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Search of Honest Intentions (Open)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Default on Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:53 am

One of the many questions could easily follow a person, much like an eternal judge upon them, what was truly good and evil? Priscilla was one of the few people who never questioned her own boundary or what line she stood both were both too limiting to her and sometimes some of the things she would easily admit too because of her honest and blunt nature were out of her control.

Or she thought it was out of control no one else had been around to question the things she did or would eventually do, no one knew her and for the longest time and up until this current moment in her mind she was still happy with that, would continue on her way with one of the many things she normally did.

Walking upon the easily confusing streets Priscilla seemed to be locked on searching for something here, what it was would be mostly up in the air since no one was around to quest her and what she did as a person she blended in quite well in groups it was a simple trick to her, she knew how to not be herself mostly because she never wanted too stick to that for a while, until something forced her hand anyway she doubt anything would until some one became interested in either her or whom what doing such habits that she did.

It was an interesting maze of streets to Priscilla but her goal was still the same and would not change, looking for the either the most run down or shadiest was just the kind of thing she did, just only left her to think what she would find if it was what hope she already had planned ahead for either of cases she could consider nevertheless her search started.

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