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Don't Think Too Hard [Social | Open]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:38 am

At this point, she was exhausted.

Asura trudged into the bar that she often visited these days, after arriving in Crocus. She had helped the owner of this current inn previously, not too long ago for some reason or another and was offered lodging in the inn by him. It was free for the first two days but then, of course, she had to pay when her stay extended a good week.  

The blonde, this time, donning her casual attire of a black sweatshirt with her ripped jeans and crocs along with her hair being left open and a pair of rounded glasses framing her face, came and sat on the bar stool, receiving a wave from Batra who was serving other customers. It was the end of the day, usually, the time when the bar would start to get busy. However, it was still a working day and so, the noise was relatively low which to Asura was absolutely perfect in the dim lit and soothing space of the bar.

"I'll have a beer," she said to Batra, who raised a slight eyebrow at her simple choice of drink. Normally, she would have gone for wine after a tiring day to soothe her nerves however, today, she wanted to simply drink without thinking too much and hence, the man knew better not to question as he was most likely sure that she wouldn't have replied either way.

The reason for Asura's sudden change of drink from her regularly sophisticated red wine to now, a shabby bottle of cold beer was due to the events that took place in Crocus merely just a few days ago. Looking at it now, no one would think that the city was in shambles just earlier on in the week. Repairs were still going on through most of the city however, Batra's inn, luckily hadn't suffered too much damage and so was up and running in no time. The rest of the city were still spending days and nights building themselves back up again after the recent "war", if she could even call it that, which took place and was initiated by Grimoire Heart.

Mages of all kinds, including Asura, had engaged in heavy battle with them however, the outcome was in front of everyone's eyes as she gazed at the newspaper that was being read by a man not too far from her.  

'Fiore's New Kingdom Led By Grimoire Heart? Is It The Change We Asked For?'

Yes, that was true. After the little war that was held in Crocus, Grimoire Heart had sieged control of the kingdom and successfully, took it over with their head and now, current emperor, being Crowley. It was only after the Emperor's Speech that most mages, including the Rune Knights, realized the big play that was at work behind the scenes from the kingdom and most mages vocalized their support of Grimoire Heart. Asura was livid when she learnt of how the kingdom had deceived the entire nation. And now, she wondered, as she sipped on her beer, whether this really was the change they asked for.

#2Fiammetta Barone 

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:09 pm


Fiammetta Barone

So, everything had to gone to shit.

More or less. Or, not really. It was still too soon to tell just how things were going to go, but damned if it didn't feel like the whole world was falling apart, right beneath Fia's feet. Fate itself, taking her on Esperia on yet another ride that neither of them was interested in being on, where all they could do was feel powerless in the face of the coming change. And what was Fia to do in the face of this disheartening shift in circumstances? Well, what any self-respecting Barone would do.

She popped down to the pub for a pint.

While Esperia was off meeting with Liana, Fia decided to head down from their shared inn room to the bar below. A place she and her lover had frequented for a while now, thanks to the good food, lovely service, and hard drinks available. On this occasion, it was mostly just the third one Fiammetta was interested in.

Trudging down to the bar, Fia was dressed in an outift typical of her, donned in her casual but stylish attire of a leather jacket over a clean white T-shirt, combined with loose jeans and some cheap sneakers. As she came into the inn's dining area, Fia immediately set her eyes on the bar, and the sweet liquids that awaited her. She marched over with haste, pulling up a barstool and plopping down on it as she hailed the bartender with a wave.

"Grab me a beer. Nothin' light, ya hear?" She groaned as she rested her elbows on the bar, her back hunched over as she gratefully accepted the pint a few moments later. Bringing the liquid courage to her lips, letting out a sigh after a heart swig of the delightfully refreshing beverage. God, did it feel good to take her minds of things for a moment. Fia never really had enjoyed thinking about more complicated matters, and her thoughts on the recent events in her life... Well, complicated didn't even come close to describing them.

As a nearby newspaper reminded her, Crowley was now in charge. And to surprisingly strong support, it seemed, even after all the damage done to Crocus. So it was all good, right? Fia couldn't have given less of a shit about the royalty, so having them out of power and replaced by a guy who was already moving towards greater equality was a great development, right?

If only.

Truthfully, even if Fia supported must of what Crowley had done, she was still conflicted deep to her core. Because in spite of all he'd said and down, the war itself only seemed to indicate one thing to Fia. That Crowley was the kind of king willing to sacrifice others as pawns in the name of his goals.

And that just didn't sit well with her.

Fia groaned as she tried to push the thoughts from her mind, glancing around the bar to see if any of the other regulars were there. Instead, however, she spotted a different indivdual. None other than Asura, a fellow Knight she'd met not too long ago.

"Oi, that you, Boots?" Fia called out, looking a bit surprised and amused that she'd found an ally in this place. The Barone girl stepped over to Asura, her beer still in hand, and raised a bit in greeting.

"It's me, Fia, from the knights. Mind if I drink with ya?" Fia inquired casually, feeling a bit more sociable, or perhaps just a bit more lonely, than usual. Besides, she'd been desparate for a while to have someone else in her position to talk about everything with.

#3Akira Shimada 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:53 am

Akira had tactically chosen the shady corner of the Inn. She wasn't drinking or anything, just wanted to avoid being alone in her room, so she chose to be lonely in a crowd. Though she wasn't exactly alone, Tsuru sat across, facing her. The two were each lost in their own thoughts, a pleasant silence brewed between them, while the buzz in the bar lived on. Idly she scanned the faces of the customers, her gaze slipped over features... Eyes, nose... ears... lips. They conditionally searched for familiarity, so that Akira could safely avoid the friendly encounters. Of course, the chances of running into someone she recognized were very high, post the attack by Grimoire Heart, yet she sat there hoping it wouldn't happen...

It happened.

The moment she noticed Asura, Aki leaned backward, so her face was better shrouded in the shadows. Her hand reached across the table to pat Tsuru's. She hissed softly. 'Asura, 4'o clock.' Her fingers latched onto her partner's tightly before he could turn and ruin her plan to stay hidden. 'No! Please, I don't have it in me to make small talk right now.' she grumbled. 'She hasn't seen us yet...' That already made things tenuous, how long did Akira have before Asura probably noticed Tsuru's flashy orange mane... The mage sighed softly.

Then another friendly face made her way into the bar, the Titan who had fought alongside them, against the demon guy. 'Oh wow... Why do I feel like some sort of a Rune Knight reunion is going to be inevitable? Titan girl 3 'o clock, seems to have found Asura already...' she muttered, giving the locations of her allies like they were the enemy and she and Tsuru were on some mission. Akira began slowly rocking her chair so that she could hide more of herself in the shadows. The girl wanted to avoid having to drag the wooden chair, it would scrape against the floor and create enough noise to gather attention. She was sure Tsuru was going to throw an argument in her face, tell her how ignoring the others was rude, the girl was already preparing her rebuttal.

Little did she know, that her attempt to hide was going to backfire... Rather seriously. The back legs of the chair slid from underneath her, and she tumbled into the corner. Akira's head hit the wooden wall with a thud as she fell with a crash. Crap. Damnit. she thought as a lot of heads turned to rest their eyeballs on her. Had it been later into the night, at least people could've assumed she was drunk...  Akira only did what came most naturally to her in a situation like this... It was something which may have appeared to be rather uncharacteristic, for anyone who knew her and was familiar with her usual prickly demeanor. ...She broke into a fit of giggles, laughing at herself with abandon. The deed was done, it was time for the reunion, Akira had just unwittingly made her entry.


on Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:55 pm

It took him a long while, but he somehow managed to convince Akira to come down to the bar with him. After what had happened with the kingdom, they barely had time to talk about it. The two had been busy helping the folks repair the damage. But frankly, at least from his side, Haru had been actively avoiding the subject, keeping himself too busy to think. He didn’t know what to think and he couldn’t take not having an opinion after all that had happened. At first, he was obviously angry because of the destruction caused by Grimoire Heart. But then, more than half the population supported the man who did all this, despite the chaos he brought with him. The naïve healer couldn’t cope with the intricate politics and the twisted justice behind the coup.

So, finally, he gave up trying to understand it and chose to do what he always did. To continue helping the people through things no matter whom the king was. Half the people didn’t like the previous king; half don’t like the new one. He had a feeling this would be the case no matter who came to power.

Curious as to what his partner thought of all this, he dragged her out of the room and brought her down to the bar. Of course, Haru didn’t drink and Batra wouldn’t serve her any because she was underage. So, it was the usual fruit punch for Haru and whatever non-alcoholic drink that Akira preferred for her. Taking the drinks, the two made their way to the table at the corner. He knew she wasn’t too comfortable around people and he had already brought her out of her comfort zone; putting her in the middle of the crowd would be torture for the poor soul.

Haru was busy enjoying his sweet fruit punch that he forgot to even start the conversation he intended on having, and neither did he notice Asura until Akira pointed it out. He almost raised his hands instantly to call out to the blonde girl and say hi, but was quickly shut down by his partner. The healer frowned and grumbled disapprovingly. Asura helped him find Akira when she went missing before the war. He couldn't believe she wanted to avoid talking to her. But, he gave her the first one.

When she wanted to avoid Fia too, he had had it. She was the titan girl who came to their rescue during the war. Of course, Haru was still under the impression that it was Akira’s light magic that knocked out their assailant and had no clue it was the work of a far more powerful mage behind the scene. While his partner kept denying that it was her, he kept telling everyone proudly that the great deed was hers. When Akira attempted so hard to not be spotted and tried stopping him too, he shook his head vigorously and hissed. “No! That girl saved me from the fall. I’m not ignoring her,” he said, before standing up quickly to wave at the two ladies.

Maybe it was his sudden movement that caused the table to jerk or maybe it was Akira’s rocking of the chair; one of the two or a combination of both, caused his partner to fall off, following which she burst into a laugh. Haru stood there with his hand held high and looked at his laughing partner on the floor with a confused expression on his face. The entire bar was now looking at the two and all he could do was smile stupidly. He turned to where Asura and Fiammetta were and waved with a meek ‘Hello’ before helping Akira up.

Afterwards, he would walk up to the two ladies and offer a proper greeting. “Hey Asura!” he said, smiling at the blonde, and then turned towards Fia. “And hello titan girl… Sorry, I didn’t get your name last time we met. I’m Hatsuharu Akimoto,” he said, extending his hand for a shake. “Why don’t you two join us at the table? There’s plenty of space,” he added.

#5Asura Nightshade 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:24 am

Every sip of the cold beer in her hand definitely got into Asura's head and she could feel the alcohol seeping into her system. It wasn't often that she drank but whenever she did, it would be within the confines of her room or by herself as she normally didn't have anyone to share the rare event with. Wine was a separate thing as she normally didn't drink enough to make her completely drunk, just hazy at most. That was what she had planned for today as well as the Knight really didn't know how she'd behave if she got drunk and didn't want to risk especially, if she was alone.  

However, almost halfway through her beer, it seemed like fate had a different plan for the blonde as a voice echoed through the bar, oddly familiar. But what really caught her attention was the name. Boots. There was only one specific person who had referred to her as such a while before the war happened and as Asura turned her sapphire hues towards the direction of the noise, it seemed as though her guess was very much true. It was indeed, Fiammetta, a Knight she had met once a while back. Fia approached her, introducing herself again in case Asura forgot, which would be highly unlikely with her boisterous personality and asked if she could drink with her. Asura's eyes, slightly hidden with the rounded spectacles that she had put on, widened in surprise at the offering. This was new territory. But nonetheless, she nodded.

"Of course. I wasn't expecting any company but now that you're here, I suppose it's nice to have some."
She paused as she raised her beer to her lips and took another gulp. "A lot has been going on these days, huh? How have you been?"

If Fia would reply, then Asura would nod in her direction and get ready to reply before getting distracted by the loud thud that would ricochet throughout the entire bar and cause all heads to turn towards the source of the noise. It appeared as though fate really did intend on making the blonde meet familiar faces for the one who had emitted the noise was an acquaintance, Akira, who had tumbled onto the ground with her chair as her partner, who was also an acquaintance, Haru, watched her erupt into giggles. The confoundment was written all over the blonde's face as well for she wondered why Akira was reacting that way but so far, she had witnessed her being rather...delirious, if she would put it herself, so she supposed it wasn't out of the ordinary, from how much she knew her.

Haru helped Akira up and approached the duo greeting the both of them. To Asura's surprise, it seemed as though Haru and Akira had already met Fia before, though not formally as Haru introduced them. Huh, what a surprise. "Hello Hatsuharu, hello Akira," she greeted the pair before asking the question that surged in her mind, "You all know each other?" She would of course, ask it after Fia would formally introduce herself to the pair.

At Haru's mention of joining them on the table, Asura would glance towards Fia and towards the stool that she was sitting on before looking back at the brunette beside her. If Fia would agree to the invitation, the blonde would trudge along with them towards the corner of the room, onto the table where Haru and Akira were previously sitting and sit on the corner which allowed her to lean on the wall. She placed her beer onto the table before releasing a light sigh and tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear as she looked at the people that were sitting around her, whom were all surprisingly, Knights. "So," she began as she looked towards the pair that were Haru and Akira, "how have you two been? It's been in a while since we last met."  

To others, it may seem like a group of four friends drinking and catching up, but to them, it was a group of four Knights who sat there with confused feelings and unknown expectations of the world that they now lived within.

#6Fiammetta Barone 

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:48 am


Fiammetta Barone

'Nothing quite like sharing a drink with yer mates after a day's work', was something Fiammetta's adoptive father had once told her, and something she'd taken to heart ever since joining the Rune Knights and seeing just how... Well, normal a lot of them were. Regular, working people, just trying to make a living or do something decent for the world. And in her few encounters with colleagues, Fiammetta had found most fit in this designation, Asura Nightingale included.

Fia grinned widely as Asura accepted her invitation, chuckling a little at the girl's musing that it was nice to have company. "I'll say..." Fia groaned, feeling the sentiment was especially true with all that had been going on. Asura asked Fia how she was doing, and all the Barone girl could really offer at first was a simple shrug.

"Been doin' aight, I guess... Gettin' by, comin' to terms with all the shit with the new emperor... Things gettin' pretty fucked, huh? Er, but anyway, what 'bout you, Boots? You managin' out there?" Fia responded in an atypically chatty manner. A mixture of not only her desire to have someone else to talk to about everything, but also the alcohol she kept bringing to her lips.

Fia would be ready to listen attentively to Asura's own words on how she was going, or would at least try to. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like the blonde would get a word in, thanks to the interruption. A loud thud could be heard through the bar, Fia's head immediately snapping toward the source. She'd expected to find some drunkard having fallen over, or maybe an exciting fight had broken out. Instead, she laid eyes on a dark-haired girl laying on the floor with the chair she'd fallen off, giggling deliriously. "Damn, someone's been hittin' the grog..." Fia muttered to herself as she chuckled lightly at the scene, before slowly realizing something. The raven-haired girl, and the boy near her... Fiammetta had seen them before. During the battle to defend Crocus, when she'd helped defend against a certain demon.

Fia's chuckle died down, and for a moment she considered going over to greet them, add to their Rune Knight drinking party! But before she knew it, they were approaching them, Hatsuhara's greeting making it clear that they already knew Asura, and apparently remembered Fia. Or rather, her very hard-to-miss Titanic form. He extended his hand for a shake, and Fia accepted it with a smirk and very firm grip.

"The name's Fia. Nice an' simple, so don't forget it. Pleasure meetin' ya." She uttered, giving her stock-standard introduction. Already, Fia was thinking of what nickname to give the redheaded boy... Perhaps Scar, or Scarface? Or was that a little rude?

Asura inquired about whether they all knew each other, and tilited her head and scrunched her face in a look that made it clear it wasn't that simple. "Kinda. We was all fightin' in the same place durin' the Grim attack. Helped take out some demon motherfucker... Not that it did much good..." Fia muttered bitterly, knowing in hindsight that that attack must've been nothing more than a diversion...

Speaking of diversions, Fia needed one from all her woes, and the nearby table where they could enjoy their drinks sounded like a tempting offer, which she'd no reason to decline. Asura looked to Fia, and the Barone girl gave a shrug and smile. "Sure, why not? More the merrier an' all that." She mused before following them along to the table they'd been sitting at, making sure not to leave her own half-finished beer behind. It was a little exciting, admittedly, sitting down with a fellow collection of Rune Knights, all down at the local Inn to enjoy some time off, and try to get a grasp of things from their mutual viewpoint.

Asura initiated conversation from there, asking Hatsuhara and his companion how they'd been. Which reminded Fia, she still didn't know how Asura knew these too. So, once they'd answered Asura's question, Fiammetta posed her own to the trio.

"I gotta ask, how yous all know each other? Fia inquired as she took another sip of her beer, and look to Hatsuhara. "I remember you and Giggles bein' together durin' the fightin', though." She mentioned, for the sake of focusing her question a bit. And because she kind of wanted to see how the raven-haired girl would react to that nickname.

#7Akira Shimada 

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:50 am

As Tsuru helped her up she took deep breaths between her incessant giggling, as it waned. She stood up an panted for a second, all the sudden laughter had left her quite breathless, her hand massaged her side as she felt the sharp tug of a stitch in her muscles. She'd missed Tsuru's declaration to not follow her suggestion, but it was probably too late for it now. Her merry expression faded almost entirely as he began wading through the crowd, she followed. Mostly because she didn't want to receive an earful about it later, she'd heard enough from Tsuru when he employed all of his tactics to bring her down to the bar in the first place.

She couldn't exactly sport a merry face, she tried, smiling... attempting to steal her expression from all the giggling she'd broken out into just moments ago, as they reached the blonde and the brunette... But to not much avail. At least the healer kind of cleared the path for her. Aki shuffled along, narrowly avoiding the bustle of the other bar dwellers, that closed in behind the duo.

Tsuru had already asked for Fia's name, Akira just nodded, didn't feel the need to offer her hand up to be crushed by the strength the convertible giantess probably possessed. 'Hi... Asura... Fia.' she piped up, greeting both of them softly and efficiently. She lingered at the back though, peeking from behind him whenever she was addressed. Much like a shy toddler hiding behind her parents. Closer to her table, closer to her safer corner, to make it easier for her to retreat when the opportunity arose. They didn't have to spend massive time with the others right, it could just be a simple hello, few pleasant exchanges and then back to their own business? It was odd how the pessimistic girl could be so optimistic about such a thing turning out in her favor, sometimes... Of course, they didn't.

Tsuru invited them all over to their corner. Invaders! All of them would now invade her little nook. She couldn't say no, of course, so she quietly turned on her heel and walked back. She was the first to scoot into the absolute corner, back where she'd fallen. Her chair was still on the floor, swiftly she set it upright and sat back in it almost with a stubborn mine! attitude. She folded her hands and tried to look merry about everything. Everybody wanted to know how everybody kind of knew everybody else.

The titan woman Akira greeted, had a thick, hungry accent, it ate up a lot of the ends of the words that she uttered. Giggles? GIGGLES?! did she just refer to Akira as that. It almost made her... giggle. She tempered it to a soft chuckle punctuated with a snort, just because the irony was so stark. Akira almost never laughed the way she just had, then she realized that the only other person who'd see it that way, was Tsuru, because unfortunately, the only encounter she'd had with Asura, was when she was giggly and weird too... Post her interaction with that Ko-Wa woman, from the little that she could recall and the information Tsuru had supplemented later.

She eyed the drink in Fia and Asura's hands curiously, looking down at her own cranberry juice, which Batra had condescendingly poured in a wine glass. Maybe she could get them to slip her a drink when Tsuru and Batra weren't looking... For that, she may have to find a way to... interact. 'Er... We're on a Rune Knight squad together.' she muttered, cocking her head towards the blonde girl. Not sure if she was loud enough for the atmosphere they were in. She tried to appear brighter, now that a possibility of getting a drink had snuck its way into her mind.

She wasn't too great and pretending to be something she wasn't, maybe they'll just try to get her to ease up on their own. 'Though we were stupid enough to run off on our own to fight that demon guy, thank gods you saved us from the tower...' she added, almost apologetically for just doing her own thing, but raising her chin at Fia, gratefully. 'It's crazy we all tried pretty hard... And yet...' Aki shrugged, everyone knew what followed the attack despite their efforts. At least there was hope this new king actually had some plan...


on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:46 am

Haru was glad that Akira followed him when he went to greet the two ladies. Having seen Asura from behind, he had completely missed the glasses she donned and was surprised how different she looked with that on. The titan girl was now associated to a name in his head and like she mentioned, it was simple and easy to remember. “Fia! Got it,” he repeated after her, and grinning. The handshake was firm, quite as he expected from her. When Asura asked how they were acquainted, Haru let Fia do the explaining. He then stood there with the grin frozen on his face, as Asura and Fia looked at each other when he asked them to join him and Akira. Thankfully, they didn’t take long to decide and saved him from that stupid awkward expression he had. “Wonderful!” he said, grinning even wider and moving to the side, letting them go ahead first.

He watched as Akira quickly went back to her original spot and claimed it before anyone else can. That was typical of her and by then, the healer was used to it. He hoped the other two wouldn’t find it too odd. Letting the ladies take their seats first, he sat down last and decided to take a sip out of his fruit punch. The young man almost choked on his drink when he heard Fia call Akira ‘giggles’. He coughed hard and patted his head, as he laughed uncontrollably. Realizing he was attracting more attention from the rest of the crowd, he simmered down to a chuckle. “Yeah… Keep calling her that. Hopefully that will make her smile more,” he said jokingly.

Seeing how Akira’s response to Fia’s question was so short, Haru felt the need to elaborate. “Yeah… ‘Giggles’ here,” he paused for a laugh before continuing, “went missing after her magic got wonky and Asura helped me find her. After that, we were placed on a squad. Unfortunately, we were all scattered during the war and couldn’t really fight together,” he said, chugging down the last bit of his drink.

He raised his hand and waved at Batra, who immediately sent a young barmaid to their table. As the barmaid approached the table with a tray full of drinks, Haru would announce merrily. “I never got to thank either of you properly,” he said looking at Fia and Asura. “So… Tonight, drinks are on me!” he said. By then the barmaid had reached their table and Haru took another glass of his fruit drink. Raising his glass, he proposed a toast.

“To the good people of Fiore!”

#9Asura Nightshade 

on Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:02 am

During the entirety of the conversation that was taking place, Asura watched on as they all got quite comfortable and lulled themselves into a conversation. The blonde took a sip of her beer as her eyes glanced over the trio from behind her rounded glasses. For the time being, she chose to stay quiet, listening as Fia, with her nicknames, referred to Akira as 'giggles' to which the blonde could only silently snicker from behind her glass as to an extent, that seemed true enough. Haru, however, seemed to burst into a bout of laughter at that and his glee at this prospect was forcing Asura to giggle a bit behind her glass as well. When he mentioned that it might cause Akira to smile more, Asura showcased a slightly confused expression and putting her glass down, she turned to the raven and asked, "Don't you smile usually?" The confoundment was evident as Asura had only seen Akira giggling and the fact that normally, she wasn't as such came as a rather big surprise.  

After Haru or Akira would answer her, she would turn to Fia and watch as the brunette questioned how they all knew each other. The brunette had previously explained that Fia, Haru and Akira had met during the war to which Asura had nodded. Now, she let Akira or more specifically, Haru do the explanation behind the little endeavor that caused the trio to become a team within the Knights. As he finished his explanation, the blonde nodded and said, "Yeah, by the time I saw the both of you, you were already leaving the burning building you were next to. I was attacked by a Grimoire Heart mage at that time so I couldn't join you two. Luckily, a Blue Pegasus mage came to aid me otherwise, I don't know how it would have ended." And for the aid, she was glad because Asura had to admit that when the war happened, she was still rather inexperienced and having someone fighting alongside was a great help.

At Akira's remark of them all trying really hard but yet, the result not ending up as such, the blonde could nod her head and release a sigh. "Well," she started, "none of us expected this to happen. None of us even knew what was going on. All we can hope for now is that the new emperor takes care of his people, I think that's enough for most of us." She didn’t know about the rest of them but for her, that was enough. As time would go by, the answer would become evident on whether Crowley being emperor was for the better or the worst. And, if it was for the worst, she knew that they'd all be ready to act against him and tear him down no matter what the risk may be.

When Haru exclaimed about the drinks being on him, the blonde wanted to object as she really didn't think that she could drink more. Already one beer in and she was feeling rather tipsy. But as she was about to, the barmaid had already reached their table and the blonde had to admit that maybe one more wouldn't hurt. And so, she picked another beer and as Haru raised it for a toast, Asura let a light smile grace her lips as she raised her glass to the toast as well.

Well, I suppose there's no harm in drinking a bit more.


Except, maybe there was.

For after the blonde had drowned herself in two more big glasses of drinks, she was absolutely tipsy. This was a first and Asura herself didn't anticipate what would happen.  

"Who the fuck do they think they are?!" She exclaimed, waving her third glass of beer in the air. Her cheeks were coated red by being intoxicated and her head kept wobbling front and back as the blonde showed a side of her never seen before. "Those Grimoire Heart jerks think they can waltz in here, acting like they own the place, humiliate us and make that bastard the Emperor! Why I outta'! What happened to democracy, people? Wait, did we ever have democracy? I don't know but point is, if that bastard thinks he can hurt people just because he's emperor now, well, he better think twice! I'm gonna go up and hit him my shoe if he thinks he can hurt my friends and the people of Fiore! Yeah, I'll show him!"

Asura was indeed, very drunk. And if she kept going on, there was a high chance she was going to be kicked out soon enough.  

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#10Fiammetta Barone 

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:53 am


Fiammetta Barone

'Giggles' seemed to get a mostly positive reception, it seemed. Akira let out a chortle, at the very least amused by the name, which was much preferable to her being at all offended by it. Hatsuhara's reaction was a smidge less controlled, his sudden outburst of laughter catching Fia off guard a bit. Maybe her chosen nickname had ended up being more suitable than she'd actually known. The Barone girl smirked at Hatsu's recommendation, glad that her company had a sense of humor. "I'll keep that in mind, Hats." She mused with a grin.

After some apparent confusion was cleared up with how often Akira actually smiled, which Asura seemed to have questions on, things shifted back to the question on all their minds: How exactly did they all know each other? Akira was the first to reveal, mentioning that she, Hatsuhara, and Asura were all part of some squad. She also started eyeing Fia's drink a little weirdly, spurring a thought that would come to fruition in a few moments. Hatsuhara elaborated on the events that brought them together, the 'wonky' magic incident in which Akira apparently went missing. "Heh, sounds like there's a bit more of a story there. Have to hear it sometime..." Fia mused as she finished off her first beer for the night. Surely there was more to the story she'd been told, but she wouldn't pry or anything.

The mood became just a bit heavier all of a sudden, as Akira brought up the events of the Grimoire Heart attack. Though it was a bit nice, being thanked, it was also still a bit awkward for the Barone girl, especially considering what their efforts had actually yielded. Asura took the chance to explain her own whereabouts during that time, followed by a remark by Akira that sent just a pang of frustration through Fia. Of course they'd tried hard... And what good had it done them?

Asura seemed positive, at least, judging by her words. Fia sighed, knowing she was right not to stress about things just yet. "Boots is right... We tried hard, did what we 'ad to, and now... We just gotta wait this shit out 'fore we start panickin'..." Fia groaned, though her sentiments were genuine. She herself didn't count her efforts for naught, not after the lives she'd helped protect. Yet, she remained fearful, whether those lives would only end up as pawns to their new kind...

But tonight was not the night for worry or fear. Hatsuhara was buying their drinks, after all! Fia found herself taken aback by the gratitude once again, he cheeks even flushing a little, but she wasn't about to turn down free booze. "Yer gonna regret buyin' my drinks, Hats. I ain't stoppin' any time soon." Fia declared heartily as she accepted another beer, noting to get herself something stronger next time around. Hatsu raised his glass in a toast, and the others did the same. Fia noted that Akira was still on the softer drinks, and would make sure to slip her something harder as they went on. But she'd enjoy this round, raising her glass to the toast.


Whiskey was Fia's poison of choice after that beer. And man did it help. It burned her tongue with every sip, and burned away all her worries as well, along with her inhibitions. Her cheeks were already flushed, vision starting to get a bit unfocused. She wasn't drunk though. Surely not. She could handle her liquor more than this, right?

"They think they're top shiiiit it is who they think they are, fuckin'..." An inebriated Fia slurred in agreement with her companion, though Fia wasn't quite as animated. She sat slumped on her elbows, over her latest glass of Whiskey, looking more than a little lazy. An enthusiastic Asura rattled on about the grimoire heart takeover, Fia nodding along the entire way.

"Yeah... Yeah we could fuckin' show em!" Fia declared heartily, pounding her fist for good measure. "They wanna jusht fuckin' take the throne, we'll take it back, huh!? I'll fuckin' shtomp that lil' bitch... Show 'em they don' own shit! We... We'll make thish a democratic country! Giggles and Scarface could help ush, we could fffuck em' up!" The Barone girl shouted angrily, drawing more than a few stares. After her shout, she did seem to settle a bit though, a more introspective look coming over her.

"Why do this shit gotta happen to us anyway, huh? Ain't it too much to ask for decent fuckin' fuck to sit in that fuckin' thrown and fuck about..." Calmer though she may have been, her vocabulary did not at all improve. "Instead we got these assholes... Treatin ush like... Pawnsh..."

Her vigour had just as quickly paved the way to despair, it seemed, as her hand idly traced around the edge of whiskey glass. At this point, it seemed Akira and Hatsuhara had their work cut out for them.

Or, if Akira hadn't handled the small amounts Fia had slipped her, it'd just be Hatsuhara's problem. Buying them drinks was not proving to be a wise decision.

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on Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:27 am

There seemed to be a general chatter around Akira's proclivity, or lack thereof, to smiling or giggling. Asura naturally thought it was strange that Tsuru was only, merely hopeful about the nickname getting the lunar mage to be more jovial. As the joke on her died down, she chuckled nervously and responded to Asura, it was probably too soft to be heard over the din in the bar. 'Not much, actually...' she admitted. Saying it out loud, felt like a confession, she'd never seen it as an allegation, she just didn't find reasons often enough.

Tsuru narrated the story of how Asura and the duo met, she chewed on her lip and rocked her chair again, this time she was careful, however. She rolled her eyes because Tsuru didn't highlight the noble intent behind her leaving and getting them worried. He made it sound like she was some petulant child who through a random tantrum and ran away because her magic didn't work. She'd have elaborated, but the drinks took precedence and she didn't care much for what someone wanted to think anyways.

Asura went onto explain the context in which she and the others met in a little more detail and mentioned the blonde elf. Aki clicked her finger as she tried to recall the name since they'd fought alongside the elf briefly as well... 'Liana!' she exclaimed, after offering that name, she piped down again and observed the others. Fia seemed to want to know more about the fight, and Aki opened her mouth to offer details, but it seemed she'd rather know another time. So the dark mage closed her mouth again and looked at Tsuru with a small pout. He had offered to be the one buying the drinks, which meant he had control over the fact that Aki wouldn't get any. Smart. she thought and narrowed her eyes at him.

Soon they were downing drinks, and Aki grew morose, when she picked up her juice and tasted it though, it sure tasted... not the same. Eventually, she realized, someone had been kind enough to top her glass with some alcoholic beverage she shiftily looked towards Tsuru as she began downing the drinks so hopefully she could get them replenished faster. She didn't want to appear greedy or anything, but the other two were all red-faced and tipsy already, Aki couldn't deny she wanted to experience that. Her usually sharp vision got a little blurry, her giggling intensified and the silliest things, till it came to a sharp stop as the conversation took a turn towards a darker shade, the alcohol lifted whatever it was that was inhibiting the resentment Asura and Fiametta felt.

On the flipside, the small amounts that she consumed, gave Akira some odd clarity. Them losing seemed to be a necessary evil. She heard the two women prattle on about how bitterly unfair things were and the tiny sips had accumulated into enough to give her the courage to stand up. Quite literally. She placed her wine glass on the table, curbing the urge to slam the table with it dramatically. 'No no no! You've got it all wrong! The king had to do what he-' she hiccuped. Clearing her throat, with a slightly dazed look she went on. She got up and placed one foot on the chair to gain height over the others, expanding her small presence to be heard. 'No no!' she exclaimed emphatically, perhaps her pessimistic world view fueled this and she was sort of on the new king's side. 'He- he did what he had to do!' she completed. 'Slavery!' she said out loud, the word quite disjointed with the rest. 'Gone!' she added, as a monosyllabical explanation. 'We're just whining, beca-' another hiccup. 'Because we don't like change.' she mentioned. The slight bits of alcohol made her a little giddy.

'And and if you want democracy! Let's fight for democraccccy! Scarface and I will fightt with ya!' Aki said, looking at Fia quickly fixing the nickname onto Tsuru just as he had fixed giggles on her. Her gaze then flicked towards Asura, she just wanted to encourage change, it was necessary. 'B-but, Arthu-' she heaved a deep breath to try to curb the strange feeling of nausea. 'Arthur could have a good head on his shoulder, how do we know if this elected man will be any better, all the... slavers could-' she wanted to say more, to draw attention to the fact that the slave owners could just vote for a leader that'd allow it again, but the dizziness and the feeling of wanting to throw up became a bit more agitating, so she just fell back down onto her chair and flopped towards Tsuru, instinctively, he felt safe, like he'd take care of her. Aki was pouting, not sourly, she just, disagreed. Her lids felt heavy as they fell over her eyes... Alcohol felt strange, so far, it made her sleepy, annoyingly idealistic and hopeful.



on Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:07 am

Things started out very mature and easy. Everyone seemed optimistic about the new emperor and were willing to give him a chance before assuming the worst. The poor healer, unbeknownst that such optimism wasn’t going to last long, was glad that his fellow Rune Knights were so tolerant and unprejudiced. After all, you can’t change the past; only hope for the best future. Haru chuckled more when Asura asked if Akira didn’t laugh much. His partner responded, but in case that wasn’t heard amidst the bar’s noise, Haru would follow up with an exaggerated reaction. “’Not much’ is an understatement,” he would add, shaking his head in disappointment.

It was subtle, but the conversation did not stay that light and jovial for long. Before he knew it, there were more than six glasses on the table and both Asura and Fia had gone very red on their face. The conversation that followed next, was nothing close to what they said before their inebriation. Asura began first, voicing her strong dislike for the methods of Grimoire Heart and Fia quickly followed up. “Umm…” Haru muttered, looking around the bar and hoping no one was paying much attention to them. Unfortunately, almost everyone was. Thankfully, Fia noticed it too and simmered down a bit. But, it would seem the conversation had caught fire throughout the bar and the same argument sparked at every table.

“Uh-Oh!” was all Haru could say before turning to look at the bartender, Batra, who looked petrified. The bar maid, however, was completely oblivious and did her job like a drone. She filled her plate with more glasses of alcohol and continued offering it to every table, including the Rune Knight one. Whether the ladies chose to go another round or not, the rest of the bar did, and it didn’t end well.

All this time, busy with the happenings on the other tables, Haru completely missed what was going on with Akira. It wasn’t until she got off her chair and put a foot on it, that he noticed, she too, was drunk. Puzzled, he looked at her glass, which still looked like juice; but clearly, she had found a way to mix some alcohol in it. The healer shook his head in disbelief and was going to protest. However, before he could utter a word, Akira began expressing her view loudly. The rest of the crowd simmered down to listen to the contrasting opinion and then there were murmurs for the next few seconds. Murmurs that spelled trouble and both Haru and Batra saw it coming. The teen Rune Knight might have fallen unconscious after her short speech; but her words spurred something within the bar.

Knowing it was coming wasn’t good enough to prevent it from happening. Some of them stood up to agree with what Akira said, while the rest followed with objections. In no time, there were now two groups of people, forming on either side, arguing over whether what Grimoire Heart did was right or wrong. Haru held Akira so that she didn’t fall off the chair and made her lean on the wall that was on the other side of her chair. He then stood up and tried to subdue the tension amidst the crowd. “Everyone! Please calm down,” he yelled, but it wasn’t enough to gain anyone’s attention. The drunk men were now done with words and were on the verge of punching their opinions into others. Batra finally acted and stopped the bar maid from serving any more drinks. However, that wasn’t going to stop them from getting rowdy.

Haru turned to Fia and looked at her pleadingly. “We are supposed to stop this from happening. Not start it,” he whispered urgently. “Do something!” he added. “I’ll get Aki out of here before Batra sees her,” he said. He then placed more than enough Jewels for the drinks on the table, helped the unconscious Akira off her chair and snuck her up to her bed while the bartender was busy dealing with the rowdy crowd.


#13Asura Nightshade 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:46 pm

Needless to say, Akira's opposite opinion on the matter that both the blonde and Fia agreed on was a little startling. Wasn't Akira angry? Angry that for so long, they had been deceived, for so long, they were working so hard to make this world a better place and someone, whom everyone had thought was evil just came about and took the throne like it was nothing. That he kept the ones who thought they were doing the right things in the dark. Asura was angry, and upset and a myriad of other emotions. She felt hopeless at the fact that they were so blind to what was happening, that they weren't informed in whatever way that Grimoire Heart had seemingly, good intentions. Maybe, that way, they could have helped and not felt like maybe, they were on the wrong side the whole time. It just wasn't fair.

It appeared as though her and Fia's loud disclaimer of hating the emperor had sparked some form of conversation within the rest of the bar. Followed by Akira's exclamation, the bar seemed to be getting rowdier. All the noise was giving the blonde a headache. Her cheeks were red, her head was spinning and she felt nauseous and the noise and riot weren't doing anything to help that. She jumped a bit as Haru yelled at everyone to shut up however, to no avail. It seemed as though the conversation was slowly beginning to turn into a brawl which was on its way soon. The blonde scoffed a bit at that and scrunched her eyebrows at all the unruly men who thought they could fight to solve their argument.

Haru looked at Fia and told her to do something about what was happening after which, he carried a now fainted Akira upstairs. Huh? When had the girl fainted? Asura's attention had been diverted to the crowd a little while after Akira started talking and so she hadn't noticed her unconscious self. Looking at that, even the blonde started feeling drowsy and could honestly go for a nap. But, it was far too noisy for that to happen. Asura showcased a pissed off expression and nudged Fia, "All this noise is giving me a fuckin' headache. Can we get them to shut up? I wanna sleeeeeeep." She hoped that the brunette would do something about this as well as Asura got on the table and stood up just as two men began fighting.

"Oi, you knuckleheads!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, as for a second, they stopped and stared at her. "Didn't you hear what the other man said? Shut the fuck up! We all have different opinions and you have a right to be happy or angry or whatever the fuck those other things are called but don't you dare fight each other alright? We're all comrades here and we'll stick together to see Fiore rise no matter what the fuck happens, aight!" She would then wait for Fia to say something and as Fia would be talking, the blonde would feel extremely nauseous as she put a hand to her mouth. Asura could feel it coming and quickly, fled into the kitchen to puke her guts out. "Blergh!"

Man, she had had too much to drink. Once she was done, she would sit on the kitchen floor, her back on the wooden cupboard as she slid down. Her vision was getting blurry and for some reason, the kitchen floor seemed oddly comfortable. "Hmm, I wanna swleep." She would mumble as her eyes would drift shut just as Batra would walk in and release the biggest sigh he ever had in his entire life.


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