness. She too had been lost in her own for quite a long time, without a Liana to give her the guiding light she so desperately needed... It took many years until Blue Pegasus finally got to her and showed her that light she'd forgotten how to see. Even now she yet hated Black Sun with a vengeance, and wouldn't rest until she killed them all. They stood among the most dangerous, yet most secretive of dark guilds, leaving no trace of their actions but a trail of corpses: Anybody who stood in their way died.

And now she'd get to see what exactly the girl had to put up with in her youth... Though hardly the goal of this journey, she heard enough to understand she'd see it whether she liked it or not. So she steeled herself for the worst, and finally gave Lumen the same kiss she gave Espy, the moment she nodded decisively at Sebastian's words and took her place next to Alisa:

"Thank you, partner~", she'd whisper, before taking hold of Espy's hand and taking her place wherever, then looking at the Take Over mage, "Shall we begin?"

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It didn't take long for the magic to activate, and soon Alisa would find as if her mind was no longer within her own body. No, instead it felt as if she had entered a dream of sorts, for she was clearly not in the Dreamweaver's residence. Instead, Alisa would have found herself on the outskirts of a forest, close to a hill that led up toward what appeared to be some sort of church? If she was to approach it she would no doubt hear the sound of childish laughter filling the air. A bit further away from the church amidst the fields of flowers, two girls were playing around. The older one of the duo seemed to be just around the threshold of adulthood, perhaps just past the age of eighteen who was playfully side-stepping the excited swings of the younger child's hands

"Uwaah~ don't dodge Sis!" The playful exclamation belonged to a familiar voice for sure, and yet it was only after the older girl lifted the child up into the air that Alisa would no doubt recognize her. The obsidian-colored hair and the mismatched colors of the girl's irises clearly suggested this was Esperia.

"Wee~ Now I'm also a big girl!" Esperia's exclamation coaxed a hearty laugh from her sister who placed the child on her shoulders. "Someday I'm going to become a great hero like you sis! I'll become a Holy Knight and protect everyone!"

The words spoken by the child caused Esperia's sister to smile warmly while she hummed softly. "But Espy~ Haven't you ever wondered what makes me strong?" The question asked by her sister made Esperia tilt her head lightly to the side in confusion, seemingly wondering about the statement. "Isn't it because you're a hero?" Yet it were words that made her sister laugh softly, a light shake of her head following. "No, I am strong because I have a reason to fight."

A reason to fight? Noticing the confusion of the girl Esperia's sister gently lowered the girl back onto the field and crouched down before her, a playful poke onto the girl's nose following. "You are the source of my strength Esperia~ Because I want to protect you I am able to bring out all the strength I have."

Yet at the same time, those words were spoken the landscape seemed to change. The sunny sky had given way for a clouded night sky and rain started to pour down the sky. The two girls dissolved into thin mist, as if that part of the dream had ended, and yet judging from the sound of fighting inside the church it was clear this memory was still far from over...

"A reason..." Esperia's voice resounded from near Alisa, yet a moment later a familiar voice, seemingly belonging to the Demon Lord of Lust came. "A desire~"

It seemed that if Alisa sought answers she would need to go further into the world made out of Esperia's dreams, feelings, and memories...

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As the out of body experience began, Alisa did the only thing she could, holding onto her thoughts of Esperia, the girl she knew her as, the image she alone held of her. With this thought chiefly held in her mind, she should not only enter the girl's own dream but also retain her own awareness, crucial if she hoped to achieve what she'd come here to do without losing herself in a subconscious that wasn't really hers.

She felt her surroundings fade away into nothing, and out of nowhere, a green lush forest gradually build itself up from scratch... Vague at first, but the image grew clearer and clearer as time went on, and Alisa had no memory of how she went there... Until she heard a familiar voice. That soft, pouty, childish interjection, yet even more adorable at her young age. But the moment she saw those eyes, she recalled:

"Espy... My, you were even cuter at this age~...", she thought to herself, raising her palm to her cheek adoringly. Adoration which only increased at the sight of the deep bond between the girl and her sister. Yet Alisa had never met this sister before, and the moment she recalled this, she feared the worst.

Her words, however, were spot on, and Alisa understood much of the girl's integrity no doubt had its roots in Esperia's loving older sister and her words. She all but lost herself in this appreciation of sisterly affection, one she'd never truly known herself: Alisa was a single child, with no close cousins who she might call siblings. She could form images of what that love might feel like, but she'd never truly know it. Nor would she know what it felt like to have it ripped away.

Exactly the feeling she got when the sky turned cloudy and rainy, instantly drenching her hair and clothes until the former clung to the latter. The contrast between Esperia's next words and those of her younger self all but sent a shiver down her spine, a cold tone, empty tone filled with hopelessness. Now this was something Alisa could remember very well and wouldn't wish on anyone. Thankfully, Lilith's voice was there too, reminding Alisa of her goal.

"What happened to you...", she mumbled to herself, not so much wanting to know the answer to this question but knowing she'd need to, in order to understand what came next.

Espy was a friend, and from now on, Alisa could do nothing but watch from the sidelines as she endured things the sculptress would have undoubtedly saved her from, had she been there to prevent it. Now more than ever, she steeled her resolve in the face of the most grueling piece of this journey. Once more, she hoped for the best yet prepared for the worst, turning around and seeing neither Esperia nor Lilith, merely the church up in the distance. With her boots sinking slightly into the waterlogged soil, the sculptress pressed forth towards the church...

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:57 am


Upon entering the church Alisa would quickly become able to understand the direness of the dream she had entered into. While the interior of the spacious room resembled the usual church, this was no place of faith, but a battlefield. Gunshots ringed through the air as men and women clad in what seemed to be a uniform of some sort were fighting against the monstrous savage creatures known as Lycans.

Approaching deeper into the church clearly suggested the defenders were on the losing side, although they stood defiantly against the overwhelming odds, as was evident in the fact there were many more Lycan corpses than those of the humans that were protecting the church.

A soft scream came from nearby, and Alisa would no doubt notice that at the base of a large statue of Illumin at the back of the church a small girl was cowering in fear as a large Lycan raised his clawed arm at her.


A concerned shout came from nearby as a sword suddenly plunged itself through the back of the Lycan, a pained cry coming from the beast as the elder sister of the Von Eisenberg siblings pushed the lifeless body of the wolfman sideways.

"S-Sis you're injured!" Esperia exclaimed in a frightened voice as she watched her sister covered in bloodstains and bruises. "Hah... this is nothing compared to training Espy, but we need to get you out of here..."

Another collection of gunshots resounded from nearby as two more Lycan collapsed that had been approaching the location the two girls were at, soon accompanied by a young woman who clearly looked worried. "Papa! Mama!" The girl's statement made it clear now what was going on: This was Esperia's family."

The child rushed over to her mother who gently patted her head while her father addressed Esperia's sister, his expression stern yet his words surprisingly calm. "Any word yet from the church?"

Her sister shook her head lightly in response. "The messenger we send earlier should have reached the church by now. If we hold on till dawn then surely help will come."

It seemed that the Lycan were about to breach past the last line of defense, as only a few more exorcists remained... It was clear the man knew this for his next choice of words were made carefully. "Take your sister and flee through the underground sanctuary. We'll try to buy you enough time to escape."

It was clear Esperia was oblivious to the dire nature of those words, mostly since her mother was trying to keep her distracted by allowing the child to gentle nuzzle up against her in an attempt to find comfort from the nightmarish experience.

"I understand... Father... Mother... Please know that---"

The head of the Eisenberg household merely shook his head, for the first time showing a more tender expression in the form of a smile while his wife answered for him. "We know my child, now go and please keep your little sister safe."

Meanwhile, little Esperia looked up at her mother, seemingly bewildered at the conversation. "Mama are we going to go somewhere? Somewhere away from the scary wolfmen?"

Her mother nodded her head gently, a hand ruffling her hair. "You and Aseria are going to play hide and seek Espy~ So be a good girl and follow your sister and we'll find you soon~"

A hand gently tugged along her arm, pulling Esperia toward a door in the back of the church. It was clear her sister was trying to take her somewhere, but the sight that was burned into her memories that day was too gruesome for a child that age.

The Lycan overwhelmed the last of the Eisenberg's defenses. Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins fell to the Lycan that poured through the door like a swarm, Even her parents, in their defiant attempt to buy them time had fallen. Her father, once his gun ran out of bullets had chosen to use his weapon like a sledgehammer, taking down several Lycan through sheer force of will and strength, his resolve and courage seemingly without equal till three Lycans pounced onto him at the same time, the blood splatters clearly leaving little to question his fate.

Meanwhile, her mother had run toward the door. "GO!" A forceful shove of the door followed as her mother seemingly locked the door just after the two sisters had entered the passageway leading to the underground sanctuary. And finally, at long last even she fell when a Lycan tore through her throat with his fangs...

As Alisa stood there and watched the door being breached and a large Lycan with a scar over his face pursue the sisters it seemed this fragment of the dream was about to end, and give way for another one as soft sobs came from deeper in the passageway and the same voice from before, seemingly belonging to Esperia whispered, for the first time a clear mixture of sorrow but also a much darker emotion: hatred coming from her voice.

"They took everything from me..."

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Of course, what Alisa feared but deep down already knew unveiled before her eyes. The reason for Esperia's darkness, that vibe she instinctively sensed from the girl that so eerily resembled her own a few years back. As she arrived inside the church, Alisa could only watch as a pair of Hunters fought of a whole of rabid lycans. Shielding those two girl's she'd seen before with their very lives...

"Esperia... You... Tch!", yet in her powerlessness, clicking her tongue and gritting her teeth was all ALisa could do. She had no power here, no ability to influence what happened many years in the past, probably long before she grew as strong as she was now.

Yet she prevented herself from averting her gaze; knowing that if Esperia had seen all this, Alisa couldn't truly understand her unless she saw it for herself. Thus she learned how those two girls were daughters of two hunters, and soon after that learned how those two hunters had given their lives to protect them. A final, selfless act of love to accompany both girls throughout the rest of their lives; doing all they could to hold the door for as long as humanly possible. At that moment, every extra meter of headstart must have felt like the most precious treasure they could give their daughters, the only thing capable of yet saving them. To no avail. Alisa clenched her fists, eyes narrowing at the vile creatures, her own rage and hatred yet strong enough to so easily block out before a sight like this.

Hatred not so much towards the enemies, but her own powerlessness, the same feeling Alisa and her father felt at their inability to protect her mother, at their inability to seek justice if not by their own hands...

Before she could watch any more though, her surroundings stated crumbling and fading, and the sculptress imagined this must have been about all that Esperia saw. And it was already too much. She'd try to comfort the girl once she returned to the human world, yet she doubted anything she could say or do might easy her pain any more than time already did... More than Liana had, all these years...

With her surroundings collapsing though, she instinctively ran after the only audible sound left, her friend's sobbing up in the distance. But as she grew closer, she couldn't even gasp or even look surprised. She looked, once again, as Alisa expected she might after going through all that. At that point, that same cheerful demeanor she'd seen on Espy's earliest memory - and to some extent in her present incarnation - was nowhere to be seen. All she had left was this pure, unforgiving darkness, ready to tear down whatever stood in her way without the slightest thought for how she'd only create others like herself.

"So I was right... You too.", she mumbled, as if speaking too loud might disturb the girl's recollection, once more forced to resist the urge to chase after and give her a hug...

The Lycans didn't deserve her forgiveness... But if she could grow older without the urge to kill them all on sight, that may be the closest to sanity the girl could experience.

Strength is also beauty

"Demons and their shennanigans..."
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


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As Alisa descended along the passageway the sound of sobbing started to intensify and then as she reached the doorway leading into the underground sanctuary it seemed to fade away entirely. Instead, Alisa stumbled onto what appeared to be the last part of this particular part of Esperia's past.

The large Lycan entered the sanctuary where Esperia's sister stood with her blade unsheathed. Esperia herself was hiding behind a nearby pillar. The Lycan grumbled something illegible before charging at Esperia's sister, the girl's blade slashing into the Lycan's shoulder, yet the beast seemed too tough for her to cleave to him! Even as she pulled her remaining hand upwards, revealing a small revolver in her other hand the gunshot at the Lycan's stomach only made the beast let out a deafening roar before he punched the girl with a straight jab that carried enough strength to send her flying backwards several meters, straight against a wall that cracked under the impact.


Esperia tried to rush toward her sister but the beast already approached her, a clawed arm raised and prepared to strike her down but at the moment it swept downwards her sister used her last strength to dash forwards, a sweeping arm pushing her sister out of the trajectory of the swing as it hit her chest instead. At the same time Esperia tumbled over the ground and regained her footing she watched in horror as the beast pulled its claw back and swung a second time in an upwards swing, the claw tearing through her sister's body, the poor lass heaved into the air before the Lycan pushed her backwards onto the stone tiles. A loud cry came from Esperia as she rushed up to her sister's body while the Lycan seemed to be looking around for something, yet after a moment when he confirmed his goal wasn't around the wolfman approached Esperia, his muscular arm grasping a hold of her throat as she was lifted off the ground, but then something happened...

As tears ran down the girl's eyes and her life seemed on the brink of a quick ending Alisa would likely notice the reason for the Lycan's fear. The shimmering image of the Demon Lord hovered behind her, yet there was something different... Looking further it appeared like countless shadows were gathered behind her? The Lycan had staggered back in fear, seemingly frightened as the shadowy apparition disappeared. The beast whispered something, yet it seemed the words were foreign for Esperia who merely sobbed at the corpse of her sister while at the same time Asmodeus looked straight at Alisa, a slight gesture with her head being made toward the back of the room, and as the demon lord approached it and faded away it seemed the path in the back opened up, revealing a passage for Alisa to follow, as if Asmodeus was guiding her deeper inside.

"That day she lost everything... Her home, her family... a girl who lost the will to live, all she could think about was 'why' they took everything from her, and the only thing that kept her going was her desire for revenge... And yet a lot different compared to who she is today, isn't that so Alisa?"

Asmodeus' voice resounded close, yet it appeared she was still nowhere to be seen after she disappeared, but it appeared that as Alisa pursued her she would have an opportunity. A path downwards seemed to lead further into a maze of memories of Esperia, while a bridge upwards seemed to cross them.

"Should you wish to understand her more, you can wander further, or if you want to go straight to business we can go to my domain instead~"

The voice hummed softly as she waited to see what Alisa would do next...

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