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A Little Bit of Misschief [Quest | Zyra]

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#1Keryth Torvan 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:58 pm

The elven boy had been on the lookout for his blonde friend for almost half a day now since his arrival to Marigold. He was finally getting tired and was on the verge of giving up. The last push came from a flier that had managed to unpin itself from the bulletin board, thanks to the strong cold winds, and got stuck on his face covering his view. Annoyed at the piece of paper for slapping him, he pulled it off and almost crumpled it. Just before he threw it, he saw the name ‘Syllas’ written on the paper.

His eyes widened and he ironed out the flier to see what was written inside. He knew the Syllas family was the nobility in Marigold. Believing it to be fate that this flier found its way to him, he read the details within. There was nothing specific except that Roselia De Syllas, the next in line to be the ruler of Marigold, needed assistance. That was enough for the thieving black-haired elf to forget all about Zyra and rush to Castle Syllas.

A wide grin pasted across his face as he thought of the possibilities this quest might bring. If he did well enough in whatever the lady needed assistance with, maybe he can be her knight and rise up the ranks until he got to the nobility status. Maybe I can marry her and be the prime nobility of Marigold. Giggling at his daydreams, his pace increased and he hurried to meet the redhead princess.


#2Zyra Elroth 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:15 pm

It was difficult not being royalty. While people still stared as she walked down the streets of Marigold, it wasn't with the same awe that it had been in her hometown. Zyra scoffed and flipped her beautiful lavender hair because apparently, some onlookers found that shade ridiculous. She gave those aesthetically challenged rookies a rather dirty look, narrowing her purple eyes and scrunching her nose, sometimes even sticking out her tongue...

Perhaps it had nothing to do with her lilac get up, perhaps it was the fact that she still donned a tiara over her head, even though she was no longer supposed to be a princess, the habit clung to her too tightly. The elf couldn't imagine walking around without that slight ornament keeping her hair in place.

Or maybe, the elven style of dressing was a bit peculiar for mankind that inhabited the town. Her robes were too well embroidered, the art was quite different. Her dress was delicate, made of a light and rare fabric that the elves scoured far and wide to find, to make garments for the royal family... Most likely it was just the cumulative effect of it all, thank god that she'd dyed her hair, otherwise anyone would have spotted the princess from a mile away.

It didn't take a genius to figure out why the Elroth found herself gravitating towards the grounds of the mansion that the nobles of Marigold resided in. As the lost little elf ambled through the streets, strong gusts of wind almost propelled the lithe creature forward, she struggled to keep her tresses in place. When she finally managed and felt presentable again, she noticed Keryth, the dark-haired elf, make his towards her. 'Keryth! Keryth, I see you!' She exclaimed animatedly, to let him know she'd spotted him too.


#3Keryth Torvan 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:47 pm

As he neared the large castle, his dreams grew and grew. He imagined himself in royal clothing, with a pretty noble lady by his side and the entire town cheering and admiring him. The elven teen was brought back to reality when he heard someone call out his name. Considering there was no way anyone in Marigold could possibly know his name, this made him a little jumpy. He assumed it was some girl from his outpost; maybe from the squad that was sent to find Zyra? He looked up and his dazed eyes focused on the figure that was running towards him. She seemed very familiar, although he had never met someone with lavender hair even amongst the light-haired bunch within the elven post. But… her voice was not something he could forget. His eyes widened in surprise and he realized who she was. “Zy-” he began exclaiming out loud, but quickly stopped himself, realizing he would be giving up her identity, which she had done a great job in keeping concealed.

He ran towards her and quickly pulled her into the closest alley. “Shh…” he said, putting a finger on her lips and then looking around to confirm no one was watching them. After confirming that they were alone, he turned to her and grinned. “Great job on the hair and eyes,” he said. His eyes then fell on her tiara and the golden ornaments tied in her dress right below her neck. He lifted his hand and slowly guided it towards her chest… “You are a walking jewelry shop. People will steal them, you know?” he said with a frown. He sounded very concerned about her being robbed, but that was exactly what he was doing. He plucked out everything shiny on her and put it in his backpack. Satisfied, he smiled again and dragged her along towards the castle. “Let’s go see the princess inside. She’s got something for us to do,” he said.


#4Zyra Elroth 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:11 pm

Her eyes widened as she noticed him sprinting faster upon her call, or at least that is what it seemed like to her. Her grin grew wider the closer he got but then vanished instantly as he tugged her into an alleyway. 'Hey... what are you doi-?' she asked, squealing a little, but not really resisting his guidance. A blush crept onto her face as his finger found its way to her lip, she stopped midway with a soft whine. Her heart raced, her eyebrows rose in an emotion that lay between shock and surprise. His hand reached towards her chest.

This was the first time they'd been alone since the day he stole the box with the dagger... But things did seem to be escalating too fast. The gentle pink in her cheeks turned to a darker crimson. She opened her mouth to attempt protesting, unsure if she really wanted to? But then he plucked out the gold disk that hung from the lace tied around her neck. 'Ker!' she admonished, as he swiftly took it off of her... along with her tiara. Glumly she pouted. 'Fine, but you'll give them back to me later, right?' He never answered but swiftly changed the topic of conversation.

'Wha- we're meeting the princess?' she asked as he pulled her towards the main gates of the castle. She noticed a pretty young lady waving from the window in a high tower. But her attention was divided as the guards began asking the two elves questions. She wasn't sure what the plan was, but she assumed the two had to find a way to lose the guards and sneak into the castle. With that in mind, she spontaneously decided to use her charm to distract the guards.

'Umm... I was wearing this pretty necklace and a tiara... and then I think it came undone somewhere there... He was helping me look for them and said, maybe we should get help from the two of you...' she lied, pointing towards the park on their left, riddled with shrubs and trees, talking in her softest anxious voice.

'And... and... so I was wondering if you both would like to help me find them.' she, said clasping her hands together and lowering her head, once sure they couldn't see her expression she grinned and winked at Keryth beside her. The two were perfect partners in crime.


#5Keryth Torvan 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:51 pm

Obviously, the thief had no intention of giving back her stuff. Ever. But, he wouldn’t say that to straight to her of course. Instead, he simply ignored it like he never heard her and dragged her towards the castle. When they were near the entrance to the castle, like Zyra, he too noticed the lady waving at them from the first-floor window. Keryth was not great at sign language; so, he simply stood there scratching his head, wondering what the girl wanted him to do. However, it seemed the elven princess knew what the other nobility wanted and he watched as Zyra walked towards the guards at the entrance. Finally realizing what was happening there, he played along.

Keryth kept a fair distance away from the four guards and Zyra, but he was still close enough to hear what his lavender-haired partner was saying to them. He stopped breathing for a moment when he heard her say something about her jewelry and wondered if she was going to rat him out. When he figured that wasn’t the case, he let out a heavy sigh of relief. Immediately after, he began looking around the ground, acting as if he was searching for the lost valuables. The stupid guards fell for Zyra’s trick and all four of them followed Keryth towards the park. Halfway through, however, the guards noticed a cloaked woman rush out of the castle in a horse and began chasing her. Keryth grinned at Zyra and gave a thumbs-up. They were perfect partners indeed.


#6Zyra Elroth 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:11 pm

It was smart of Keryth to keep his distance, just in case they were attentive enough to search him or peek into his pockets or something, he was in possession of all the items she'd said she had lost after all... Nonetheless, she continued wearing her look of lost helplessness as they scurried towards him and she idly followed, pretending to be concerned and pretentiously looking for her allegedly missing goods. Then she heard the loud neigh that came from within the walls of the fancy mansion. Within seconds a robed figure was seen riding the galloping pure white horse, its silvery mane fluttering in the moody breeze.

The figure though, turned its head, the wind catching the hood of the robe just enough for both Zyra and the guards to get a glimpse of her face... It was that pretty lady who had waved from the window in the tower, things fell into place now. Their job had not been to sneak in, but to help the princess sneak out. The Elroth couldn't help but laugh, she identified with the noble's urges to want to leave her pristine home. The horse had already crossed the well-manicured hedges that separated the mansion grounds from the city... The guards were still scrambling in order to chase after her.

The hand-lady came racing out of the castle too, even though she loudly called out to the princess, on closer observation, she looked too pleased to actually come off as concerned. She raced towards Zyra and slipped her a heavy pouch of money. It was the very first time she'd been offered jewels without any condition attached to them. She thanked the woman in an urgent whisper then raced towards her dark-haired partner, filled with glee. 'Keryth! You won't believe it...' she started but didn't reveal that they'd been paid till she was close enough to him and out of earshot. She'd swiftly half the reward with him, assuming the whole plan was actually his, to begin with.


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