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Hammer Time [Quest: Y'shtola]

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on Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:16 am

It was not often that Y'shtola found something about human society that she found respectable, but against all odds today was one of those rare occasions where she learned about something interesting: While somewhat rare, there were some people in this society who held the same pride and passion in their craftsmanship as she did, so when she learned about the Black Anvil and its owner the Wild Neko was eager to pay the smithery a visit herself to see for herself whether the rumors were true or not.

And they clearly were. The master of the forge, a certain Barras was instructing his assistants while carefully working on the smithing of a new blade, on top of instructing a new apprentice on the task. "See, by keeping a steady beat of the hammer onto the metal you're able to properly shape the sword, it's an important task to make sure to pay attention."

The assistant nodded his head lightly at the instructions while Y'shtola felt fascinated by this sharp contrast to the rest of human society she had witnessed so far.

"Is Henric still not better yet?" Barras looked around but one of the assistants quickly explained further, a cast around one of his arms "I... I'm afraid that I am still recovering from my injury..."

Barras groaned lightly, a gloved hand wiping the sweat from his forehead while he called out. "Alright, everyone back to your work, anyone who finishes early come to me and we'll handle Henric's work."

However, it was at the same time the assistants dispersed that Barras noticed her presence and approached the Wild Neko with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "I'm sorry miss, but if you're here for a commission I'm afraid I'm a bit shorthanded right now but if you come back later-"

Y'shtola shook her head lightly in return to the man's words, soon explaining the reason for her presence. "I was a bit curious so I decided to take a look at your forge. I notice one of your assistants is missing? Need a hand?"

The man blinked in confusion at the Neko's words, causing him to inquire with a hint of curiosity. "You know your way around with a hammer?" In return for the statement, the Wild Neko pulled out a small sheath on her belt, a tug on the hilt revealing a small dagger from within. "I might not look like it, but I smithed this dagger myself."

Barras took the dagger with a glint in his eyes, a cursory glance being cast over the small weapon. "Hmm, seems Steel from West Fiore? Although the quality in common... that edge is pretty sharp and there aren't flaws in the metal blade itself and the fine work of the hilt... Are you a smith's daughter?"

Y'shtola smiled weakly, a hand raised to the back of her head as she explained softly. "Not exactly... My kin are raised to be as independent as possible, so given the right tools and equipment we are taught to learn to do most things by yourself."

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on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:32 pm

It appeared Barras was caught by surprise about her statement, and when he handed back her dagger a smile emerged upon his lips. "Fascinating, either way, if you're offering to help I won't decline. Henric! Come and help the lady here do the job."

The injured assistant nodded in confirmation to the instructions given to him by the man and soon made his way over to one of the forges. Y'shtola had already grasped a hold of a spare hammer that was lying in the forge, watching as Henric placed the soft metal on the anvil. "Ka-ching!" a swing of the hammer had started to shape out the metal properly, a process that repeated itself time over time while the metal started to develop a more hardened outline on top of the anvil. It was hard work, but not much different than what she had done before. In fact, if she was to give her honest opinion she would likely say this chore was easier than when she had to craft her first dagger uner the supervision of her father!

By the time dusk settled the work in the forge had progressed quite splendidly, and with the assistants taking their leave she finally had the chance to talk to Barras himself for a bit more. "So what made you decide to lend us a hand- In fact I don't think I caught your name yet." The Wild Neko nodded her head lightly while casting a glance over the surrounding area. "Y'shtola." Her foreign name seemed to draw some attention from the man who smiled briefly at her and soon continued his question. "So Y'shtola, surely there are easier ways to make money?"

But Y'shtola merely shook her head, soon explaining the true reason behind her visit to the forge. "I accidentally went to look at the forge because I heard how much passion you hold for your craft. I was told before that this society is so spoiled that people don't appreciate things like that, and when some farmers tried to sell my bow I became inclined to believe those rumors..."

Barras had just started to finish up the final remnants of the work for the day while he started to muse out loud. "To me smithing is a part of my life Y'shtola. If I were to take it easy and deliver sloppy work then how in the world would I be able to call myself a craftsman? My pride as a smith is one thing I'll never allow to get stained." The passion in his words as he expressed his nature as an artisan was truly fascinating... "Surely you got something like that also, right Y'shtola?"

Of course, she did... For her, the hunt and her way of living were a part of her very being. Perhaps it might have even been the very reason why she had such difficulty getting used to this weird society... "Either way, here is your pay for the day Y'shtola, and feel free to come by again if you need anything crafted someday!"

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