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Ayla Faux [W.I.P]

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#1Ayla Faux 

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Name: Ayla Faux

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Class: Sorcerer

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Lower back

Face: Asuka Ninomiya - THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls


Height: 154 cm (5'0'')

Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)

Hair: Orange (Different colored parts of her hair are hair extensions)

Eyes: Magenta

Overall: Just from appearance alone, one would notice her eccentric color change in hair as it varies from soft to vibrant colors. This, is her long hair extensions that she fancies more than her natural short hair - often times saying that it's different from the normal and relaxes her into a false sense of security. While pieces of her hair are purposefully left messy and unkept, she assumes they'll return to their original position. One should be able to notice easily but unfortunately they'd need to perform the extra step of looking DOWN to even notice her. Her uncommon height paired with her fair skin just glistening against the scenery around her before finding herself observing with curious eyes.

A stern but well built posture adorn with dark clothing lies a young lady with arched eyebrows. Upon a few glances when she shows skin would one assume that she must physically train, a bit of muscles scattered here and there eludes to the fact that she does more than slump around all day. Ayla doesn't normally wear the skin tight or revealing clothes unfortunately as it's not something she's all too comfortable with. She prefers scarfs, chokers, hoodies, and anything of the like that helps remind her of home. Her fashion sense isn't the best when it comes to fitting the 'girly' sterotype but she does try when she can. Often is she seen trying to coax the one she travels with to give her feedback on the new outfits that she tries on.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Ayla can be described in many ways, though the easiest and most notable about her is her sudden outburst and loud tone when tempered with. The young lady can pinpoint any reason for her to blow her temper this can lead from anywhere to her breast size, or something smaller like a remark regarding her young appearance and magic. Despite her scary tone does she have a big heart where it counts. She can often be categorized as a 'Tsundere' more times than not due to the small exchange of dialogues being shared between her and someone else. It's surprising that the voice she emits when she speaks is A LOT older than her appearance! This leaves something to be desired for her that she often keeps behind closed doors due to unfortunate circumstances.

When not yelling or chewing at someone, when Ayla is relaxed, do they find her tone to be older than what her actual image represents. She's but an adult trapped in the body of a child, her ideals but just an inkling of what some could comprehend as it sounds nothing but nonsensical words splattered onto canvas walls. She wouldn't consider herself a genius or some 'all-knowing' being, but yet, she doesn't even believe in a higher power such as 'God' or obtaining the powers of one. The lady just decides that it's better to write diaries to herself, hoping that one day a voice other than her own would come to her to preach the same words back. Through her fake smiles and soft words does she wish to stop looking out, but look in - to look in hopes of this pain she feels to go away.

When her hyperactive attitude shows does she also reveal to have a more professional side when on a mission. Her professional side is serious and more abrasive, allowing an emotionless state to fill her form so that it can't distract the girl in her line of work. The girl goes by the idea of not allowing her emotions to tamper with her work, knowing that feeling all too well due to previous reminders of the past.

Ayla is naturally confident in and out of missions. However, it's not seen to be the annoying or gloating confidence that most people can be seen having. She doesn't brag often, rather, she doesn't see the point in it as she shows her confidence through actions rather than words. The girl is more than one hundred percent confident in her abilities to perform her tasks, and conclude them with a success. [W.I.P ;;']


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Magic Name:

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description:


History: Reference: Ephraim Maclir


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