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Where The Windmill Takes Us (Social: Notte:Joan)

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#1Notte Giornata 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:55 pm

Notte was thinking about what happened the other day with the bag of jewels and how he had an instinct of stealing them but on the other hand he also the had the feeling of giving it back and just doing what he was asked but he had to question why and who actually stopped him, he thought as he stood at the base of a windmill, something pretty common in this town quite different to his seaside hometown but thinking about it he should probably request some windmills, "You see!" He said frustrated in himself "Why do I keep doing that for fuck's sake..." He didn't know his alignment at all was he a good or bad person maybe it was better that he didn't join any guilds and just stay by himself.

As he was discussing with himself he started to climb the windmill part by part section by section until he got to the top where he took a seat and just wanted to relax he was thinking too much these days and just wanted to chill out, something he'd never explored much as he was more of a physical work person; was his own magic, he didn't even exactly know what it was, he hadn't even tried it intentionally before so he wanted to start something simple, the flint on his lighter was broken and he wanted to roll up as usual so he tried to make one a really small one, which surpsingly worked and lit up a pretty nice spark which for some reason was black, which was quite peculiar in Notte's eyes, leading towards that he rolled up two cigarrteres one for now and one for later you know you gotta be prepared for anything including needing a smoke.

After the quest he had done he got some jewels for his while, so obviously he had some spending money... so he got some green and added a bit of that to roll up and started to bun up and started to get higher and higher and that nothing to do with magic, he started thinking about how his time here had been he hadn't really met anyone who knows maybe he'll meet someone eventually and get this whole good and bad thing in order maybe even get some ideas for new spells, he thought as he took another puff on top of the windmill, wondering where it would take him.

#2Bianca Fleur 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:04 pm

It was the day after she bombed the mines. The vampyress was dressed sophisticatedly, as she always was, when left her inn to spend the day outside. The sun was slightly burning her skin, but her outfit didn’t expose too much skin so she would live. It was getting warmer since winter was beginning to end, and she hated that. Not because the heat bothered her to the point where she couldn’t stand it. It was more like -- she preferred the cold over it.

Even though the war was over and everything had been cleaned up in Crocus, it seemed the Baskans were still salty about it. Usually Joan would find people milling around the residential area. Not today, though. The sorceress had transformed into her raven form since leaving the inn and was flying over the windmill within the residential area. She wondered if this was some kind of silent protest against the current ruler. Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with her and she didn’t care.

Flapping its jet-black wings, the raven flew towards and landed on the bright orange roof atop the windmill. It was truly pleasant -- the silence of the town. It wasn’t completely silent, but it felt peaceful up here, looking over the many homes around the windmill. Soon, a pink-haired male arrived at her spot. He had climbed the windmill, which was probably exhausting. He looked quite young as well -- at least compared to the vampyress. Joan watched him first before deciding if it would be worthwhile to speak to this person or not.

#3Notte Giornata 

on Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:05 am

Still a little high on the green, he was enjoying the sights on top of the windmill, seeing where the windmill would take him, he got interrupted by the sound of wings, he looked over at an orange rooftop and saw something peculiar a raven, "A raven in this area? didn't expect that" He had never actually seen a raven only read about them in books but again didn't expect to see one in this area, in a normal situation Notte would have just ignored it, but since he was intoxicated anything really interested him, but the problem was, it was so far away if he was smart enough he would have made actual magic that would help him in these kinda situations made him think why did he never use his magic, was it his mothers fault for damning him to a life of labour, "Man I need to stop thinking about this kinda shit " He stood up and finished off the blunt, he looked over again to the Raven, he could have sworn the Raven was watching him.

He looked around to see anything he could get to the raven with but nothing was connecting them except some telephones wires, which he definitely couldn't walk on as one he wasn't light enough
and couldn't just slide along it with a piece of cloth because... because of... uh. The second that thought crossed his mind he already took off his jumper and simply jumped off the windmill whipped the jumper over the wire in an attempt to just slide across, unfortunately, this is not how it works if he really wanted to get to the other side he needed some kind of metal chain or something, a cloth wouldn't do the job, Notte was just hanging in there well just hanging on the wire, "Well, How am i going to get myself out of this one" He said out loud hanging at least 100m from the ground, the raven still staring at him he shouted at the raven jokingly not really expecting anything in reply "Well you gonna help?"

#4Bianca Fleur 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:14 am

The raven flapped its wings a few times before situating itself in one spot. Joan realised after a while that the stranger was high. She knew, because she had done a lot of drugs in the past. Her eyes were focused on the stranger. In the form of a raven, she assumed she wouldn’t catch his attention, but she was wrong. It was probably because he was high, the stranger started talking, not directly to her, but about her. He spoke as if finding a raven on top of a windmill was the most absurd thing that had ever happened to him. Joan found this quite amusing. Then, he started to look for something and she couldn’t help but wonder what he was so desperately searching for in his current state. The vampyress almost transformed when she realised what he was about to do when he took off his jumper. Surely, a raven couldn’t be fascinating enough for him to dedicate his time to pursuing one, especially while he’s high?

Joan was so wrong to think that. Once he removed his jumper, he proceeded it to use it to slide along a telephone wire towards her. Sadly it didn’t go the way he probably expected it to. She made a very disapproving noise and watched him as he hung from the wire. Now he was just hanging there. This was a very bad idea and even Joan knew this, but it seemed he wasn’t in a state to realise this. Rolling her eyes, Joan watched for a few seconds to see how he would attempt save himself (seeing how a tiny slip could lead him to his death) when he shouted at her, asking if she was going to help. Joan blinked, wondering if it was just because he was high, that he was speaking to a raven, or if he actually knew that she wasn’t really a raven?

Without a second thought, she transformed -- from a raven to a vampyre. In the blink of an eye, scarlet wings sprouted from her back, thick drops of blood dripping from them as they spread out. All of this would seem to happen in a flash for the intoxicated male. She flew towards him at a great speed, snatching him off the wire and pinning him to the roof that he had been sitting on previously. Given how strong and fast the vampyress was, there was no way he could resist any of this. Once she had him confined to the roof, Joan leaned over and sunk her fangs into the side of his neck.

#5Notte Giornata 

on Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:57 am

He didn't know if his dealer was dodgy as he could swear the raven has rolled its eyes, just then when he thought this was as far as the high would go but no, it had seemed that the raven had turned into a woman. "HOLD UP WAIT WHAT I WOMAN" Notte shouted in realization of the depth of the situation; in shock Notte let go of his jumper seeming to be falling to his death, "Well I had a good run" He said literally accepting his death.

Until he felt something swoop towards him at incredible speed, it seemed to be the lady he saw her for a split second then seemed to be carried away, he thought to himself what exactly was she a demon? No, no demons don't help people or to his knowledge they didn't they were a few other races but none of them exactly could fly except for... Vampyres, he wouldn't have really expected one to save him or anything he would have to thank her when they landed where ever they would be, all this would happen within a few seconds and he only really had time to have these thoughts.

When they landed she instantly pinned him; he got a good look at her, she was beautiful he thought to himself, perfect long black hair and not to mention the obvious but she had a nice pair of- Eyes, red and perfect, still; he was being pinned down so he wanted to initiate some kind of conversation "Firstly Thanks for saving my ass but I gotta mention you got some beautiful eyes on you but I gotta ask why you using them to look at me like that?" He chuckled at himself, even high he was a gentleman.

Just as he said that it seems what he had said was jinxed as the Vampyre had lunged her head forward fangs first into Notte's neck, Notte didn't flinch he just sat there as he was in a mellow state he could feel the blood leaving his neck,
Woah at least take me to dinner first, I'm serious about that by the way if i survive this anyways." he said into the Vampyres ear; then giving a little chuckle as he let her do her Vampyre thing.

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#6Bianca Fleur 

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:53 am

As Joan continued to drain the poor soul of his lifeblood, he managed to say a few words. His blood tasted different, probably because of the marijuana, but she didn’t stop. Until of course, he was very close to losing his life. The vampyress detached her teeth from his neck and licked her lips as he would fade into unconsciousness.If you survive this,” she spoke. The feeling of having her craving satisfied cause her to groan in pleasure.

The only reason she was concerned was because he was high. Hopefully she wasn’t going to get high from drinking his blood. Even if she did, she wouldn’t complain. She had been away from that life for quite some time now. After wiping away the blood on her lips, Joan lifted the male and carried him off the windmill. She wanted to take him to her inn to see if he was actually going to survive this.

Back in her inn room, the vampyress placed her on the couch and went into her kitchen to make something for herself and the male to eat, if he woke up. If he wasn’t going to wake up in an hour or so, she would probably find a place to dump his body.

#7Notte Giornata 

on Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:46 pm

Notte was pretty much knocked out at this point and just enjoyed it, people have weird dreams when they're high so imagine being knocked out he seemed to have a dream about grilled cheeses, loud and Bepsi
which may sound weird to some people but to Notte, this was a quite normal dream which made him think how fucked up he already was if this was normal even if he thought it was weird he just had to deal with it cos you know he can't exactly wake up until he was ready.

He didn't remember much of what happened except that it seemed pretty calming and nothing really violent, but still unusual.

As time past Notte slowly came back into reality waking up on a couch, he wanted to be as quiet as possible so he just stayed where he was as he was and opened a single eye, he seemed to be in an inn for some reason, he needed to get out of here he had no clue where he was or when he got here he would of been drugged he could of had his kidneys stolen!

Notte slowly stood up and went towards the door and tried his best to leave but something stopped him.


He said as he ran towards the kitchen to see what was cooking, it took him half a second to realize that he had revealed his pressence what he saw was the vampyre cooking food "So is this the dinner you owe me?" He said as he nervously chuckled.

#8Bianca Fleur 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:00 am

The vampyress was humming a tune while making food for her food, which was funny if you thought about it. She wanted to make something that wasn’t too special, but delicious enough to wow him. Even though she didn’t really have a reason to impress the boy, it was just out of habit. She liked cooking, and she wanted whoever tasted her dishes to be impressed. Joan was so absorbed in cooking that she didn’t hear Notte trying to escape from her inn room. She was paying her full attention to the meal she was preparing. Only when screamed ‘FOOD’, she stopped humming and grabbed the bottle of water on the kitchen counter. She strode out of the kitchen and caught the boy coming towards the kitchen, which was when she splashed some of the water on his face.

“Uhh, yeah I guess,” she said in response to his question, letting out a nervous chuckle after realising what she had just done. “If you’re still high, you should probably wash your face or something. I’ll have this ready in a minute or so,” she told him before heading back into the kitchen and finishing up. She trusted that he could find the bathroom on his own and focused on what she was doing so that she could eat quickly as well. It was probably because she drank the blood of someone who was high. She was feeling super hungry as well, and doing stupid things like splashing water at someone’s face for no reason.

Joan accidentally made too much food, but given how she was high right now, plus how the boy would be ravenous after almost having all of his blood drained from his body. She was kind of surprised by how he could be so active after waking up from that. This was why she thought that he was probably still high and hungry as hell. The vampyress then invited him to the dining table, where she had everything prepared.

“Alright, dig in. I’m pretty hungry myself,” she told him and picked up a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of rice. “I’ll let you leave once you have enough energy to.”

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