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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Sorcha]

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Sorcha Donovan
Humans were strange beings, some could be cruel to others and yet humans could be cruel too themselves. She wasn't well informed still to form a good opinion about them. This came because she mostly observed, didn't interact and thus was not very aware what she should do about the issue. There had been issues between her and the humans and mostly the humans that thought of nature as nothing. Metal in trees, chopping down branches and roots. She didn't want to sound like a person that had no thoughts but trees did have feelings! People should know that. She bet some of them did and didn't care, you also had people like that and not only human beings.

As she was on her way to the forest again, Sorcha would have to cross the city, which she didn't mind. She had avoided the central places because she heard there was barely any nature and the like but Magnolia was doing relatively okay with the park and the forest on the east side. She actually wanted to see other towns, the sea in Hargeon, the nature taking its place back in Orchidia or Marigold but at the moment she would simply have to go on and find clues. The reason she had come to Magnolia in first instance because there was this guy who seemed to be trading elves. Since that must be illegal and especially after the news of this new Emperor, it was quite a job to track him down. There was no one else that Sorcha dared to trust with this information, perhaps another elf but she had not seen anyone she knew in ages. It was her own fault and she didn't actually mind much but it would always be nice to have someone you could trust.

The auburn haired elf kept on pressuring her mind to figure out an idea, this was also why she would go to the forest, something she could understand, better than a city like this. She couldn't wait to sit on the ground between the moss, leaves, tree roots and simply calm her mind. Be a state of tranquility and just think about a solution. No longer be blinded by her anger and unbelieve to what the city could do. What people could do, again not only humans. She took a deep breath and bumped into a small man. Where did he come from? She stared at the door next to her that was open and simply bowed a little and muttered an apology. "You are an elf!" The man said apparently a bit surprised yet happy. Sorcha was never ashamed of her looks or the pointy ears that she had, she didn't like people to call her pointy though. "I am.", and the man seemed to make this little jump off happiness. He didn't talk to her, he did talk to himself and she simply tried to catch what it was about, something like:

"Finally someone that would want to go into the woods after that disaster with the trees, yes, yes. Khalash Saton had found someone, a good someone."


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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Sorcha] Empty on Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:04 pm

Sorcha Donovan
As he talked in himself, and mostly because he talked about her, she was getting a bit annoyed as well. But not in the way she had done before, he had heard about the accident with the roots, ”I wouldn’t mind to do a job to go into the forest if that’s what you are talking about.” She interrupted him in his dance of joy. He had not asked her what the job was and she was very aware of that but it couldn’t be something that difficult if the most difficult part was getting into the forest. The man beckoned her to come into the house, the one with the open door and she looked inside, it was a shop? At least he had called her a good someone, so she should calm down a little. ”So what is this job you have?” Because her original plan was to sit and think in the forest, a plan to find this trader. Perhaps this old man knew about it, but the man gave her a parcel and didn’t give her much time to think about what she could get out of this more. He explained shortly that his friend in the woods needed food and he needed the herbs that this friend gathered. She decided that it would be fine, for now, she could ask more about this trader once she was back.

She took the parcel and turned her back towards the shop owner and with her long legs she made long strides to walk towards the east forest. There were still a few roots but she knew they were making their way back after she and the white haired woman had fixed it. She shook her head, it was a very interesting thing what happened, unfortunately also in a bad way and it needed to be fixed. She needed too much answers for the things that were happening. She simply walked on, tried to order her mind in what she wanted, needed and what kind of answers she already had. It was a long list that she was going through, afraid she would lose her goal she always started the same. I’m Sorcha Donovan, the middle sister of the Donovan family. I’m twenty years old and four years alone. My family was taken in the middle of the night, and I was the only one left. I don’t know yet why, and I don’t know where they are or if they are alive. But I will find out. And a whole list of other things more.

Finally after the long list she found a large tree with a door in it. She frowned and walked closer, observing it, it seemed the tree didn’t mind and while she was still looking at it, the door opened. ”Sorry I was observing this great wood work.” The man thanked her and she realized that this must be the friend, the hermit that Khalash, or what his name was, had spoken about. She handed him the parcel and he quickly walked in to get the parcel of herbs back for her. She would thank him and took the little present he got for her. It looked like licorice and he said it was good. She observed it first while she walked back before she tried it a little, chewing on the root. It felt like an energy surge went through her and she looked around in the last parts of the forest to see if she saw any of that root here, but nothing. Where did the man find it? She shrugged and walked back to the shop and handed the man the parcel.


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