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Rat Race [Quest: Victor & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:44 am

It was strange how Phoebe was frustrated and Persephone was the one to try and calm her down. "It's a game, you shouldn't be offended. Especially since we know not the whole truth but quite a good deal about it." The Goddess spoke as Phoebe opened the door to her own room and try her very best not to slam it shut behind her, "Yet he treats me as if I'm a dumb little duck." She was younger than him, she was slower in her thoughts but together with Persephone she made up for that and the both of them had known the jewels were fake and yet here she showed her face to Batra pretending everything was fine. Perhaps it was that the most, she had to trust Victor while she doubt she actually could.

"We need allies," Persephone said but that was easier said if she wouldn't take the hits from failed alliences and so on. That would be Phoebe but she had to harden herself and not consider the issue, because it wouldn't be an issue. She needed no one.. King. No one. Persephone slowly mixed her own emotions with Phoebe, confusing the raven haired lady with what she now felt or not. It frustrated her so much that she still had not shut the door to her room. Her hand holding on to the side, she needed to figure things out.


#2Victor Garrett 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:29 pm

Perhaps it wasn't prudent of him to follow a miffed woman like this. He knew there was a way to make her come to him, but it'd require patience and time that Victor rather not have to spend. So, swiftly he leaped up the stairs, watching as she turned into her room. She didn't even care to look back, she probably had an inkling he was trying to keep up and yet, such a display, blatantly ignoring his advance. Not even attempting to guise her annoyance... The blonde sighed.

He knew she must have realized that he'd basically gotten her to play fodder while he dealt with the real business. Even back then her hesitance and that flare of defiance in her eyes had been enough of a clue. It's just that while dealing with the conman, he had other things on his mind, Phoebe could only be given a certain amount of space in his brain after all.

He'd get her to make amends, get her to see things the way he wanted her to. Slowly he walked to her room, giving her a little space before snatching her privacy from her. There were answers he wanted too... With a greater urgency given how things had transpired between them and given the deal, he had made. Upon reaching, he watched her, playing the part of the gentleman he rapped the open wooden door swiftly. 'Phoebe?' he called out, tapping his foot as he waited for a clear indication that he may enter.


#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:21 pm

It felt quite difficult to figure out her own opinion with Persephone breathing on every single thought she had like it needed to be changed and corrected. She actually felt like crying but didn't allow herself to show such weakness in a game that was considered a reality. Persephone was right, they needed allies, but that could be considered as needing no one. Allies were not friends, you didn't have to like your allies. Yet she wanted someone to treat her like a human being, not like a doll or a puppet as that was what Persephone was doing, I do not!. But it was true, everything was mixed with what Persephone wanted, she even believed she thought of someone as a monkey. She believed Persephone would crush her into submission when it came to the point that someone would throw trash in the bushes, so she would stop that person.

She shook her head slightly and when she heard Victor call out her name, she quickly lifted her hand to brush away any of the tears that might have showed up when she was unaware, she twirled around not sure what to say. Since the door was not perfectly closed she could see the silloutte of him, "Yes?" She tried to sound indiffirent and she had no idea if she managed that. She opened the door a little more to see Victor.


#4Victor Garrett 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:51 am

As she widened the door, Victor walked in, placing himself in front of her. He narrowed his eyes and placed his hands on his hips, automatically taking a slightly domineering stance, but his expression was deliberately soft, even concerned. 'Oh come on Phoebe, we've been with each other long enough for me to know something is wrong.' he said, cocking his head a little.

He was here, to offer her support, or pretend to, but things would have to keep up the pace, he wasn't about to let them melt into some puddle of affection. There were things that needed to be done, paths that he had to walk, places he needed to be, he couldn't afford the time to handle women and their fragile feelings. The most interesting part about Phoebe was her lack of complications, if she wasn't going to offer that in their relationship anymore, this was going to be a sinking ship.

'So... out with it, lovely, what's on your mind? Let's ride over this speedbump together...' he encouraged. His hand rose to gently rub her shoulder. He already knew the answer, he already had planned his response, the boy just had to go through the motions now, he hoped she'd follow the script and keep this relatively painless. If she didn't he'd just have to find an excuse to leave her to her own devices, perhaps head for plan B, sever ties... It came at a hefty price of destroying future prospects, which was irksome because the girl was like an unfinished project, he still needed to glean more information about her.


#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:11 am

There was a conflict within her, Persephone was getting angry by the dominance that this man showed, which clearly pointed out Phoebe her issue with being a doll and a puppet to the both of them. She wasn't desperately looking for affection in a way that she needed, all she wanted was being able to count on herself and people and it felt ridiculous to get upset by this, "It's nothing. I'm just tired, makes me upset easily." She muttered, which Persephone appreciated, they needed to get links and chains in this world to get to the point of getting their message and magic across and it seemed that Victor was their first opening, "I don't know why but.. I wasn't entirely happy that you wouldn't let me help. I knew just as well that the jewels he immediately handed over were fake." Help with what actually? she didn't even know what Victor did, except for talk as Persephone had said but how had he got the new jewels was beyond her.

The rubbing off her shoulder felt strangely affectioned and Persephone nor Phoebe wanted to fall for that trap again, or well more Phoebe, Perse just went to play along but this time she in Crocus at least, she had not getten any reign yet. "Sorry." Never apologize to a man like him. Persephone immediately mentioned but it was already too late, she had said it.


#6Victor Garrett 

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:37 pm

Victor listened attentively wondering how much of her true nature would the girl reveal. Would her complain highlight her need to be at the forefront of things, or otherwise feel useless? Would she betray her need for love, adoration, and care, showcasing just how weak she was when alone, confessing her need to rely on someone else. She began like most women did, the classic it's nothing. Victor had to resist the urge to roll his eyes and get her to snap out of it.

He inhaled deeply to maintain his composure as took a step closer now to reach out and reassuringly hold both her shoulders. 'It is ok... Lay it out, even small creases need to be smoothened for a dress to look pretty right?' he said jovially dismissing any concerns she may have had, playing his role with perfect sympathy. While he knew what women were like, he also knew what they wanted to hear. Sure enough, she went on to summarise what he'd surmised from her reactions earlier.

'Oh dear...' he said scoffing, easing the mood, just his attention must have made her feel the need to apologize, a reminder of why he kept Phoebe around. He rewarded her with an embrace. 'No no... It's ok, it's just... I had to get a little rough with Kyle, that conman, in order for him to give up the real stuff.' he said soothingly while running his palm over her hair. 'Didn't want you to see that.' he added in a soft whisper. Finally, he decided to offer her the chance to take the lead on their next request. 'Would you feel better if you took the lead on our next request?' he asked, slowly pulling away again.


#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:13 am

It really was nothing,t he whole ordeal was too big for Phoebe to even like and consider, it was nothing but yeah she had not considered everyone mostly said that and Persephone was making an annoying clicking sound in her mind and she wanted to scream and get it all over with. No Goddess in her mind, no crimes comitted, not.. she killed a man. Persephone did but it was Phoebe who had made the spell because Persephone had no body. The way he spoke to her, it wasn't even real. He couldn't give a shit about her, Persephone had opened this gate and now Phoebe had to deal with the consequences, but she hated being alone. And she didn't mean it that she had romantic feelings for this guy, that was clear to herself but how long had she been alone in Magnolia, did that make her weak? Probably..

As much as she told herself that this was a game, she was surprised by the embrace that Victor gave her and it took a few seconds to let it sink in. Which was strange, as he had held her in Hargeon, as Persephone had kissed him before and again and.. she had to let it go. Think of it as a game as well. When he said that he didn't want her to see that, she couldn't help but let out a short and soft giggle, "I think I would have been able to handle it." Which he might doubt after their last quest in Hargeon. She needed to touchen up.

It wasn't as much as wanting to take the lead but she wanted to do something, she didn't want to be afraid, Don't go whine again if we need to kill another man, this one was dumb enough anyway. Persephone muttered in her mind. "I would like to try." She decided to say. Persephone was right, it was a job, stop crying about it.


#8Victor Garrett 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:06 am

Despite this dramatic soup that the pair had landed themselves in, in close proximity to the woman, it was difficult to find flaws with their little arrangement. She'd saved grace by not lamenting too long on whatever it was that ate her up inside, things that Victor felt he had little to do with. He appreciated the softness of her skin as he tugged her into an embrace, but what he truly admired was the way she let go, eased up... made things more bearable. 'Could you have now?' he asked as they stood cheek to cheek. 'I suppose we'll have to see next time...' Then finally when he pulled away, she accepted the offer and that pleased Victor as he stepped away.

'So now, we scour the streets of Crocus and the first person that comes to us for help... we'll take their request and I'll follow your directions ok?' he clarified and repeated his offer to give it a sense of permanence and importance. It was definitely exaggerated, he didn't intend on ever truly giving up control and he was sure she didn't want that either, Phoebe was the sort who sought reassurance, which meant, in the end, he always had the option of passively calling the shots. Additionally, he didn't really care if she wanted to do all the dirty work, in fact, it was better that way, he didn't have to expel his energy or risk accidentally revealing the soul shard that he had harvested the night of the attack... Through all the crap, this was all going to work out, at least so it seemed so far. He wondered if he'd get a better glimpse of the soul she shared her body with... As per his assumptions


#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:13 am

If she wanted to be more tough she would have to work that immediately and even though she ignored Persephone, the Goddess was right and she could finally feel a bit of the Goddess her rage to the rest of the world. She let it seep into her veins and accepted it as some sort of armour against her own pity party. Of course it wouldn't work immediately but she would have a game to play against Victor and to the rest of the world not much after this one. She better get used to playing it. And how best to learn if you could follow the master in this game around. Persephone purred a bit as she had done when they first met. Forget Chelvaric and getting to the point, they could work together as well. Phoebe could do whatever she want, use the men that saw her not different than a lust object. She needed to see King but it could wait, she had a game to play and toughen up.

She nodded when he put his offer up again and she thought it was indeed best for now if they immediately would go out and fix that, the sooner, the better, the sooner she could proof herself as well. Because when will she replaced? Why would she care? She didn't know yet but perhaps she would find out later. She decided to go outside immediately and together with Victor of course and as she made her way to where she believed the quest board to be, she bumped into another girl who seemed to be looking left and right for things she didn't see. She almost cursed but than the girl looked up at Phoebe, "Are you looking for something?" She looked shortly at Victor before turning back to Luciel, who started to explain that she had spilled a potion on a lab rat and that it had escaped and that it was quite dangerous and needed to be stopped.

Before Phoebe could stop herself she offered to help Luciel find this rat. She felt Persephone stir in anger, someone used a TEST RAT? They deserved to die! What did the rat do to this child of men. She had no right to use it! Phoebe clenched her fist to not shake in Persephone her anger. She could understand the Nature Goddess a little.


#10Victor Garrett 

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:50 pm

The eagerness and urgency that suddenly gripped Phoebe was almost palpable, in a manner that it was unsettling, almost off-putting. But she didn't need to be some princess right now, these emotions were good, it would mean they'd waste less time on idle chatter and more time on getting things done. While Victor was not an impatient man, having Lucifer inside him meant he had to work on becoming a worthier vessel in order to have better access to the demon's powers.

He let the woman take charge, keeping a little distance between them, as she scoured the streets in her frenzied state. The blonde man had already noticed the fellow blonde girl, headed towards his dark haired friend... Oh boy... he thought, just as the two collided. The young lad just shook his head as a short inaudible conversation transpired between the two women.

As he got closer, it was plain to see that something about the words that had been exchanged riled the nature loving woman up. It was almost enough to cause her to visibly shake. 'Everything all right?' Victor asked softly upon catching up with his fervent friend. 'Did the girl need something?' he asked cocking his head to the right as his red eyes peered into Phoebe's to locate the point of her new found anguish. He could make a few predictions, he wondered if the blonde girl requested their aid in cutting trees or something... Now that would be a true test of whether Phoebe had it in her to do whatever it took.


#11Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:29 am

Phoebe turned to Victor as Luciel walked off, leaving the job of finding the rat to her and him, "I accepted a job to find a rat, she accidentally spilled a potion on it in her lab." she said through gritted teeth. There were two things; Persephone was furious that a girl like Luciel could use animals in her lab, even if it was an accident, that rat had been there locked up for a reason! Than there was Phoebe who totally agreed with Persephone but there was another issue, "I'm afraid of rodents." she muttered. She would have to be brave, not jump into Victor his arms as soon as she would see the creature, she had gotten the lead of this quest; she needed to keep it!

Finally when she got over the fear and anger, she moved around like Luciel did, but she stopped for a second when Persephone told her that it made no sense for a scared rat to be in the middle of the town, they would have to look on the outskirts and preferably near the closest place of the lab. So once they figured that one out, Phoebe stood in front of an old abandoned home, having heard some guy mutter about a giant rat in there and even though Persephone was pushing her, she was shaking like a leaf.


#12Victor Garrett 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:09 am

'Oh I see...' Victor responded, feigning interest in this job. Especially now that he had nothing to do except tag along and watch her unless she messed up... The blonde couldn't really care less what the job was. Her statement explained why she was angry, the woman allegedly loved nature, the blonde girl spoke of lab rats and then accidentally creating this toxic creature. Her wrathful emotions must be having a field day inside of her. Victor bit his lower lip and made sad eyes to empathize. 'That is terrible, I don't even know why we need lab rats...' what Lucifer wanted to add was that humans should just boldly experiment on each other, but Victor could swallow that part before speaking.

Then she added a second statement. Oh great... Victor thought, initially assuming she was going to shirk the responsibility she through the passive-aggressive tantrum for, no he couldn't have that. He gently places his hands on her shoulders and gave them a reassuring squeeze. 'You're going to be brave and deal with this, that rat is suffering, there is no point in prolonging that... no? And the small ones are usually harmless, this one is a danger to himself and everything around it.' Victor coaxed, then he held up a finger to indicate he'd be back in a second and ran after the blonde girl. He quickly asked her for the last known location of the rat before returning to his partner and relaying the information. Phoebe would have to learn not to get so rattled and forget to seek all the information before starting a mission. 'Let's go... We can do this. Nothing like battling your fears, literally.' he said encouragingly.

Finally, the duo reached the abandoned house that the rat was supposed to be in, luckily they didn't have to march into his territory, the rodent habitually was scavenging for trash outside, it was much larger than the usual rats. Once a rat, always a rat... Victor thought as he held onto his partner to keep her steady. 'Ok it has its back turned if you can land just one strong attack right on the spot where his back meets his head, I'm pretty sure it'll be enough...' If she actually pulled this off on her own, Victor's respect for her would grow a little.


#13Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:37 pm

Phoebe looked shortly at Victor when he answered exactly what she wanted to hear and needed to hear. Persephone purred shortly, At least someone understands, for as far as he does. But Phoebe didn't say anything about it apart from giving Victor a short smile about it. "I didn't plan on giving up if that's what you think?" She said surprised when he gave her the reassuring squeeze, saying she would be brave. He offered her the task of leading their quest, so she wouldn't back down. She had said she would be able to she him being rought to a conman, she could handle a rat. Apart from that what he said had crossed her mind as well. Who knows how much the wrong potion hurt that rat and if they couldn't undo it, killing it was the only way of helping it.

He walked off to figure out the location and she waited, shivering a little again but surely not giving up, she wanted to prove herself, and not only to Victor heck she first wanted to prove herself to Persephone. She could deal with this and than they would work better together instead of trying to claim her body, the vessel as Persephone called her. "Yeah let's do this." As they reached the place, her lilac eyes immediately found the giant rat and she jumped behind Victor, taking a deep breath to not immediately give up and with that quickly taking a step next to him. She gave him a sheepish smile but looked at the rat again, remaining standing there. It didn't even pay attention to her as it was trying to find food to eat.

She stepped forward, learning from Persephone at that moment what she had to do, "Anthos." she whispered under her breath, activating the magic in her and shortly her hair got a red streak and her eyes turning green, she held up her hand, no longer shaking of looking afraid, with a perfect aim the Goddess threw the Willow spear at the point where the rat sat, colliding with the little beast at the nape of it's neck. She clenched her jaw and turned around, letting the magic go. "We should bury it." She only had no tools for that and went to find a shovel in the old abondened home. Not showing any fear anymore of any rodents, even in places like this, the rat might not be alone.

Once found and buried she would go back to Luciel to claim their reward, Persephone keeping a little power over Phoebe but not forced, they made their way back to the inn and say goodbye to Victor if he had not left before. She was tired of their nightly adventure.


#14Victor Garrett 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:30 pm

All Victor had to do was watch. He wore his smirk, crossed his hands and let her believe she took charge when he had steered her all along. Phoebe made it so easy... Then it happened. He heard her utter the word, just about, much like is deal with Lucifer. His red eyes glowed as he widened them. This was it, this was the answer. His stance changed, it was far more guarded, as he clenched his fists and dropped his hands to his side. He could only see her back, but it was fair to assume her eyes must have changed color again as well... Probably to green. The blonde held his breath, for the first time around her, he felt uneasy. He narrowed his eyes and swallowed, something about this was irksome. He just watched as the willowspear materialized in her hand. She chucked it at the rat with a swift motion, targetted in the exact location that he'd pointed out... So she had some measure of control over the one she'd made her deal with.


The single word hung in his head. The identity was offered by Lucifer, with some measure of amusement. Victor found it far less amusing, however. She had already sought power and had been granted it too. He almost felt hoodwinked, Phoebe was no damsel in distress. The blonde huffed, in a sense, she truly was stronger than him. The fact that he'd just deduced gnawed at him. Enough for him to be struck with the immense competitive selfishness that he was capable of mustering. He didn't even walk over to her and offer to help as she collected the shovel. He drew in a long breath and made his decision, and started slinking towards Luciel while keeping a wary eye on his partner, as she singlehandedly dug the grave for the rat. He asked for his cut and upon snatching it from the blonde girl, he gave Persephone one last glance over. At least I have the answer now... about your eye color. he thought a little bitterly. Without looking back again, the blonde simply walked away, leaving Phoebe and the goddess inside her, to their own devices.

Until we meet again.


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