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The Emperor's Speech ♫

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on Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:51 am


Fiorians, there's no need to panic. We are Grimoire Heart. We are the allies of all those who hold no weapons. Be it citizens or slaves. The nobles used underhanded tactics and sent out many of your relatives to guard them for they knew our cause was noble and we would not harm them. It was a meaningless action, thus we have punished the nobles. I can't stand these kinds of cruel acts.

I did not wish to fight. However, the act of the strong completely and utterly killing the weak is unforgivable. Only those who are prepared to be killed should be allowed to kill. When those with power attacked those without, we appeared. No matter how great our enemy was or their titles. Those with power, feared me. Those without power, sought me.

I am Arthurias Davare di Fioria. My uncle, the 23rd king of Fiore, Zantedeschia Armande di Fioria, has been killed by me, or rather killed himself in another failed attempt to take my life again. After he murdered my parents in cold blood, his own younger brother, out of fear for successions, a fear that was never justified, for my father had always stated that he did not want to sit upon the throne, he invoked my justified wrath when I escaped.

Since I am next in line to throne, the country is mine to rule as the 24th emperor. From today on, I am Arthurias, the rightful emperor.
I hereby disband Grimoire Heart and absolve them of the sins they may have committed in the eyes of the country while they were a member of the organization. Fathers, mothers, children, rejoice and return to your homes. No one will be allowed to prosecute you for being part of the movement that brought an end to Zantedeschia's wicked rule.

Next, I will allow those who are willing to remain in Mercurius with me as members of the Emperor's Guard. I dub Icarus as 'The Sword of the Emperor' and my right hand, and Theseus as 'The Shield of the Emperor' and my left hand. These titles will be placed above all titles in the entire country, only second to the emperor, and they will act on my behalf whenever I am not present.

As my first act, I abolish all slavery in the country. The use of slaves are now prohibited. Using false methods to justify the position of slaves into households under the false pretense of employment will result into immediate incarceration. Hear me, anyone who is a slave, leave now from those you were forced to once call masters. Anyone who dares to harm a slave for leaving their household will be executed.

Return to your homes, countries, or wherever you want to go to. You are all free. Slaves without citizenship will be granted citizenship. I hereby place Zade in charge of ensuring the smooth transition of slaves becoming citizens of the country. Any disputes may be brought to his attention, but I do warn you that he has been given the authority to execute those who are unwilling to give up their slaves.

As my second act, I will deny any discrimination against different ethnicities. Despite the fact that people have citizenship, I have seen discrimination against different ethnicities. Whether someone came from Savannah, Bosco, Desierto, Sin, or anywhere else, everyone must be treated as a Fiorian if they have citizenship. We can not assume citizenship based on appearances, for loyalty to the country comes from within. Fiorians are Fiorians.

As my third act, I strip any claims my direct cousins have to the throne in case I pass away. I have appointed a certain person as my successor in case my rule ends, and only that person will be allowed to succeed me. Don't be foolish, cousins. Even with Icarus, Theseus, and myself gone, if you dare to sit upon the throne you will never be safe. Your act of treason against me will not go unnoticed even when I burn in the abyss.

Honestly, how do you think we got into Crocus so easily? And how did we navigate with such precision? My loyal followers are not only those who have openly claimed their allegiance to me. It is the blacksmith who forges your swords, the baker who prepares your breads, the servants who clean your clothes, and many more. Truly the citizens are my most loyal followers and have prepared my coming while you were all scheming against each other.

Never will you be able to take a sip out of your cup again, eat a slice of your bread, or venture outside Mercurius, if you dare to claim the throne when I am gone. A mark has been placed on your heads, dear cousins. Live sober, I will allow you to rule your lands under my law as long as you do not cross me. The moment any of you dare to go against me, I will consider it an act of treason and bury you next to the previous king.

Fiore does not belong to the nobility. Fiore does not belong to me. Fiore belongs to us all. My position has no meaning unless the citizens vouch for my position. Nobles must adhere to the noblesse oblige. Listen to me cousins and other nobles, from today onwards your world will change and if you can not live with these changes, come forward. I welcome you all to attempt to murder me like the king who you held in such high esteem. But if he could not succeed, do you truly believe that you can?

The status quo that you tried to guard so safely will slowly fade away and become a distant memory of the past, of a time that will be considered the dark ages of our beloved country.

I am Arthurias Davare di Fioria, the 24th emperor of Fiore.

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