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Hammer Time [Quest]

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#1Meliodas Stormbringer 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:57 am

Meliodas plodded along quite merrily down the streets of Magnolia town, he enjoyed hearing the hustle and bustle of the little town and most of all enjoyed seeing the people go about their daily business. He was fast approaching the Black Anvil, an establishment that had requested the assistance of the guild but to what end was not expressed clearly in the ad. Meliodas was keen to see what would on the cards but most of all he just wanted to see the goings on of a blacksmith. He had always been fascinated by the work that goes on within, smithing magnificent blades, axes and hammers.

Meliodas stood still as he reached the building with the large sign out the front, Black Anvil was scribed in bold letters across a wooden sign which swung gently in the breeze outside the shop as the clinks of a hammer could be heard from inside. He approached the door and knocked loudly on the door creaked open to see a large bearded man standing in front of him wearing a very sweaty brown shirt. “Well hello there, can I help you?” He smiled pleasantly.

“Hello there, I’m Meliodas from the Fairy Tail guild. I’m here about the ad you placed with us?” He smiled back in kind placing his hands on his hips, the man gave a look before chortling heartily to himself. “My my, they do start young nowadays! Are you sure that you’re allowed?” Meliodas’ smile faded slightly before letting out a sigh; “Actually…. I’m 22….” The man stopped laughing before blinking blindly for a moment and shuffling inside with a gruff clearing of the throat.

“Come on in Meliodas, My name is Barras. This is my establishment and to put it plainly I could do with some help as my apprentice over there decided it would be a good idea to sprain his wrist trying to lift too many of the blades at once… Foolish boy.” He sighed before point over to a young but muscular young man; “That is Bardoc. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but he knows his way around a hammer. What I would like you to do is to hammer out the metals he places in front of you as he’s unable to in his current state. Would that be alright? Simple and a bit mindless no doubt but I have other orders I must get done and I can’t do them and babysit him.” Bardoc blushed sightly before Barras pulled a hammer from the shelf and handed it to Meliodas. “Now be careful not to hurt yourself as well, I must get on.” With that, the large man turned and went into another area of the shop whistling away happily to himself.

Bardoc came to Meliodas with a hand outstretched; “Thank you for coming… It wasn’t my greatest moment.” He blushed again as Meliodas shook his hand. Bardoc smiled and waved him to the fire pit where an anvil stood majestically in the centre of the small room. Bardoc began to poke at the fire, within sat several large metal rods which Meliodas presumed would be the new weapons. Bardoc grunted as he pulled the metal from the fire and placed it upon the anvil. “Now if you can just hit it down the centre line and be sure to make the hits of a smilier strength otherwise it will bow the metalwork okay?” Meliodas nodded as he swung the hammer and felt the metal reverb at the collision. The pair looked down on the metal and both looked up grinning as Meliodas continued. clink. clink. clink. He continued down the stem of the metal until Bardoc told him to halt. Meliodas panted lightly as he didn’t realise just how much force was required to bend the molten metal. “Man this is more hard work than I was expecting, I mean, I know you guys work hard but the heat in here is unbearable!” He panted loosening his red tie and taking off his small waistcoat. Bardoc laughed lightly; “that’s only one! We have another six to go!” He laughed lightly to himself as Meliodas’ jaw dropped open before picking up the hammer once more.

The sound of the clinks became almost relaxing as Meliodas felt his arm muscles begin to ache as he continued to stretch the steel beyond what it wanted to naturally go. Metal rod after metal rod he began to feel the pressure as he switched hands to keep his arm from falling off. His hands began to show signs of pressure blisters as the muscles in his hands also seemed to freeze in place with the force he was using to grip the hammer.

Barrus came back looking even more sweaty than he had originally, which seemed very hard to believe. “Okay fellas, how are we getting on? You guys nearly done?” Meliodas turned around, his hands stuck in the same place as he used one hand to pry the hammer from his grip; “Just finished… Man, I don’t envy you guys… That was hard work!” He panted as he grabbed a cup of water from the side. Barrus and Bardoc laughed together in a weird harmony as Barrus came to inspect the work his several grunts; “Not bad at all Meliodas! Hell if you ever decide you want a change in career you come see me okay?” he inspected the metals before placing them back into the cold water. He undid a pouch from his belt and approached Meliodas, taking the hammer from his stuck hand and in place of it he dropped the pouch of jewels. “Just a little thank you!” He said with a massive grin on his face. Meliodas flexed his hand and smiled as he put his waistcoat back on and tightened up his tie once more. Overall it made for an entertaining spectacle as he was sweat lathered and looked tanned from the burning coal. “thank you! I hope to see you guys again soon.” He bowed slightly as he moved to open the front door as Barrus called; “Hey, might even put some strength in your bones too!” He chuckled as Meliodas waved, his smile with a beaming grin.

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